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RE: Why do I keep blowing out tires on my truck?

I think I know why we haven't heard from the OP. Most likely the online bickering back and forth. :)
Thunderbolt 08/03/21 02:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What do you think about this set up?

Quite a few years ago I had a very similar set up with a Chevy Tahoe, 350 CI engine and 3:42 gears. I did tow a 19' Wilderness and did two things. Ran out of power in the hills and burned up the rear diff. You will find out it is driving you and you are not driving it at the end of the day. The gearing is not right for the load you want to tow in my opinion. CurlyWhat does a "burned up differential" mean? It either turns or it doesn't,there is nothing in there to burn up. Now if you burned up a transmission that would make sense. I am sure he means overheated and ruined bearings or possibly ruined the Gov-Loc if he had it. Burned up is being used universally for wrecked, ruined fried or toasted the rear diff essentially ruining the differential. :)
Thunderbolt 08/03/21 02:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Speed limits

They changed the wording from "at least one car length per every 10mph" to "at least three seconds" because it is easier to figure out. I don't think that going down the road counting one thousand one, one thousand two, etc. and restart when another car pulls in front of you is easier than to estimate a car length behind a vehicle. in any event, there will not be any precision into any method is used to determine distance. bumpy Many people have difficulty estimating distances. And what "is" a car length? Is it a vw bug or a pickup or a sedan or a station wagon? Counting to three seconds takes those arguments out of the equation. is that count to three, or one onethousand, two two thousand, etc.? what cadence do you use? when that car length was used many years ago I would assume that it was for a standard sized vehicle so it would probably equate to 1.273 of today's vehicle length. bumpy :S You're just being silly now. Is that 1.273 of a fiat or a Suburban? I have to agree. this discussion is silly, bordering on stupid. bumpy Since when is a discussion on safe following distance silly ? There are many silly things discussed on this forum, but safety isn't one of them. Just because people have a differing opinion on what is safe makes it silly ?
Thunderbolt 07/21/21 02:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Speed limits

The braking and handling of cars now compared to 1973 when I took my Drivers Ed simply do not compare. 2 seconds then makes 2 seconds now much safer. Our teacher had us set in a chair in front of the class one at a time. He held a yardstick by the tips of his fingers with it dangling to the left of our right foot at one foot off the ground. He would let go and the challenge was to hit the stick before it hit the ground once he let it loose. No one could do this. He used this as an example of how long it takes to react. Great teacher, when traveling at 70 on I-5 he always kept on us saying "keep it on the top side of 70". It was actually scary doing so in a 72 LTD boat of a car going thru the curves along Lake Samish. I know what you mean about the handling of the car. I learned in a 74 Dodge Monaco which is about the same. After driving one of those cars any new car today feels like a sports car.
Thunderbolt 07/21/21 02:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Speed limits

"but as you increase speed you also need more distance to give enough time to react" My statement does exactly that! Faster you drive there will be more distance between you. Two seconds at 90 the distance between will be greater than at 55. I stand by Mr Purvis' drivers ed recommendations many years later. Exactly...I knew someone would question this, not thinking it through! I drove to drivers ed, but was not old enough to have a license yet. D's ed was fun, and I did learn from the experience. Jerry I have thought it through and regardless I stand by that 2 seconds will not be enough at greater speeds. Even though the distance will be greater I just don't see the increase being enough to compensate for the increased stopping distance it would take to react and actually stop if something happens in front of you. Most of the accidents as well as traffic jams I see on my 40 mile commute to work are from people following to close to the cars in front of them. I understand what you guys are talking about as I was taught the 2 second rule as well, but I just don't think it is enough at greater speeds. To each there own.
Thunderbolt 07/21/21 08:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Speed limits

I was taught in drivers ed to pick a landmark next to the vehicle ahead of you and count "one thousand one, one thousand two". Now you should be at that landmark. Any less than two seconds you are following too close. This applies at any speed. I don't think that rule would apply at any speed. It used to apply at 55-60 mph, but as you increase speed you also need more distance to give enough time to react. If the car wrecks in front of you and you are going 70-80 mph it will take more distance to react and stop than it would going 55-60 mph.
Thunderbolt 07/20/21 08:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires - for a truck...

I am having the Cooper AT3's installed tomorrow. Looked at those, Bridgestones, and a few others. Cant find any known name AT tires in that size for under $300 and have no interest in spending $400+ for goodyears. Cooper AT3's my local quoted rate was $300-$340 installed. Only got 30k miles out of the factory Firestones. Hoping to get more out of these, and they look awesome in the pictures. I used to run the Bridgstone Revo's and they were great at first and once they wore some I found that traction suffered badly. I switched to the Cooper AT3's and I am not looking back. Much better traction throughout the life of the tire, great wear and cheaper than the Bridgestones. That is my experience so others may vary.
Thunderbolt 06/18/21 12:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: oh joy...........

Grit - The BEST I have ever found was simple green.... spray it on DRY mat... let sit, mist with water, wet scrub brush, scrub, rinse , repeat if needed.. Worked better than anything I tried. X2... I also used simple green as described, on my light gray Weather Tech mats. Looked good as new! Jerry Dow scrubbing bubbles bath cleaner also works well on the floor mats and the engine compartment.
Thunderbolt 02/23/21 09:04am Tow Vehicles
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