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RE: Router

IMO, when choosing a computer appliance, one should compare CPU's, as processing speed counts: 716 MHz (Linksys) vs 1.7 GHz (Synology). Wifi coverage is also important....1500 sft for one and 3000 sft for the other. Wifi speed is also important....2.2 Gbps for one and 2.53 Gbps for the other. For the record, I use my Synology RT2600AC as a stand alone router and additional mesh routers (MR2200AC) will be added to expand my wifi signal (I moved recently and still unpacking boxes). Of course VPN capabilities is a huge plus for us that guard our privacy and it is nice to connect a hard drive to the modem--a very affordable NAS setup. Yep, lots of options out there! Just do your research and ask your favorite nerd buddy for their opinion.
Timmo! 01/03/22 09:49am Technology Corner
RE: Moving

When we moved from the void that sits south of Oregon and north of Mexico, my research led me to UPack operated by ABF freight for our 2019 move. They drop a 26' commercial trailer at your house and you load it (3 business days free--more if you include a weekend and holidays). They pickup the trailer, transport it and deliver the trailer to you new digs. In my world, it was a better deal to hire local helpers, load/unload the trailer and pay ABF for the transport--than hire a full service moving company (nothing less than $6k were my quotes). I paid UPack $3400 for my 1000 mile move and paid each worker a Benjamin for their hard work (I orchestrated the loading--made sure we had walls of boxes, floor to ceiling) and paid workers $400 in Cali and $500 in Oregon (5 guys). BTW, the best deal for moving boxes is Uhaul; the boxes are are heavy duty, right sized and about half the cost than Home Depot. Good luck!
Timmo! 12/24/21 09:31am Coast to Coast
RE: Windows 11

Me? Waiting for all the "unknown" issues to be resolved. Past problems appear to be related to printing issues and 3rd party app failures. IMO, Windows 10 works great for my needs and I see no reason to become an early innovator and be part of Team MS Guinea Pig. When the dust settles and MS knows what we don't know...then I'll join Team Windows 11, but today, Windows 10 is my OS. List of known issues published by Bill Gates and Company.
Timmo! 12/17/21 08:57am Technology Corner
RE: The price of new trucks is beyond comprehension!

And who has the dough to pay $100k for new wheels? Those that have...and who is the targeted market? Baby boomers, et al.
Timmo! 12/10/21 08:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Plugged in or out

Plugged in, fully charged and ready to our TT is also an escape vehicle should there be a need to evacuate (Fremont-Winema National Forest is my backyard neighbor).
Timmo! 12/10/21 08:25am Beginning RVing
RE: Another new generator ban bill in legislation in

Hmmm, so just who are the Elites targeting? IMO, majority of the impacted consumers will be us working folks--we who enjoy camping (generators) and mow our own lawns (blowers and mowers), and of course the small businesses that cater to the Elites (gardeners, car detailers, caters, etc). All in the name of Mother Earth. So, anyone know the carbon footprint parity/breakeven (manufacturing + operation + end of life disposal) for these replacement "cleaner" small engines? In other words, just how much cleaner will they be? As we know the BEVs have generally--over promised and under delivered thus far.
Timmo! 12/06/21 10:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Half ton towing

@Timmo, maybe good time to stop proving your theories with mfg data unless you understand it. There's NO 2000lb payload increase on a F250 due to lower gears. Here's where reading comprehension and understanding vehicle classifications comes in. That chart is for 250/350 srw trucks and the 2000lbs more is a F350 vs a F250.... You a funny guy! So you are saying Ford did not manufacture a 2005 F250, 5.7L with 4.10 that has a GCWR of 18k lbs? You are entitled to your fantasy. But facts are facts....
Timmo! 12/03/21 08:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Half ton towing

GDE, Thanks for the mini sermon on cargo weight...unfortunately the discussion here is all about 1/2 tons towing capacity (or lack thereof). OP's post Looking at these numbers and forums for towing and it is very annoying. Most of these trailers say micro or light but have 900 to 1,000 lb tongue weights. Basically, you need a 2500 to tow anything but a pop-up camper. My information (although dated to 2005), is from personal experiences and of course from Ford's published info, available here: Ahhhh, Timmo….I would t expect you to make the direct connection between cargo cap and towing. Especially base on your last misguided post. Only a fool would argue that cargo cap has nothing to do with towing cap, but as I have demonstrated, engine size and gear ratios can help separate the men from the boys (F250 vs F150). As I originally stated, comparing my F150 with a F250--both with the same engine and gear ratios--the F250 has a 1000 lb greater cargo cap, but the F150 has a greater towing capacity...9300 vs 9200 lbs (period). And take special note of the gear ratio data with 5.4L engine...the F150, no real diff between 3.73 and 4.10, but for the F250 there is a 2000 lb increase in both cargo cap AND towing cap. Same engine but different gear ratio....hmmm. From pages 16 & 17 of the 2005 document I linked earlier.
Timmo! 12/02/21 08:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Half ton towing

GDE, Thanks for the mini sermon on cargo weight...unfortunately the discussion here is all about 1/2 tons towing capacity (or lack thereof). OP's post Looking at these numbers and forums for towing and it is very annoying. Most of these trailers say micro or light but have 900 to 1,000 lb tongue weights. Basically, you need a 2500 to tow anything but a pop-up camper. My information (although dated to 2005), is from personal experiences and of course from Ford's published info, available here:
Timmo! 12/01/21 12:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Half ton towing

Methinks there is more to 1/2 ton vs _____. The gear ratio variable is the wild card with motor size a close 2nd. My 2005 F150 (5.4L, 4x4 Lariat Supercab and with all the options, 144.5" wheel base) with 3.73 gear ratio has rating (with stabilizer bars) of: GCWR: 15000 lbs Max trailer towing: 9300 lbs The F250/F350 version (5.4L, 4x4, Supercab, 144.5 wheel base with 3.73 gearing) GCWR: 16000 lbs (1k bonus to F150) Max trailer towing: 9200 lbs (100 lbs less than F150) BTW, Ford says the F250 numbers are within a 100 lbs of the F350. Now, if we change the F250/F350 gear ratio to 4.1, it is a different game. GCWR: 18000 lbs (3k bonus to F150) Max trailer towing: 10700 lbs (1400 lb bonus to F150) And (drum roll please) jumping to from 5.4L to 6.8L engine is where the big jump pops up, the towing capacity increases to 13,600 lbs and 15,100 lbs respectively. LOL, who would have thought the trailer towing capacity would be 100 lbs less for the F250/F350, when compared to identical engine and gear ratio of my F150. That's why I purchased an F150 over the F250/F350 to tow my Nash 20' TT (GVWR 7000 lbs)...and it is a joy to drive sans my Nash TT.
Timmo! 12/01/21 09:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Do I need my WD bars just to move in the driveway?

Dissecting minutia is a barrel of fun...for some; boring for others.
Timmo! 11/27/21 07:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Newsom signs bill to ban the sell of gas powered generators

So, I guess the Salton Sea is the only location in USA. Could not find other "natural" brine sites. I do know, the old school method of solar evaporation is most inefficient, so I guess the plan is to excavate ore, flood with water (creating the brine pool), then use geothermal extraction technology (instead of solar evaporation). Hmm, fact is, open pit mining still is still required...and, why are the arguments and logic against "big oil" exploration/extraction are suspended when it comes to lithium mining. Why is that? Brine pools are not pretty nor environmentally friendly.... More pics here--
Timmo! 11/25/21 08:30am Around the Campfire
RE: 20# propane tank

Back in the day, we stumbled upon dozens of abandoned dead 1lb propane cylinders and we used them for target practice--(glass bottles were no-no). Guess how many exploded? Zero. We all assumed some were not 100% being young fools that we were, we shot at a few full tanks and guess what happened. Think bottle rockets; the tank propelled away rather fast then sputtered to a stop. Exploding propane tanks is a Hollywood invention. The risk of danger is probably greater traveling with the TT propane tanks turned on (which I regularly do, gotta keep our Tillamook Ice Creams of our favs).
Timmo! 11/25/21 08:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Newsom signs bill to ban the sell of gas powered generators

How many geothermal brine locations are there in the USA? The world? What percentage of the future lithium demand can be met with geothermal brine extraction? Salton Sea is not very large and was created as the result of human error. Very "abbey normal" (Young Frankenstein).
Timmo! 11/25/21 07:34am Around the Campfire
RE: Newsom signs bill to ban the sell of gas powered generators

We should know soon (~1 year) if geothermal lithium extraction is a commercially viable method for “mining” Li. Permits in place for geothermal Lithium production at the Salton Sea That would be great...especially if it will rejuvenate that dead lake (I fished there in the early 60s). But, for this technology to prevail, it requires a geothermal brine; no brine, no lithium. Since earth's crust contains around 0.002% lithium, open pit mining will probably be the mainstay game. Gotta have chunks of earth for lithium extraction. I truly hope this company will succeed in their gamble; mother earth needs all the help she can get. Just a shame that it will be limited to existing geothermal slurry brine deposits. Any idea how many exist?
Timmo! 11/24/21 09:38am Around the Campfire
RE: Newsom signs bill to ban the sell of gas powered generators

Seems Cali has a 3 prong approach with small engines being lowest hanging fruit.... Other changes coming The crackdown on small powered equipment is one of three upcoming changes backed by clean air advocates. The board also is expected to vote at its December meeting on an elaborate smog check system for heavy duty trucks, which currently are not required to get smog tests. Although the big rigs are only 3% of vehicle traffic in the state, they produce more than half of the smog and soot emissions, according to board data. “This is the big enchilada,” said Bill Magavern of the Coalition for Clean Air. “This would be the biggest reduction of emissions in 12 years.” The third measure under board consideration would create new rules for commercial harbor craft, including commercial sportfishing and whale watching boats, tugboats, ferries and barges. The board held a public hearing on the issue Nov. 19 and is expected to vote early next year on a measure phasing in engines that pollute less. And we have this tidbit-- Another example of high emissions created by small engines is the operation of a gas-powered lawnmower for an hour, which the board said generates the same amount of air pollutants as driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Wonder if the vehicle in question is a BEV or ICE? Let's assume it's an ICE vehicle, then that is a testament on how clean ICE vehicles actually are. So emissions from 1 hour of lawnmower operations is equivalent to driving 4 hours at 55-65 mph? Hmmm...Judge Judy says "if it doesn't make sense, it's usually not true". And this disclosure as well... Southern California has long had the worst air quality in the country despite the state boasting the nation’s most extensive emissions regulations. That puts residents at an increased risk of premature death, respiratory and cardiovascular problems, cancer, immune deficiency, and fertility and pregnancy related issues, according to a report by Environment California. Hmm, the weather patterns in Cali usually starts off shore (west) and flows eastwardly--which means the poor air quality is generated by the souls living in California. If their "extensive emissions regulations" have no effect, then what will? IMO, open pit lithium mining in Nevada is not the answer for Californians (and I was one).
Timmo! 11/24/21 08:04am Around the Campfire
RE: Indian Reservations

Do not conceal carry; concealed handgun licenses are not honored by Tribal Governments.
Timmo! 11/24/21 07:31am Roads and Routes
RE: Contradictions with EV’s "DETROIT, June 29{2021} (Reuters) - You glide silently out of the Tesla (TSLA.O) showroom in your sleek new electric Model 3, satisfied you're looking great and doing your bit for the planet. But keep going - you'll have to drive another 13,500 miles (21,725 km) before you're doing less harm to the environment than a gas-guzzling saloon." width=395 Nice try, but do you really believe a $23k Toyota Corolla (3000 lb car with 169 hp) is comparable to a $91k Tesla (4500 lb car with 670 hp)? Wouldn't a better comparison be a similar priced MBZ S500 (4775 lb car with 496 hp)? Best analysis is when you have to comparable cars of similar weight, similar trim and are marketed to similar consumers. Hell, why not compare the Mini Cooper to the Tesla, your numbers would be better. Right? Nah, I'll stick with a comprehensive study by Volvo over a simple article by in a newspaper. Gotta do better!
Timmo! 11/22/21 10:47am Tech Issues
RE: Contradictions with EV’s

3 tons, I worry not for myself, but for future generations, including my child. Then why buy into a program that promises more than it can possibly deliver (at some point in the future---but nothing today)...and follow hypocritical elites/leaders that don't walk the talk? Which climate change elite has a home that is 4 times larger than the average home, but consumes 12 times the electricity? Said differently, whose home consumes 191,000 kwh per year while the rest of us consume on the average a measly 15,500 kwh? IMO, it ain't about future generations...for the elites, it is all about "me". Do as I say, not as I do.
Timmo! 11/22/21 10:16am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Rv awning -- does it pencil out?

Well bless your heart StirCrazy... 325 watts @ 12 volts = 27 amps. (The worksheet calculates 300 watts = 25 amps) My Honda generator produces 133 amps (this has not changed). Yes the table may be a decade old, but that does not change the accuracy of the breakeven results...5.4 years if the generator is used 1954 days. How many years do you calculate as your breakeven number?
Timmo! 11/22/21 09:53am Tech Issues
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