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RE: Sharp reverse turn with Equl-i-zer hitch?

If one does not need the "weight distribution features" the bars provide, then why connect them for short moves? I relocate my TT about 3-4 times a year on the property, I just drop the tongue on the hitch ball and TCB (Aretha Freanklin, Respect). While backing, I must negotiate a sharp jackknife-like turn to square the TT away.
Timmo! 04/11/21 08:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Nightmare

Free advice is exactly that--free. I would contact my friendly attorney and pay for an hour of their time. Most commercial contracts require 4 things: 1. Offer 2. Acceptance 3. Consideration 4. Delivery If you did not take delivery, then the contract may not be complete.
Timmo! 04/11/21 07:56am Travel Trailers
RE: DVD and Blu Ray being discontinued?

Random thoughts-- CD sales have dropped 95% since 2000 (peak of CD sales). With digital formatted music, you are listening to compressed files with loss of infomation. The best compressed music files are referred to as "lossless" and play CD quality. Very few (if many) streaming services offer "lossless" CD quality music options. CDs are affordable now and used ones can be had for a "song" (pun intended). When I buy a CD, I have something tangible that I can sell later, when I buy a digital song, there is nothing to sell. CDs contain album artwork and booklets (just like vinyl records) that are both fun and educational to look at. You get zip from streaming services. All the big audiophile companies still produce CD/Blu-Ray players (Denon, Cambridge Audio, Panasonic, Sony, LG, Pioneer, etc). Some even support SACD format in addition to the standard DTS and Dolby audio formats. As long as there are 4k Ultra HD TVs, there will be a demand for 4k Blu-Ray discs, especially for 3D viewing. The current catalog of music and movies available on CD/DVD/Blu-Ray far exceeds the number available from streaming services, and will always be so. Not everything will be "digitized" for streaming (think $$$). This "wokeness religion" is sure to censor many the old standards and classic works. If it isn't available, then you can never listen/watch it online. Samsung released the first Blu-Ray CD about 10 years ago and owned 37% of the market (before bowing out), with Sony and LG picking up the slack. Samsung is 100% "all in" for the streaming business; will Sony follow? I doubt it...Sony's music collection is larger than humongous. BTW, I love listening to my SACD music CDs--imo, best surround sound effect to date. Who is streaming SACD music files?
Timmo! 04/08/21 10:46am Technology Corner
RE: Concern about RVing with Our Dogs

Dog training would be my answer. My experiences--"good dogs" are dogs that know how to behave "good" and are fun to camp with. While "bad" barking dogs are usually "good dogs" that need TLC training to behave like other "good dogs".
Timmo! 04/04/21 10:10am RV Lifestyle
RE: DVD and Blu Ray being discontinued?

And then we have the 1984 censorship fear...if Big Brother doesn't like it, then it will disappear (online). You know, all this "intersectionalism wokeism" movement that is erasing the past. I have many CDs that were imports (Japan, Germany, Holland, etc) and the odds of finding those tunes online (much yet at 320 Kps) will be a challenge. BTW, my old Nakamichi 1000 DAT deck was king 40 years ago--and like a fool I sold it to when I moved my audio library from cassettes to CDs. My last thought, if Samsung changes their business model to 100% streaming, the void will be filled by another player who will make it their primary biz.
Timmo! 03/26/21 07:22am Technology Corner
RE: Ford Electric F150 spied during testing in Camo.

Methinks an EV truck with a limited range of >150 miles will be a challenge for most of us "truckers". Especially for us that--once upon a time--used a timing light to set ignition timing to "2 degrees BTDC"; aka "old school". Range is the primary reason why many of us have large fuel tanks; my F150 has a commuting range of 450 miles and just over 300 when towing.
Timmo! 03/19/21 06:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Big truck passing

Second the emotion on taking foot off the gas pedal for a few seconds to regain control of the "sway" caused by passing trucks. I discovered this trick while traversing that windy Cajon Pass as trucks blew by me, while I putt putted up that grade in the slower than slow lane.
Timmo! 03/19/21 06:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Want CD player for new truck

As one who has a large collection of CDs (many are older than sin and not available anywhere in digital format) ripping them is rather simple. Windows Media player does an adequate job of ripping. If you are an audiophile, then you will certainly appreciate playback fidelity of 320 Kps vs the standard 192 Kps; think 16 bit vs 64 bit. Yes, selecting the higher speed will consume more memory, but as an audiophile choosing between "memory space" or "fidelity playback" is a no brainer choice. If your media player is capable of playing FLAC Lossless, you might consider it--but most people's ears can not discern the difference.
Timmo! 03/16/21 10:33am Technology Corner
RE: How long do you drive/tow in a day?

Amen! It seems that some people are just plain ornery and snap at nice folks, just like a junkyard dog. Pot meet kettle. Troll alert! Lol, is a junkyard dog, and a Gt dg, one and the same? Yup, pot calling the kettle black! :C A "troll" is not always a bad person, but just stirs the pot! Jerry Jerry, let me help you---it has nothing about being good or bad. It is all about being a fool that likes to attack others--for their pure amusement. It is about someone that makes false claims so they can find support to their faulty narrative...then, accuse others of doing exactly what they just did. Definition of troll: A person who intentionally antagonizes others online by posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content. If someone makes a claim, then is unable to support it with facts or examples, then I say that person is "all hat, no cowboy". In this instance Grit made several claims in other threads, and is unable to provide facts or examples in his support. So, when Grit was unable to back up his words with facts, and follows me to other threads (including this one) and makes a direct attack. I say we have a troll among us.
Timmo! 03/10/21 05:54am Travel Trailers
RE: How long do you drive/tow in a day?

Amen! It seems that some people are just plain ornery and snap at nice folks, just like a junkyard dog. Pot meet kettle. Troll alert!
Timmo! 03/09/21 08:37am Travel Trailers
RE: How long do you drive/tow in a day?

Why not keep it civil?.... Amen! It seems that some people are just plain ornery and snap at nice folks, just like a junkyard dog.
Timmo! 03/08/21 06:25am Travel Trailers
RE: parking on hill

I would use 6x6 instead of 4x4 as your "chock". When backing up my TT over a concrete street curb, I used 4x4 blocks as a "baby step" and the TT tires easily backed up over the 4x4 blocks and up and over the curb. Second observation, after a good rain, expect some ground settlement at key contact points. I love seeing Can Do in action.
Timmo! 03/07/21 10:23am Travel Trailers
RE: RV Campground recommendations for OR coast

Nice Oregon Coast guide--- And that website has lots of info as well.
Timmo! 03/07/21 10:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How long do you drive/tow in a day?

When we lived in the southern part of that "void" just south of Oregon and north of Mexico, our goto camping spots were always the dog friendly Eastern Sierras--about 350 mile trip from door to campsite. To avoid the 405 parking lot during rush hour, we would leave around 4ish in the morning...which means everything is packed and ready to roll the day before. We have fur-kids, so we stop a couple of times for pee/poo breaks. Usually around noon we are in Lone Pine gassing up (nice to have 35.7 gallon gas tank) and filling the TT water tank. Now that we moved to Oregon, where campgrounds are everywhere--an hour's drive we can be at the coast walking dogs on the beach, or camping in the mountains along the edge of a lake/river. 5-6 hours with breaks is what my butt can handle.
Timmo! 03/07/21 09:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Would you back a camper for someone?

Some of us are wired to help those that cannot help themselves.
Timmo! 03/05/21 05:52am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: DOT Endurance Test for ST Tires NOT same for LT Tires

Not unlike alot of topics, many of the posts or arguments are quite inane when one categorizes all sizes and load ratings of tires into 1 blanket statement. Case in point, the OPs assertion in his previous thread, that because he has one application where he can use a LT tire in place of a ST tire and because that tire is apparently suitable for that load and performs well in his opinion, that LT tires are better and ST tires are not good (even if you can’t buy a LT tire for your particular application). But keep up the broad generalities. No need to introduce good or specific information to get in the way of a good ole argument about essentially nothing! Grit, this is getting silly. I never said, "LT tires are better and ST tires are not good." I shared my personal experiences that replacing my ST Marathon tires with LT Wrangler tires provided me with 900 pounds in additional tire capacity (period). You were the one that said, "Available ST tires far exceed the capacity of 14" and 15" "LT" tires"...and offered no examples.
Timmo! 03/04/21 09:23am Towing

Reliable vaccine finder app. I used it today and it scheduled my first vax for this Friday and second shot on 4/ Walgreens. Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID Vaccine
Timmo! 03/02/21 11:58am Around the Campfire
RE: Northeast Oregon

A nice source for Oregon travel guides and scenic byways. They will mail them to you at no cost.
Timmo! 03/02/21 09:35am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: DOT Endurance Test for ST Tires NOT same for LT Tires

Jim, I went with Wrangler HT215/75R15--and those tires provided me with nearly 1000 pounds of load capacity (over Marathons). From the other thread--- I second the emotion---Goodyear Wrangler LT tires This is not sound advice unless the OP's trailer has 16" or larger wheels, which it most likely doesn't, since it's a TT. Available ST tires far exceed the capacity of 14" and 15" "LT" tires. Whoooa Nelly...."not sound advice"? "far exceed capacity"? Let's not exaggerate. A tire that has 2.6% greater load capacity--isn't much of an increase in load capacity (period). Granted I replaced GY Marathon ST205/75R15 (load range C for 1870 lbs) with GY Wrangler HT215/75R15 (load range D for 2095 lbs), providing me a tire with 225 lb greater load capacity. Now my friend, increasing a tire load capacity of 225 pounds (10.6%) is rather significant About 4 years ago, ST Marathons were replaced with ST Endurance. So, let's compare those (even though Marathons are still being sold), GY Endurance ST205/75R15 has a load range D for 2150 lbs. I agree the Endurance tire has a greater load capacity of a mere 55 lbs than HT Wrangler, but that is only a 2.6% greater load capacity. Not very much and certainly does NOT "far exceed capacity". The Endurance has a shallow tire tread depth of 8/32" (0.25"), while the Wrangler has a deeper tire tread of 14/32 (0.4375"), has a wider width and larger diameter, and higher speed rating. At the time of my tire purchase, the HT Wranglers were only $5 more, and well worth the extra rubber. Gotta look at the facts. On edit--corrected math. 2095 - 1870 = 225 lbs, not 255 lbs. My bad.
Timmo! 03/02/21 08:24am Towing
RE: DOT Endurance Test for ST Tires NOT same for LT Tires

This was Timmos argument to begin with. He’s stuck on LT tires for smaller trailers 14-15” rims that LT tires are unavailable or all but unavailable. And of the very limited choices, they are rated much lower weight than comparable ST tires. So bottom line, doesn’t matter what the test methods are, if you can’t buy the tire you want. Grit, if you read my posts in that thread, I "second the emotion" and shared my LT experiences. You were the one trying to debate LT vs ST tires on 14 and 15" rims. From SeniorGNC's post-- Conclusion: The difference in high speed performance testing between a ST and LT tire is significant. Both tires are tested through a speed/time profile. The ST tire is tested 88% of rated load while the LT tire is tested at 85% of rated load. Thus, the loading is 3% higher based on rated load and this slight advantage goes to the ST tire. However, the LT tire is tested at significantly higher velocities (nearly 100 mph!) when compared to a ST tire. This is a 16% advantage to the LT tire. Thus, again the overall test for the LT is more rigorous than the ST test.
Timmo! 03/01/21 10:07am Towing
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