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RE: Has anyone seen this Monolith?

I'm sure they are planning on removing it. That was a humorous story, the reactions of the pilot and crew were good!
Tvov 11/24/20 05:18am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Pro trailer back up assist

Okay, have to ask, what's a FRED? On behalf of us who wanted to know but didn't ask, Thank You! lol
Tvov 11/18/20 05:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: HEY we need a sticky for our TT pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is our new one. Is it just me, or is that one of the most level trailer connections ever? Excellent!
Tvov 11/17/20 05:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Pro trailer back up assist

.... My very first "long haul" was in school from NM to Salt Lake city to pickup a dinosaur for a museum the school was opening. Made great conversation at the truck stops, been driving so long my first load was a dinosaur and I had pictures to prove it. :) THAT is GREAT!! :B LOL!!
Tvov 11/17/20 05:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: I got my new gas light.

I think every cabin in the woods in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine has those gas lights. My friend's cabin in Vermont has them - on a cold morning (similar to previously posted) you turn on all the gas lights and in just a few minutes the cabin warms up. Fresh air should always be allowed into your camper, cabin, or home. Always allow for ventilation!
Tvov 11/16/20 04:43am Truck Campers
RE: Manassas location

Nothing unusual about the service you're receiving. Happens at all the dealers. On the positive side, CW didn't build the trailer. Just noticed it's a first post. Think we'll hear from her again? (So many times we don't) lol, yea, probably right. I think it is interesting though when people do come back and post about their experience in fixing their issue. So.... has anything happened with this situation?
Tvov 11/11/20 05:40am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Opinion on a campground?

12:30am quiet time does seem very late to me. Most campgrounds we've been to have a 10 or 11pm quiet time. The exception has been a couple campgrounds that have a "DJ Dance Party" or live band on Friday or Saturday night... sometimes the quiet time is extended until 12 midnight. We've always been informed in advance of the times, and especially if is late the management "warns" us of the late time at check in. Sorry about your experience at the campground. We've been to many different campgrounds - some are promoted as quiet campgrounds, others as "suitable for group gatherings".... that description always warns me that there might be a party atmosphere as it is very difficult to keep large party groups quiet. We have a private campground near us that is known as a "party" campground. If you are in the mood, it is a fun place where everyone is walking around saying hello. The issue is that the campground doesn't say this on its' website - but all the locals know it is party central. One of our favorite campgrounds is a "rustic" state park. No amenities, basically woods camping with an outhouse available. Beautiful place, quiet hours are 10pm and strictly enforced and you are told this when you check in. We go back there often.
Tvov 11/11/20 05:27am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Does This Guy Really Use Gas To Extend Range Of Tesla Model S ? A semi would need a larger Honda generator running on diesel.... Hmmm... video removed - "video removed by uploader"
Tvov 11/03/20 05:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing Safety Tech

.... Every airline pilot is there with a boatload of professional training. Even the weekend pilot in his Cessna has professional and recurrent training. Most every car/RV driver has had no professional training other than from mom and dad or the salesman. In Arizona a person gets their driver's license at 16 and has no further involvement with DMV until their 65th birthday. Professional training? Recurrent training? Huh? My RV company made me get a CDL with an airbrake endorsement to drive all the RV's we sell. The CDL wasn't hard to get but passing all the tests did require serious study. My CDL must also be renewed every 5 years. Should the everyday driver have the same same standard as a CDL? It's a start. I think that before we automate cars, trucks, and RV's we first train the drivers to a higher standard. Professional training with re-current training just like in aviation. If people had to go through what a pilot has to endure 1) we wouldn't have so many drivers (gridlock would also go away) and 2) the drivers we do have will be a more mature and capable driver. It won't make the roads perfect but it will make them substantially safer. Then, perhaps, we might consider some automation. My first thought is No. I always get nervous when people say "the government should do something about this!" or "There should be a law!". Unintended consequences. At least in Connecticut, the training and classes for teenagers is rather extensive, at least compared to when I got my license decades ago. My two kids had months of classes (a couple nights a week) and many hours of on road driving before they got their licenses. And even then, until they were 18 there is a bunch of restrictions on their driving - curfews, people in car (NO non-family in car), etc. I think they driver training requirements are pretty good now, at least where I am. I don't want to have to take "refresher" classes and re-certifications every year or two, and I don't want to force other people to. I had CDL training years ago for driving fire trucks. Yes, it is good driver training, but I really don't see the need to make everyone go through it. Would it be good to have everyone go through extensive driver re-training on a regular basis? Sure! Is every 5 years good enough? What about every 4 years? Or every year? At what point do you say enough? I am still in the fire department (no longer a youngster who wears an air pack, though), and still respond to vehicle accidents. In my completely unscientific experience, the large majority of accidents today are caused by cell phone use. At almost every accident these days, the first thing the police ask the drivers is no longer "have you been drinking?" but "Were you using your cell phone?". Doesn't matter if it is "hands free" - holding the cell phone or talking to your dashboard doesn't make a difference. The issue is the conversation you are having is distracting you from paying attention to your driving. Even if the drivers in involved in an accident weren't using their cell phones, another driver may have been and unknowingly cut people off or did something else that actually caused the accident, then the cell phone user just keeps driving, blissfully unaware of what happened behind them. Get off your cell phone, then we'll talk about other issues. So... swinging back to "towing tech", yes a lot of it is good, but I would be concerned about all those blinking lights and screens distracting the driver. I also am concerned about drivers DEPENDING on that tech instead of paying attention to driving safely. It has begun to happen more often now with the "self driving" cars - some people brag about doing work while letting the car "drive". So.... do I like "towing tech"? YES! It is wonderful to help with towing. I just get concerned that the "tech" is not quite good enough, YET, to depend on 100%.
Tvov 11/02/20 05:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: I'm hooked!

I've stayed on some of the dispersed sites up in Forbes SF in the SW part of the state. One of the recommendations in the PA DCNR long range plan is the elimination of those dispersed sites in the name of conservation. Hopefully it gets shot down. The woman Wolf put in charge of DCNR is an absolute nutball. Thankfully her days are numbered. Too many "public" areas seem to be going that way... they don't want you on the land unless you are bird watching from a distance. No camping, certainly no RV'ing, no hunting, no mountain bike riding, no off road vehicle use, and on and on. You need to find a balance of uses, but public land is, well, PUBLIC and people should be allowed to use it.
Tvov 10/21/20 05:51am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Post your tow vehicle pics here

Tvov 10/19/20 06:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Gas station air/water station water safe?

I would have no problem filling from a gas station water faucet that is "city water". But.......... as others have said, I would use my own hose.
Tvov 10/18/20 05:40am Beginning RVing
RE: Best portable generators advise I have seen for years

.... We talk a lot about generator safety, when lot of members tend to downplay it, so here are some statistics. .... - Members in this forum "downplay" generator safety?!? I think it is the other way - this forum is like a "Safety Sam" place where everyone reviews every safety rule for everything all the time. Nothing wrong with that, but it just gets tiresome when in every thread someone will review the "safety guidelines" for installing that toothbrush holder. Or a generator. Of course, after making that response, I certainly do agree with some people here about how it seems "common sense" is not so common anymore and safety rules should be reviewed constantly. I need another cup of scalding hot coffee....
Tvov 10/13/20 06:22am Truck Campers
RE: Propane generator..

Hi all, I want to install a generator in my house as an emergency power supply. I have three options out there. These are solar generator, gas generator, and the propane generator. Among these choices, what do you think would be perfect for me? I need to keep running my essential electrical appliances like 2 fridges, 3 ceiling fans, a water heater, 6 indoor lights, and one porch or patio light. You say you have propane available, so use that, pretty much end of thread. As to size, depends on what everything will require that you list. Many, many houses around me get by very comfortably with a 5,000 watt generator. Seems to be a rule of thumb - when in doubt, get a 5,000 watt generator. We had a 3 day outage recently, and the Honda EU 3000 that we just got used from a friend worked awesome - powered frig, freezer, lights, and the window air conditioner for the main part of the house. With all that it was barely running above low idle. I was impressed. On top of that, it is an amazingly quiet generator - quieter than an EU2000 gen. If you go gasoline generator, unless you really, really, really know that you will be able to consistently run the generator regularly to keep everything working, I highly recommend running the engine dry with storage fuel/non-ethanol fuel, then drain out all the fuel you can - store it "dry". Let us know what you are planning on doing!
Tvov 10/07/20 06:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Solar Panels- Another Step Toward Independence

I would think having to tilt the panels would depend on daily usage? Most days you should be fine with the flat panels? The tilt ability is there, if you need it. Oh, and by the way... what a clean roof!
Tvov 10/01/20 05:15am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Winter travel

I have not heard of leaving the heat on in a TT while traveling. The propane heater in my 21ft TT heats up the camper in like 5 minutes, no need to leave it running all the time. Just leave the water tanks empty and the plumbing lines blown out, so you don't have to worry about lines freezing. December in southern New England is usually not that cold, and since you are traveling south you will be in New England only for a few hours once you start.
Tvov 09/29/20 06:27am Tech Issues
RE: Border closings

.... Then, pending a 2 week epidemiologically-monitored period, if infections here continue to soar (as they have been since on-premises return-to-schools was instated), a Province-wide "General Confinement", and possibly, a shutdown of all industry not essential, will happen. All this over the next ~2 weeks. We are racing to get our rig into indoor storage.....this week (rather than wait and see), to preempt any regional police road blocks between Regions... Good luck with the "2 week" thing - that's what we were told, and that was 7 or so MONTHS ago. Oh, and buy as much toilet paper as you can right now!
Tvov 09/29/20 06:15am Snowbirds
RE: 75 Speed Limit - How Fast

Can't believe all the varying responses to my simple question....amazing! .... Oh I laughed when I first saw the title of this thread! I knew it would get fun.
Tvov 09/27/20 07:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Border closings

.... We really do not want to be trapped up here for the winter. Our hospitals are already at catastrophic overflow (huge waits across all hospitals in Quebec, as I type). For us, our particular Florida destination will be a much safer place this winter, case and health-care wise compared with our horrible collapsed health care system, here (just check our covid stats and track record). Caveat: traveling, of course, under a covid inclusive travel insurance, and practicing hard distancing/mask behavior. Wow, are you serious? I have not heard about Canada being in that bad shape??
Tvov 09/22/20 06:36am Snowbirds
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Going to take a LOT of electricity to charge those trucks. Look at CA with their blackouts. Batteries don't charge so well during blackouts.Ever try to fill with petrol during an outage? Yes, the gas stations use generators. Speaking of which... That is something to plan for, if you have a home generator or are thinking of getting one (seems like everyone in Connecticut the last few years has gotten home generators). Make sure it can safely charge everything (including a car if you have an electric) safely. If you have solar, you should be okay once the storm passes, IF you have a solar system that your house can use. Some of those solar panel lease programs don't actually let you use the power directly, it goes into the grid -- which may be knocked out.
Tvov 09/20/20 08:30am Tow Vehicles
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