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RE: One More Solar question

2 panels came with 12 AWG, one came with 10 AWG from the manufacture. All three panels are 100 watts and 5.64 amps each. I have planned for four panels but am running with three for now. Panel wires 10/12 AWG 10/12 AWG to combiner box. 8 AWG from box to controller to batteries. Controller is within 5 feet of the batteries (per manufactures specs). I've got a 30 amp breaker on order! Thank you all for your help! Brian
Twistedlarch 04/25/20 07:11pm Travel Trailers
One More Solar question

Still working/planning out my Solar set up and another question has surfaced. I have installed a 40 amp DC circuit breaker between my controller and batteries, should I install another circuit breaker between the panels and the controller? Should this 2nd breaker also be a 40 amp or a 30 amp? I have a max panel output of 23 amps. Thanks again! Brian
Twistedlarch 04/25/20 03:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Amp hours

I have the same clamp meter linked on page 1. This is the amp draw using 2 fully charged 6v's. I think theyre the newer version of your batts. The costco interstate but only 210ah. With the trailer turned on it pulled 0.18a just resting. That small 0.2a draw is included with the numbers below. Fridge: 0.97a Water Pump: 4.87a TV and Stereo: 3.7a Furnace: 5.25a Bunch of white LEDs: 3.40a Color Changing LEDs: 1.3a Thanks! :)
Twistedlarch 04/20/20 08:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Amp hours

All this solar/battery math and surveying should have been done prior to you mounting any panels as you posted on March 27. Never said I mounted anything yet.
Twistedlarch 04/19/20 11:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Amp hours

Been meaning to disconnect my solar and cycle my batteries. Will get some rough numbers for ya tonight or tomorrow. So no generator right? Like others said your only real variable will be how much heater you can run each night. One of the portable propane heaters might really come in handy. Or a small genny if you can make noise at night/early morning. I do have a little Yamaha Genny for back up. Brian
Twistedlarch 04/18/20 10:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Amp hours

Those are good results--but did not include running the furnace. It is by far the most 'hungry' device. I'd double the battery bank and add 150 watts of solar. I would like to increase my bank size but my only issue is, my single axle trailer only has a 508 lb payload. I think adding 120lbs of more batteries would put me over. I guess I could throw them in the back of the truck though. Brian
Twistedlarch 04/18/20 07:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Amp hours

Today I hooked up a single 100 watt panel and it was an overcast day. At 9AM I decided to turn the heat on, I ran it for 20 min and checked the battery voltage, 12.2 while heat was running and back up to 12.5 after the heater shut off. I then turned 3 interior lights (all LED's) on and checked after 2 hours, batteries @ 12.8 volts, still overcast. Turned off the lights set thermostat to 60, batteries @ 13.1 volts. Started to rain about 3 hours ago and it's 6:30 PM, heater still set @ 60, batteries @ 12.6 volts. Again, I only ran a single 100 watt panel on an overcast day. I'm excited to see what happens once I get all three 100 watt panels hooked up :C
Twistedlarch 04/18/20 07:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Amp hours

Hey all, last night I disconnected the shore power from the trailer and let it sit idle for 12 hrs. My voltage started at 13.7 and ended at 12.4. The only things running were the Carbon monoxide detector, stereo (off position), and the fridge which was running on LP. The batteries I'm running are the 6 volt Interstate GC2 Deep Cycle Extreme (GC2-ECL-UTL) 225 Amp hours 115 min @ 75 Amps. Brian
Twistedlarch 04/18/20 09:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Amp hours

So I can help a little here. I had 2-6v GC batteries and 300w of solar for four years prior to my last upgrade to 4-6v GC batteries and 450w of solar. Assuming your 300w of solar is a poorly designed(yes I did say that)setup that has the controller somewhere in the living space of the coach and the batteries are solid, the only difference between what we do is the TV and Video stuff your kids are doing. I'd start by a Mr. Heater Buddy or Big Buddy to heat up the coach prior nigh, night(meme's), then turn it off. Then set your thermostat down to 55 degrees and blanket up. And as everyone has said, the furnace is the big draw, like 7-8 amps. The less it works the better you are. The Buddy will heat the coach up PDQ in the A.M. And usually you'll have the stove on making coffee that will heat up the coach too. Is the best way to know all this stuff to track it with an actual audit and a battery monitor....yes. Have I gotten that far? No. Will I? Yes, some day. Right now, trial and error, reading forums, then applying this knowledge to upgrading my solar and battery bank has made a huge difference in my boondocking comfort. We went to the Mojave desert and spent a week in the snow and the night temps were in the mid twenty's. Days were like 36 degrees. Holds up perfectly now with no generator. I would really do some reading about what a solid Solar System would look like and start there. The controller in the pass thru as close to the battery as possible is prolly the single most profitable thing you can do for your system. My controller is in the pass through storage, only because it's been my temporary spot while I figure out how to wire it into the coach. Where it's at now sounds like the best spot for it. Thanks!
Twistedlarch 04/17/20 10:10pm Travel Trailers
Amp hours

I'm trying to determine whether my current solar system is adequate or if I need to add more panels/batteries. Currently I have 2 6 volt lead acid batteries. I have 300 watts of panels 40 amp controller I'm curious as to how many Amp hours my trailer uses. Small 3 way fridge running on LP CM detector Stereo on standby mode Water pump I usually try to use battery powered lights at night. The kids also watch a movie to unwind at night, the TV and DVD player run on a separate small battery hooked to an inverter. Small battery will be charged during the day from the panels. We keep water use at a minimum. I also have two dual USB charging ports. Heat is set at 60. Night time outside temps can dip down into the high 30's in Spring and late Summer where we usually camp Our usual camping area is at 4,500-5,000+ altitude with pretty intense sun in the afternoon. Thanks Brian
Twistedlarch 04/12/20 11:24am Travel Trailers
RE: How are your solar panels mounted?

Thanks! I've got lots of ideas to work with! :) I think I'm going to mount them flat with the ability to easily remove them in case I'm in a situation where the sun won't hit the trailer. Most of my camping is done in Oregon's High Desert, so the tree canopy's usually allow for plenty sunlight.
Twistedlarch 03/27/20 09:11pm Travel Trailers
How are your solar panels mounted?

How do you all have your panels mounted on your roof? Does anyone have a set up that allows you to angle in any direction to maximize sun exposure? Thanks Brian
Twistedlarch 03/25/20 11:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Solar Charge Controller question

Thanks all for your input/suggestions! I decided to go with the Grape Solar COMET 12/24-Volt 40 Amp Solar Charge Controller. I want to keep things simple and inexpensive. (2) 100 watt panels is all the space I have on my 17' roof, and should provide plenty of power to my little trailer. Last Summer I ran just fine on the Harbor Freight 100 watt Thunderbolt system. Since then I've upgraded from dual group 23's to dual 6 volts, therefor needing to upgrade my solar setup. I ran my heat and lights for about 18 hours bringing my batteries down to 81%. One 100 watt panel had them back up to 100% in just under 3 hrs with the most intense sun hitting it in the last hour. Again, thanks for all your help! Now I just need to figure out the best way to mount them to my roof :) Brian
Twistedlarch 03/24/20 08:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Solar Charge Controller question

I'm confused with what I need, PWT or MPPT?
Twistedlarch 03/21/20 10:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Solar Charge Controller question

This is one I'm looking at, but being a newbie to solar I would like to get a 2nd opinion, or other suggestions before I make a purchase. Rich Solar 30 amp charge controller Thanks Brian
Twistedlarch 03/21/20 09:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Solar Charge Controller question This link takes me to Amazon but doesn't show anything.
Twistedlarch 03/21/20 09:41am Travel Trailers
Solar Charge Controller question

Here's my set up: 2018 Coachman Viking 17BHS 21' Dual 6v batteries Solar panels: 2 Nature Power 100 watt Polycrystalline panels Tolerance: 3% Voltage at Pmax(Vmp) 18.0V Current at Pmax(Imp) 5.65A Open circuit voltage(Isc) 21.6V Short circuit voltage(Isc) 5.74A Max system voltage 600VDC Protection class Class A I'm looking for a decent yet budget minded (Under $100) Solar Charge Controller to run my system. Thank you! Brian
Twistedlarch 03/21/20 09:16am Travel Trailers
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