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RE: Timken Bearings

Yes, Timken USA. I've notice if buy from the Amazon Beast the info online says China is a country of Mfg. But no, all the Timkens I've purchased are made in USA. Timken Seals are a different story though.....made in Mexico or Taiwan. But having said that if you put the Timken seal against a "pedestrian seal" from the box store you can really see the difference in quality.
Vintage465 11/30/22 08:22am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Pump Silencing & Accumulator

Wow! As I was scrolling thru the topics I see this post.......thinking, that's just like the post I did years ago! Still working perfectly at nearly six years, never check or adjusted pressure. Still a nice even, non pulsing flow at low volume settings on the faucet.
Vintage465 11/30/22 08:17am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: absorption refrigerator out of level, boiler temp control

I guess today I'm going to "be that guy"........I grew in a family that owned an RV sales and repair the days that if you ran your fridge out of level(propane or electric)it would lockup in 20 minutes. The law was "not level, don't light". The repair was to remove the fridge turn it on it's head for 24 hours, reinstall and fire it up...level of course. 99% of the time it fixed it. So my question is, why hypothetically set your self up to do damage to your fridge when it just needs to be level. Yes I get it that driveways and streets aren't level, but.........I'll stick by "not level, don't light". Your suggestion is fair enough... I'm curious...Do refrigerators still "lock up" due to running out of level? Or is that a thing of the past? I've heard about the "turn your fridge upside down" trick to "reset" the fluids (I guess?). Better than buying a new refrigerator if it fixes the problem, but somewhat painful to have to remove the refrigerator to stand it upside-down. To answer your question...I personally try to remember not to have the refrigerator on if I'm parked significantly off-level (more than 3 degrees side to side or 6 degrees front to back). But I could always forget. More importantly, I let others use my RVs. When I do, I give them a tour inside and out showing them how everything works. It's a lot of info to communicate how every feature/etc on an RV works. It is likely that when I tell them "don't run the refrigerator if you are out of level" it goes in one ear and out the other. So ultimately, if I want to guarantee the refrigerator doesn't run and overheat (and cause damage) when it is out of level, I can DIY a $25 fix with a high temp thermostat to shut it off. In a sense, it just automates/forces the shut off process if out of level to a point of causing damage so that I or others never need to "remember" not to run it off-level. At the end of the day, adding a Fridge Defend or $25 DIY thermostat IS a risk reduction activity. It WILL eliminate the overheating of the boiler which WILL reduce potential damage over time and reduce the chances of a fire. Everyone gets to make their own decision on whether that risk is tiny, small, medium, high, or extreme. In my mind, if this overheating issue was ONLY about potential damage to the cooling unit over time that could cause premature death of the cooling unit and nothing else, it probably wouldn't bother me as much. But it makes me uncomfortable that something could overheat up to as much as 750*F-800*F and ultimately cause a fire in the RV (worst case scenario). If I can eliminate that risk for $25, to me it is worth it. Happy Camping! Chris Actually, I haven't study'd or researched if they can lock up now a days. I think they they have some kind of vapor or boiling bypass now days. I've also heard running them off level is dangerous to the refer's health. I just make sure I don't do it.
Vintage465 11/23/22 02:26pm Tech Issues
RE: absorption refrigerator out of level, boiler temp control

I guess today I'm going to "be that guy"........I grew in a family that owned an RV sales and repair the days that if you ran your fridge out of level(propane or electric)it would lockup in 20 minutes. The law was "not level, don't light". The repair was to remove the fridge turn it on it's head for 24 hours, reinstall and fire it up...level of course. 99% of the time it fixed it. So my question is, why hypothetically set your self up to do damage to your fridge when it just needs to be level. Yes I get it that driveways and streets aren't level, but.........I'll stick by "not level, don't light".
Vintage465 11/18/22 07:45am Tech Issues
RE: Anything other than silicone..

I have to say there are very few places on my coach that I'd use silicone because of how hard it is to maintain. Also, at some point almost all caulking needs to be addressed at sometime or another because the putty tape behind starts to oose in the heat and push out on the caulking. My ORV came with a product called GEO-Cell as the caulking on all sidewall penetrations. Though it doesn't have the life span silicone has, it is easy to remove carefully with a heat gun and a rounded/dulled putty knife. Then I remove any remaining goo with mineral spirits. The final cleaning is with alcohol. Then I use the GEO-cell caulk. It flows nicer than silicone with bit of a self-leveling feature but doesn'tsag. As would be expected I use Dicor on the roof.
Vintage465 11/13/22 07:20am Travel Trailers
RE: All 2024 GM HDS get the 10 speed Allison.

Interestingly enough, whoever "Motorbiscuit" is, they think that Ford and GM did co-design the HD tranny, not the cars and 1/2 tons. I don't really know who designed what.....But what I know is before the Allison 1000 appeared all the overdrive automatic trannies whether behind a diesel or a strong gasser, they're(their?) days were numbered. They all caved in if you put much load on them. So Allison or not, at least now-a-days, you can get from coast to coast and not worry so much about the tranny grenade-ing in all the big three. Also, I've read that the 10 speeds tend to hunt a bit when you get into hills...hunting bugs the heck out of me and I'm glad mine just stays in 6th going up and down hills.
Vintage465 11/03/22 09:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ordered new Goodyear Endurance & New GC battery install

We just got back from our 9 day stay at our property. The weather was great most days but the nights got a little chilly. We had lows of about 15 to 20 degrees so the furnace got a work-out. The new golf cart batteries held up really well and every morning they only lost about .2 volts according to my cheapy voltage meter. My old marine starting/utility battery would be very low every morning. I should have done the change when we bought the TT but we got by, just had to run the generator more. C'mon now....this is like when someone calls and tells you they had a baby....What brand of batteries did you get? What is the amp/hour rating?
Vintage465 10/25/22 08:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Flat springs and now a bent axle

Trailer axles aren't really to good at taking a hit like bottoming out against the frame. I had to replace the axles on our horse trailer for the same reason. I think the next axle up the load level rating is a 3500# axle and that isn't really enough. I'd move up the ladder at least to an axle in the 4000# area.
Vintage465 10/25/22 07:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Propane smell inside to best diagnose?

I've had propane smell twice in my coach. Once it was the little supply tube that leads to the pilot for the oven. When you light the pilot it would leak just a fuzz amount where the compression nut tightens to the pilot. Why the pilot didn't burn it off is a bit of a mystery to me. The other was where the copper line tied into the furnace. It had a little fuzz leak and when you'd turn on the furnace and blast thru the duct system it would suck that fuzz leak smell throughout the coach. S'pose the bottom line is check all your connections that come into the coach. Stove/Oven. Referigerator. Furnace. Water heater, but if that is leaking it should vent to the outside, but I'd chech it all anyway.
Vintage465 10/25/22 07:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Battery Bank Location

I have four 6v GC batteries good for 470ah gross, meaning 235ah net using the 50% usage rule. I use all my trailers 12v powered devices(including the furnace) and I'm never wanting for power. Mine are on the tongue using a DeeZee ATV tool box that I vented. If I was led to install them in the coach I'd be real careful to build an enclosure that was completely sealed from the rest of the interior environment but well ventilated to the outside,,,,I think an interior mounting set up is doable, but would need to be well thought out.
Vintage465 10/19/22 10:26am Tech Issues
RE: Correct Sealant for Windows, Marker Lights, Rain Gutter, ?

I'm not sure this is the best stuff, but it's what ORV uses. It has a "a bit of self leveling" attribute to it, but not in a runny way. So when you apply it to clearnace lights or hatches it will just lay down a little to make a smooth application. When you need to remove it, it comes up nicely with a heat gun and a putty knife with rounded edges. Geocel 2300 Clear Tripolymer Construction & Pro Roofing
Vintage465 10/13/22 08:39am Travel Trailers
RE: WFCO WF-8955 amps in absorption mode

I replaced the WFCO with Progressive Dynamics Retro-fit. It fit perfectly and was a textbook install. I also installed #2 wire from the converter to the batteries. All is good now.
Vintage465 10/13/22 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: Proper Accumulator Tank Pressure

I pumped mine up to 40psig to go with a 55 psig pump/system. And I didn't really think it all that easy to connect the dots in the manual........
Vintage465 10/11/22 08:54pm Tech Issues
RE: fan in circuit-breaker box is cycling every 10 seconds

All the above is on target. Also, not trying to be "uppity" here, but if it has a WFCO brand converter, it could just be giving up on you. My WFCO brand lasted about 7 years, then one night it just sorta freaked out, fan running on and off and the power was visibly going up and down as the lighting fluctuated bright and dim(well...not so bright). My batteries were perfect, the converter just up and croaked. I got a Progressive Dynamice retro-fit to replace it.....easy peasy, if that turns out to be the issue.
Vintage465 10/10/22 07:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Axle Bearing Service - Dos and Dont's???

Thank you all for the tips and advice! It helped tremendously. Cleaned bearings with kerosene. Inspected and they looked to be in great shape. No gouged or discolored rollers and no dark spots on bearing housings. Races were all smooth, no gouges and no dark spots...ALL looked like new! Completed the brake service and bearing repack. All went well except for the last wheel (it figures!). One brake wire had rubbed some of the vinyl coating off (about 3/4"). I cut the bad section of wire, stripped and used a marine heat shrink butt connector. I also used some liquid tape and on an other wheel where some vinyl had scrapped off. I also filed down one of the EZ Lube entry holes on one side of axle....hole edge was a little sharp. Lucas Red N Tacky grease and National Seals. Adjusted brakes by opening shoes until wheel locked and the backed off 5-7 clicks until only a slight rub could be felt/heard. Lining was between 1/8" (on one shoe) and the rest were closer to 3/16". Used my new ICON race and seal driver.....worked perfect! Glad this all worked out. It is a good skill to have and there is much comfort to be had rolling down the road know what you're rolling on!
Vintage465 10/09/22 08:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Proud of my Costco cheap Firman Gen

I have a Firman 3300/3000 w/electric start. Had since 2016. I try and start it every couple months to keep things limber. I always run it out of gas in the carburetor(I shut the gas off)before stow it back under the toneau cover on the pickup. The only thing I've done to it is change the battery after about 5 years. I paid $715 for it and it came with a qt of oil and the battery. No complaints.
Vintage465 10/07/22 07:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Ordered new Goodyear Endurance & New GC battery install

I'm a pretty big fan of the Deka batteries thru Batteries Plus sold as Duracell. Deka's are made by Easter Penn Manufacturing, the largest manufacturer of flooded batteries in the US...likely the world. Ive had a set of four of these since 2018 and they continue to perform great, seemingly as good as the day I put them in....They may not be as good as the day I put them in, but I can't see any difference using all my stuff.
Vintage465 10/06/22 09:28am Travel Trailers
RE: How to re-caulk RV trailer roof?

If I don't like the way something looks or if I need to remove it to replace whatever it is sealing, I use a heat gun(carefully) and an 1-1/2" putty knife that has the edges rounded and doesn't have a sharp edge. It would prolly take 30-40 minutes to remove all that. Then take mineral spirits, or as we used to call it "paint thinner" and a rag to scrub it up. If you want it super clean you can give it a once over with alchohol and a rag before using self leveling roof sealer. I use the one that has the guy smiling at you on the label......can't think of the name.
Vintage465 10/02/22 01:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Mattress

We went to our local mattress maker in Salinas CA. He made us an RV-Queen Mattress for about $500.00. As good as any mattress I've slept on.
Vintage465 10/02/22 01:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: New Maxxis tires

At one time....4 or 5 years ago, Maxxis was the only tire made in China that actually was it's own company. Meaning the factory was staffed with Maxxis employees and managing their own tire manufacturing and quality control/inspections. The rest of the Chinese tires are essentially "box store" tires being branded to the purchasers logo....and recall I said this is info I read some time back, I believe in Trailer Life Magazine. Not sure if it is this way today. I've also read good things about Hercules Tires, but I've not purchased any. I currently am running Goodyear Endurance with zero issues and I think I have about 20,000 miles on these. If I was going another direction other than GoodYear, it'd be Maxxis.
Vintage465 10/02/22 01:25pm Travel Trailers
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