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RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

We have a few leftovers, but only one meal's worth. It's warming back up, so I don't think soup or stew is in the offing just yet. Guess I'll pull out the pork tamales for Sunday. On Tuesday, SU will have what we hope is the last kyphoplasty on his spine. He's lost so much weight that he's decided he needs to eat more, and more often. I'm delighted that he's taking an active role in his recovery, unlike Tall Friend, who's just given up. We had a few minutes of very heavy rain and dime sized hail early this morning. Czarny was sleeping between our pillows. I knew there was nothing to do, so I didn't open my eyes. But SU said Czarny's eyes grew huge as soon as the hail hit the window by the bed, and slowly backed underneath the bed covers. He's turning out to be much like Spotacus when it comes to being outside in the rain. Unlike Spotacus, though, his fur doesn't shed the water, but mats down. He's not that fond of being toweled off, but I'm not happy with Czarny drying himself off on my clothes... Beautful sunny day today, albiet rather windy. Czarny is playing kitty on the wrong side of the house, looking for that non-windy patch of sun. On this hillside, non-windy is an illusion... Think I'll do some more crocheting now. Later, y'all.
Wanderlost 11/26/22 12:16pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Song Post - Part Three

Drink The NIGHT Away -- Gaelic Storm
Wanderlost 11/24/22 10:27am Around the Campfire
RE: Keep a Word Change a Word, Part II.

Wedding invitation
Wanderlost 11/24/22 10:25am Around the Campfire
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

Well, the rash is partly cleared, but one part is still giving him fits. Ordered the colloidal silver for delivery Saturday. We make it a point to go absolutely nowhere on the day after Thanksgiving -- it's beyond crazy out there. Got the pinto beans cooked yesterday. Now they're coming to room temperature before I heat them up. Fog is so thick I can barely see my garden shed roof about 50 feet away. Hope everyone gets here safely. Czarny has decided he doesn't care if it's wet outside. As long as it's reasonably warm, he wants to be out there. It's very foggy and wet, but in the 60s, so I turned off the heater and opened a couple of doors, so Czarny can play kitty on the wrong side of the house without us having to open doors for him. All in all, today is looking pretty nice, fog notwithstanding. Hope y'all have a happy Thanksgiving. Later, y'all.
Wanderlost 11/24/22 10:23am RV Pet Stop
RE: Keep a Word Change a Word, Part II.

selections variety
Wanderlost 11/18/22 08:52am Around the Campfire
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

So sorry to hear about Lola, Burch. May happy memories bring comfort.
Wanderlost 11/18/22 08:21am RV Pet Stop
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

SU finished his radiation on Tuesday. Now we're treating the skin rash, which should clear up within a couple weeks. Managed to get my driver's license renewed yesterday, in spite of their system trying to lock up and stop working. One less stressor. Sister's contractor reported that Mom's bathroom won't be finished until about 14 Dec, due to backorders. That means Mom stays with Brother at least a couple weeks longer, and he's having a fit (now he knows what caregiving really entails, and neither sister is sympathetic...). I do need to move more of Mom's medical appointments, but that's easy to do from the comfort of my recliner. Thanksgiving will be a no stress dinner. Sister's Friend is smoking brisket, Short Friend is doing her aunt's famous mincemeat tarts (amazingly delicious), Sister is making potato salad and cornbread, and I'm cooking up two big pots of pinto beans. Until this year, I never realized how much stress Sister puts on herself at Thanksgiving. Think I'll come up with a no stress Christmas, too. I'm thinking about ordering Schlotzky's sandwiches again. That went over really well a few years ago. Add a nice soup and a berry cobbler, and we have good food with little effort. Weather turned chilly, about 15 degrees below normal. Actually had to turn on the heat (we don't normally have it on this early), as SU is feeling the cold. Apparently, so is Czarny. He's crawling under every blanket or throw he finds. If the wind isn't blowing and it's sunny, he likes being outside, but that's not the case today, so he's under the bedcovers. The doe herd is hanging out in our meadow again -- it's safe from poachers. Even have a couple of very nice looking bucks coming through twice a day. Nice to have them back. SU's pain management telemedicine is coming up. Later, y'all.
Wanderlost 11/18/22 08:16am RV Pet Stop
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

So the insurance company got straightened out and the pain patch is here. Unfortunately, his neurologist said SU has to wait seven days after stopping the Azilect before he can start the pain patch. Wednesday... Looks like the full 20 treatments is necessary. Luckily, I've succeeded in rescheduling everything for those 20 days. All except the appointment to get my driver's license renewed. Apparently, DPS has rearranged itself in such a way that one can't just walk in anymore. No, one has to set up an appointment, and the earliest one available at the moment is a month after my license expires. I'll be doing a walk-in on Monday, to see if they can fit me in before it expires. Otherwise, gonna be real hard to haul people to medical appointments... Contracted with Angi (old Angie's List) for a full house cleaning today. No matter how good she is, we won't be doing a regular cleaning -- they are just too expensive. Will find someone local who's not trying to take one's entire monthly paycheck. Czarny isn't real happy today. The wind is brisk and it makes his ears hurt; he's sleeping on his tower for now. Even with the wind, though, it's absolutely lovely out there. Got nearly an inch of rain yesterday and the air is so clean. SU needs some lunch. Later, y'all.
Wanderlost 10/29/22 11:23am RV Pet Stop
RE: Song Post - Part Three

On Her Majesty's SECRET Service - John Barry
Wanderlost 10/29/22 11:10am Around the Campfire
RE: Keep a Word Change a Word, Part II.

baby carrots
Wanderlost 10/29/22 11:09am Around the Campfire
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

After today's unfun, where he threw up three times so hard his legs nearly gave way, I know we'd never be able to get him into/out of the motorhome safely -- not to mention vomit cleanup in a motorhome has to be so much worse than in a S&B. Yesterday's diarrhea is a known side effect of the radiation, but the nausea was unexpected. I'll be adding air sickness bags to the truck's standard equipment. We should find out tomorrow just how many more radiation treatments he'll have this go round. Today, the urology oncologist said he's adding another medication to help destroy the prostate cancer. Current med suppresses testosterone production; next med will stop any residual testosterone from binding to the cancer cells, thereby starving them. He'll also add an injection to rebuild his bones. I just hope the insurance company approves all this, considering it rejected a pain patch, even though its own policy says it will approve that patch for cancer patients. We're working on that one now, too... At least today we finally got all the various appointments rescheduled so nothing interferes with the radiation schedule. Poor Czarny just can't figure out the schedule, so even though he can go outside as soon as we get home, he keeps running back to make sure I'm still here. At the moment, he's stretched out on the tile floor in front of my chair. As soon as I move, he'll be ready to escort me outside. Such a sweetie... Time to load up the percussion and head off to band practice. Later, y'all.
Wanderlost 10/24/22 02:45pm RV Pet Stop
Thanksgiving The Easy Way

Mom is with my brother in Kansas until December (Sister is having Mom's bathroom remodeled). Spousal Unit is in cancer treatments. Neither Sister nor I are inclined to do anything special for Thanksgiving. She'll still be cleaning up from the bathroom remodel and her kitchen update, and I'll be exhausted from driving SU to his radiation treatments every weekday. We decided we're having crockpot pinto beans, cornbread, brisket (friend is smoking it), and some kind of easy to make dessert (brownies and ice cream, most likely) -- at our house. I will be adding whiskey to the pinto bean liquid for extra flavor (and to clear out stuff from my pantry). Might make an alcohol-infused ice cream topping just for grins, too. Oh, wait, no need -- the Rumtopf is already done and ready to eat. Doing Thanksgiving the easy way sounds like a plan.
Wanderlost 10/18/22 09:12am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Obi-Wander is parked. With SU's cancer treatments ongoing, we're not going anywhere. I pat Obi on the "nose" each time I walk by and promise him we'll be traveling again one day.
Wanderlost 10/18/22 09:01am RV Pet Stop
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

Good news, bad news. When his urologist called back, finally, a week later, SU bought the guy's line that "it's only five treatments" and something about him being concerned about the pressure or something on SU's right femur. So SU caved. When we got to the radiation treatment place, we found out it's 10-20 treatments. I looked right at SU and said, "He lied to you!" But SU needs the therapy soonest, so starting on Wednesday, we'll spend three frikkin' hours out of every weekday traveling to/from and getting the treatments. I'll also have to rearrange every other medical appointment he and I have for those 10-20 weekdays. Meanwhile, the urologist will be getting the online reviews he deserves. If he were really so concerned about SU's femur, then why did he BS SU into riding in a vehicle through road construction for two hours daily? I'll tell you why: these radiation therapy folks are part of the urologist's own group. It's all about the bucks, not SU's well-being. It's been five days and I am still so infuriated that I can't write that review yet. I want to be as calm and factual as possible, and until my ire eases a bit, can't do it. On the livestock front, the bucks are hanging around in our meadow. They know it's a safe place. All the poaching around here (bow season) has them really skittish. When rifle season opens next month, the poaching will become even more blatant, and I expect those two lovely 8-point bucks will be no more. Pity; they both are inclined toward hanging out around our water trough and accepting carrots tossed in their general direction. They're ignoring Czarny, thank goodness. He's so enjoying the drop in temps that he wants to be outside most of the day now. Just wish he'd stop waking me up at 0600. It's still dark and I'm not getting up to feed him or let him out yet, unless Mr. Bladder demands I get up. Might feed Czarny at that point, but then it's right back to bed. Once we know what SU's standing radiation appointment will be, I expect the sleeping arrangements will be radically altered for a while. I see Czarny's anxious to go back out, and I need to go grocery shopping. Later, y'all.
Wanderlost 10/18/22 08:56am RV Pet Stop
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

SU called his urologist and when he calls back, we'll get the radiation referral moved to our county seat. That will save so many hours. It does mean a delay on getting the treatment, but he's willing to do that so I don't have to drive for hours every weekday throughout the treatment. Czarny's loving the lower temperatures. He spends a good part of the day outside now, mostly surveying his territory from the safety of the deck. Short and Tall Friends were here last night, so he got some serious playtime with Short Friend. She started the "you can't catch me" game with him and he absolutely loves it. He gets so much exercise dashing here and there, while the human just needs to pretend stalk him. Now that the prairie grasses around the house are mowed down, he and I can move the game outside, where we'll both get some exercise. Time for an online gathering. Later, y'all.
Wanderlost 10/06/22 01:52pm RV Pet Stop
RE: The [Star] Trek Thread

Heh. Good ones.
Wanderlost 10/04/22 10:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: Buc-ee's

We have the largest Buc-Ee's right now, in New Braunfels, TX. It has more than enough room for RVs to park and plenty of maneuvering room in/around all the pumps. Some of the older, smaller ones don't have RV room. I'm very surprised that the one in Florence was recently built without RV room.
Wanderlost 10/04/22 10:44pm Around the Campfire
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

Stephany, our Class A is currently out of commission (Tall and Short Friend had the fiver). Also there are not that many RV parks in the city and none in the facility's vicinity, so we really wouldn't be saving that much time. With the Winter Texans arriving already, what parks exist are already full. I recommended Spousal Unit ask for a transfer to the oncology folks in our county seat. That would cut the driving time to 20 minutes. He didn't commit one way or another when I broached it this evening. On the upside, we were both published again, this time in two volumes of hilarious and mostly true hunting stories. If you need a good laugh, check out How Not To Shoot Fish and Other Deer That Got Away and The Deer Shot Back & Other Hunting Tales. When not doing all the chores around here, I do try to keep writing and editing. SU is on a roll as well, jotting down several new stories. Hopefully, we'll have some new stuff out by Christmas. Finally got a working lawn mower, so I mowed the thigh-high grass around the house. Couldn't use the self-propelled part, because I wanted to move at little bit, let the blade chew it up real good, move a bit more, etc. It worked pretty well. Still have a bunch of weedeating to do, but that's for tomorrow, after I clean the pool again, and sort the laundry. Mom's safely in Kansas with Older Brother for the next couple of months, so I don't have to haul her to various medical appointments for a while. Amazing how much more time one has when not doing that. The community band is gearing up for all our fall and early winter performances. We played at Octoberfest in Fredericksburg, TX last Saturday. Good performance, very nice audience participation. Two more fests coming up, a monthly gig at a local German restaurant, and all the Christmas stuff will keep us busy. They know that my participation is always contingent on what SU needs. So far, haven't missed any rehearsals or performances. My guys want me to join them, so I'll sign off and hit the sack. Later, y'all.
Wanderlost 10/04/22 10:32pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

SU had his back surgery. Pain is a lot less in his back, but his hips and right thigh are seriously ticked off now. Met with a radiation doctor yesterday, and as soon as insurance approves, SU will get radiation on his hips. That will involve us driving to the big city and back every weekday for weeks, so three hours every day. Trying to fit in the other medical appointments and a couple of my own are gonna be fun... A family friend is stepping up to take SU to the occasional radiation treatment when I have to be somewhere else. At least after next week, I won't have to deal with Mom's medical appointments for a couple months. She's going to stay with Older Brother in Kansas, while Sister gets Mom's bathroom remodeled to a better and safer configuration. On the up side, his PSA has dropped from 344 to 0.54 after only two Firmagon injections, so the prostate cancer is losing its battle. That battery powered lawn mower was a total bust. When I tried to start it, absolute silence. I guess someone didn't attach some wires, but I'm not going to take it apart. Asking family friend to help me get it into the pickup to return it. Think I'll ask a lawn service to deal with it for now. Short Friend is still in Maine. She sold the cabin and property up there, but just as she was getting ready to come home, her mom went into ICU. Mom's coming around, though, and two days ago went into rehab. Since Mom has several sisters there, as well as a son, SF feels she can safely come home. Has to, really, as Tall Friend's stint in rehab ends in early October. Poor Czarny. He will only go outside if I'm with him, and I have so little time to go walking with him. He has to settle for when I'm doing pool maintenance. Now he'll be home alone every weekday, as if we were going to work. Good thing he likes his middle of the day naps... Good thing he was inside at sundown. I went out to unplug the pool vacuum and heard several foxes calling very close by. Our hummingbirds are becoming scarcer, but are still here. The main migration right now is butterflies. Haven't seen any monarchs, but the bitty butterflies are everywhere, in vast profusion. Fun to watch, but I hate seeing them fly into windscreens. Czarny wants to play now. Later, y'all.
Wanderlost 09/24/22 09:01pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Keep a Word Change a Word, Part II.

gas furnace
Wanderlost 08/27/22 07:36pm Around the Campfire
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