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RE: Diesel truck issues - thinking of going to gas

For allignment problems take it to an allignment specialty shop, not to the dealer. Dealers can't do alignments? You should find a new dealer i think!
Westcoasting 09/29/19 10:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Leveling blocks

i agree with the lego blocks. you spend thousands of bucks on an RV. spend a few more and do it right. looks better also. Use red cedar blocks and stain them with a translucent stain... expensive but you want that right? And it looks better...
Westcoasting 06/08/19 01:03am Travel Trailers
RE: deleted

One vent wasn't sealed between the ceiling panels, allowing air to blow in to the ceiling cavity (attic space) This video shows my fix: Sealing up the ceiling hole for my air vents Do you make money off of your videos?
Westcoasting 03/31/19 10:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Re-pack wheel bearings

I just did mine last year at ten years old, bearings were in great shape. My boat trailer i do yearly but it gets dunked in water, travel trailer... it just rolls along.
Westcoasting 03/25/19 09:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Time to Buy New Tires

I went through this same exercise last year and bought the Goodyear Endurance for a piece of mind. They are WELL within their load limit, I can speed up to 70-75mpg to pass slower vehicles if needed without worrying about my tires Just curious, why is it necessary to speed up to pass vehicles that are already going slower? :h You just learn how to drive recently? If someone is going 3 mph slower than you and you are catching up to them do you just pull into the passing lane and take a long time to pass them?
Westcoasting 03/24/19 02:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Time to Buy New Tires

I wrecked one of the tires on my cargo trailer last year. I replaced them with Goodyear Endurance and did a video comparing the old tires to the Endurance Do you get paid to make videos?
Westcoasting 03/22/19 08:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Spare tire mount on bumper, Y or N?

My bumper is good and strong but after a few years on the back on rough roads the tire mount broke and the tire rolled away in the forest somewhere... thank god it didn't happen on the road!
Westcoasting 03/18/19 11:26pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Cotter pin size?

Honestly if the bearings are adjusted correctly there is no turning force on the nut. Unless you destroy the original you can probably get away with reusing it. I always use them till the bitter end! Exactly what you said about it doesn't take much at all to hold the nut.
Westcoasting 03/17/19 08:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: New shore power inlet installation

This is a great idea and one doesn't have to roll up the cord and store it after :) As you drag that cord down the highway, wouldn't you be concerned that it might become unplugged? :h Like i said before i have never had a problem in 30 plus years of pushing the power cord back in so i won't be dragging nothing down the road! I see your point though, you still need a second extension on the power cord to get it to the park connection.
Westcoasting 03/12/19 06:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: New shore power inlet installation

I too have installed a Marinco kit on several trailers we've owned but a no cost solution that I've also employed is to cut the main service cable back so it's just long enough to reach the trailer's rear bumper where the connection to an extension cable can be made yet kept up off the ground where water could pool. This works particularly well with popups and hybrids which offer the additional protection from rain with the rear bed platform extending over the connection point. With a travel trailer simply tuck the connection under the body of the trailer, under a slide, or within a wheelwell. Solves the problem of trying to stuff 25' of stiff main service cable back in through a mousehole and costs nothing. :B This is a great idea and one doesn't have to roll up the cord and store it after :)
Westcoasting 03/11/19 09:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: New shore power inlet installation

Here's a project I did about 2 weeks ago. It's the same style inlet that I have on my truck camper. Here's the other thread of mine which has the details. I'm sharing it here since this is a popular mod for travel trailer owners. Good job on this mod, I'm just not sure on the practicality of it though. I've never had an issue storing the power cord in a rv, is this the only reason for it?
Westcoasting 03/10/19 01:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Our new Freedom Express 192 RBS

A very practical choice! :) You might find some useful ideas here. Lot of great ideas. The PVC pipe, what is on the end of it? What is the "cup" and how is it attached to the shower wall? Finally, the the PVC tube bent with heat or just bent? The "cup" is just a plastic part I found at Home Depot, probably in the plumbing department. I put a little shrink wrap on each end of the PVC tubing so it would better fit into the cup. The PVC tube is just 1/2" so it just bends naturally. You did a really good job documenting and taking pictures of all your modifications :)
Westcoasting 02/23/19 05:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Garnet tank monitors

What do you do if you run out of water? I don't allow my rig to run out of water. If I am going on a long trip, I will usually take two 5 gallon jugs and fill them with water an tote them in my cargo trailer. I've only used water from one of the jugs, and that has only happened twice, but there was still water in the tank. So back to the tank's more of a gadget than a necessity. Just wait a couple days and dump in the 5 gallons of water you have and no worries about the tank level.
Westcoasting 02/23/19 11:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Garnet tank monitors

I've had my See Level monitors since 2011. Love them. I dry camp almost exclusively, so knowing my fresh water levelso knowing my fresh water level beyond the idiot lights of E, 1/3, 2/3, F is important. I've never come close to filling the black tank, so that isn't a huge concern for having more detailed tank level info. Yeah i dry camp all the time as well. I am always at a lake with good water supply so i can fill my tank if i have to. What do you do if you run out of water?
Westcoasting 02/20/19 11:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Garnet tank monitors

how much do these gauges cost and are they hard to instal. TIA Look up the price at their website. Whether these tank gauges are "worth it" depends on whether you care or not how much is in the tanks. Many of us don't and ignore our tank monitors anyway, in which case these gauges wouldn't be worth the cost, effort, or time to install. I agree, i never look at my tank gauge i look down the hole!
Westcoasting 02/20/19 08:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Removing black tank for septic system

Another big reason is I'd like an adult size elongated toilet bowl so my junk isn't one with the inside front of the bowl when in use. This thing looks like I'll be dumping inside a coffee can. Replace the toilet with a Dometic 320 which has an elongated bowl and sits at a normal home toilet height. Do you have this same one? Do you like it better?
Westcoasting 02/19/19 12:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Removing black tank for septic system

I vote with Ed. Bunch of work for little return. Thank you, I thought I knew something about TT but coming from a FEMA TT with a residential toilet and a septic tank I'm used to once I was done with my business and paper work it was gone, never to be seen or smelled again. Using this new TT again as a stationary unit I'd like the same experience and do not want to worry about fumes seeping back inside or dealing with black tank maintenance if I don't have to. As far as resale, I'll keep the tank and try to make any work I do reversible but I'm not to concerned about the next owner as much as I am the current owner. My father inlaw has been living in one the last couple years, as far as maintenance... he does nothing other than dump it and put more water back in. Are you sure you might be overthinking things here?
Westcoasting 02/18/19 10:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Removing black tank for septic system

^Hes going to use it as a cabin and not move it. To the OP, you doing the same with the gray tank or still plan on dump ing it? Yes i gather that i was just wondering if there are advantages other than not having to dump the tank. My father inlaw just moved into one (86 years old!) and is loving it for two years. He fills the tank halfway or so and then dumps which is about once per week.
Westcoasting 02/17/19 11:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Removing black tank for septic system

Why would you want to do it, what are the advantages?
Westcoasting 02/16/19 09:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Why ABS instead of PVC?

Stick to ABS for all your drain stuff. That's what it's made for. I've never measured it but the wall on ABS is at least twice as thick as PVC. 2 different plastics here, and each designed for different purposes. You can throw a chunk of ABS off a building and won't hurt it much. Forget the PVC for the purpose you describe. Drain fittings and more are all designed to fit with ABS, not PVC Are you a plumber? Just because someone slings some s**t does not automatically make them a plumber. You acknowledge SH!T runs downhill and payday is on Fridays, you are a Plumber! Along with hot's on the left and cold's on the right, and don't chew your finger nails. Plenty of concrete pros on these RV boards also. They know it usually comes in a truck LOL. Fwiw I have never ever seen concrete coming in a truck.. Cement mix comes in a truck,it becomes concrete later when it hardens Details gentlemen plz :p Turn the truck off and it is so concrete in a few hours!
Westcoasting 02/15/19 11:10pm Tech Issues
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