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RE: Mask use in Mexico Right Now-It's IMPORTANT!

No relation to R. Elliot, funny, because if people get my name wrong they usually call me Bob. But in all my travels in Mexico I have not seen masks worn, and as I stated earlier current discussions and photos on other forums and active webcams of city streets in Mexico reveal few if any masks worn. It's the same with a newspaper that serves this ares. Practically every photo in the newspaper features mask clad people - yet when I travel out and around it's pretty uncommon to see a person wearing a mask. Many here are either Californians or Canadians - maybe masks are common in those places but for flyover Americans masks are more a theatrical statement than a proven safeguard. Even Dr. Fauci has admitted as much (although he is like a weather vane in a tornado) Here's a question: If masks really are effective why are hospitals and other similar facilities firing staff that object to vaccination after they have been wearing masks all this time and could continue to wear masks at work? Are there any statistics of how many Covid cases originated from masked hospital staff? I realize most folks here think someone like me is ill-informed, selfish, or in denial but I question how seriously any of you have investigated the entire Covid episode as you surrender liberties for all of us? If the government can lock down, isolate, inject citizens over a 99.7% survivable virus what are you empowering the government to do when a pandemic like the 1918 virus with its 60% survival rate to do to us? It's a divisive issue with strong feelings on both sides. I don't think promoting an unrealistic demand ( one that I can't decisively confirm elsewhere )is going to promote travel in Mexico.
Wm.Elliot 10/17/21 03:22pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mask use in Mexico Right Now-It's IMPORTANT!

This forum is about camping in Mexico and South America. Reading through all your available posts it doesn't appear that you ever have posted a comment about Mexico let alone traveled in Mexico but you feel qualified to tell those of us who realize which forums we are in to "get educated"?
Wm.Elliot 10/17/21 09:24am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mask use in Mexico Right Now-It's IMPORTANT!

Unfortunately masks, vaccinations, lock downs, and the various variants are politically charged and the news we hear is filtered and purposefully sculpted to fit a narrative. I participate in another Mexico oriented forum (apolitical) where people post photos and discuss travel and life in Mexico. Mask usage in Mexico from what I can read and see is far from universal. I assume is it much like mask usage in Maine and most other states in the US. 90% of folks on this forum, regulars all, have predictable views on masks, vaccinations (which were promised to end mask requirements and the spread of the virus), and restrictions. That's unfortunate and it's not reflective of reality. At some point a healthy caution became a neurosis. It's well past time to start questioning the news we hear.
Wm.Elliot 10/16/21 03:56pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mask use in Mexico Right Now-It's IMPORTANT!

From another forum - the weekly Covid in Mexico mapMexico Covid map
Wm.Elliot 10/16/21 10:02am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: CH-CH-CH changes ( with apologies to David Bowie)

I would add that there's a truck driver shortage in the US which means that less than stellar drivers with a clean CDL can get a job and keep a job easier than ever. This can also mean that some of the OTR drivers might not be the traditional "knights of the highways" we've come to expect. Some might drive more aggressively than in the past. Some might have recently come from countries where driving customs differ from the US/Canada and even Mexico. I write this as one who has great respect for OTR drivers and prefer driving amidst trucks at night than cars by day. Truckers are often more disciplined and predictable than car drivers (IMHO). By the same token try to give the OTR drivers a break by maintaining an even speed, using the left lane for passing only, and be aware of left lane truck prohibitions on some roads which confines trucks to the two other lanes. They're working long hours, away from family, and stressed.
Wm.Elliot 10/15/21 12:09pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: El Paso: border restrictions possibly lifted late October

Crazy guano that Canadians can't drive across the US border. It makes absolutely no sense. I would help out if anyone was near me but Canada would not allow me in.
Wm.Elliot 10/01/21 11:24am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Weapon storage before Baja

Good to leave guns and ammunition in the US. I had a friend who brought his pistol with him to Mexico and got away with it - but what a chance to take. I've never been frisked and only rarely have had my possessions searched.
Wm.Elliot 09/29/21 03:07pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border

moisheh wrote: "Unfortunately there are 2 forum members that cannot suppress their thoughts on covid." I was responding to what you wrote moisheh. The quote I pulled ("These professionals think that an annual shot may be required. If that is what it takes to stay healthy what is the big deal. We get an annual flu shot") was yours. You brought it up and are upset that it was responded to. That's how folks silence others.
Wm.Elliot 09/29/21 10:47am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border

"These professionals think that an annual shot may be required. If that is what it takes to stay healthy what is the big deal. We get an annual flu shot" For most of us required vaccinations ended when we graduated from university. Upon adulthood vaccinations became a personal choice which we could either take or not take (not counting military service). Annual flu shots rarely (as in never) worked for me. I was never an anti-vaxer in the past and recently (2019 &2020) did take the two shingles shots. The mRNA vaccines should not be confused with vaccinations we are accustomed to. The mRNA vaccines not only have proven to not do what they were said to do (look at Israel's current situation) but also have near term risks and long term unknowns. Social and news media have controlled the public's understanding of the risk and failures but those voices can be heard by widening one's scope. Reports of adverse reactions should not be dismissed as easily as is now the practice. These are "big deals" for me.
Wm.Elliot 09/29/21 06:59am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border

I still have a Mike & Terry Church guide published in 2000. Before that Sanborns had a pamphlet. Most of the RV parks they listed 20 plus years ago are probably closed now. Are there any guide books for camping in Mexico present times?
Wm.Elliot 09/26/21 07:21pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border

Here's a link to some interesting data and facts about Covid. Covid Cribsheet.... It's interesting to look at the mortality rates (all deaths) - one chart goes back to 1943 - the other chart goes back to 1900. So far Covid has not produced the spike in death rates one would assume. For whatever reason many people all over the world accept a very controlled narrative and actually embrace restrictions and forced vaccinations. No doubt there will be folks in this forum attacking the information in the above link. Look at the comments in this forum - practically every thread discusses Covid implications rather than Recreational Vehicles in Mexico. I suspect there are wonderful opportunities to travel in Mexico now - but an irrational neurosis that makes people unduly fearful and too willing to submit to restrictions.
Wm.Elliot 09/26/21 09:38am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border

Vaccine developers and manufacturers have had protection from tort claims since the late 80's.
Wm.Elliot 09/24/21 12:00pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border

" There are thousands of PHD's in the US of which most work in private institutions." Very true, but arguing against the narrative invites ridicule and cancellation. If you do some due diligence and investigate for yourself you'll hear from plenty of Physicians, PHD's, and experts in virology who disagree with the Covid and vaccination narrative. These folks have been effectively silenced by the media - which is indistinguishable from the government. What is going on has very little to do with science.
Wm.Elliot 09/24/21 10:25am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border

I live about 120 miles from the Quebec/Canadian border. The only Canadian plated vehicle I see here in Maine are OTR semis. I can't remember the last passenger vehicle I've seen with Canadian plates. I have heard various news stories about nearby hospitals not providing tests for travelers headed to Canada. Eastern provinces - especially Quebec used to take over Old Orchard Beach in the summer and on certain routes (like 201)were heavily used by beach - bound Canadians. As one who has traveled to Canada for a few nights 70 plus times over the years Canada has lost its attraction to me. The news stories I read about Canada's response to Covid, plus the 15 plus month border closure has caused me to lose interest. Too much trouble, too much bureaucracy, and too many hoops to jump through. There are probably others who feel as I - an easily understood and fairly speedy border crossing has ended.
Wm.Elliot 09/21/21 03:16pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Border

It should be mentioned that residents of the United States can cross the border north and south at will. As screwy as these times are I don't foresee this changing. Previous discussions here had me planning to use the Del Rio crossing rather than the Laredo crossing I've used for many years. Recent news (non-shortwave) leaked that the Del Rio crossing is closed and is the site of thousands of people trying to enter the US. Furthermore US border response personnel has filled all nearby hotels and depleted inventories on store shelves in and around Del Rio. The smattering of video reports available (FAA flight restrictions) reveal absolutely no vehicle traffic passing north or south over the bridge. Meanwhile traffic is still flowing in Laredo bridge #2 webcam Del Rio... not so much Del Rio border webcam
Wm.Elliot 09/21/21 05:52am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Looking for tips, suggestions on travel in Mexico?

A truck camper is a great rig for Mexico - small enough to easily park for the night. If you are passing through GDL I would suggest Chimulco Trailer Park. Warm spring water, good campsites. Chimulco
Wm.Elliot 09/15/21 01:24pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: How we got to live in Mexico, it has to do with RVs

Thanks for sharing Russ! It must take a very special family to lead caravans into Mexico and it sounds like you did it well. The Rancho Los Angeles hosted other caravans when we camped there in the late 90's. There always seemed to be some drama with some folks leaving the group and some others very unhappy. It sounds like you have it dialed in and perfected.
Wm.Elliot 09/13/21 05:46am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: 6.9 Earthquake felt in Mexico City

Acapulco video
Wm.Elliot 09/08/21 03:36am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Where are you going to spend the winter?

I just reserved 2 weeks at our favorite Mazatlan hotel. Availability seems pretty tight despite reserving four months ahead. Prices are up too.
Wm.Elliot 09/06/21 08:33am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Where are you going to spend the winter?

Plans are to motorcycle to the west coast - Mazatlan and points south early January as long as the money holds out.
Wm.Elliot 09/04/21 07:53am RVing in Mexico and South America
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