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RE: Truck camper loading question

My suggestion would be to get bubble levels and use those religiously as your guide. I have two of them on my camper, one for side to side leveling and one for front to rear leveling. Both are placed on the driver side above the front jack. The one for side to side sits under the overhang on the front wall of the camper and one for front to back is right around from that one on the side of the camper above the front left jack. I raise and lower my camper using those two bubble levels. My RV pad on the side of my house slopes away from the foundation so I know there is probably 3 inches difference between the right and left side of the camper when it is off the truck on the pad. That does not matter, what does is that my camper is level, or even better is about 2 inches lower in the rear than the front. If you need to get some blocks in order to raise the front end a little higher, that should not be a problem. Again, the important thing is to keep your camper level, or slightly lower in the rear.
WyoBull 07/16/20 04:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Airbags not working with overloads

I have not had that problem with my 2017 F350 and I have Torklift upper Stableloads in addition to Airlift 5000 Ultimate air bags. I am wondering if it is a Dodge Ram issue as I have not heard of this before with the Super Duty's? My camper weighs 3600-3800 lbs fully wet and when I put my camper on my truck, I set the airbags to where my overload springs are just past engaging the upper overload spring. For my camper, that means putting about 35 lbs of air in the bags.
WyoBull 07/16/20 03:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Northern Lite 9-6 and Cassett Toilet???

I know that in 2017 a cassette toilet was an option on a special order because I have a friend who ordered their 8.11 right after we got ours and he got his with a cassette toilet. At that time it was an $800 dollar option. I don't know today if that is still something you can special order or not but your dealer should know.
WyoBull 06/01/20 08:27am Truck Campers
RE: Hallmark vs Northstar

When I was looking at Popups, I visited both the Hallmark factory as well as a large NS dealer in Colorado. I felt both make really nice campers but Hallmark is more on the line of a custom pop up where NS makes a lot more campers. I think that is the reason Hallmark is much more expensive. They market themselves that way and you can definitely tell the difference when inspecting both. I ended up at the end of my research and buying journey purchasing a hard side. Today, if I were to get a pop up I would lean seriously toward a 4 Wheel Camper. My plan would be to leave it on my truck full time and they are really designed to do this. Nothing against Hallmark and North Star at all, I just really like the 4 Wheel Camper.
WyoBull 05/04/20 11:05am Truck Campers
RE: Need Guidance on Buying the Right Truck

See truck in my signature. The Northern Lite camper it carries is 3600-3800 lbs wet and the two are a great match for one another. That's what you say and then your signature lists: "Torklift Upper Stableloads, Airlift 5000 Ultimate air bags, Airlift WirelessAIR onboard compressor system" Why such great match needs all the gizmos to work? Don't tell me you drive on factory-rated tires? And your point is? When I bought my camper the dealer installed the airbags and upper Stableloads as part of my deal on the camper. Does the truck need these gizmos as you call them? With 4226 lbs of payload I seriously doubt it but probably does make the ride a little better. I can tell you there are a hell of a lot of rigs out there with less capability than mine hauling a lot heavier campers and loads. What I do know is that I am within all my weight limits and that is what I care about. I am running 275/70R18 size tires and have upgraded the actual tire from the stock tires that came with the truck.
WyoBull 04/30/20 05:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Need Guidance on Buying the Right Truck

See truck in my signature. The Northern Lite camper it carries is 3600-3800 lbs wet and the two are a great match for one another.
WyoBull 04/27/20 11:41am Truck Campers
RE: Front Hitch receiver F-250

I installed a Torklift Central front mounted EcoHitch on my 2017 Ford F350. It mounts to the frame of the truck, has a very clean look and the receiver sits right where the license plate mounts. They ship a bracket that you mount your license plate to and insert it into the receiver. Unless you knew it was there with the license plate on, you would never even know a hitch was there. It sits up high behind the grill and bumper so there is no issue with clearance.
WyoBull 04/08/20 08:37am Truck Campers
RE: Did I forget anything? ordering a new Hallmark pop up camper

Very nice rig LosAngeles!!!
WyoBull 04/02/20 07:48am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper for chassis cab announced.

I love the 3' x 4' center island and sink combination with 4 choices of granite! Sweet!!!
WyoBull 04/01/20 08:30am Truck Campers
RE: Did I forget anything? ordering a new Hallmark pop up camper

Congratulations on getting your new Hallmark. They make a top of the line pop up for darn sure. I have been to their location a couple of times, pretty impressive! Look forward to seeing your photos.
WyoBull 04/01/20 08:26am Truck Campers
RE: Any Bundutec Bunducamp Owners Here??

I looked hard at a Northstar 850SC when we narrowed it down and we ended up getting a Northern Lite 8.11 SE after my wife spent a little time in it. So, so much for a pop up which is the direction I wanted to go. Love the Northern Lite but for me personally, if I were to get another camper, and specifically a pop up, I would probably get a 4 Wheel Camper. My plan would be to leave it on the truck full time and never take it off. I could have easily bought the 850SC but at the time was not really familiar with 4 Wheel Campers. Just goes to show you, there is never "the one" perfect truck camper.
WyoBull 03/30/20 03:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Driving With a Pop Up vs Hardside??

Biggest question I think the OP needs to ask is how he will use his truck camper most of the time. I started out looking at pop ups, in fact I went in after doing some research fully intent on buying the Northstar 850SC. After my wife and I looked at them and then looking at the Northern Lite 8.11 SE, we ended up with the Northern Lite. Part of that certainly was my wife's influence as to her, there was no comparison between the two. For me, I hunt and fish a lot and wanted something I could not just take off road, but really get off the beaten path where you would not take a hard side. After having the hard side for what will be the third season coming up, I cannot say I wish I would have gotten a pop up. Our fully self contained Northern Lite is pretty darn hard to beat. However, there are times where I wish I could get just a little further off the beaten path but can't. If I would have gotten a pop up, my plan was to leave it on the truck full time, year around. With a pop up on the truck at all times, spur of the moment camping or even that day trip to the mountains or lake is all that much easier. That is a downside to a hard side where my truck is my daily driver and so I take it on and off during the camping season and that can be a hassle at times. Driving with a hard side, even with the winds we get around here at times is not a problem at all. When we first got the camper and picked it up, it took me about the first 15-20 miles after leaving the dealership to settle in and be comfortable. So, sometimes I am torn as to which way I wish I had it. But in the end, I am just glad to be able to have a truck camper, period.
WyoBull 03/24/20 11:58am Truck Campers
RE: you like Torklift StableLoads? / Upper, lower or BOTH?

See my truck and camper in signature. Since my truck has the camper package it already has the sway bar. My payload is 4226 lbs and wet my camper runs 3600-3800 lbs (weighed at CATScale). I think my combination handles wonderfully and I have no issues with it at all. To each his own as to what works for them as there are many ways to skin the cat.
WyoBull 02/17/20 11:28am Truck Campers
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