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RE: Is CG info available from MFG's

So called “ center of gravity” marked on a slide in camper carried in a truck bed has nothing to do with height or cornering stability. It is showing fore & aft center of balance for that camper so when it is loaded that point is known in relation to truck rear axle. OP has a good point. There must be some way manufacturer can determine fore & aft center of balance on a motorhome and mark it on side of unit.
Z-Peller 09/27/20 01:22pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New Onan Generator

Gas?...MMM, how does that work? So the TC would have a gas tank? This would not be a good choice for a genny in a in any slide in bed TC. Trying to wrap my head around this one. I would think this would be for more like a class B where the fuel line is plumbed into the main tank of the vehicle and what if you had a diesel?...It does not make sense to me. Read the specs...says it comes in gas and LP models....gas = 2.8Kw...LP = 2.5Kw..
Z-Peller 09/16/20 12:47am Truck Campers
RE: alaska 2021 ???

What's the situation with the Alaska Ferry (Marine Highway?). Can one start in Bellingham and have layovers in just Alaska ports and not Prince Rupert before continuing on land from Haines or Skagway? The ferry was a great part of our only trip to Alaska. From Haines or Skagway you would still have to go by road thru Canada to get to the rest of Alaska unless you ferry to Whittier AK.
Z-Peller 09/15/20 01:28pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Out the door....

I drove thru Gang Ranch enroute to Bella Coola with my truck/camper a few years back. Gravel/dirt road Gang Ranch to Farwell Rd was good going, but some parts are like a narrow lane with small sappling trees bent over the road which at 11 ft tall camper I was able to weave around, but thought if I ever drove it again I would carry a saw of some sort in case I needed to cut a low hanger...have a good trip! will love Farwell Canyon!!
Z-Peller 09/15/20 11:34am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: bigfoot on shortbed srw

I just reviewed 6 years of different model years of BF brochures 2000 -2008 there are no 2500 series 9.6 listed as for short bed use , Bigfoot 25c9.6SB has been around for a few years...Check out Bigfoot RV brochure online...shows both 25c9.6LB and 25c9.6SB
Z-Peller 09/02/20 02:26am Truck Campers
RE: bigfoot on shortbed srw

Original post says 9.6 short box camper on short box truck. Don’t see sagging issues with that. Old non basement BF’s had sagging issues, but haven’t heard of it with newer ones. Lots of plywood in the construction. Had my 2002 9.6 LB on LB truck for 14 yrs from Alaska to Texas to Maritimes with never an issue.
Z-Peller 09/01/20 12:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Front Frame Mount Tie Downs Not Working!

You say they fail “ at the top of the triangle” you mean the hole with a slot cut into it on the end of the ear?...I swapped sides with my front ears so I can use solid hole right over the bar instead of putting too much twisting torque on bar if using slotted hole on end of ear..... 4 years with my TL tie-downs and they are still like new.
Z-Peller 09/01/20 11:17am Truck Campers
RE: Gut check on transfer switch for inverter - special case

A converter uses 110v power to make 12v power and feed it to the batteries. Inverter draws 12v from batteries to make 110v power. You say your converter runs on 12v??...don’t see how.....Check your 110v breaker panel for converter breaker and switch it off. No more converter producing 12v power when you are running inverter for 110v power. There is nothing at converter for 12v wires to backfeed. Wire your inverter thru generator feed which will go to 110v breaker panel then you can turn breakers on or off to select what you circuits you want on or off.
Z-Peller 08/27/20 07:43pm Truck Campers
RE: solar project starting to come togeather.

I have a 1991 slumberqueen 100WS. it has a 1 piece alumium roof. I I had a 1988 Slumber Queen with aluminum roof and it did not have a solid deck under the roof. The roof support members were spaced. I had to lay a piece of plywood on roof to walk on it. Have you checked out your roof to see where those cross members are and what you will attach the solar panels to?
Z-Peller 08/07/20 09:25am Truck Campers
RE: Taping Window on Cab Over

One more thing I should have said in my above post is that 3 years ago I used white Gorilla tape to secure solar wires to the roof of my F/G Bigfoot. I love the way this stuff sticks on. A month ago I made some changes so had to pull tape off and remove the 3 years old hardened adhesive. Varsol and a rag again and cannot even see where tape had been on the roof.
Z-Peller 08/05/20 10:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Taping Window on Cab Over

I had a painted aluminum siding camper years ago on Alaska trip. I used a 3/16 mahogany door skin and painted it both sides for waterproofing then cut it to shape of front glass and used similar colored Duct tape on siding to attach it. Never had a rock strike, but it made me feel better knowing my bed was not going to be wet and covered in glass! my experience Duct tape glue has never hurt painted Aluminum or Fiberglass siding. Varsol and a rag and a bit of elbow grease cleans it up. I have had Duct tape cooked on in AZ sunshine on my Bigfoots many times and hardened glue left on camper when tape is pulled off always comes off with Varsol.
Z-Peller 08/05/20 12:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Lance Wiring On New Truck

I did check the 2018 this morning, the battery feed to the trailer plug is hot all the time. On my 2016 Duramax the trailer charge wire fuse is in the "drivers side under hood fuse block" It is a pink colored 30A square fuse. I pull it to disconnect truck batteries when I store camper on the truck under cover, but having 200W solar and 2x6V GC batteries on the camper I keep the fuse in 24/7 when camping and never have a problem with the truck batteries.
Z-Peller 07/31/20 01:47am Truck Campers
RE: Camper batt power not back on after disconnect shore power

Made a link for you....
Z-Peller 07/21/20 12:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Camper batt power not back on after disconnect shore power

One other thing I will say is that either truck charge wire power, or 120v converter power, will backfeed that camper battery power RED wire from converter back to the disconnect switch "power out" terminal, so unless you have both of these other 12v power sources shut down when testing for power coming out of the disconnect switch it will give you a "hot" reading.
Z-Peller 07/21/20 12:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Camper batt power not back on after disconnect shore power

Ok, so that 30A fuse RED wire in your pic will be the main power to the converter. Do you have the electronic battery disconnect switch or manual one?..If it is the electronic one then are you really sure you have 12v coming out of it?...thet elecrtonic switch is just a solonoid and even though it is clicking may not be making contact. I would put a jumper wire across the main RED wire in, and main RED wire out and see if the disconnect switch is really working. Your truck charge wire goes direct to the converter so will power up the 12v camper stuff regardless of the camper battery disconnect operation. The 120v converter also powers up the 12v stuff regardless of battery disconnect switch operation. I really suspect that battery disconnect switch as the problem for no camper battery power.
Z-Peller 07/21/20 11:57am Truck Campers
RE: Camper batt power not back on after disconnect shore power

Your Bigfoot will have a little rectangular 30A breaker fastened with a couple of wood screws somewhere between the batteries and the disconnect switch. Follow the 8Ga. RED wire from the battery until you find it. I do not think it is a re-setable breaker....however, you say you have juice after the disconnect switch?..that 8Ga. Red wire goes from disconnect switch direct to the converter. On my 2002BF the camper battery wire and the truck charge wire both terminated on the same nut in the converter. Pull the front off your converter and have a look. Maybe the camper battery wire has pulled out of that terminal somehow?
Z-Peller 07/21/20 01:23am Truck Campers
RE: Rain water in my basement. 2003 Bigfoot 2500

campingwiththoreau Just a thought on a problem I had on my 2002 BF 2500. One of the other outside storage compartments was getting rainwater in it. Problem turned out to be the storage door itself. The doors have 3 or 4 small weep holes drilled in the bottom edge, and the inside galvanized tin lining is caulked where it meets the frame. Seems factory got some of those doors upside down with weep holes in the top of the door. In my case the silicone caulk had mostly peeled off the inside of the galvanized tin and rainwater was coming in through the weep holes and then leaking out of the door into the compartment. I drilled small weep holes into the bottom edge of the door and caulked up the holes on top edge of door. Recaulked the inside rim of the galvanized tin and had no further problems.
Z-Peller 07/09/20 06:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Reddog1 "Wayne"

BradW Nice tribute and well said. Speaks to who YOU are as a person as well. Take care.
Z-Peller 07/04/20 06:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Reddog1 "Wayne"

Sad to hear. Lost a BIL to pancreatic cancer a few years ago. RIP Reddog1.
Z-Peller 07/02/20 09:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Happijac

Do you mean the camper batteries are new, or the remote batteries?.... my jacks quit working one time and remote did strange things. I tried the cord plugged into the jack control box and still would not work. I replaced the remote control battery and that turned out to be the problem. Everything worked fine after that.
Z-Peller 06/24/20 10:10pm Truck Campers
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