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RE: Big quality of life mod

I think the was pointing to This Pump Yup, that's the one, not sure what happened with my pasted link.
afidel 05/16/22 06:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak fire in northeastern New Mexico...

Real friends will drive 3 days to help you save your stuff from the ravages of mother nature, good on you =)
afidel 05/16/22 12:49am General RVing Issues
Big quality of life mod

I found out last year that my new trailer had the loudest possible water pump, it shook the fiberglass sides so hard that I was embarrassed to use the bathroom at night as it would wake my kids up, and possibly anyone within 5 sites of us or any tent campers in the same county. I tried deadening the lines with pool noodles, I tried isolating the pump with cork and rubber vibration pads. None of that worked. So I finally decided to get a new pump. Just got around to installing it since we've had freezing temps up until 2 weeks ago and last weekend was booked. I installed this DC House 5GPM pump and it's SO much quieter. It's a good thing too because we've got over 30 days booked so far this year for electric only sites. So far I'd definitely recommend it if you need a replacement 12V water pump, $70 is definitely reasonable and it's much better than whatever junk ShurFlo sold Dutchmen.
afidel 05/15/22 11:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Practicality of non-propane Camper

Very simple: Do you want, or need to camp with batteries/no electrical hookup? Typical battery setups fall way way way short on heating, cooking and AC . Being slightly more complicated: 20 and 30 Amp hookups also fall a little short sometimes...It can be done, but you'll have to stagger things. The last one is where a solar setup with a decent battery bank and a hybrid inverter come into play, set your max AC input at 24A or 16A and let the inverter and battery bank make up any spikes. I haven't done it yet but in theory a DC air conditioner and 6-700 watts of solar should allow you to keep the bedroom of a typical RV cooled during the day (won't help in places with high overnight temps unless you go massively overkill on solar and battery). I say should because I've seen some van lifers do it and the size of a typical RV bedroom and a van aren't that dissimilar.
afidel 05/10/22 12:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Small trailer suggestions

So you tow with a Tesla? Pretty cool. I have not actually been inside a [email protected] If I can convince my wife to go RVing, the 400 would be the preferred option, I think. If it ends up just me, I would probably lean towards the 320. But given the cost, I’m trying to see what else is out there. Yah. We tow with a Tesla model Y. Great tow vehicle for us. I think a 320 would be fine for one person. I believe there is a 320 solo floor plan just for that. They discontinued it this year but I believe they can be found used. Most people with T&Bs look after them do you might find a good used unit. Hope it works for you. Happy camping. What is your Wh/mi when towing?
afidel 05/06/22 12:14am Travel Trailers
RE: What % Of Alcohol Does Your State Have?

The only vehicles that should run E15 are those that are already flex-fuel certified (ie can run E85), anyone running E15 in a non-flex system is in for a world of hurt with very expensive repair bill coming most likely. Where did that info come from. Toyo says to not run greater than E 15 in my highlander. :h Maybe things have changed since I last looked into it then, at the time most vehicles were either made for E10 or E85 and those made for E10 generally had a bad time when run on anything more. *Edit* Ok, so after looking into it a bit it appears that more manufacturers and models support E15 than when I last looked, but even the Renewable Fuels association says that less than half the vehicles on the road carry a manufacturer support for E15. I guess the new answer I should give is if it's not flex-fuel then check your owners manual.
afidel 04/19/22 04:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV'ing couple missing

My first thought reading about this was that they were blindly following a GPS / /cell phone / Waze maps something or other. I would like to know what the sequence of events were. MapQuest printed directions. Poor souls, I had MapQuest try to send me on a harebrained route once in the early 2000's (23 miles on a state route with literally about 100 stoplights instead of taking the parallel interstate), swore off using them then and there.
afidel 04/19/22 04:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV'ing couple missing

YouTuber HeavyDSparks and volunteers got together and recovered the RV and car. Video shows the road they were on, how bad they were stuck and getting the vehicles recovered. I love how HeavyD has made helping people into a good living that employs a lot of good people and helps a lot of people without charging them. Seems like the kind of guy I'd love to sit down and have a beer with =)
afidel 04/19/22 04:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: What % Of Alcohol Does Your State Have?

The only vehicles that should run E15 are those that are already flex-fuel certified (ie can run E85), anyone running E15 in a non-flex system is in for a world of hurt with very expensive repair bill coming most likely.
afidel 04/14/22 11:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trying to figure out what trailers I can tow

First no that is the GVWR of the truck, the maximum weight that the truck can weigh including fuel, people, cargo, and any transferred weight from the trailer. The most important stat for towing a trailer with a half ton is payload. On that chart it's listed as a maximum of 1,720 pounds. That's what a base model work truck in that configuration can hold as far as people, stuff in the bed, and transferred weight. It's very unlikely that the actual vehicle you go to buy will actually have that maximum payload as every option added to the vehicle over the base takes away from it. You'll need to look at the yellow sticker in the driver's side door jamb to see what the actual capacity of the truck as it came from the factory is actually able to hold. Now how that number is relevant, you need to add up the weight of your family and subtract 150 pounds from that, add a few hundred pounds for stuff in the bed (very few campers are going to have less than ~200 pounds of stuff in the bed, especially with the limited storage in an airstream), add 100 pounds for the weight distribution hitch, and finally 15% of the GVWR of the trailer as likely transferred weight. IMHO do yourself a favor and if you're going to buy the truck first just go with a single rear wheel 1 ton as it will mean you can tow anything but the largest fifth wheels without worrying about it. I wish I had done that. If you're not willing to do that then I'd strongly recommend you buy or at least know exactly what trailer you plan to buy and then pick the truck based on that. I know that one of the families I follow on YouTube was completely maxed out with a family of 5, a 30' Airstream and a F250 Platinum because the diesel engine and Platinum package ate the payload down to about what the theoretical maximum cargo of the model you listed has (I believe it was a bit over 1,800 pounds).
afidel 04/14/22 07:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Lithium Ion Batteries. Who makes the best one?

I'm in solar and battery upgrade hell :) Kind of decided to go with BB battery. Since my rig came with Zamp solar set up, it requires an adapter to use anything other than zamp solar panels. There's a cheap and easy solution to the zamp plug: iGreely Solar Panel to SAE Adapter
afidel 04/05/22 09:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Keystone Springdale - Very Low Drain Pipes

The two problem I had with too low a drain were insufficient slope to sewer pipes that were ~6" above grade which are required by code in some areas due to trying to keep storm water out of the septic system. Second was trying to fill my Barker tote when I was on a site sloped towards my drain, there wasn't enough clearance to get the tote entrance under the level of the drain.
afidel 03/31/22 06:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bike carrier

Front mounted hitch and a low mounted bike carrier was our solution. It's not perfect, it's scraped on occasion and it makes you that much longer so getting into tight spaces has required removing the rack on more than one occasion. However both rear mounted carriers and above the tank carriers have their own issues so like most things it's the compromises that work best for you.
afidel 03/27/22 09:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2016 Heartland North Land Caliber

Hire a mobile RV tech to do a pre-purchase inspection before handing over any money to the seller.
afidel 03/26/22 01:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Modifications

Oh, the one piece that got transferred from my old rig to new was my Oxygenics shower head, LOVE that thing. It's a fairly minor mod since it's screw on, but if you do boondocking or do state parks without full hookups it's a major upgrade. Heck, even just places with low pressure.
afidel 03/23/22 12:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Modifications

Progressive EMS install is the first mod I've done to both my trailers. Upgraded thermostat the second. On the current trailer the shelf in the pantry over the TV collapsed on the first trip because they constructed it like idiots (floor UNDER the styles stapled upwards?!?) So I cut 2 pieces of 3/4 plywood to replace the luan floor, it's worked very well even with the earthquake that is Michigan roads. We've cut out Reflectix to the size of the windows, helps a ton with retaining heat in the winter and blocks enough light for the boys to sleep in the rear living area despite it being about 60% windows. We installed a wire rack shelving unit in the space between the shower and the hall wall, gives us a linen closet like space so we can use the hall closet for the boys. It tipped over once so I tied it off to the bathrobe hanger and that's worked well, just needed to stop the tipping from getting started.
afidel 03/16/22 11:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: MPPT solar charge controller with 12v panels...

I lose a BUNCH more than 25% at 122F! That’s just about too hot for me. lol Pretty sure that's panel temp not ambient!
afidel 03/15/22 12:30am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Whaddaya gonna do?

It is SNAFU. 20 & 21 it was Covid. Now Ukraine. Down here on the farm, what can we do? About the best we can do is carry on as best we can normally. You might want to adopt the fuel strategy of driving in the north where fuel stations are few & far between & not guaranteed to be open. Drive on the top half of your tank. When you get to half fill up at the next available supply. If I did that while towing I'd be stopping every 80-90 miles, not going to happen. Heck stopping every ~170 miles sucks and why my next truck will be a diesel with an extended or Titan tank so I can go 600 miles towing without filling up. I might start carrying a 5 gallon fuel can with me like I did when traveling out West but that's as much as I'm going to change my habits. As far as safety, I don't think 5 gallons of gas in the bed is much additional hazard over the 40 pounds of propane and 7,000 pounds of anchor I'm already carrying.
afidel 03/15/22 12:27am RV Lifestyle
RE: can I tow on the ball

CAN you? Yes. SHOULD you? IMO, no. WDH is there for a reason. OP has a 3/4 ton truck with a heavy Diesel engine and has 4K of cargo weight available.. That truck will never need any weight restoration on the front with even 1K lbs of tongue weight.. 1K of TW most likely will barely lift the front and I doubt because of the Diesel engine will every be missed. WD hitches were designed to allow vehicles to tow much larger loads than they were originally designed for by pushing some of the tongue weight which would have overloaded the rear axles forward to the front axles.. OP has the option to not use WD if they choose to do so. The only caveat is to make sure the trailer TW is above 12%, ideally 15% for best towing stability.. For the record, I have never used WD on any of my 3/4 ton trucks and have towed 20ft and 26ft trailers with 7K GVWR and have a 10K GVWR 18 ft flatbed trailer that I have loaded well over 10K and never had the headlights point to the sky as folks love to banter about.. I've seen plenty of 2500 diesels with their headlights towards the sky. I'm not sure how much tongue weight those landscaping trailers have but they're the most common offender. Beyond that there vast majority of wdh also offer another significant advantage which is anti-sway and sway is one of those things that by there time it rears its ugly head it's generally too late.
afidel 03/15/22 12:14am Travel Trailers
RE: rv fridge

Dedmiston is pretty much correct, though you could argue some of the semantics. A traditional RV absorption fridge is still a great option for boondocking. It's needs a tiny amount of 12v DC power to run the control board and a tank of propane is good for weeks of operation. Downside is they are slow to cool the interior. If you are on shore power, there is an electric heating element that replaces the heat from the propane flame. Some even have a 12v heating element but that's pretty inefficient. Then you have 12v DC fridges. These can run directly off battery power and because they were designed for low power consumption are probably the best option for running off electricity without shorepower. They still use far more power than the control board on an absorption fridge but a decent battery bank and/or connection via the umbilical cable to the trucks alternator output is typically plenty to keep then going. If you want to spend multiple days off grid, you will need a means of generating power before your battery bank dies (most commonly solar or generator) but no need for an inverter. Then you have residential 120v AC fridges. Newer ones are generally not quite as good as 12v fridges in terms of efficiency but not horrible. A downside is you need an inverter to convert the 12v DC to 120v AC. That adds, cost, complication and you will likely lose some power to the conversion. If you are always on shore power when parked, a residential fridge is a fine option. They will hold cold during driving days just fine. If you will boondock a lot, absorption is still the ideal but if you put in a good solar system with an upsized battery bank, 12v is very much viable. Many newer RV's (even entry level) are switching to 12v. The much bigger deal than the inefficiency it's that the inverter draws a load 24x7 which eats quite a few watt-hours. For inverters rated at say 2kw this actually ends up eating more Wh than their inefficiency. What some folks do is have a relatively small inverter that is just big enough to handle the motor surge of the fridge and then have a second inverter for running loads like the microwave or coffee pot which they can turn off when not in use.
afidel 03/13/22 03:49am General RVing Issues
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