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RE: starting to look at trucks

I think 8k pounds for a F150 is a bit heavy as you are going to be light on truck payload if you plan to take passengers in the cab. There's not much of a price premium on used 3/4 ton trucks unless you go diesel. I've towed with the 3/4 ton F-250 6.4 Turbo Diesel. It was a beast. I loved it. I've towed with the 6 cyl. 3.5 Ecoboost. Also a beast if it's geared to tow. The 3/4 ton 6.4 Ford Diesel is my all time favorite. Towing 8500 lbs, I had to check my rear view Elephant Ear Mirrors to see if my trailer was still behind me. My EB is good. but it's not a big Turbo Diesel... I still like to drive the EB. The F250 with the diesel has almost no payload, less than my 1500. You can argue that it's artificially limited by the GVWR number, but if you want to stay within the letter of the law then go F350 SRW if you want to go diesel. As far as gear ratios, there's a whopping 1400 pounds in tow rating between a 2016 EB 3.15 geared truck and 3.73 geared truck, available payload has WAY more effect on your ability to tow a TT than that, the 10 speed made the rear end a non-issue unless you like to drag race your truck with the trailer attached.
afidel 05/20/19 03:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is a 13,000 BTU AC enough for a 22' trailer?

18' trailer with a large slide, 13.5 worked fine even in 110F heat in southern NM with 5 people inside. For us the bigger problem is the passthrough space, that heats up when the nose cap is in sunlight (why they chose to paint the diamond plate black instead of leaving it stainless I have no clue) and heats the master bed from underneath. I'm fixing that soon with a 12V computer fan (Noctua NF-A12x25, virtually silent) to force cooled or in the shoulder seasons heated air into the passthrough.
afidel 05/20/19 10:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Where does the weight go to when using wd hitch?

Is there a suggested limitation to use of a WD hitch? For example, if your trailer tongue load is too light, and your suspension is stiff, the WD might create more sway than desired. Is there a rough formula for this? In my particular situation, I have a 2008 Volvo XC90 (max 5000 lb capacity), looking at a travel trailer between 500 and 1000 lb tongue load and between 2000 and 3200 dry weight. I'm assuming both a WD hitch and trailer brakes would be beneficial for this situation, but if it's a very light trailer I don't want to create unnecessary sway. Please let me know if I am mistaken! Thanks You will almost for sure have to use a WDH because the car like suspension will need help returning weight to the steering axle and to help keep the rear axle from being over its rating (curb weight of 4600 with a RAWR 3150 gives ~800 pounds of rear axle capacity). I would get the lightest trailer you are comfortable with and try not to load too much forward of the axle.
afidel 05/14/19 11:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Where does the weight go to when using wd hitch?

It goes “poof” and disappears, according to the RV salesman who sold my kids their first camper. Same salesman that tells them yes your mini van can tow more than a pop-up. LOL Well, it can, you just won't want to do it for very far. /took the $500 gamble of adding a hitch and brake controller to the van //It could start it and stop it, it was everything in between that was no fun. Too soft of suspension even if it was technically in spec.
afidel 05/14/19 11:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Tongue Weight, Silverado Hitch Class

Not enough specific info. I did a quick search using 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 towing package and the factory PDF towing Gu?i?d?e was one of the first listings. You need the engine, GVWR from the door sticker and that towing Gu?i?d?e for your answer. Most half ton truck hitches (class IV) I've seen are only rated for 500 tongue weight and 5000 pulling/tow weight when used WITHOUT a WDH. WITH a WDH, they are rated to 10,000 or a bit more. From the manual, 5.3L V8 K5L HD Cooling Pkg, Axel Ratio 3.42, Max trailer 9,500 lbs. GCWR 15,000 lbs. After all of this I found the dang spec, sorry all. Its 600lbs without WD and 1,100 with WD! Its so close may as well get the WDH, now what one? Should have kept our old 2500!!!! For that weight trailer you could probably get by with an E2 with 800 pound bars. It's basically the less expensive version of the Equalizer made by the same company. It's 2 point sway control instead of 4 point but I've had zero problems with it and my similar size, similar weight trailer. $367 at both Amazon and etrailer, though you'll need to add a ball and to do that you need a big arse thin wall socket, I got mine at Napa. Figure $420 all in.
afidel 05/14/19 10:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Sloppy socket fit on lug nuts

Are these solid nuts or do they have the stamped shiny metal on them? Solid 1/2" x 20 lug nuts Oh yeah, could be 19mm with the delamination problem. I believe GM is being sued over two piece lug nuts where the two parts separate causing them to not be removable with standard tools. Could be the TT manufacturer used the same or similar lug nuts.
afidel 04/28/19 11:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best way to run fridge while not level

Well, hopefully Dometic will redesign their system to take advantage of this patents which is now expired and allows for a corrosion inhibiting system that eliminates sodium chromate. If they do that then the entire problem can go away. The risk of lawsuits and environmental claims based on the chromates used should hopefully be enough to get them to actually do the work necessary.
afidel 04/25/19 12:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Max Tongue Weight?

There is no max. limit on tongue weight except for the payload capacity of the tow vehicle and WDH rating. Our TW is close to 15% and it tows great. Zero sway but there's much more than just TW to reducing sway. Higher TW may mean you need to go to a higher rated WDH & spring bars and the more weight that needs to be transferred back onto the steer axle. I'll take a higher TW any time. Receiver rating as well, AFAIK no half ton has a receiver rated over 1,200 pounds and the max with a 2" class iv is 1,400. Also it's possible that there's a Max rating for the A frame, though getting to it without exceeding gvrw on the trailer would probably be hard.
afidel 04/25/19 10:02am Travel Trailers
RE: The right WD hitch for a 3500 pound 22 foot trailer

Fastway E2 with 600 or 800 pound bars. As far as those saying you don't need it, I returned 2" to the front wheels on my rather large half ton so I'd say it's worth it. Plus it essentially eliminates sway. I'll pull the scouts 14' 2500 pound utility trailer without a sway bar but not my trailer (I initially just had a drop shank and even with a rented 2500 it would sway too much for comfort)
afidel 04/14/19 11:37pm Beginning RVing
RE: Advice on Trailer to be left on property

Personally I'd throw a cheap carport over it, keep the sun off which would reduce cooling energy, wear on the roof, and the chance of leaks.
afidel 04/08/19 01:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: insurance companies and cost

At a $16k book value we pay $169 per year for collision, other than collision, GAP, and awning coverage. The GAP coverage is $38 and we'll drop that once the loan is paid off (it's in the loan covenant).
afidel 04/02/19 10:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: MPG and RPM Question for Chevy truck-New RVers

It was pretty windy and raining that day. The next day we got closer to 7.5. I have seen a few of you mention different gears. Should we be pulling in something other than automatic? I think I might be confused. I know you can take it out of automatic, is that what we should do and put it in a different gear? If so, what gear do you recommend? Sorry if that is a silly question! Thanks for all the help! If your not in rolling hill country or stop and go traffic, with a 7500 lb trailer behind a 6.0 GM 2500 take it out of tow/haul. Don't use the tow/haul on an interstate or other 4 lane highway. Its not needed and is probably what shot your mpg in the foot. Leave it in D and drive it. When you get in hill country or stop and go traffic kick in the tow /haul, take it out of D, and shift manually. Drive it like you stole it. Wind it up to 4500/5000 rpm. It really sounds good up there. The owners manual will tell you what conditions to use the tow / haul button and trying to get the most mpg is not one of them. It won't hurt the truck whether or not you use the tow / haul button, or if you have it in D or shift it manually with the rocker switch. Those trucks are made to tow and haul. 7500 lbs behind one is an easy day for the truck. Hmm.. I guess I don't think I would ever like to own a Chevy if Tow/Haul "affects" mileage.. I am thinking Chevy follows a similar pattern like Ford, Tow/Haul mode MODIFIES the shifting pattern/strategy to TAKE BETTER ADVANTAGE of the engines torque. This often means holding a gear a bit longer to get into the sweet spot on the RPM essentially delaying upshift or downshift. On Ford, tow/haul ALSO adds in AUTOMATIC DOWNSHIFT strategy for better control of your vehicle speed when descending hills or even stopping at traffic lights or even sudden maneuvers which require faster stopping. It assists you.. If GMs does not do that then why even put that feature on the vehicle??? I would suggest READING THE MANUAL on what Tow/haul does for YOUR VEHICLE, then FOLLOW THE MANUAL rather than arm chair QBs behind the keyboard.. I enable Tow/Haul EVERY TIME I hitch up or even put a huge load of cement blocks in the back of my Ford, my Tow/haul has never hurt my mileage, in fact it seems to HELP the mileage while towing or hauling.. The other thing that tow/haul does is engage the torque converter at a lower RPM which leads to lower transmission temperatures, that can be very important in some situations.
afidel 04/02/19 10:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: MPG and RPM Question for Chevy truck-New RVers

I get 11-12 with the 5.3, 3.42, 6 speed driving with cruise at 68 most of the time. I've seen a low tank of 8mpg when I ran into a 40mph headwind for 4+ hours. But I've got a narrow trailer so I get a bit better mpg than most, it's really all about the exposed area outside the footprint of the truck and the speed, going 72 will drop me down to 9.5-10 mpg, definitely not worth the few extra mph.
afidel 03/31/19 12:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Photos of 100+ Mods & accessories to our Trailer

**** you, now I'm going to have to do the cabinet door mod, DW has hit her head on the doors over the front bed more than once and I can't see myself not doing it now that I know it can be done rather trivially.
afidel 01/16/19 02:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: How far south do you need to go for Christmas

The closest you can get to a guarantee it's to head for the Keys, 99.5% chance that most of your trip will be in that range. But if you stay through New year's be aware that even the upper keys have seen 30s and 40s several times in the last decade due to polar vortex.
afidel 12/28/18 01:08am Snowbirds
RE: Running your propane Refrigerators while traveling?

As a new TT owner, I've found this to be a hotly contested issues and arguments from both sides having some logical merit. What I've found in my research about LPG and traveling: * state laws vary * some states don't allow LPG in some tunnels. * some states limit number and size of cylinders. * I was only able to find that New Jersey law prohibits traveling with open LPG containers on highways (I saw reference of this on several sites -but in checking the NJ code I didn't explicitly find this- but i didn't spend much time as I've got no plans to travel in my TT to NJ in the near future). Someone in NJ area - feel free to contact the DOT and verify the law You are putting too much thought into it. I have only heard about tunnels having to turn off the propane before going in but never having it not being allowed at all. I never heard about the size or limit of cylinders and have never heard of anyone ever getting pulled over for something like that. Just enjoy the rv and go, if you see a sign for example going into a tunnel to shut them off then obey the law but otherwise dont sweat it and go and have fun Well, there's one specific situation I know of, lower deck of the George Washington Bridge. You're allowed to have tanks 30lbs or smaller as long as the system is turned off. If your tanks are bigger than 30lb or your system is open you're in violation of carrying unapproved hazardous materials. We stopped and turned off our tanks before entering the area because we were aware of the issue, also none of the tunnels around NY allow propane at all and the other bridges farther North don't lead to an area where you can really get to where we were going without taking hours and hours on surface roads or taking the expressways which don't allow RVs so the GWB is the only real option if you're visiting the area.
afidel 12/19/18 10:03am Travel Trailers
RE: think i finally found our tt, thoughts?

My camper has 28" wide bunks and they are fine for kids and adults. I suspect this has to do with the size of kids and adults. My wife and I both are fine on the bunks in our trailer, as are our high school aged kids. We're relatively small though, and fit and flexible. I'm 5'7" and weigh 160 lbs. My wife is smaller than me, and the kids are similar. People who are bigger or who have more trouble unfolding themselves after getting onto the bunk may have more trouble. Different strokes for different folks. IMO, the F-150 is likely too small for that trailer. (And this from someone that has been towing with minivans for decades. Heh.) I'm 6'3" and 250lb, I've slept in our 28x75 bunks and it works fine. Then again I've slept in my 50x85 tent with my son and both of our full hiking backpacks so being in tight spaces doesn't bother me.
afidel 12/17/18 08:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Running your propane Refrigerators while traveling?

I'm pretty sure you're statistically in way, way more danger from food born illness from food allowed to get above 40F than from the RV fridge flame.
afidel 12/16/18 12:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Travel trailer / tow vehicle combo question

Figure closer to 13-15% tongue weight, 10% is the minimum to be safe but most will be heavier by design and will tow better with more tongue weight. I know my trailer is designed to be right around 10% when empty but most storage other than water is forward of the axle and so tongue percentage is higher, and it actually tows better the more loaded it gets.
afidel 12/11/18 01:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailer Weight w/ My Truck

Two things, with this being a bunkhouse how many are going to be in the truck and how big are they? I've got a truck with nearly identical payload and with 4 adult size people plus a tween we're maxed on payload with a much lighter trailer. Second, I'm really doubting those manufacturer numbers, that dry hitch is under 10%, if true it's not going to tow well at all unless most of the weight you add is forward of the axles.
afidel 11/14/18 10:55pm Travel Trailers
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