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RE: Help me with current best manufacturers

Nice post JBarca, you summed up the important issues. Everyone is different so it is hard to come up with a system for everyone. I don't like changing trailers so will purchase something with the long haul in mind. We had our Starcraft tent trailer for 17 years before selling it and now, after a good 10 years my daughter purchased it back and is still using it. We had a hybrid for about 8 years and it was holding up nicely before we retired and purchased a used Airstream. I am not pushing Airstream but I can get the same price I paid for it back in 2009, the market remains pretty strong. I do take care of my stuff and that is a big issue if you want to protect your investment. My Airstream does not leak any more, and I would bet, far less than a regular box trailer. It is very short on storage space outside, has enough inside and is not a huge palatial trailer like so many Americans want. No slideouts either AND the price is insanely ridiculous. I got mine used back when the price of used ones were bad but not that bad. If you want toots and whistles, like outside kitchens, fireplaces and an island in your kitchen I have no suggestions. My cousin has an Arctic Fox and I am impressed with how sturdy it is . It is also quite heavy. I have also heard that Nash makes a good trailer. I would avoid anything that has the word "lite" in it. Again, I want something to last even after traveling many miles on the highway. How do you suppose they make trailers "lite"? In the end, it will be important to get something you want. If you want a fireplace then you need to get one of those. Keep your eyes on how sturdy the trailer is built. Look at the GVW ratings between some of your choices. Simply walking across the floor in some trailers will say a lot. Best wishes in your hunt.
aftermath 05/10/23 02:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Refrigerator Question

The new compressor fridges are supposed to be better. They cool better when it is hot and there is no propane to "worry" about. Yes, we still have the fallacy floating around out there that running with a propane fridge is somehow dangerous. Take the propane out of the picture and you get a "safer" system. Which, is a bunch of bunk. What you get is a fridge that does work better will always need to be hooked up to shore power or you will have to upgrade to a better battery system and add some solar. Then of course, you will have to hope the sun is shinning. If it isn't, stop by my place and I will offer you up a cold beer.
aftermath 04/23/23 02:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Black Tank Help Needed

It sounds to me like you have a bad monitor in your black tank which is a pretty common thing. Since your trailer is "new" I am assuming it is under warranty. I would take it back to the dealer. As far as closing your gray tank so it can fill up, that won't help your black tank issue at all. They are separate tanks. I don't understand what you are saying here. It is not a bad practice to leave the gray tank open when you are camped. You should never leave the black tank open though. Let it fill, flush it out and you should be good to go. If the tank is reading "2/3 full" even after you empty it, you have a problem with the monitor.
aftermath 04/21/23 11:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Prostate problems

Thanks for the lesson. I do have a couple of questions though. If Coumadin, Warfarin, Eliquis and Xarelto are all "anti-coagulants" then are there any blood thinners out there? Is there even such a thing as a blood thinner? Second(third actually) question. Are all the doctors and specialists, pharmacists and nurses who all use "blood thinner" in their descriptions of these drugs, doing any harm?
aftermath 03/07/23 05:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: Prostate problems

Be careful posting medical advice based just on opinion: "Eliquis (apixaban) is an anticoagulant (blood thinner) known as a direct-acting oral anticoagulant (DOAC). It works by stopping a specific clotting factor called factor Xa from working."An excellent example, thank you. An anti-coagulant is not a "blood thinner". That is so common that everyone does it, but when you actually corner a medical person and ask "Is it an anti-coagulant a blood thinner?" they invariably say NO, it's just common practice to call it that for simplicity. "Anticoagulants work by interrupting the process involved in the formation of blood clots. They're sometimes called "blood-thinning" medicines, although they don't actually make the blood thinner." This not "just on opinion", it is a fact. Please do your due diligence. I agree with the moderator on this one. I am going through this right now and have asked many questions of my "Doctor" at the anticoagulation office I go to. I was on Warfarin which is a drug that prevents coagulation. It is commonly called a blood thinner. I am now on Xarelto which also prevents coagulation and IS ALSO known as a blood thinner. If you want to get real picky they both do their jobs, only they do it differently. All three of my doctors, the anticoagulation specialist, my cardiologist and my heart surgeon tell me it is very important to let every medical contact I make know that I am taking a blood thinner. Don't get caught up in semantics.
aftermath 03/07/23 08:41am Around the Campfire
RE: A punishing pace, safety issues and broken bodies

... You cannot make a blanket statement about unions being good or bad, depends on the union and even the local. Jim. Thanks for this. In our divided world today people have lost sight of compromise. I was the President of a small union (1000 members) and we worked with a Fantastic management group. We saw eye to eye on almost everything and when problems arose it was usually due to some mid managers who were focused on climbing the ladder. We also had a few lazy members who thought the contract didn't really apply to them. I worked with the workers and the management worked with the misguided mid managers. We all focused on the goal at hand and it worked very well. The workers always wanted more and the management really did want to provide more limits were in place. Over time we got more, at least reasonable more, and everyone was satisfied, at least satisfied enough to work hard and move forward. Today, I am retired and the attitude has changed. Our win at all cost attitude is showing everywhere.
aftermath 12/04/22 08:57am Around the Campfire
RE: New camper without 12 volt fridge

I have an older Airstream and have day dreamed about getting a new(er) one but no more. They have "improved" them to the point where I don't want one anymore. The 12 v fridge was the first step. These are better in some regards but they require more electricity. That is OK if you 1. Always plug in, or 2. Add solar and/or 3. Upgrade to a more expensive battery pack. Then they went to on demand water heaters which are fine if you are connected to a water hose. Trying to boondock with one of these is a challenge. They have a work around for that too but it is some kind of recycling faucet that costs even more money. Then of course you get automatic stablilzers and automatic awnings. Hey, nothing can go wrong with these don't you know?
aftermath 11/10/22 08:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Black water tank health concerns and questions

Are these concerns unfounded? Well, yes they are but I understand where you are coming from. Have you ever heard of anyone getting sick because they use their trailers as they were designed to be used? Anyone? And, there must be millions out there. Do you know anyone who has a septic system at their home? Do they get sick because of the bacteria somehow gets airborne and invades their home? The Gray tank is basically filled with sink water. You use your sinks daily and a lot of this stuff is held in the P traps. Have you heard of anyone getting sick because this bacteria laden water somehow gets airborne and infects everyone in the house? There are chemical additives for your black tank to take care of these issues. When used as per manufacturer recommendation they are perfectly safe. Same goes for your gray tank and with proper care and maintenance you will be totally safe.
aftermath 08/27/22 11:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Wheel Bearings

I purchased a used Airstream and took it in to the local dealer to have them check the bearings and the brakes. I have done this on my 55 Chevy, 64 VW, 62 Chevy and 64 Ford PU. Not really all that complicated but I had no experience with the electric brakes on the trailer. Remember this is a dealer who seldom worries about charging high prices. I asked them how often I should have the bearings repacked and he said, every 10K miles. More often, unless you consider this a hobby isn't really needed. As far as EZ Lube axles, I am not a fan. I think these are the improved version of Bearing Buddies that were designed for boat trailers. Do you back you trailer into the lake? No worries, just use our Bearing Buddies and you will be fine. We installed a zert to pack more grease so you will never run dry! IF, and I really mean If, you follow the recommendations and guidelines with your EZ lube setup you should be fine. I think more people than you think, just pack the bearings full and feel good about things.
aftermath 08/20/22 02:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Were back in a travel trailer, just bought an Airstream.

Look above and click on the "Classified" tab. You will get lots of trailers to look at.
aftermath 08/19/22 03:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: propane/water heater

A related question. Do you have two propane tanks on your trailer? If so you will need to understand how the switch over valve works.
aftermath 08/18/22 03:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tundra vs. Silverado question

Yeah, a dually, that is good. I Love my Tundra, love it, love it but....I am pulling an Airstream that is about 6500 not 9500. I don't think I would keep the Tundra if I had that large a trailer. The limiting factor with a Tundra, any half ton actually, is weight issues. I would be looking at a good 3/4 ton, or a one ton or a semi tractor or an Abrams Tank.....just to keep the weight police happy.
aftermath 08/13/22 04:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: sanitizing fresh tanks - basic question

This is one of those "over kill" issues. Do this, don't do that, watch out for this... Why pour the bleach down the hose? I just put about a cup directly in the water inlet and immediately flush it down with the hose. City water is chlorinated, so I am not concerned about "hose water". Run all the faucets like you do, wait a few hours and then flush everything. I do it once. Never "tasted" bleach nor smelled it. Been doing this for over 30 years, no problems. I do not sanitize the HW tank. I flush it and refill it and turn it on when we are ready to go. I read somewhere that the heat generated will sanitize it all by itself. Again, 30+ years, no one sick, no strange rash like symptoms, no breathing difficulty and we sleep like babies. Keep it simple.
aftermath 08/11/22 07:57am Beginning RVing
RE: Newbie Tow Capacity Question

All the limits are important but...I think towing capacity is the least important of them all. My Tundra has a tow capacity of something like 9500 lbs. Really? I tow my trailer down the road that weighs 6500 and I am near my limit for payload capacity. Pay very close attention to payload, axle limits and GVWR when you have a half ton. You will run up against one of these far before you go over the Towing Capacity number.
aftermath 08/08/22 05:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Your Opinion On Air Bags

If you have a weight distributing hitch and can't get it level you are either grossly overloaded, or you don't have it set up correctly. If you are overloaded, air bags will NOT help this. Take a look at this video. I saw it a long time ago and it explained it pretty well to me. Yes,if you have a very sturdy tow vehicle, air bags can level things for you. They will never "increase you towing capacity" as someone has stated. Air Bags vs Weight Distributing Hitch
aftermath 08/01/22 09:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ground material falling into lower storage compartment

I am confused as well. You lost me with "a ground material"..What exactly do you mean by this? Is it something you might find on the ground? Is it some kind of electrical grounding material? Can't offer up much help, yet.
aftermath 08/01/22 08:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thinking about the next Tow Vehicle

Surgtech 94, Coming in late here but want to add my two cents. Yes, a half ton can do the job but not all are built the same. Yes, a late model V6 will be up to it. Buying used will still be a shock to the old pocketbook. Prices are crazy high these days. If you are going to be driving this truck a lot when not towing I suggest you look at the Ford Eco-Boost. This thing has been out for awhile and gets pretty good mileage when not towing. The turbo charged V6 creates plenty of power to tow your trailer, as others have mentioned. When towing, it really isn't much better in the mpg category. I would avoid the Tundra now but it is new so you won't be looking at their V6 if you get a used one. I might be interested in a few years after they work through the start up issues. I am on my second Tundra a 2017 with the 5.7, 6 speed tranny and 4.3 gears. My trailer weighs between 6,000 and 6,5000 going down the road ready for camping. I have weighed it a few times. Never an issue with my Tundra and while both of my Tundras have been trouble free, it is not the best out there for mileage. 58K miles and I get 11-13 or so on trips. Good luck and welcome to retirement!
aftermath 07/23/22 05:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: cross winds?

I just adjust my friction sway control for regular driving and dealing with passing trucks, etc.... This is what has always confused me regarding the add on friction control devices. How do you know how to adjust them? When do you stop and make adjustments? I have a feeling that most people don't do this, but they just attach them, crank them down and go. This makes more sense to me. I know a guy (yeah don't we all) who told me he adjusts things when he "needs" to. Really?
aftermath 07/21/22 04:31pm Towing
RE: First hand F150 hybrid experience anyone?

The impact is reduced fuel economy. The hybrid shines when driving in town only. Not to start any wars here but, isn't this the same argument for the Eco-Boost? I have a friend who gets basically the same mpg I get while towing with my Tundra. It is sort of a wash until you factor in what he gets while not towing. Wowsa, I am glad that I don't have to use my Tundra as a daily driver. Is this the same kind of thing that hybrid owners are experiencing?
aftermath 07/05/22 10:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Traveling with Propane on

Bikendan, The Airstream forum has been pretty much a mixed bag over the years. I do believe the consensus recently is what you have stated.
aftermath 07/03/22 10:07pm General RVing Issues
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