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RE: Puzzled by Refrigerator Problem

rfloyd99, You have gotten a lot of excellent, and accurate, advice. Opening the valve on your tank can cause many issues. My take on all of this is, you never had a problem. When you run the fridge on propane it takes some time to cool down. I found that it actually takes longer when on electricity. I listen carefully for the click and can hear the flame ignite. It NEVER roars, and if it did I would turn it off quickly. Something is wrong if you hear this. Pay attention to the back side, where the access panel is. Keep it as clean as you can. Vacuum out, or blow out the dust and cobwebs if there are any. It doesn't take much to block the flow to the burner. As long as you see the flame, you are good to go.
aftermath 10/23/21 09:12am Tech Issues
RE: Add Awning To Slide?

Not 100% sure about your Jayco, but from what I understand it needs to be done during the build.. .... I don't think so. Take a look online and you should be able to see many options. A friend of mind just did this and said it was pretty easy. I was looking into one just before I sold my trailer back in 2009.
aftermath 10/23/21 09:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Which Hitch do I buy?

I am a firm believer that every trailer combination needs some kind of sway control. WD continues to be a debatable issue in my HO. The trailer follows behind the TV and is connected by a single pivot point, the ball. A large trailer in windy conditions can sway on its own. Yeah, yeah, I know all the arguments. A well constructed trailer that is well balanced and loaded correctly won't sway, some will say. Even if this is true, how many out there have such trailers? I would suggest the OP should get one of those add on friction bars as a minimum. I also believe that all half and 3/4 tons would benefit from a hitch that combines both WD and sway control.
aftermath 10/18/21 09:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Looking at used, canvas repair?

I will second the Bear Creek Canvas option. This is a very competent company with people who have experience and are willing to talk to you and work with you. I replaced all the canvas on an older 1977 Starcraft Popup. It matched perfectly and was, I felt, of higher quality than the original. Google them and ask if they do hybrids. That said, I also had a hybrid and what was just said is true in some cases. Water leaking around the edges, people who do not dry the canvas before storage and a multitude of other reasons can and will lead to canvas issues. On a hybrid you also need to look at the door itself. Best route is to "fix" the issue. A rip or two can be repaired by a boat company who works on things like this. If it is that and mold and mildew issues, you might want to price out a replacement.
aftermath 10/18/21 08:51am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Giants/Dodgers called swinging strike...end of game

In a game like baseball there are a lot of missed calls, or bad calls in this case. It is sad that the game ended because of it I was told one time that the umpires on first and third base were to watch the bat as it moves forward. If the ump can see the "end" of the bat, the barrel must have crossed the plate. I have seen many replays and most of them show the bat actually pointing at the first base ump during the swing. I looked closely at this replay, and I didn't see all.
aftermath 10/15/21 04:04pm Around the Campfire
RE: Starting my research

There is no simple or easy answer to your question. You need to really think what you are planning to do with this RV. We came through your same path. Had a Popup for 17 years and loved it. Got a little older and wanted to travel more in the early spring and late fall so we got a hybrid. You still have to set up the ends but they are much nicer in so many ways with bathrooms and fridge, oven too. But, when traveling across the country putting up and taking down the ends frequently in sometimes nasty conditions didn't work so well. We upgraded to a trailer. We had a slide out on the hybrid that did cause us trouble. We wanted a trailer that was totally accessible when stopped for a break on a trip. We have traveled extensively in the western parts of the US and Canada. We were not interested in any kind of motor home because we like to drive around and see the sights when we are on the road. Don't have the funds to purchase a tow behind so we chose a pickup/tralier combo.
aftermath 10/15/21 03:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: Friction Sway Bar

When I got started in all this weight distributing/anti sway hitch choice thing I was focused on....simplicity. Way back, many of the snap up the chain hitches did not allow you to back up with the chains attached. I also didn't "like" the idea of snapping these chains into position and I really was confused about the friction bars being used. I got all sorts of nebulous information. Only tighten them as much as you need was one of my favorites. What? How do I know what I am going to need? I went with the Equalizer. It is easy to adjust and once you have it dialed in, it is a quick hook up. I personally believe that add on friction bars can offer up enough safety and many still use them. When reading threads like this one I am still a bit confused. Should I use one or two? I have been using these for "x" amount of years and they remove 90% of the sway. Well, what about the other 10%? I like mine. I have over 55K miles on my current without any issues of sway. I will stick with the Equalizer.
aftermath 10/11/21 12:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Question about freshwater tank use

To the OP, if you never use your FW tank, there is no need to sanitize it. Why would you? But, I read in your post a subtle question being asked about our tanks. What would you do? Well, I will tell you what we do. We use our FW tank, we use our toilet, we use our hot water tank, we use our furnace, we take showers and we use our fridge, even when running down the road. I spent a good sum of money for my trailer and if I didn't want to use these features I would have purchased a tent. When it comes to water there are lots of folks out there that live in fear that they will get some kind of "disease" from their tanks. All you have to do is treat it each spring with bleach. You don't need to go out and buy special additives, you don't need to buy special rinse agents, all you need to do is add about a cup to 30 gallons (this is actually more than recommended), fill the tank, run it through the lines, faucets and shower heads and let it sit for a few hours. Drain and rinse the system. Any residual chlorine in the lines will be less than what most city systems have in the water. As I age, I do like FHU more and more but we still travel with half a tank anyway. I am more concerned about having some kind of breakdown during a hot day than about "dirty" water. I continue to be amazed at those who purchase a very nice trailer but don't use all the features that came with it. I also wonder why people pack gallons and gallons of water to drink and make coffee when you have a built in tank that will do that for you. And, for the germaphobes out there, are you comfortable with drinking water from a campground spigot? I know, to each his own. Always do what makes you feel comfortable. There is no right or wrong path. I am just confused as to the rationale on some of these issues.
aftermath 10/07/21 03:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Storage Covers

etrailer has a good selection. pop up covers
aftermath 09/25/21 08:45am Folding Trailers
RE: abbreviation lookup or glossary

It took me longer that I am willing to admit to figure out what a TV was. Always thought it was that entertainment thing people hang on their wall. :B
aftermath 09/18/21 04:44pm Beginning RVing
RE: SUV for pulling hybrid

If you are going to have 4 kids, a large SUV would be one way to go. You will have to use the third row seats OR have a bench up front and cram everyone in closely. The van might be a better choice. I pulled my 21ft Starcraft hybrid with a Toyota 4Runner with the 4.8 V8. It did the job but one thing I did notice is the false impression that hybrids are more light weight than other standard trailers. My 21 would open up, had a slide out and felt much like a 25 ft. trailer, or maybe even larger. So, the weight of my 21ft was indeed less than a regular 25 or 26 ft. trailer. But light? Not really. Make sure you spec out the trailer and your choice of TV. And, camping as a family tradition can't be beat. You have many great experiences ahead. Your children will remember these years with fondness. Best wishes.
aftermath 09/18/21 04:33pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Tire Failure

Les Schwab is a very reputable company. If they stand behind their products then I think you make a good choice. Just make sure they are rated at or above you trailer's weight rating. Also make sure you check the PSI before each trip and keep them aired to the proper number. I am not and Anti-Chinese tire person on origin alone. There are just too many variables to consider.
aftermath 09/06/21 08:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Absorption fridge 2 way vs 3 way

True, some people are uncomfortable running on propane while traveling. I continue to be amazed by this statement. People will spend large sums of money to get a "nice" trailer so they can camp in comfort. You have onboard water, heat and a water system that will provide hot running water and showers. Wow, what luxury. Gas/propane refrigerators are DISIGNED to run on gas, even when going down the road. I have asked over the decades, now, if anyone can produce one verifiable incident of a problem with a fridge catching fire or exploding. None, zip, zero examples all this time. OK, I respect those who don't "feel comfortable" running with propane. If you are one of those then you need to look into a system that allows you to run on electricity when on the road. I am sure there are systems out there. I would guess that these will be a bit more expensive than the classic 120V/propane options. For short trips, this will never be an issue. But consider taking off for 4-6 weeks during the summer. Some say they pack their fridge with frozen blocks of ice. Others say they take along an extra ice box. What? You just paid oodles of bucks on a trailer and you are still packing ice boxes? Just can't get my head around this logic. Of course I am 70 and have been camping for a very long time. I have over 55K miles on my current trailer and......not a single problem with running my fridge the way it was designed. If it were so dangerous, why do all the major manufacturers still make them?
aftermath 08/27/21 08:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Adding scissor jacks for side to side leveling

vtraudt, I have another idea for you to consider. I purchased a Level Mate Pro system for my trailer. It is an electronic gizmo that I use with my cell phone. When I get to the campsite, I turn it on and it tells me that I am off by 1.5 inches on the driver side. I have a combination of planks and boards that I can drive up on. Bingo! I am set. I don't have to guess and make a number of tries, just put in what I need and I am good. It is a bit spendy but easy to set up and really easy to use. Used it for over a year now and it continues to simplify things for me. Google it and learn more.
aftermath 08/27/21 07:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Brand New, Just beginning process

I am with Toedtoes. Try not to read too much into what he is saying but his points are worth thinking about. Think about what you are planning to do with your trailer. We had a tent trailer for 17 years and we camped in it. After the kids left we wanted an inside bathroom and a refrigerator so we purchased a hybrid. Now we were retired and wanted to travel long distances in our trailer and the constant up and down of the beds became tiresome. We got caught in wet weather a time or two as well and that made it tougher. We went with a hard sided trailer. Slides are great but quick stops for lunch and bathroom breaks while on the road can be tough if you have a slide that does not allow access when pulled in. Can you travel in a tent trailer? Of course. Can you travel in a hybrid? Can you travel in a trailer which requires to put out the slide, even to use the bathroom? Of course you can! Do you want to, is the question. Since this is your first trailer it most likely won't be your last. Following ToedToes suggestions might help you out in the long run.
aftermath 08/25/21 08:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Brand New, Just beginning process

You know what you can pull and what you can spend. These are a couple of good starting points. The (old) conventional wisdom says that for a first trailer buy used and save the money. Well, saving money on used trailers is not as easy as it used to be. Whatever you get, you will learn all about what you can pull. Find a floor plan that fits your needs and jump in. Soon you will learn a lot of stuff. Hopefully it will be good stuff. I found the hunt for our trailer to be challenging, frustrating at times but exciting over all. Best wishes with yours.
aftermath 08/21/21 08:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Best Quality Travel Trailers

There is no question that a slide will provide great space. The OP asked about quality build and the discussion was about that. To me, quality means a minimal amount if things that need fixing over a certain period of time. Take a box trailer and put it on a frame. Cut a few large holes in it for slides and attach them to some aparatus that brings them in and out with the push of a button. This concept is fantastic but it does produce issues that need addressing. Now take a fiberglass shell with no seams, cut a few small holes for windows and a door. The chance of leaking seams is greatly reduced. So is the amount of "space" inside. Now, look at an Airstream that is made like an airplane. The shell and frame are one. There a few holes and no slides. So back, to the topic. The larger the trailer, the more chance that issues will come up. Space is great, size has its advantages but it comes at a cost. And, we will celebrate our 49th anniversary this fall. Been camping and traveling in our small trailers all the way. Hasn't been an issue yet. ;)
aftermath 08/17/21 10:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best Quality Travel Trailers

Turn The Page, I think you just made my point. "Go big or go home". Indeed.
aftermath 08/14/21 09:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Enhancing RV security

I am not paranoid, but that doesn't mean that everyone is not out to get me. I think you need to make sure you have insurance, just in case. Don't leave anything of real value outside unlocked, don't leave anything of real value in plain sight and put a GPS tracker on your RV. After that, just use common sense. Once you get caught up in the "But, what if..." spiral you will not want to go anywhere. Sell your RV, get a place that is in a safe spot and you will live a more peaceful life. I am not a full timer but I have been pulling trailers all over the western side of our country for more than 24 years. Haven't done anything stupid (yet) and haven't had any problems either. I choose to believe that life is much better than what an overactive imagination might come up with. Just my 2 cents....
aftermath 08/14/21 08:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Best Quality Travel Trailers

I agree with Skibane. There is quality out there but you have to look hard. Oliver is a very good example. The issue is that, with the trailers you listed, you will have to give up some things and that is the problem. I also agreed with the Walmart reference. The bottom line is that we want the best but refuse to pay the price. The RV industry is making large trailers, with important things like, slide outs, big screen televisions, kitchen islands, surround sound systems for both inside and outside, automatic awnings and even fake fireplaces. We as a nation, are not ones to cutback. While we want big trailers, we do not want to pay big prices. And, "lightweight" trailers are the result. Lots of good stuff while keeping weight down so that we might save a gallon or two in the long run really doesn't focus on quality and durability. RV manufacturers know all of this and that is why there are many trailers out there that meet the "needs" of the public. Don't see this changing anytime soon.
aftermath 08/14/21 08:10am Travel Trailers
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