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RE: Another new generator ban bill in legislation in

It sounds like a ban on sales of new engines, not a ban on using existing engines. This will affect the entire country as manufacturers like to sell their item in all 50, but is CA the hot bed for lawn care? Seems like the Eastern half grows more grass and fall leaves than dry dusty dirty CA... I did not see anything about RV generators, but they would fall under the small engine category. 4 stroke generators do not pollute like 2 stroke lawn motors or cheapo construction generators also. I would argue that RV generators are not "off road" motors as they are on a street legal vehicle and serve that vehicle. "off road" in this case means not used on a State road, and not licensed for road use.
ajriding 12/05/21 02:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ref freezes everything

Depends what fridge you have. The older fridges just have a temp range dial, not a temp setting, they are just dumb fridges. Setting it low means a low flame, or low electric heat, setting it high means a higher flame and thus more cooling. If it is cold outside then the fridge will freeze because even at low setting the temp is dropping too much. Now way around this but to turn it off at intervals. I had this problem at night with similar fridge. If it is a newer fridge that knows the temp then you have sensor problem as mentioned above. New parts are in order since you already tried to take food out and give interior the correct air space.
ajriding 12/03/21 11:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Jack leg help - Happi jac

I'm not advertising, but I do have a Hippajack board. It came with my TC but seller did not have the remote, nor motors, so I bought a new everything. I can't remember if this board works or not. Maybe I never tested it, or maybe I used it then later replaced with the new board. Maybe it would be easy to test. I bought the camper without motors, so had to crank by hand. I guess the motors I bought came with a new board so thats how I ended up with a new board. It operates on wired for sure. The wired uses a phone cord as the wire. I do not know about wireless as there is no antenna wire like the new ones have. My new one had the phone jack and also was wireless. The controller could do both. The old one is in a box and to me is worth less than what you are talking about having to spend... just saying. Etrailer dot com sells these. There are no control buttons on the motherboard, so no way to test it without the remote or to jump the phone jack wires and I do not know what terminal to jump to test it, or if is using a switched signal or computer gibberish signal. That's my entire story. Hope you enjoyed.
ajriding 11/27/21 11:48am Truck Campers
RE: Cassette toilet/shower

This post is from 2016 and immediately went off topic, and OP never posted pics. Yes, I agree, bathrooms are a huge waste of space for some people, esp i a TC. It all depends on what your needs are. For the guy who spends just seconds a day using the toilet then a portable toilet is ideal and easier to dump. If you always shower outside then an inside shower is just a big air space to haul around for no reason. I always remove the toilets and use a portable, but I have kept the interior intact for re-sale and just put toilet back in. I do like to have an inside shower, but it is not necessary and just depends on the size of the camper. SO far this year I have taken all showers outside except for one.
ajriding 11/26/21 01:08pm Truck Campers
RE: 20# propane tank

A friend shot bullets into a full tank and couldnt get it to blow up, it just leaked out the new hole. Is all just depends. Nothing is safe
ajriding 11/24/21 05:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: range hood exhaust fan?

I had my way with a 1971 Winnebago and took a lot of stuff out. 20 years later I finally used the vent hood with fan. It is a big fan motor, moves air and is super quiet. The first time I showed it to a fellow RVer he was shocked and amazed. All I can say is check the junk yards for old campers and get the oldie fan. It seems to be of similar size and shape so might retro fit into a new hood.
ajriding 11/24/21 05:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Converting Honda generator to propane

The ONE guy that actually answered your question with a pro/con list is correct, and another added that propane does have a cleaner burn and cleaner exhaust. He also forgot that propane can store a very very long time, but gas has a shelf life. That's about it for pros unless you are parked on your land with a big underground propane tank or would be using natural gas from the grid. The varnish build up from gas is a minimal one as that can be negated. Worried about replacing spark plugs? Stop, you can't afford propane to begin with. The big con is the availability of getting propane quick and easy. Gas is easy and everywhere and unless I drive into the big rig section at the back of the travel center gas station there is always a gas hose just inches away. Doing a BBQ tank swap at the gas station or store is not a quick transaction either. The things people come up with just to make a comment... An e way....
ajriding 11/23/21 05:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Ever heard of this?

Injecting water vapor or even water mist into the air (the main fuel for combustion engines) will help give the cylinder a more even burn. The water (mist or vapor) turns to steam and helps spread the gasoline molecules more evenly inside the cylinder, so when the combustion happens the fuel is ignited all inside the space instead of just concentrated in one area. This gives a more complete burn and does provide a little extra power. It uses a lot of water and is a big hassle, so most found it was not worth the time. The downside is that water could find its way into the crank case and that is a bad thing. The upside is that it steam cleans the pistons and cylinder head pretty good. I had a throttle body injector on my first truck and before an oil change I would use a spray bottle to spray a water mist into the air intake (looked like a carb pretty much) until the engine loped. It took a lot of spraying to make the engine care. I did this for the steam cleaning effect. Old mechanics used to do this. I changed the oil right after so was not too worried about water, and if any small amount did get in the crank case it would evaporate pretty quick on the next drive. With my fuel injected truck now I do not do this as there is no way to easily spray water in without going past sensors and the intake tube is long. Not that it is a big deal as you suck moist air in the rain anyway. Just too much trouble to get the spray very close to the cylinder for me to bother with. I did not do this on the diesel, but it would have the same effect.
ajriding 11/22/21 08:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fuel consumption too high?

Lol @ the theory that the “new” Ranger is basically the “old” F150 since Ford finally wised up and quit producing 2 different cabs for their full size platform. Something the competition has always done and Ford departed from in the 90s until recent years. Sure, the Colorado and Ranger are very capable mid size trucks, as far as mid sized trucks go. But I can’t even begin to understand your theory. Is this a question or new information? I don't understand the post you put up. Is this the gibberish that goes through your brain when you think? LOL, we all enjoyed seeing into your thoughts, but not sure why you shared. What mpg does it get?
ajriding 11/22/21 08:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Fuel consumption too high?

21 is pretty terrible mileage for a 2019 mid-sized. Is this normal for a Ranger? Yes, underpowered engine towing a big (think aerodynamic frontal area) trailer will suck the gas in, where a big v-8 truck will do better as it is not working so hard. If you like Fords and towing, look at the F150 for 28 highway and will get much much better mpg towing, and the engine and trans is much more suitable for towing something this size. You need a smaller trailer, or just live with the poor mpg. Research how to change your driving habits to get better mpg's too. When I tow my cargo trailer with a similar truck to yours (cargo trailer is only 5 feet wide), I can get 16-19 mpg. It's not the weight, it's the aerodynamics that affect mpg.
ajriding 11/21/21 11:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Winter RV camping

I bought an Igloo ICEB26RR ice maker. After 20 days, I noticed that the ice-making process is slow. I got this recommendation from ***Link Removed***. Is there any way to make it faster? Earlier, it was giving 9 ice cubes in just 8 to 12 minutes but now it's taking 18 to 20 minutes for the first batch. Im sure everyone looking into WINTER CAMPING is on the edge of their desk chairs waiting to hear why... New to the internet? There is a beginners area where you can learn and ask questions about posting on the forum.. Read this first before posting again.
ajriding 11/21/21 11:14am Tech Issues
RE: Contradictions with EV’s

Trees LOVE CO2 !!!! !!!! CO2 is not, NOT, pollution. Pollution is pollution. CO2 is clean, natural and needed by nature. The World grows green with more CO2. Yet, CO2 is everything, carbon is in everything , so control the element that is in everything and you control EVERYTHING! Wake up everyone. CO2 is the biggest hoax ever! Electric cars??? FIne. They are dirty. They require power plants, mostly coal burning power plants. That goes against the "green" (fake-green) people. Their batteries cannot be recycled, require great energy and effort and electricity to mine and process - ie, not green. Meanwhile, gas engines are nearly 100% recyclable. Their steel engine blocks are prized the world over as raw materials. Electric cars can be controlled by big bro. Control is the goal. Hello covd?
ajriding 11/21/21 11:11am Tech Issues
RE: Oregon to spend $50 million on new campsites, park imprvmnts

Oregon does not tax out of state people except general sales tax. I think go ducks is talking about different rates on campground fees for in state and out of state. they say that in state people have already partially paid for the campground through their taxes where out of state visitors have not contributed anything to the state's finances so get charged a full price. It is not a surcharge as much as it is a discount for in state people, or so they say... Its a tax.
ajriding 11/19/21 11:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Are OTR truckers restricted from speeding?

no, for OTR truckers there is no speed limit. what kind of question is this? In SC they are generous with speeding tickets and you see cars pulled over all the time, but not trucks. Speeding is one thing, but police can take a look at the OTR's log books and calculate their average speed for long trips based on start time to where they got pulled over andn can issue a speeding ticket based on that. Truckers sometimes keep two log books.
ajriding 11/19/21 11:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Tongue/Hitch Weight Conundrum

How far would you be towing the trailer? This will e a factor for the 2021 Subaru Ascent that is not an ideal tow vehicle. Short trips like 100-200 miles a few times per year I dont see such an issue, but do not expect to tow much of a trailer across the country too many times. Yes, the vehicle trans, axles and motor will get a great deal of wear and trans are expensive to replace. Either get a much much smaller trailer or a truck / suv that can handle towing. Consider also a folding trailer that will have minimal wind drag if towing with a subaru. You really need a rear wheel drive (or 4wd) vehicle with a solid axle for durability. Is this your first camping? Most first time buyers get way too big of a camper than they need. Yes, big expansive campers look nice and provide luxury, but consider you are camping, not moving into a condo. Are you going to live in it, spend all your vacation inside, or is it just for sleeping, showering and relaxing after a fun day outside? Get the minimum trailer you can live with, not the maximum you can tow. Small trailers are much easier to tow, park and maneuver.
ajriding 11/19/21 11:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Wastewater Tote & Fresh Water Containers - Do you use them?

I carry a 5 gallon fresh jug. Sometimes I need the extra when camping, but sometimes I cannot fill up the camper, but filling a portable jug is almost always doable. Try to find a water hose in California.... Hard to do, but there are lots of places to fill a jug and nobody seems to care about a jug as opposed to a goliath RV
ajriding 11/18/21 03:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Battery power

Firstly, what are your power needs while boondocking? They call it a "generator" but it generates nothing. The battery already HAS power, it is just storing the power like any battery and no battery is a generator. Solar panels can "generate" power, then feed it into the battery for storage. The battery has a limit of how much power it can store, termed in amp hours. You might have a 100 amp hour lead acid battery already on RV, and you can use half of that or less if you want to take care of your battery. With li-ion batteries you can use nearly 100% of the amp hours (same as your phone battery where you can deplete it to zero, charge back and everything is fine). So, a 100 amp hour li-ion battery can give you nearly 100 amp hours of power, all at 12 volts, and the lead acid maybe 45a/h - where also lead acid battery's voltage drops as the battery is depleted. You will never run your air conditioner on either of these - you need a very big bank of batteries to run a/c and that is crazy. People who full-time do it, but it makes more sense for those who have skills and needs. Run the gas generator for the a/c. Most everything else can run off a couple of lead acid batteries or the bigger Jackereey type systems. Boonocking requires you learn how to live off of DC power. Forget the inverter for all your household appliances. It is needed to charge your laptop, but do everything else off of the DC that you can. Cooking off of propane, and 200-330 watts of solar or more. There is endless ways to go about it, and endless needs, everyone is different and every need can be met slightly differently and with different configurations. We cannot guess on yours.
ajriding 11/18/21 03:38pm Beginning RVing
RE: Weight Distribution Hitch Trailer Brackets

No, just no.
ajriding 11/18/21 03:29pm Beginning RVing
RE: Anyone use a battery operated blower?

The high amp batteries do a better job, 40 or 48 amps like the Ryobi. Your choice to keep the family together with milwaukee or not. Milwaukee is expensive and you might be better getting the 48a/h Ryobi instead of a Milwaukee blower. To use the Milwaukee 18v blower it is best to get the 12 a/h battery, which is $150 for an off-brand battery that works with it, and lord help us the price of a Milwaukee 12a.h battery. You could be fine with a 9a/h battery for short blows, and very short blowing jobs your 5a/h batt will work. The issue is for these large power demands that the battery gets hot. You are depleting the battery very quickly and this is very hard on a battery, thus the bigger batteries like the 9 or 12 a/h ones will do better. I have the Milwaukee 18v chain saw and the 5's are no good for it. I had to go to an off-brand $50 eBay batter of 9a/h to have any use of the saw. The batt gets warm. The 12a/h batt they say does not even get warm. Do the math, price of Milwaukee blower plus price of the bigger battery vs the price of a complete Ryobi with tool, battery and charger and the battery is not under any stress unlike an 18v system. For your quickie RV blowing job you should be fine with a 9a/h battery, but not for a yard. I Used the Ryobi at work for short clean-up of small areas and the battery will do OK. Power as compared to the biggest gas blower HD has - no comparison.
ajriding 11/18/21 03:25pm Tech Issues
RE: So many questions

The rule is Use What You Have! When building your own. This makes perfect sense and actually should work fine. The truck cab flips forward to get to the engine so he could not put the camper over the truck. On the rear he has very good departure angle (driving down a cliff and the rear of the truck does not get stuck on the hill). The weight of the sleeper section is negligible. He probably had the camper and had the truck, so this was free... It is neat. What is the problem?
ajriding 11/18/21 03:14pm Truck Campers
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