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RE: Arctic Fox air conditioning question

Might it need to be run every 2-3 months to keep seals/gaskets lubricated ?
akaPedro 07/11/20 07:16am Truck Campers
MLB without spitting, sunflower seeds, etc......?

As the old movie line goes: Surely you jest, Sire Pitchers can't lick their fingers anymore.....They formerly could, if they wiped them on their uniform. Now, do they carry a handi-wipe for their fingers? Umps and managers have to carry a plastic shield on a stick so they can argue, face to face....or do they argue online ? This should be good......
akaPedro 06/28/20 08:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Call before you dig

To the OP: Is there a permit involved and inspection of work, later on ?
akaPedro 04/25/20 08:24am Around the Campfire
RE: Oil trades now in US dollars.....not for long

Thanks for the insights. I had thought that only crude oil would switch to the yuan.....and other currencies would remain as usual for other transactions. It would be a foot in the door for China. They are lending money to other nations, building roads and ports along with beefing up their armed forces.
akaPedro 04/07/20 03:51pm Around the Campfire
RE: Oil trades now in US dollars.....not for long

The USA debt to its self and to rest of the world is 23 Trillion. The world debt to each other is 250 Trillion. At this point figures are meaningless. Everything is built on trust.... that debts and debt servicing will be some point in time. The Chinese are foaming at the mouth to become the #1 world power, usurping the USA. One aspect is to have their currency used in world trade, taking the place of the US dollar.
akaPedro 04/05/20 08:38am Around the Campfire
Oil trades now in US dollars.....not for long

I postulate that a combination of a Russia/Saudi agreement combined with the upcoming USA political/economic/world debt turmoil....that oil will be traded in Saudi or Chinese currency, in less than one year. Any thoughts ?
akaPedro 04/03/20 07:07pm Around the Campfire
40% chance of showers today.....

I see this a lot. AFAICT it means "Your guess is a good as mine"
akaPedro 03/14/20 11:54am Around the Campfire
RE: Super Bowl Turf....

Turf seemed to hold up well with only 20+ days to root and knit together. I agree with JIMNLIN....when the Niners posed in the end zone after and interception, I got kind of a bad feeling: Hope this does not come back to haunt us.
akaPedro 02/04/20 09:06am Around the Campfire
Super Bowl Turf....

WSJ had an article today about this. It is Bermuda Tifway 419 with a rye overseed. Grown for 18 months and about two inches thick. It was laid down January 9 in strips 3.5 feet x 44 feet long. Think it will hold up ? I did some calcs and one square foot could weigh in at 14.3 lbs.
akaPedro 02/01/20 05:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: Candied Bacon Brittle

You Sir....are going straight to Gehenna for letting me know about this.
akaPedro 01/19/20 07:37am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Ashby's Law 1956 and solving problems....

fj12ryder and Deb/Ed M.....thoughts were the same impression I got from reading the article that mentioned Ashby's Law.
akaPedro 12/02/19 07:13pm Around the Campfire
Ashby's Law 1956 and solving problems....

Came across an article about problem solving in business. The thrust was that a few laser focused people, or team, is lacking enough information to really solve the problem long term. It read that many outside the box people and ideas are needed to fully solve the problem. (7th graders, landscapers, housewives, real estate agents, etc....) These outsiders are needed to listen to the problem and chime in with any and all ideas. Something might click with key people or the team. Ashby's law was mentioned in the article. It has to do with cybernetics/requisite variety... and was way above my pay grade. I have always thought outlandish, obtuse and off-the-wall ideas and comments are welcome in my thought process to solve a problem or improve something. What say you ?
akaPedro 12/01/19 10:28am Around the Campfire
RE: Boeing 737 crashes..........why ?

Read a blurb in newspaper that FAA is taking more control of this issue and Boeing self-certifications are no longer in force.
akaPedro 11/28/19 07:57am Around the Campfire
RE: Any HVAC experts?

Air flow on our heat pump is out the sides. We have a shed with a slat fence for walls and no problems. Service guy says good idea...keeps dust/mud out of unit.
akaPedro 11/13/19 12:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Boeing 737 crashes..........why ?

Boeing used their influence in D.C. to insert ODA wording in latest FAA funding bill so they can bypass FAA people and have their own people certify the 737 was just fine. Think also...they hired Collins Software to do the programming of the MCAS and some or all of the work was outsourced to India.....
akaPedro 11/10/19 03:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: Boeing 737 crashes..........why ?

OK....if the new engines had been mounted correctly, there would have been no need for MCAS. Can we agree on this ?
akaPedro 11/07/19 06:27pm Around the Campfire
I want to widen football field dimensions...

Awhile back I posted a thread about my designing a baseball field with huge outfield dimensions. Not a lot of interest. the interest of more exciting football, college and pro, let us widen the width from 55 yards to 65 yards. Back in the old days, players were slower on both side of the ball, but yet there were TD runs down the sidelines. Not so much today. Can't turn the corner and receiver are forced out of bounds by DB. Whadda you think ?
akaPedro 11/06/19 07:41am Around the Campfire
Do you want to talk to Jim Simons ?

I should have done this 30 years ago. I don't recall hearing about him in past years, even tho I occasionally read the financial blurbs in newspapers. Whom, among you, have dealt with Mr. Simons ?
akaPedro 11/03/19 11:38am Around the Campfire
RE: Boeing 737 crashes..........why ?

Did it have to do with re-certification of the pilots... which apparently would take a lot of time ?
akaPedro 10/30/19 06:33am Around the Campfire
RE: Boeing 737 crashes..........why ?

I can explain it in way less than a full page however it's not a technical explanation. They made a change The change caused an issue There is a right way to fix the issue or to be more precise eliminate it. But that is EXPENSIVE. There was a "fix" they thought would work but wound up crashing the plane. It was way way cheaper... in the short term (till the planes crashed). So naturally the Company took the lower cose "kill the passangers" method. Greed folks. that's what drives man made disasters, GREED. You nailed it.......they did not factor in the new placement of the engines.
akaPedro 10/28/19 11:41am Around the Campfire
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