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RE: Renting out your RV

Thank you for the input all. Truth be told, I'm thinking of selling our MH and would just about break even. This rental thing has me thinking though. Maybe make a bit of money with it. Don't do it! Quit while you are even, invest in the Vanguard 500 or a good mutual fund to make a little money.
atsrmf 05/05/22 08:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Renting out your RV

The only way I would rent my motorhome is with a $25K deposit. That way they bought it if they damage it.
atsrmf 05/05/22 06:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1988 Gulfstream Sun Stream restoration

I bought a 1987 Gulfstream in 2017. It was a solid Southwest unit with only 15,000 miles. I brought it up to like-new condition and it's quite dependable. With gas at about $5.50 and 7-8 MPG I currently have it parked under cover. Nothing is cheap when working on a Class A, and if you plan on paying someone else to do the work you will eventually spend a fortune. I did all my work myself.
atsrmf 04/21/22 08:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Refrigerant charge amount, engine air

Atsrmf, I don't know where Indio is, but if it is not in California, look up a refrigerant called HC-12a. It is a hydrocarbon based that is completely compatible with all things R-12. It is almost three times better then R-134a at heat pumping and is completely non-ozone depleting. But, (like HC-134a) it is flammable. There is an advantage there in that if R-134a burns, the by-product is extremely toxic. HC-12a is a combination of pure (not cooking grade) propane and iso-butane (iso in this case means the molecule is a different arrangement) I have used this to great success. If you are afraid to have several pounds of flammable material there, then think about the amount you already have in the LP tank and fuel tanks. Matt I have heard of this product and seen it in parts stores, but have never talked with anyone who has used it. For a big solar oven such as a Class A motorhome, this might be the stuff to use. The fire hazard is the ONLY setback.
atsrmf 03/26/22 12:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Refrigerant charge amount, engine air

I appreciate all of the replies so far. I should have converted the system to 134a from the beginning, but didn't. I also failed to put in a drier with a sight glass, but have found in-line versions that can be added. I bought an R-12 recycler 2years ago and have about 15 pounds of R-12 in a canister. I plan to evacuate the system and install the sight glass and replace an o-ring. No Freon will be lost into the air this way. When I do repair work on automotive A/C systems I like to know the recommended factory specification for the amount needed, and re-charge that way using a refrigerant scale. I wondered if anyone knew the amount with this particular motorhome. Currently the A/C doesn't put out very cold air, so I want to start over. The condenser is new, along with the compressor and drier. I also added an electric fan that has a switch on the dash.
atsrmf 03/26/22 08:34am Class A Motorhomes
Refrigerant charge amount, engine air

I have a 1987 Gulfstream Class A with a 1986 Ford 460 driveline. I want to connect a recycler and evacuate the system, vacuum, and then recharge with R-12. My question is, how do I find out the recharge weight in pounds? There is no sticker on the engine, and I know better than to call the factory for an answer. If I can't find out, I can always charge until the pressures are within specs for the ambient temperature, which would probably be close enough. The chassis is John Deere and I think the driveline is considered an F-350.
atsrmf 03/25/22 03:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Safety Steer-plus

Installing Safety Steer was the best money I spent on my Class A! The second best money was installing headers on the '86 Ford 460. The change in power was amazing, the motorhome isn't much slower than my HHR now.
atsrmf 01/07/22 08:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Got the MH weighed.

My 27' Gulfstream weighed in at 11,100 lbs total, including fuel, water, and driver/passenger.
atsrmf 09/06/21 08:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Windshield covers

Make your own, they have the material at Home Depot. That's what I did. I also made covers for all the windows to keep the sun out.
atsrmf 07/29/21 05:16pm Class A Motorhomes

The warranty should be honored, it was a basis for you to buy the batteries and you trusted them. It doesn't matter what the original manager said or did, you have the paperwork.
atsrmf 07/26/21 01:10pm Class A Motorhomes

The Cadillac is a 2013 and came with an AGM battery from the factory. I'm no electrical engineer, but from what I have read an AGM can be overcharged with some vehicles. I don't have the answer, only suggestions.
atsrmf 07/26/21 12:47pm Class A Motorhomes

Does your motorhome have a charging system designed for AGM batteries? The fact that all 4 failed at the same time tells me that may be where the problem is. AGM batteries should easily last 5 years, the one in my Cadillac is over 7 years old.
atsrmf 07/26/21 06:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Approximate fuel milage of these 2 motorhomes?l

All things being equal I would take the diesel.
atsrmf 07/15/21 09:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why is the generator cycling??

A generator will vary in speed based on electrical load. The alternator is trying to maintain the correct 60hz frequency needed for American standards. When an A/C is turned on, a mechanical resistance to the engine is created due to the magnetic resistance created in the rotor. The engine governor adds throttle to compensate for the drop in RPM. 3600 Rpm = 60 cycles per second. If the frequency drops the current (amperage) builds up along with heat. When the alternator reaches 3600 RPM voltage and frequency will be correct.
atsrmf 07/10/21 01:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inside tire valve extensions

With the Crossfire you can monitor 2 tires at the same time and easily fill both. As an added bonus the pressures are always equal. If you have a blowout the remaining tire maintains pressure.
atsrmf 07/09/21 07:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inside tire valve extensions

Buy a pair of these, I'm glad that I did! Be sure to order the correct pressure. Crossfire
atsrmf 07/08/21 06:45pm Class A Motorhomes
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