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RE: OTR Indoor Antenna

IF you have an HOA rule against outside antennas. Try putting it in the attic (Provided you do not have a metal roof) You HOA cannot stop you from putting a TV antenna on your house, the FCC calls is Over-The-Air Reception Devices and by law you can put one on your house.
austinjenna 03/27/20 04:49am Technology Corner
RE: DVR - how to record using Verizon cell phone hot spot?

You can also buy a Tivo OTA and record on that, no internet needed to record it or watch it later. Right now they are on sale with a lifetime subscription. For 250 you can get a 1TB OTA unit.
austinjenna 03/25/20 05:02am Technology Corner

There are videos on YT for doing it at home, just look them up
austinjenna 03/20/20 04:45am Tech Issues
RE: QAV Wi-Fi Booster - Anyone use one?

I did not want the cradle either, so I opted for the Fusion2go So how has it been working out for you? I have seen a lot of videos on the Weboost where you need to be within inches on the internal antenna for it to work good and was wondering what your experience shows
austinjenna 03/10/20 05:38am General RVing Issues
RE: QAV Wi-Fi Booster - Anyone use one?

I have he sleek now but was looking for something I didn't need to put in a cradle so the wife can use it as well.
austinjenna 03/09/20 04:26am General RVing Issues
RE: QAV Wi-Fi Booster - Anyone use one?

I have opted for a Weboost RV cell booster and that has made a huge improvement. Which model weboost did you get?
austinjenna 03/06/20 04:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Electrical Connectors DIY

Nice, thanks for the tip
austinjenna 03/04/20 04:55am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Preparing for isolation to avoid contact with Corona virus

If you want to prepare a little bit before hand then good for you. Remember this is not the apocalypse and all your normal utilities will still be working. Just stock up on the normal things you use daily so you wont have the need to go to the grocery store and avoid contact. If it hits your area then you will be all set at staying at home, if not then you can wait longer until you need to hit the grocery store again and use the extra supplies you bought. Don't be like the old y2k preppers and start buying water barrels and a cabin out in the woods somewhere.
austinjenna 03/03/20 04:50am Around the Campfire
RE: Portable air conditioners?

I used one and it worked quite well. We only ave 30 amp so a 2nd ac was out of the question. I fashioned a board that fit into the slide window and had the exhaust go there and also ran a dedicated heavy duty extension through the slide from the ac right to the pedestal. As far as condensation there was not much after running this thing pretty much 24/7 for a week.
austinjenna 03/02/20 04:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Riverstone 37MRE

I recently looked at the Rivserstone as well and it is nice with a lot of standard options. I have also wondered about the dark color paint jobs on units and keep them cool inside.
austinjenna 03/02/20 04:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Homeless people coming to your favorite campground!

Who ever said our parents had more with less hours is looking back with rose colored glasses. It was a struggle for them just as it is a struggle today. Very true. We had 1 car, a reel lawnmower, the snowblower were us kids with shovels and whatever tv you watched came from an antenna, and we had 1 tv. Today-> multiple vehicles, cable, internet, cell phone plans, rv, multiple tv's, tablets, lawnmower, lawn service, travelling kids sports and on and on.
austinjenna 02/26/20 06:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Homeless people coming to your favorite campground!

Today we expect both young parents to hold down two full time jobs to achieve the same. What has changed that prevents many young couples from achieving the same lifestyle without working a combined 160hrs/week? It's too easy for us to blame them, but is their lifestyle and unrealistic expectations the root cause? What changed? None of my friends work 160 hrs a week - 80-yes. I don't think that 'achieving the same lifestyle' that your parents had is the same as it is in todays world.
austinjenna 02/26/20 05:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Rez fridge question

Thanks wowens79. The only other foreseeable problem I can see is when we overnight somewhere while travelling and dont have hookups. I guess 4 golf cart batteries wired in series & parallel might do it for an overnight trip.
austinjenna 02/18/20 04:46am Tech Issues
RE: Rez fridge question

Never seen a 3-way fridge in any 5th wheel. What make and model number is it? Sorry I meant 2-way
austinjenna 02/17/20 11:42am Tech Issues
RE: Rez fridge question

If you are going residential fridge then do it properly...four 6 volt batteries and adequate solar. Set yourself up for success, not failure. It doesnt matter if there are 4-6V or 2-12V, the fridge will not run for 12hrs on battery. My current scenario is going at maybe 8-9pm and start up the propane fridge and leave at 11-ish the next day. From what I read that wont happen with a residential fridge.
austinjenna 02/17/20 09:44am Tech Issues
RE: Rez fridge question

You might not have to pre-chill the fridge A residential fridge cools down faster than the lp fridge If you turn it on and stick cold food in there It will be cold before you make your first rest stop That is a possibility and I would like to find out how fast it takes to cool off, especially when its like 100 degrees inside the camper during summer.
austinjenna 02/17/20 06:55am Tech Issues
RE: Rez fridge question

The reason I asked was my fiver goes to the storage lot. Currently I have the 3 way fridge and the night before we head out I go and fire it up so it cools down by the time we leave. So that is why I asked the question of how long will it run - with real life answers and not the dealers '3 days' answer. I would plan on getting a second battery as well and transfer the 100W solar panel I have now onto the new fiver, but that doesn't really do anything for me during the night when the sun inst shining but the batteries should be topped off come night time when I go start it up. I do not have the option of plugging it in at home the day before or going 3-4 hours before we leave to start it up. In watching some videos it seems 8 hrs is about realistic with 2 12V batteries
austinjenna 02/17/20 04:15am Tech Issues
Rez fridge question

A blanket question, but on average those with residential fridges, how long will can it run on a single 12V deep cell battery? I know there are variables here, size of battery, parasitic draws etc..but looking for just a generalized run time.
austinjenna 02/16/20 04:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Campnab

Campnab seems to be able to notify you when a specific campground has a previously reserved site anywhere in it that opens up - but NOT when a specific desired site in that specific campground opens up I checked it out and thought the same thing. Sometimes we only want a certain few sites. Maybe in the future that could be added on but right now for me it doesnt seem it will work out.
austinjenna 02/11/20 04:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Cleaning your AC Filter

I have a spare set, so I swap out the dirty with clean. Then clean and dry the dirty ones and they are ready for the next swap out I do the same.
austinjenna 02/10/20 04:14am General RVing Issues
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