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RE: Hitch requirements

Try one, if it works you're good to go. If not add another. My 33-foot (overall) 7600 lbs works just fine with one. I think it's more important to get the proper amount of tongue weights and balance side to side first. Worry about sway control after the setup is right.
bid_time 02/17/20 10:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Sinarek closet. Slide

OK, picky people, let's qualify the "manual" override!!! It's an "electronic manual override"!!!! Great nomenclature. BUT, it is NOT a mechanical way of operating the slide. If it doesn't work, ya gotta disengage the motors. Nowhere else in the mechanics to "manually" operate the slide. Would you also like to "qualify" the statement that the "only way is to remove the motors to move the slide"...; you can simply unplug them at the controller?
bid_time 02/14/20 10:58am Tech Issues
RE: Difference between Yamaha & Honda Inverters

bigger generator cost more to operate, and are heavier. Compared to a small honda, which may or may not have enough umph to start a 15k Btu AC, it's still cheaper. Plus the added advantage of being able to run on 15a A/C line, and charge the battery.The EZ start in my RV won't help me when I need to start the room AC in my sticks and bricks when the electricity goes out; or my furnace, my sump pump, my refrigerator, etc. Single purpose use for an EZ start compared to multi purpose use for more watts.
bid_time 02/14/20 10:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sinarek closet. Slide

As prev stated, probably Schwintek (Lippert) slide. If the closet walls on the outside have channels top and bottom with cut gears, it is a Schwintek. Schwintek-In-Wall slideout doesn't have manual override, only way is to remove motors to move slide. BUT, there are some procedures to try. Here is a link to the manual, with info on resetting the control unit you can try. Need to know where the control unit is in your trailer!! One thing you might try quickly is to hold the switch till the motors stop when retracting. You'll hear them hit the amp limit. Supposed to resynch the motors. You should do same anytime slide is run in our out. Hold switch for a bit after the slide opens and stops and same when closing. May not be the solution, but simple try. If not, you'll need to spend time in the manual!!!Schwintek DOES have a manual override, Check on page 5. Clicky
bid_time 02/14/20 05:26am Tech Issues
RE: can someone please explain this for me?

...Also why would you calculate the weight of the axle itself into the payload? The axle weight is resting on the ground not the suspension. That one doesn't make sense to me.They need to justify exceeding their ratings somehow; don't be interjecting common sense. Your answer is, a conventional trailer has 10% - 15% tongue weight. A fifth wheel has 20% - 25% pin weight. Either way, tongue weight or pin weight goes against your payload rating. That is why you can pull a lot more conventional trailer then fifth wheel and still remain within your ratings.
bid_time 02/12/20 10:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Panels don't run things

Doesn't sound like you would be a very good advocate for solar power.
bid_time 02/04/20 10:37am Tech Issues
RE: how do dey do dat ?

Don't really know exactly how it is done, but there still idiots out there that will try backing one up without a spotter, and will run all over something or someone. Drove a truck for more years than i want to count. Backed up a trailer literally thousands of times (PER YEAR). I can count on one hand the number of times there was a spotter.
bid_time 02/04/20 05:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need exterior trim piece

Try this clicky - they make a lot of moldings, trim and seals for the RV industry.
bid_time 01/28/20 10:45am Travel Trailers
RE: F-150 HDPP?

You need to find a Ford VIN decoder that will list the options of that vehicle. I have a link for Ram, but not for Ford. What rhagfo said. I bet somebody on the F150 forum could help you find this information.The vin decoder won't tell you the options on the truck. Vin-Decoder You need the window sticker to find out the options, and I don't know anywhere you can get that off the internet. But I think (i'm not positive) all off the HDPP F150's are made at the Kansas City plant, that is in the Vin Decoder but it won't be definitive, as other F150's without the HDPP are made there as well.
bid_time 01/27/20 07:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need Help with Utility Trailer Decision

Enclosed trailer, wood floor; and E-Track along the walls. That way you can easily put anchor points in it.
bid_time 01/22/20 07:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

Assuming similarly outfitted...3/4ton isn't much more than a 1/2 ton. Depends on your definition of "isn't much more". I just bought a brand new 2019 F150 with max tow and HDPP. Cost $6,000 less then a similarily equipped F250. But then, that is going to depend on the incentives in play at the time of purchase. But in any event, I had been pricing trucks for over 2 years before I bought, the closest they ever came was about $500. Almost all the time, the F150 was at least $2,000 cheaper (when considering incentives). The difference in fuel mileage towing between the F250 i had and the new truck is about the same. As a daily driver, 3.5 ecoboost and 10 speed trans gets way better mpg (33% and up depending). I even like the towing with my F150 better than the F250 I had. It's always in the right gear and the engine is just purring, simply because of the huge difference in the spread of the gears (4 vs. 10). The window sticker on my truck was $53,100 (but I didn't pay anywhere near window sticker) and include XLT Crew Cab with $7,330 worth of options. Incentives were $8,250.00.
bid_time 01/20/20 10:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Camping Lights

Ah yes, it's all about the "ME". Heck, why should a person ever be considerate of other people? X2Yes maybe I'm inconsiderate. Or on the other hand, maybe its you, the "I don't like it so no one else can do it" type of person (All about "ME" and what I like). If the campground rules aren't to your liking, find a different campground.
bid_time 01/20/20 05:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Rubber roof white wearing off

Do you know you're not suppose to post the same thing in more than one subforum? Clicky Except that I don't go n the 5th wheel forum. I see no problem with posting it in more than one Forum......within reason.Click the button on the top right that says "Forum Rules" and read the second rule.
bid_time 01/16/20 05:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Bushfires and Caravans

CBD is not going to help alleviate your symptoms; that's pretty obvious and apparently time out ain't working either. You're under the false impression your wordsmithing is not obvious.
bid_time 01/15/20 11:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Bushfires and Caravans

There are those who actually donated their old RVs to the fire victims of California Paradise Park. And after that Californians are now following the advice of the president and bought Roomba to clean their forests. They also renamed the city from Paradise to Pleasure as the president insist on the name. Joking aside, I hope Australia will soon put the fire under control. Enough of your political posts bashing our President. And this is NO joke to the people who have lost loved ones, their homes, the wildlife, and the suffering they have gone through.You have to excuse Sam, he has TDS. Sam - You should start smoking crack, I hear it helps to alleviate some of the symptoms of TDS.
bid_time 01/15/20 08:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Full Hook-ups or no?

The best thing about camping in America, everyone gets to do it there own way. I don't worry about how everyone else is doing it, I do it my way.
bid_time 01/14/20 10:21am General RVing Issues
RE: POPS RV (broker) - Feedback?

Give him your phone number and the price your willing to pay (out the door) and tell him to call you back when the seller will accept your offer - then you will submit the required paperwork, down payment, etc. As long as you are holding the bag with "all" the money in it, you have all the power. Everyone else wants your money bag - don't give it to them until you get the assurance you need.
bid_time 01/14/20 10:14am Beginning RVing
RE: Northeast Ohio to Yellowstone with Kids!

What is the best route and stops to make from Akron/Canton area to Yellowstone and back. We have a 41' Fifth wheel. Would prefer not to return the same way we came and would take 12-14 days. Any tips are appreciated! You have looked at the Map - with the few stops along the way it close to 2000 miles in each direction likely 40 hours of Driving. just to get there - last time I was in Yellowstone we drove over 600 miles just in the Park, so miles of driving, possible but not without the drivers paying a price. Possible to get that third weekend and make this 16.5 days then maybe you will only spend have the time driving. If you only have 12 to 14 days check in with Southwest or ...... for airfare, Seriously.! Look at the MAP Get more time,I did it from SE Michigan with 2 weeks vacation. 3 days driving out there, 10 days in the park, 3 days driving back. Nearly 1800± miles one way, 600± miles per day, longest day was 13 hrs (698.7 mi.), shortest was 10-1/2 hrs (618.2 mi.).
bid_time 01/13/20 02:29pm Roads and Routes
RE: Northeast Ohio to Yellowstone with Kids!

I-194 on the way out, I-90 on the way back.
bid_time 01/13/20 12:06pm Roads and Routes
RE: Murphy Bed vs. Separate Bedroom

This one may work for you Clicky
bid_time 01/13/20 05:19am Travel Trailers
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