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RE: Kayak roof rack on truck

for anyone following along... I contacted Thule, as Yakima had some bad reviews, they said the following would work for my 2020 crew cab f350 clamp = fit kit = bars = kayak racks = Not sure which kayak rack I want yet, as I just want to carry as many as possible.
blaczero 12/02/21 07:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Kayak roof rack on truck

I have an Adarac on mine. Clicky If I had a travel trailer that'd work.
blaczero 12/02/21 07:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Kayak roof rack on truck

I put a US Rack on. We are happy with it, I have had it for over 4 years now. I did not want to spend the money for it but was overruled, but now after using it this long, I would do it again. US Rack. It does a very good job with our 12.5' fishing kayaks. $2500? I thought Thule was expensive at around $700 wow
blaczero 12/02/21 07:22am General RVing Issues
Kayak roof rack on truck

Hey guys, I had been looking around for a good solution to carry kayak's with a 5th wheel. I decided I don't have the capacity to build on the rear hitch to hold them so I figure the next best thing is a roof rack on the crew cab. 2020 F350 crew, anyone have links to what fits on the roof to carry kayaks? It looks like yakima has something, does this work?
blaczero 12/01/21 09:42am General RVing Issues
Can I submit my own warranty claim?

Forest River Rockwood travel trailer. My warranty runs out on the 1st of Dec and no time to get it to a dealer. Is there a way to submit this myself?
blaczero 11/22/21 12:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Snowbirds exiting

we head to AZ from Chicago in early jAN (but not going this year...sigh) and leave AZ usually no later than April 15. if you're in Chicago until Jan you're not a snowbird, **** that's cold! We leave CT around the beginning of Oct, and head back up around late April/early May
blaczero 11/07/21 06:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Travel Trailer with Kayaks

Do you have a receiver on the back of your trailer? I made this with some 2x4's. It uses a Hitch Hauler rack as a base. Holds up to 4 Kayaks. That works, thanks. I have a hitch on the back of my rig that's actually attached to the frame. I can start with your set up as an idea. Just a matter of measurement and weight. Thanks!
blaczero 10/29/21 12:04pm Travel Trailers
Travel Trailer with Kayaks

how? I've seen people mount them vertically on the back of the rig, does that work? Also seen people with some kind of rack on their tow vehicle. Seems you can only carry maybe 2 on the back and 2 on top of the truck? Anyone have pictures?
blaczero 10/28/21 03:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Power "vampire" on coach batteries

I would test each battery individually and make sure you don't have one that's going bad.
blaczero 10/21/21 10:07am Tech Issues
RE: Renting your RV

2 different things we're talking about maybe? One is renting it, someone takes it. Another is I airbnb it and it doesn't move from my property.
blaczero 10/13/21 07:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Renting your RV

Great responses from everyone, thanks. I would like to park my RV on my property and Airbnb it. I am considering renting it out since I am getting a new one. We'll have to put some more thought into it. It's one thing renting out a class c, a whole other to rent out a towable.
blaczero 10/12/21 06:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Replacement Water Pump

I'm going to carry a replacement water pump as a spare. I'm interested in max flow and quiet operation. Any recommendations? I'd post this in general forum.
blaczero 10/07/21 06:22am Tech Issues
RE: blowing a 20a and 30a fuse instantly

Thanks!!! Every bronze connector on the panel is ground, except the cigarette lighter. I had the wires on wrong! Good info on the multimeter, I had tested it but didn't know which should be + (side or all the way in). Excellent! :) I had thought about mentioning the brass color may be positive which would typically follow other electrical guidelines but was concerned not all were marked that way.. Max fuse size also should be selected to protect the wire. 12Ga = 20A fuse.. 10Ga = 30A fuse.. While there may be a few exceptions to that rule, it is very wise to follow typical recommended fusing sizes for the wire size in use. You really want the fuse/breaker to pop before the wire over heats and causes a fire. Just be aware 20A at 13.8V is 276W max your inverter will be able to supply. Might handle a quick surge above that before fuse blows but that should be fine. Thanks to you and the others for the feedback. Learning something every day here. The panel is in and working great, one more step toward everything on DC
blaczero 10/07/21 06:14am Tech Issues
RE: blowing a 20a and 30a fuse instantly

Plugged a USB charger into cigarette port, works fine Recheck the wiring to the cig port, it still can be reversed and a plug in USB charger still work. Plug in power port USB chargers may have the ability to operate with reversed polarity since they could be used in older vehicles with a positive ground. Your inverter however may not work at all with reverse polarity and may have a reverse polarity diode which acts like a short when reverse polarity happens.. Looking at the back of your power center it is easy to switch the pos and negative wires although this one I picked does have pos (+) and neg (-) markings. height=400 width=400 You need to ensure the center connection inside the power port is correctly connected to the positive of your 12V system. You can verify the correct polarity with using a DVM set to volt meter if you have one by touching the red lead to the center of the port and the black lead to any 12V ground. The voltage on the DVM should read positive and should not indicate (-). Thanks!!! Every bronze connector on the panel is ground, except the cigarette lighter. I had the wires on wrong! Good info on the multimeter, I had tested it but didn't know which should be + (side or all the way in).
blaczero 10/06/21 11:11am Tech Issues
RE: blowing a 20a and 30a fuse instantly

Plugged a USB charger into cigarette port, works fine
blaczero 10/06/21 07:59am Tech Issues
blowing a 20a and 30a fuse instantly

hey guys, I plug in a cigarette lighter 200w inverter into this... and it immediatly blows a 20a or 30a fuse. I wired this up with 12awg. by my math, it should be drawing nowhere near 30a the back of the inverter says 200w peak 150w sustained. Nothing is plugged into the inverter when I plug it in, and it works in my truck fine. Any ideas?
blaczero 10/06/21 06:27am Tech Issues
Renting your RV

Just heard about this, know nothing about it. Someone told me there are companies that will take your RV, and you'll just get a check every month. Anyone have good experience with this?
blaczero 10/04/21 07:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: 3500w power inverter

My Magnum 3000w inverter has 2a idle draw with enough batteries and solar it's not a big issue just leaving it on 24/7. If you're going to be switching it on and off then it shouldn't matter unless you forget to turn it off. How much PV wattage do you have?
blaczero 10/04/21 07:18pm Tech Issues
RE: 3500w power inverter

That sounds good to me. I'll never be charging my cell via AC again after this set up. Putting DC USB charging ports all over the rig. My overall goal is to run everything I can from DC (TV, laptop/cell charge, small fans, LED light strips, etc)
blaczero 10/04/21 07:08am Tech Issues
RE: 3500w power inverter

Thanks for all the advice so far. The 3500w inverter I got is listed as 1a idle draw. It also has a remote pannel that I can install in a convienient place to shut it off when not in use too. The size is what is constricting me right now. I have a travel trailer and will get a 5th wheel soon. No storage bin in the front, so I don't have many places to mount the inverter without going over 5' in length away from the batteries. I may hold off on the inverter for this rig and just go with running a 20a 12awg from dc main panel to a housing with cigarette lighter/usb inputs and a 90+w dc charger for the laptops (they all charge USB C) and Thanks to the above poster for the idea.
blaczero 10/03/21 06:38pm Tech Issues
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