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RE: 2014 Chevy 1500 WT opinions?

If it has a hitch, you hopefully have the factory tow PKG, which includes a locking rear. Look in glove box for G80 in option code sticker. The Eaton locker in many cases is better than an open diffed 4x. Marty
blt2ski 08/03/20 10:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2014 Chevy 1500 WT opinions?

I would avoid that truck. 2014 first model year of that design. 4.3L - fine unloaded, skip for hauling or towing. At close to 300hp, 300 lb ft of torque, a 4.10 first gear, ok so a tallish 3.23 AR.......still has more torque to rear wheels, and HP available than the first BB 454 I had in the late 80s! My son's 1500 with a 4.8 V8, 4 so auto, 3.42 gears pulls a 7000 lb equipment trailer better than the 454s I had did, I would suspect this V6 will do fine pulling 7000 lbs also. No it will not be fastest rig on planet. It will pull it fine. Payload wise, trucks like that wieghs 4700-4800 empty, with 7500 lbs of axle ratings, 6800 warranty rating, should be able to handle a ton of stuff in the bed. 3000 for shorter distances. I have yet to hear of any issues with this motor. Even the previous versions basically ran and ran! This will not be like buying the VT365/6.ohno in a frod. I've considered trading in my C2500 for a 14-18 version. Altho thing more of a 4x dual can. BIG issue on this model is 6.5' bed.....a reg cab may have to do. 4x versions are few and far between in the reg cabs. Marty
blt2ski 08/02/20 11:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How much weight is too much?

Goeboy, while true, let a jury answer the question as to what is safe per distances 4x quoted. Issue still becomes, which is safer? A ln Leo or cveo only enforces what the law specs. Not what a civil trial will allow!
blt2ski 08/01/20 01:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: truck/trailer sway

Agree with grit Total trailer is at 5700, 1000 lbs of hitch wieght. A bit over 15%,I woul like to see less. Should be max about 850-900. I would also like to see a bit less weight transfer back to front axles. Aroun 2900 us my swag. Since you don't list base axle difference, this is hard to say. My swag is you've transfered too much wieght to FA. Could be wrong. Marty
blt2ski 07/30/20 12:01am Towing
RE: Tire choice

Be careful running too low on HD "E" tires, if you do, the sidewalls might crack and come apart while driving. I run mine at 65 empty and 75 hauling the TC. That seems to work fine, and I get a nice ride at both pressures. My truck wears BFG 285/70 "E" shoes ... :) This might be true for the xx.5" tires. Not sure about even inch tires.the bead is shaped different on xx.5" tired. So running low psi effects them more than even inch tires. Maryy
blt2ski 07/29/20 11:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tire choice

You might even be able to run as little as 40-50 lbs in the rear. Wieght what your rear wieghs empty, pressure up tires accordingly. I've run many tread designs on rears of trucks, ride quality is based on correct psi for load. I currently have Cooper ATP3, son just put a second set on his now lifted GM 1500. I've had very few issues running Cooper's since late 80s. A popular M brand.....only XDE M+S in a 19.5 on dump truck are worth the $$$, first born, arm, leg and ALL the money in my pocket! Marty
blt2ski 07/28/20 08:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: truck/trailer sway

TT = Travel Trailer TV Tow vehicle WD weight distribution SC sway control Does the trailer move side to side like a fish tail? that to me is bad sway. If the trailer and truck rock side to side in crosswinds, while some may say sway, I consider this normal! Normal because if you are getting hit by wind, you will lean in or get pushed back initially when hit. Your truck will do the same. I do find that my rig rocks more with no WD or sway bars. Less with a WD only, and when I put a combo version on, I had less side to side rocking in side winds or trucks going by etc. I never had side to side issues with ANY trailer, unless i had too little hitch weight. Of course one time, when hit with a 60-90 mph side gust that was coming from Easter Wa/Or west into Portland on a bridge crossing the columbia river, I moved a half a lane west as I was hit by a very big gust from the east. Most cars and semi's around me also moved a half a lane too. DO NOT go into a scale on the side of the freeway UNLESS closed. Then you can use the scale to measure your setup. You may have to get out of your rig to see the numbers on the scale, as they may be inside the shack. But usually the last CVEO in it, will make it so you can see the numbers from the outside. Marty
blt2ski 07/25/20 08:16pm Towing
RE: Biggish dog in pick up truck?

Generally big dogs travel better in crates, as they do not have to fight to retain their balance in a moving vehicle. As they do not have hands to grip with, motions, expecially quick or hard stops, can cause them to fall or have to scrabble to keep their balance. In our motor home, our two, (50 and 80 pounds) wantyed their crates back on the back bed, usually with the doors open, where they could lay down, curl up, and be safe. They liked the security of the smaller space. No dog should ever be in a crate! As I said earlier, there is not right or wrong, only what the dog feels is correct...... With that said, if you have to plane travel, unless you have a tiny lap dog, you WILL be required to crate your dog to go on a plane in most cases. My sister who has one that has finished 2nd at Westminster, flies her sheepdogs all around the states, and sometimes other parts of the world in a crate frequently. You can choose how you want to travel, Many of us will choose preferably a tied down one over a loose crate vs no crate and loose! Marty
blt2ski 07/25/20 08:00pm Beginning RVing
RE: Towing

aren't we talking about a 6 mile tow here? bumpy Yes......... Not sure what keeps this truck at 13K lbs max trailer vs something heavier. Small V8 vs larger V8 vs diesel? If so, the truck is more than capable of towing the 5w in question, assuming the truck is set up correctly. May go a bit slower, start will and can get there safe and sanely. Of course the human part comes into play too! which is the wild card part! Marty
blt2ski 07/25/20 07:53pm Towing
RE: Towing

Let's look at this another way. Assuming like most 8 lug SW trucks out there. You have typically 11900-2400 lbs empty on ra. If hitch is really 3000 lbs, you have a total of max 5400 LS on an axle rated at minimum 6000 to 7500 or so depending upon if you have an older 25 series truck like me, or on out I last 5 years or so. Springs and actual carry capacity of truck is not the issue. I would do this with my 2000 GM 2500. For 2 miles, level, speeds of what less than 25-35 mph....if everything that needs to work works. No brainier. I've got a truck with a 13500 gcwr! I've moved a few 12k trailers with it. Only issues are steeper grades where I don't have enough low gear in auto trans. That is 10%or greater grade. Marty
blt2ski 07/24/20 07:38am Towing
RE: Payload Rating vs Tongue Weight

The typical issue you are talking about, is related to the hitch itself! Put a stronger higher capacity hitch on your truck, you can then pull a heavier trailer. Assuming the rating is based on a hitch provided my the manufacture. I also figure max tow capacity the way you do. If you have no payload left after loading with people etc for hitch weight, you actual two rating is not manufactures max rating, it is ZERO, nothing, nada, squat..... marty
blt2ski 07/23/20 09:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing

"IF" I had the proper set up to pull said trailer. There were not any steep grades that would tax or stall the setup going from point A to B, All my lights, brakes etc worked. I would do it! Only real issue you have to worry about, is the warranty rating of your truck, where Ford could deny coverage if something broke due to pulling over it warranty rating. From a legal prospective. Assuming you have enough paid for tonnage for going down the road at the gross wt you will be at, not over a legal load per axel per the Federal Bridge Law's, you can stop the rig per local state laws in the given length at a given speed, again, no issues. This is how I follow local laws etc. Marty
blt2ski 07/23/20 07:48am Towing
RE: Biggish dog in pick up truck?

I hate to say this. But, there is not a truly good answer per say. My two malamutes at 125-150 lbs usually rode in crates in the pickup bed with 6 people in a crew cab, there is no room for large dogs! This place generally speaking worked, until the day it was 100+F. I found that day they preferred being in crates over the trailer axles. I went from fight them to get into their crates, to they went into crates, plopped down and looked at me with a let's get going, we're happy! I'm not going to get into a right, wrong etc here. As there are many opinions on this. This is what worked for me. Marty
blt2ski 07/22/20 10:04pm Beginning RVing
RE: Tow, Tow, Tow your boat and keep fingers crossed.

Sailboat trailer parents had as a teen had a 10-12' extension built into it. This was you could float it off the trailer. As I would/could not roll off. Especially on shallower grade ramps. Would swag this is a fix for a float off boat, on a longer shallow water ramp. Marty
blt2ski 07/19/20 11:39am Towing
RE: Weight distribution hitch for lifted truck

Steve, Not sure how big your trailer is compared to my old one. I think I was in the same area with my 88 ex cab and 96 CC SW 3500's. Trailer was 6500-7000 loaded, typically about 650-750 HW. I lost maybe 60 lbs of wt off the front axel with no WD, so put 40 lbs back on, called it a day! I barely lifted the front and the back might have gone down an inch with that trailer. My equipment trailer with 1500 lbs of HW, 11-11.5K lbs total, did take more wt off the front, lifted it, and sunk the rear more. Weight wise off was in the 350-400 lbs relm with 6400 lbs springs, 250-300 when I put 8500 lbs springs in the 96, same as my 05 DW CC. Marty
blt2ski 07/18/20 09:03pm Towing
RE: Weight distribution hitch for lifted truck

I've been towing with a Cooper "AT" version of some sort for over 30 years. Never had an issue with them! I currently tow with my C2500 245-75-16 AT3, Son has some 285-75-18s on his lifted 1500, no issues towing either. Both of us use LR E tires. Both of us are usually around 40-50 lbs per tire, just due to the fact, neither of us have more than 4000 on an axel! ANother hitch you might look at, is a dual cam. I have one, I like it compared to just a WD system. Its on par from what I can tell to the Equilizer Steve is suggesting. If you want to go upwards better yet, then you need to go with a Hensley. as some of us have noted, verify hitch weight, that it is above 10%, or 700 lbs if your trailer total is 7000 lbs. You want at least 800-900 lbs for a 7K trailer, leaving you 6300-6100 on the axels. Marty
blt2ski 07/18/20 06:13pm Towing
RE: Weight distribution hitch for lifted truck

I would make sure your current setup the trailer is level to slightly nose down. Do you have enough hitch wt, ie >10%, closer to 13-15% is better. Also, if you can verify the side to side wt on the tires, that can also make sway an issue too, if one side is heavier than the other. Local state law is no more than 500 lbs difference side to side. Also verify that the axels are not "V"d any any way. If all the above are good, then a sway control is needed. Reality, one of these items is probably out of whack, hence the swaying in side winds. IMHO, If you need sway control, then you have a bad designed trailer. Marty
blt2ski 07/18/20 03:06pm Towing
RE: Toyota fake 3/4 ton spotted, overheated

Looked at a few of the cab and chassis dually Toyotas. Those were good rigs for the chassis size they were etc. Probably still sell if you could get one. As far as original truck issue.....not the first time a new rig did not have an issue from factory. Marty
blt2ski 07/14/20 06:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Calculating true payload capacity

The door sticker payload number for every truck I've owned, asdumi g I get to a scale before adding post factory options, has been with in a scale unit wieght of that number. Ie 20 lbs. Per a former GM empkiyee, his option list wieght figures had to be with in 10 lbs iirc if what it really was at the end when on a scale. Now brochure wieghts.....those are stripped rigs, unless they point out how said rig pictured is optioned. Which might be, usually less than bare max weight. My C2509 in sig is within 60 lbs iirc of base brochure wieghts. I do have an auto vs stick, hitch, trim rings and cloth vs vinyl seat. It wieghs around 4800 lbs. It normally sits at around 5300 with a steel rack, mesh sides, Line-X Berliner and other after market gear in cab, ie fire extinguisher, first aid kit etc. That payload figure is using manufactured warranty gross wieght figure. Not legal payload figure. Going with what is legal per an leo/cveo......that gets really fun to figure out. Other than my legal max payload for C2500 is 600 lbs less than warranty figure, as my paid for tonnage is 8000 lbs. Not the next higher I can buy of 10,000 lbs. I would be legal to that number. 1409 lbs more than door sticker too. More than one way to figure out payload at the end of the day. Msrty
blt2ski 07/12/20 09:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 Chevy as tow vehicle

60k for shocks, brakes etc, sound normal from y 40 yr experience with GM rigs. Granted most of mine have been 8 luggers, I get 150-200k miles over 10 years generally speaking with no major issues using in construction. My son has an 05 4.8 with 130k no issues. My 2000 C2500 I use more like a half ton now, no issues other than 20 yr old sensors etc going haywire..... Just remember, frontal area and aerodynamics of a trailer can effect performance towing etc more than weight. 25k lbs with 70 SQ ft of frontal area needs 135 HP to gon60 on a level. 15k lbs with 90 SQ ft of FA ALSO needs a whopping 135 HP. Marty
blt2ski 07/11/20 10:26am Tow Vehicles
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