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RE: Over weight? Does it bother you?

Many years ago I used to carry a 10-foot truck camper on an F150 4x4. I had set it up with extra springs and Rancho 9000 shocks and it sat level and drove ok. Until I broke the rear axle! If you get too crazy about overloading trucks you actually can break them. The floating-axle 3/4 and one-tons most of us use are a whole lot stouter than the glovebox sticker says. You just have to watch the tire load limits.
burningman 02/21/20 06:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Interior Design – Painting

Oh one more thing. The fresh paint makes all the trim look old. I removed things like the plastic air conditioner cover and light housings that had yellowed with age. I cleaned them with paint thinner then primed and painted them, with white rattle-can paint. That made a huge difference. It gave the rig a clean new appearance. I also used adhesive vinyl contact paper to redo the countertops. Sure it’s too fragile to cut on with knives but it’s held up surprisingly well and looks WAY better. I pulled the sink to put it on, and trimmed the outer edges with a razor knife. The floor is that snap-together “engineered hardwood” stuff.
burningman 02/19/20 07:47am Truck Campers
RE: Interior Design – Painting

Might also consider “off gassing” factor. Might take quite a while for the smell to go away in such a confined space. It’s no different than painting a room in your house. I had no issues with that. You get to choose your colors too. The main reason we painted our old camper was that we HATED the dark icky wood paneling. I thought it was a bad idea and would look cheap and crummy too. But when my wife transformed the thing from a depressing ‘70s basement rec room looking dungeon to a “glamper” looking, light and fresh place with a lot of our personal favorite teal shades, it was amazing. A lot of people have admired it. We got a new Northern Lite, and we aren’t gonna paint that. But if it’s anything that isn’t super new and fresh, go for it. It’ll be better than you think. About how much effort it is, it’s a lot. The edges and corners are the tedious part of painting anything, and the whole camper interior is edges and corners. It’s nothing like rolling paint across a big empty bedroom wall. But it’s totally worth it.
burningman 02/19/20 07:38am Truck Campers
RE: 1996 Chevy K2500 + Lance LC980 + 6,000lb trailer?

If you put wheels and tires on it that can take the weight, the rest of the truck will do it. It’ll be slow. And if it’s an automatic (which I assume because you mentioned putting in a trans temp gauge), it may have a hard time ever getting going from a stop on a steep hill. If it’s 4WD then low range will save you. This is from my experience with a Chevy with a 6.2 and Ford with a 6.9 automatic, which I once had to back down a hill against traffic the wrong way on a busy downtown Seattle street when it absolutely wouldn’t do anything trying to start on a hill but smoke the trans. On the Chevy I solved the problem by yanking the diesel and putting in a Caddy 500, and even that once refused to back up on a steep hill loaded heavy with no low-range. However I do have an ‘80s Chevy 4x4 crewcab dually, manual trans, that will walk up any hill under a huge load with just a stock and tired 454, because of gearing. I think the auto trans is your biggest worry on your truck.
burningman 02/19/20 06:42am Truck Campers
RE: Interior Design – Painting

It only looks cheap if you do a poor job. My wife is an ex-pro painter and did our old Vacationeer, it looks awesome and way better than original.
burningman 02/15/20 10:29am Truck Campers
RE: Regular cab under Outfitter Apex 9.5?

There’s absolutely no reason you can’t put an extended cabover camper on a regular cab. I did it for years.
burningman 02/01/20 04:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Cargo trailers with tongue extensions

I undertook this project for my cargo trailer. I asked a welding shop to make the tongue extendable so that I could eliminate the hitch extension. The result is a tongue that can be extended ~3ft to reach my hitch under the camper. All I have to do is pull a pin on the trailer, slide the tongue out the 3ft and then put the pin back in. Granted... This idea works only on campers like my Bigfoot where the bottom of the camper is flush with the bed of the truck. Other extended campers tend to have lower overhangs which would prevent this from working. I have been very happy with this setup and I have hundreds if not thousands of miles with it so far. If you have a trailer that you are going to be towing on a regular basis with the truck and camper combination, this is certainly worth considering if your setup allows for it. That is fantastic. That’s how dump truck trailers work, except they do it just to increase their bridge when loaded.
burningman 02/01/20 04:21pm Truck Campers
RE: RAM 2500 V10 model year 2000

The rear and isn’t a Dana 80 it’s a Dana 70. Only the diesel powered, manual trans 2500 had a Dana 80. The 70 has about a 7500 pound rating from Dana if I recall correctly. Just make sure you put on rear tires with enough load rating, and don’t believe any advertised camper weights, especially “dry weight”. You have to drive it on a scale. It’ll be more than anyone tells you. However, it’s absolutely capable of hauling a pretty large camper. Before ‘03, Dodge didn’t play the silly single rear wheel one-ton badging game (and sell you the same truck as a 2500). They just built the 2500 with stout springs. I always think it’s funny when people say you cannot increase a truck’s payload by installing bigger springs, yet they believe if the factory bolts the same ones in, it does!
burningman 01/29/20 07:41am Truck Campers
RE: Lance Umbilical Mod

There’s a better thing to do. Remove the RV style 7-flat-pin connectors and install big-truck style 7-round-pin plugs and connectors. I looked at those but they have a similar flaw to the lance plug. The latch is a function of the cover and the plug can pop out when driving over rough terrain. What I initially wanted was a plug that would screw into the receptacle but I didn't find a pair that were as heavy duty as the plugs I found. I really like the plugs I got. I must disagree. They never come unplugged from semi trucks, and if you’ve never been in a dump truck with Hendrickson suspension (which has no springs, just big solid rubber blocks) on a logging road, you don’t even know what a harsh ride is. They pound with a violence no pickup truck can. And those connectors don’t come apart.
burningman 01/29/20 06:50am Truck Campers
RE: Would I ever be happy towing with a half ton truck

These uprated half-tons are rated for about all they can handle. On paper it looks like 3/4 tons aren't that much better, but the truth is they're a LOT stouter and can handle a lot more than the so-called ratings say. They aren't rated by the engineering dept., the ratings are based on taxable licensing numbers. You can find Dana 80 rear axles under 3/4 ton pickups. Dana rates that axle at 11,000 pounds. Its the same one Ford used to put under the F450. If you look at the actual components instead of brochure "ratings", you'll see how wimpy half ton, non-floating axle rear ends with one small bearing at each end, riding directly on the axle shaft, are and how strong full-floating axles with two large bearings at each end and a hub to take the load instead of putting it right onto the axle shaft are. I've broken half-ton axle shafts using them for heavy work. They're car axles. Not truck axles. You buy a half ton when you want a nice daily driver that can carry a dirtbike or an occasional appliance or a few sack of mulch. You buy a 3/4 ton or 1-ton if you intend to carry or tow heavy.
burningman 01/23/20 05:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cargo trailers with tongue extensions

Seems many who replied misunderstood the question. This isn't about hitch extensions. No, a longer trailer tongue will not make the trailer tow "wonky', it'll make it tow straighter and more stable. A longer tongue will not increase tongue weight. And depending on your setup, it takes a pretty extreme angle to hit the camper. I stretched my trailer tongue four feet. It has plenty of clearance below the camper. It works great, and is much safer and better than putting the hitch four feet behind the truck. You don't have to install and remove any heavy junk every time you load or unload the camper. Nobody pulls heavy trailers on four foot hitch extensions without a camper on their truck, ever. It's obvious why not. Its no different when you do have a camper on. People do it because its the store-bought, bolt-on solution and stretching a trailer tongue is custom work.
burningman 01/23/20 05:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Lance Umbilical Mod

There’s a better thing to do. Remove the RV style 7-flat-pin connectors and install big-truck style 7-round-pin plugs and connectors. They’re much more robust, reliable, and they accept heavier gauge wire. The good heavy duty ones will take 10-gauge. 8-gauge on the ground. (Ground is bigger because there are a lot of 12v circuits, running lights, turn and stop, charging, etc that all supply +12V and all return through the same ground.
burningman 01/21/20 02:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Really Disappointing (T/C Weight)

Dry my camper took 40 pounds off the front axle. Loaded for camping with my small ATV trailer in tow they took 100 lbs off my front axle. That’s becuse you don’t have a real truck with duals and a long wheelbase...
burningman 01/15/20 01:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Eh Weight Police!

That was an article written by someone with no clue what they’re talking about and guessing about everything. Incorrectly. Lack of CDL is more likely the infraction, because it’s a truck & trailer with an over-26,000 GVW. If the overall length was over 75’ that’s also an infraction. It’s highly unlikely he was carrying anything at all, probably just moving the trailer. It’s nowhere near as stupid as some of you are claiming. Guys tow toy hauler trailers as heavy as that empty trailer and you all think it’s fine. He didn’t need a dually, he has the trailer on a dolly. The dolly is a dually. If he didn’t have a doubles/triples endorsement on his CDL, if he had one, that’s a problem too. We don’t know if he had the brakes hooked up. Maybe he did. It’s not impossible to do.
burningman 01/10/20 04:46pm Truck Campers
RE: 1 ton SRW debate

Buying a single rear wheel one ton to get more payload over a 3/4 ton is all smoke and mirrors. It’s the same hardware. The truth is the Dana 80 rear axle in an old Dodge 2500 has an 11,000 rating by itself. Others have a big Sterling axle. Same ones the 3500s have. It’s really all about tires. No matter what badges or rating stickers you put on a single rear wheel truck, it’s only got two tires to carry the load on.
burningman 01/10/20 04:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Weight capacity for 2019 Ram 1500

The center of gravity is the point where the camper should balance if you supported it on a single horizontal pole, running left-to-right. That absolutely does change when filling water tanks, adding batteries, cargo, etc. The original, empty camper COG stays the same but the real-world effective COG the truck actually sees changes from the factory spec.
burningman 12/03/19 12:43am Truck Campers
RE: Nice Looking Classic

That’s a 1971 F250. (Grilles are different than ‘72). I wonder how many modern, heavily computerized pickups will be running when they’re almost 50 years old? If you crash it, that solid steering column will impale you... but aside from that those were really great trucks.
burningman 11/29/19 01:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Best truck for Northern Lite 10-2

We in the West tend to over-truck, F150 properly configured may be more practical. We will have to assume you don’t know what a Northern Lite 10-2 is. It’s absolutely not F150 territory.
burningman 11/16/19 02:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Pick up for TC

Good luck calling the dealer for help with a new, over-computerized truck fritzes out in the middle of nowhere. Simplicity IS reliability.
burningman 11/14/19 12:53pm Truck Campers
RE: How to destroy a truck camper in .5 seconds.

That’s a better way to unload than using Happijacs.
burningman 11/10/19 07:56am Truck Campers
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