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RE: California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada and back

Sounds great to me. Any excuse for a road trip and I'm in. Have fun!
camperdave 07/14/20 12:17pm Roads and Routes
RE: ABS Light On

The ABS light has been on in my van for over 10 years lol. As others said your ABS won't function, but the brakes themselves are fine.
camperdave 07/14/20 10:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford V10

I know everyone says the V10 likes to rev, but man I just personally can't let myself keep her above 4k rpms for any extended time, it's just so.. well.. revvy I guess. When the hill is that steep, I manually drop it to a lower gear, keep it right at 4k and cruise on up. Not floored, just cruising along but not letting it upshift. Yup, I get passed by other folks, but I'd only save maybe 5 minutes on the day if I kept WOT instead of limited to 4k. It's a big load for a smallish engine.
camperdave 07/14/20 10:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Losing the camper for the fall

I've got a son that is a senior this fall, and we had college visits scheduled spring and summer that were canceled. Luckily he went on all the visits with his sister. He wanted to try to get his SAT up, so we paid like $2k for 1 on 1 test prep, but has not been able to take the test:(. Good luck to your daughter finding a school. After doing a bunch of visits, other than deciding if they want a big or small school, I don't think it makes a ton of difference. I'm kinda hoping all this Covid stuff is going to make her reconsider and want to stay close to home. Especially now with so much going online, I say hit up a local community college for 2 years, get the general ed out of the way, and live at home to save (me!) a ton of cash! lol. Best of luck to you and yours. I know my daughter is still doing all the SAT prep stuff and she's scheduled to take the test in the fall (after having the spring tests cancelled), but it's nice having some of the pressure taken off of it.
camperdave 07/14/20 09:53am Travel Trailers
RE: setting up a battery bank

We can easily do 3-4 days on a pair of 6v batteries in our rig. Modest inverter usage (300w inverter) for charging things up, but no real power usage. Just lights and fans when needed. For that length of trip, we don't need a generator or solar. But I do highly recommend the it is way better than a french press, it actually makes great coffee and is simple to use. I prefer it to drip even at home.
camperdave 07/14/20 09:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Losing the camper for the fall

Sounds like she's well prepped, way to make the best of a tough situation! We're at the applying to college phase right now, everything is so sideways it's hard to know what to do... We planned on doing a bunch of college visits this summer but everything is shut down. Going to have to apply blind. Daughter is just stoked that schools have dropped the SAT requirement lol. I'm just glad I don't have young kids right now, at least the high schoolers can fend for themselves at home all day while we're working, as it looks like our district will most likely be online this fall.
camperdave 07/14/20 09:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Should I connect my sewer line when camping?

If I'm going to dump during my stay, then I'll hook up upon arrival. Hate to be in at day three to find out that there is some problem with the hookup in the site, rather set everything up at the beginning to find out any issues (same for electric and water). I too leave gray open, black closed. then close gray the day before leaving to make sure there's enough water to flush the hose after dumping the black.
camperdave 07/14/20 08:57am Beginning RVing
RE: Attwod water heater issue

OP here following up. Blowing out the line and filling the tank with propane did nothing, but a new main regulator fixed it. Stove and refer were still working fine, just not enough volume for the water heater. Problem solved for now!
camperdave 07/08/20 11:37am Tech Issues
RE: Are all RV's noisy and rattle?

My biggest noise originally was the microwave. Not only did the mounting design suck (the whole thing was a bit loose and could move a little), but all the sheet metal holding the filters rattled around. I removed and reinstalled the microwave with more appropriate screws, and threw away the filters and metal pieces. I've got a roof vent in the kitchen anyway, don't need a vent in the micro. The rest of the rattles we have are contents. The first hour of a trip the kids are on a rattle hunt lol.
camperdave 07/07/20 08:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Attwod water heater issue

Closed today. As they should be of course! I'm shipping to an Amazon locker near our Monday destination, it will give me something to do while quarincamping. I'm sure I'll be able to grab propane on the road tomorrow too.
camperdave 07/04/20 05:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Attwod water heater issue

Blowing out the line didn't help, and I was unable to get propane on July 4th, go figure lol. As I'm up against it with a trip so I'm going to order both a new regulator and water heater gas valve to cover my bases. Will follow up in a week or so after our trip, hope I get to take warm showers!! :E
camperdave 07/04/20 04:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Attwod water heater issue

moving the slider has no effect. It's a super yellow flame, and sometimes flares when lighting like it's pooling up instead of flowing if you know what I mean. there is plenty of airflow available, so I'm thinking gas flow is the issue. I'm about to go out and disconnect the gas line at the tank, and at the water heater, and blow air though it to see if it's somehow plugged up. I might go fill the tank up today to make sure it's not just low, even though the gauge shows 1/2 tank (and I have gas at other appliances). Local shop I usually fill at is closed today, but there's a gas station nearby with a tank that opens at 2p. We'll see if I resolve it before that lol.
camperdave 07/04/20 08:56am Tech Issues
RE: Attwod water heater issue

yeah, looks something like that. I guess I'll have to pull the valve off completely, with it installed I can't get to the wiring. Will have to be a job for tomorrow... to be continued! question though, do they ever sort of fail? The gas is definitely turning on/off. Can it turn on a bit but restrict flow?
camperdave 07/03/20 08:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Attwod water heater issue

ok my lack of knowledge will be showing here lol. I see two coils on the gas valve, but the positives are tied together, and the grounds are tied together. Not sure how to test them? They appear to be integral to the gas valve but I did not remove it all the way to check. The ground looks clean and tests ok. Measuring positive to negative (which is across both coils since they are tied together, right?) measured 21ohms. Honestly I don't understand what I am seeing. If one is to open, and one is to close, how does it work for them to be connected in parallel?
camperdave 07/03/20 08:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Attwod water heater issue

Stove and fridge are fine. I also just pulled a rag through the exhaust flue thinking maybe it was blocked, but it came through fine. No change in performance.
camperdave 07/03/20 07:28pm Tech Issues
Attwod water heater issue

So my water heater is not working right... Basically it's starting alright (DSI), but with a huge yellow flame at the end of the burner tube instead of a nice blue one. It keeps trying to re-light even when running, as I assume the flame is not hot enough to warm the thermocouple? Every once in a while it will also flare out of the venturi portion of the burner tube too, big old yellow flame that I can blow out easily. It seems to me that it's not getting enough gas flow. Stove works fine, and the water heater is mounted in the cabinet right behind the stove so I'm pretty confident I'm getting gas to the water heater. I removed the end of the burner assy from the valve, and unscrewed the jet. It looked good, I ran some carb cleaner through it, but no change. The tube looked good too, no blockages (at least from the jet on out). What next? :)
camperdave 07/03/20 06:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Class C vs Trailer for Cross country with family? Help

I have a job and limited vacation. Most of our trips start and end with bomber runs, it's just the way it is. We did it for years in a van/travel trailer and now have a Class C. The C is WAAAAAAY better for these long travel days, the kids (and wife) can hang out, play games (or watch their phones lol), sleep, cook, pee, whatever. We rented a class C a few years ago for a long trip and it was great. That was the trip that sold me on the switch from TT to C. If it's a one time thing or you are not sure, renting is a good way to go.
camperdave 07/03/20 05:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: Foam air filter disintegrating, clogging carb, alternatives?

I know on my dirt bikes I'm replacing foam filters every 2-3 years now. In the old days (I grew up riding in the 80's) they lasted a lot longer. I don't remember ever replacing a foam filter in the 80/90's, just lots of cleaning and oiling... Something has changed either with the filter material, or the oil. I dunno, but they sure disintegrate quicker than they used to.
camperdave 07/03/20 05:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Ford v10 stalling in the first five minutes

My van does that sometimes (1998 V10). Seems to be only after sitting for a while, I kind of think it may have to do with the evaporative emissions stuff but that's just a guess. I'm ODB2, but it never throws a code. I also have a 5 star tuner installed (love it), so not sure that's a solution either lol.
camperdave 06/25/20 07:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fighting zoning ordinances that hurt RV owners

Man, our city changed the rules after we already lived here. In our case it's OK in the driveway if it's behind the house line and there is a 6' fence between RV and street, but no more parking in the street even overnight. Sucks. But, short of moving which we aren't going to do for at least 10 years (I hope!), not much to do but comply. In talking to the city, they only will enforce if there is a complaint, but still. All it takes is one complaint and you're busted.
camperdave 06/24/20 11:44am Beginning RVing
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