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RE: What is included in the tow package on 2019 infinity qx80.

You do know that the payload for each vehicle is listed on the drivers door right? Maybe check out the Armada, it's what the Infinity is based on and may have a little higher payload rating. The Armada has a different rear suspension though. It uses air-springs with active, cross-linked hydraulic dampers, while the Armada has some very soft coil springs that are grossly under-damped. I don't know how that affects payload, but the QX80 handles cargo weight FAR better.
carringb 06/28/20 11:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2019 Dodge Durango with tow package? am I making a mistake?

I did mention payload capacity. For the Durango it's a harder number to find. The sticker shows 1200 lbs no matter if it's v6 or v8 and all axel's show same. Using the formula it has closer to 1700 lbs which works be plenty for us (I think). Matt The payload sticker is mandated by law to reflect the actual unloaded weight of that particular truck, and is deducted from the GVWR. Using the "formula" based on published dry weights, would only tell you the payload of a very stripped down base model, which likely doesn't exist except in federal government motor-pools.
carringb 06/27/20 02:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford v10 stalling in the first five minutes

2006 will be throttle-by-wire. The throttle body in them occasionally gets gummed up from PVC vapors, and can cause some stiction. But usually the first symptom of this is throttle lag at low throttle positions. The throttle-by-wire V10s do not have an IAC. Cleaning the MAF regularly is always a good idea.
carringb 06/26/20 05:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford v10 stalling in the first five minutes

I have a 2006 Georgetown Ford V 10 Lately when I start it Then head out It will stall in the first five or 10 minutes when I come to a stop sign Or light And restarts with no problem and does not do it after that Any idea what it could be And it runs perfect after that Check for "Pending Codes". The fault causing this might not be severe enough to trigger the SES light. Two items that I would suspect, based on timing. 1) Evap purge valve might be sticking open, pulling too much vacuum on the fuel system. This may cause an intermittent P0452 code, but it only seems to trigger that code occasionally, even when the problem is continuous. 2) Heater on the forward O2 sensors might not be heating up anymore, so it's still over-fueling as it warms up. I've had this issue a couple of time. They only seem to last about 125,000 miles. Eventually it will cause a heater-open-circuit code but it has to get really bad before that happens. Earlier symptoms are what you describe, and may be accompanied by a pending P0133 or P0134 code (O2 sensor slow response). Sometimes it's easier to diagnose by letting it get worse, although it's never a bad practice to make sure all your scheduled maintenance is up to date.
carringb 06/26/20 09:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford v10 stalling in the first five minutes

why not go to any parts houses most do free scans see what it says no guessing Pre OBD-II OBD-II has been standard on the E450 since '97.
carringb 06/26/20 09:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing with a Ford Explorer

OP - A truck isn't absolutely necessary. Your current vehicle just isn't equipped properly. My sisters Explorer Sport does fantastic towing the ski boat. A new 2020 Explorer (which is RWD-based) equipped with the towing package would be even better for towing 5,000 pounds.
carringb 06/25/20 02:01pm Towing
RE: Towing with a Ford Explorer

Based on the 2015 Ford Towing Guide, the Explorer is only rated for 2,000 pounds WITHOUT the Heavy Duty Trailering Package. When my sister bought her 2016, we simply made sure it was equipped with it. However one of my friends had a Ford Flex without it. My research then indicated the only difference on the Flex, was the Heavy Duty Trailering Package added an Engine Oil Cooler. It's likely that your Explorer is missing this component, but Explorer (Sport and Police Intercepter Excluded) also had smaller brake rotors than the Flex, and might also lack a 2nd transmission cooler, but I have not confirmed this. I know you already have that Explorer, but you'd be far better off selling that one, and buying a Sport or Platinum model with the 3.5L EcoBoost. This will tow 5,000 pounds effortlessly.
carringb 06/25/20 08:48am Towing
RE: Had Americas Tires install new tires BIG PROBLEM

Yup. just need a "Fernco" coupler from any hardware store. Should be a 10 min fix tops.
carringb 06/24/20 05:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tuson electronic trailer sway control

Thanks for sharing, but imo it’s another solution looking g for a problem. IF you actually get trailer sway, real trailer sway (and I can’t imagine you’re not running sway control already if you were swayed into buying this device), then just hit the trailer brakes manually and swaying will cease. I bought it as well, but haven't installed it yet. What convinced me was getting sway doing a hard stop with only one side of the trailer on ice, because I was on heading eastbound over the cascades, so the right half of the lane never got sun. That got it swaying pretty good, and manually braking did NOT help one bit. Basically just had to steer out of it. The Tuson controller brakes each side individually based on yaw angle.
carringb 06/24/20 01:11pm Towing
RE: 4 season TT

X4 on ORV or Arctic Fox. I have zero problem with my single A/C cooling my trailer in 100F weather in direct sun, and my trailer is almost 400 square feet. The slide toppers did help a lot though.
carringb 06/24/20 01:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: ScanGauge vs UltraGauge

On those temp readings are most of you running stock cooling systems or have you added an extra external cooler, either oil or trans. ? In my case, I upgraded the stock external cooler to a Tru-Cool max, because my grill guard changed airflow enough to make the trans temps higher, and I'm running up to 25,000 combined. The stock cooler should be sufficient for the 22,000 rated GCWR.
carringb 06/20/20 08:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Possible CCC Upgrade

Yes, just upgrade the springs. Or just add Sumos. No reason to over-think this. You've correctly identified the component driving the lower GVWR. The sticker only reflects the configuration as it left the factory, and is intended to inform YOU how it was configured. Nobody is going to weigh you, your insurance *probably* doesn't exclude changing springs (but check! Cheaper online policies exclude coverage if there are ANY suspension modifications), and the only thing illegal is if you tried to mis-represent the original GVWR at the time of resale.
carringb 06/19/20 06:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: ScanGauge vs UltraGauge

I like to run actual coolant temps too. The factory gauge is buffered, so it reads points dead center between about 170-240 ish. By the time the gauge shoots up, it might be too late, if you're not a spot you can immediately pull over. If I see my temps go above 220F and climbing, I'll either ease up a little, or switch off the A/C. Or at least the rear a/c since that's a bigger heat load in my case. But that's VERY rare. Really only happens when it's above 100F and after about 10 minutes of WOT climbing. If the engine coolant temp gets too hot, then the in-tank transmission cooler won't be adding much cooling anymore, and that's when the trans temps shoot up. But more important, it'll give you early warning of a cooling system problem, before it becomes a big problem. Last summer, I had an issue with my engine temps hitting 240F before the T-stat would open. Never would have known it was starting to stick, if I couldn't see actual temps on the UltraGauge.
carringb 06/19/20 03:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: ScanGauge vs UltraGauge

I had a ScanGauge, switched to an UltraGauge because it was easier to mount to the dash, since I had the old ScanGauge. Honestly, I like the ScanGauge better. If my UltraGauge stops working, I'll go back. It's just easier to use, for doing things like zero-ing fuel quantities and MPGs. And it turns out the extra display space on the UltraGauge just makes it seem cluttered.
carringb 06/17/20 04:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Climbing steep grades...

Hopefully the cooling system was previously flushed completely. If not, you might be suffering Death by Dex-Cool. Once it ages out (10 years) or gets exposed to oxygen from a leak, it'll start to coagulate, and the pH drops which starts corroding things. The good news is that it hasn't completely overheated, so doing a full-flush now should get all the old stuff out, and adding a chemical flush will remove any of the "Tapioca" that forms when it starts breaking down. Do beware that the first generation 6.0 in the Chevy chassis only had a 16,000 GCWR, same as the vans. When Workhorse came out with their version of the 4500 chassis, with the workhorse badge, they bumped it up to 17,600 pounds. Workhorse did some engineering to upgrade components for the upgraded GVWR, but I don't know if anything was changed in the cooling system to allow for the higher GCWR. The 20,000 GCWR did not come out until the 6L80/85e was introduced. IAMICHABOD - Do you happen to have the full list of upgrades Workhorse did? If they upgraded any of the cooling, it would be easy to add those items. And if they didn't do anything, I think you can assume the Workhorse GCWR as-is.
carringb 06/17/20 11:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Need advice on towing cargo trailer

I did find the hitch info on the ad flyer for the coach. It says 5000# tow and 500#hitch weight. I'll research this a bit more. Great! They did run the 5k hitch for a short time, before finally upgrading to the 7500 hitch around 2012 I think. That should be enough for a 20' trailer plus furniture.
carringb 06/16/20 11:48am Towing
RE: Need advice on towing cargo trailer

It depends... What year is your coach? What is your loaded weight and your Gross Combined Weight Rating? Lastly, what is the hitch receiver rating? The pre-Forest River Damon designs did not have Ford-compliant frame extensions, so they have a 3,500# hitch receiver limit, unless the rear frame extension is replaced with a compliant design. Newer Forest River coaches do have compliant frame extensions, and have a 7,500# limit. Actual towing capacity is limited by either the receiver, the GCWR, or the payload available to carry the hitch-weight. You probably won't damage the drivetrain however. The V10 is used in applications heavier than what you're attempting. Especially for the drive you're planning. You have one big climb, if that, depending which route. Worst case, you can just slow down and stay in the right lane.
carringb 06/16/20 07:50am Towing
RE: How do you know how much you can TRULY pull?

Toyota rates it at 5,000 pounds, and a special tow package is not required anymore. So that suggests the necessary cooling is now standard for that year. Besides the tongue weight considerations by Valhalla above, being rated for that weight it does not necessarily mean it will tow that weight well. The 3.5L motor makes good high-end power, but is pretty lackluster on the low end. So a good headwind will probably drop the transmission by a couple gears just to hold your speed. Bigger issue is being FWD. Wet, steep roads will be a problem with that setup. Like you may not be able to get going if you hit a red light on a steep hill in the rain.
carringb 06/15/20 03:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Lance vs Arctic fox

I think your assessment is pretty close. The Lance is a little more contemporary, and while the Lance is well built, the AF is simply more rugged for off-road travel. and depending on the floor-plan, probably has larger tanks and more carrying capacity. But that extra weight might bump you into a tow rig larger than you were otherwise planning on.
carringb 06/14/20 08:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer windshield

Anti-vandalism film might be a good option for preventing damage as well. It's used by transit agencies on both vehicles and bus stops, and it's intended to prevent diamond-etching and rock breaks.
carringb 06/14/20 09:21am Travel Trailers
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