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RE: Alaska Bound

Rigdon, it wasn't quite clear to me; was that 40 minutes to get through the Canadian border or the US border into Alaska?
charlestonsouthern 05/11/22 01:42pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Question for Florida sticks and bricks owners

Yes to everything everyone has said. The only other things I would add is 1) leave overhead fans running in the rooms and 2) put boxes or dishes of DampRid in bathrooms (showers/tubs) and kitchen. DampRid really is a wonder product. We also put "bug motels" around the doorways from the outside if you have a tendency of pests coming in. Usually, that happens when your home is near water.
charlestonsouthern 05/03/22 02:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Mabel Lake provincial park in BC with our Tesla [email protected] combo.

Just love your Tesla-TAB riglet! Can't beat the setup for couples' camping. Thanks for the beautiful photos.
charlestonsouthern 04/22/22 12:41pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mabel Lake provincial park in BC with our Tesla [email protected] combo.

Just love your Tesla-TAB riglet! Can't beat the setup for couples' camping. Thanks for the beautiful photos.
charlestonsouthern 04/22/22 12:38pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Lithium and México

Mexicowanderer, I am definitely NOT pro Chinese. However, this is just par for the course of Mexico breaking agreements time after time with other countries; its signature on a piece of paper is not worth spit. That includes the trilateral agreement regarding the pandemic, the newly made trade agreement after NAFTA, and its very ambiguous votes in the UN regarding Ukraine (in particular, the Russia-Mexico Friendship Agreement). The list could go on and on.
charlestonsouthern 04/22/22 12:21am Around the Campfire
RE: Turbo car engine in mountains

Is the Lincoln turbo towing anything or loaded to the max inside the car?
charlestonsouthern 04/21/22 11:24pm Around the Campfire
RE: Parking permits in the GSMNP

Would fee-based parking permits include those people who have lifetime senior citizens or "golden" passes provided by federal parks across the US?
charlestonsouthern 04/07/22 07:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Military Campgrounds

Nam, my family and I stayed at those inns in Germany in early 1990s (WWII era built); very nicely maintained, but not part of MWR facilities. Because we were not retired reservists then, we had to wait until the end of the day to determine if there were openings for us as we were not in Germany with a set of military orders; we were there as tourists. It was worth the wait while we toured Burtisgaden (spelling problem!).
charlestonsouthern 04/02/22 01:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Military Campgrounds

Now, why would an active duty military family want to stay in a campground on base for six months? I think it's because there is a shortage of base housing for that family when they checked into the campground. For example, bases in the state of California have personnel with their campers in military campgrounds, no base housing available for them at that time, and military families can't afford the rent in California outside of the base gates. Therefore, recreational campgrounds become temporary base housing, but no one on base wants to talk about that.
charlestonsouthern 03/31/22 03:55am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Canadian Snowbirds heading home-Antigen Rapid Tests required

We have four Rapid Test Kits (two tests to a kit) left over from the Christmas holidays; can those be used instead, 24 hours before crossing the Canadian border?
charlestonsouthern 03/10/22 10:24pm Snowbirds
RE: Alaska 2022??

Canada banned Russian oil imports about a week ago; US just banned those imports today; we are all in for a hard time with gas price increases, but will not complain after seeing the horrors going on in Ukraine, God bless them.
charlestonsouthern 03/08/22 08:39pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: one more thing to worry about

fj12ryder -- Haaaaaaa! You're a riot. With the way gas prices are going, at least for a short while, many are quite interested in buying one.
charlestonsouthern 03/08/22 08:17pm Around the Campfire
RE: one more thing to worry about

Buy a Tesla. You can be calling the cops with one hand and stopping the car thief by cutting the power to your car with the other hand while standing in the front doorway to your house.
charlestonsouthern 03/08/22 05:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: Alaska 22 Prudhoe Bay on Moto, Alaska by class C

Ol'Coot -- Do you happen to know the reason for the ArriveCan registration? And does the registration have to be made for each person in the vehicle? These questions are asked assuming that all persons in the vehicle have their valid passports and vaccination records with them.
charlestonsouthern 02/17/22 07:24pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Symbiotic Relationships for Mutual Survival

Redcatcher70, sorry, it was you who came up with bipolar disorder. I have a niece who has a severe case of diagnosed bipolar disorder; this person who Mr. Ed is describing has very similar symptoms. I have begged my sister to go to court to have her legally dependent as an adult and have her institutionalized for a short while for treatment with routine medication and for her safety. One of the roadblocks is that these institutions are very expensive.
charlestonsouthern 02/13/22 09:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Symbiotic Relationships for Mutual Survival

Mr. ed, I think you hit the nail on the head with bipolar disorder. What is so sad is that there is medication for this and has been for years. Such medication taken on a routine basis provides a life like most normal people. But the key words here are "routine basis." Missing, even some of, the regular dosages and missing a doctor's visit will snowball into reverting to the illness which, in turn, will make him decide he doesn't need the medication and doctor's visits. People with this disease need at least limited "legal" supervision in order to be sure they don't miss any doses and make those doctors' visits for their blood tests.
charlestonsouthern 02/13/22 08:22pm Around the Campfire
RE: Problems with "long boondocking" in Colorado

Wandering, a very good idea! May I suggest one more step; since these violators are not likely to pay the fine anyway, why not create a "no camp list" from those license plates and post them on-line; other campers could notify the Forest Service when they see a violator's plates camping in the park and matches to the on-line list. The CEO of Delta Airlines has recommended something similar. He has suggested a "no fly list" on-line for highly disruptive passengers on airplanes and keeping them off the planes.
charlestonsouthern 02/06/22 01:44pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Covid tests needed when returning to the US?

"Sounds terribly efficient." Does'n't it though? LOL!
charlestonsouthern 01/31/22 01:41pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Covid tests needed when returning to the US?

Talleyho69, looks like you read the same thing I read on Dept. of Homeland Security guidelines. But there was some additional info regarding US citizens and permanent US residents; if you exhibit Covid symptoms at the border, as per CDC guidelines, you are sent to a medical check station for verification and asked to isolate on the US side if you test positive. Homeland Security cross references this additional info over to CDC guidelines.
charlestonsouthern 01/30/22 12:15am RVing in Mexico and South America

Monkey44, I agree with you, especially your first sentence. Right now my granddaughter is at UNC Chapel Hill, NC in a house with three other girls; all have been vaccinated and had their boosters; they all are now suffering from the Omicron variant and are in isolation. The only thing I can do for them is have Harris Teeter deliver groceries to their door paying with my credit card. How we determined it was Omicron was via my granddaughter's boyfriend who obtained Rapid Tests from his father who teaches at the UNC School of Medicine. These children could not find these tests anywhere other than this professor. Once the four girls tested positive, they called the school clinic for appointments to verify the Rapid Tests results; the clinic verified the results. My question is how can all four get it at the same time? My only speculation would be that they keep two cats in the house, and these cats go from one girl to the next for affection and petting and have the run of the house.
charlestonsouthern 01/08/22 02:06pm Around the Campfire
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