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RE: Watts needed

I would run them in series on a MPPT controler if you can. the beausty of the MPPT is the conversion to a lower "charging voltage and that nothing is lost except for the efficency. also running in series means higher voltage lower amprage which lets you run a smaller wire with less line loss than you would get with a lower voltage, but higher amprage, on the same wire size. of course like PT and others have mentioned you have to be aware of the effects of shading so you have to place your panels a little smarter. another side benifit of running in series is the morning and evening charging will start sooner and finish laiter and you will get a higher amprage during that time than you would in parralel as you have a higher voltage hiting the controler. the panels you referenced you could easy run two in series on that, but if it was for myself I would go with at least a 40 amp MPPT controler. Steve You are at least the second person to say that I should use a 40 MPPT controller. To be honest, I can not understand why a 40 and not a 20. At the bery best, this panel is only going to be putting out a little over 8 amps if wired in series and 17 if wired in parallel. Can you please explaiin to me what I am missing in all of this. I apologize for the questions but my solar knowledge is zero and I am trying to learn.
cliffy49 07/04/21 04:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Watts needed

Okay another question for the experts. Since most of the controllers I have looked at will not accept any wire larger than 8 gauge, would it be okay to use on of these adapters? This would be for running wire from the controller to the battery.
cliffy49 07/04/21 10:59am Tech Issues
RE: Watts needed

PT, why not have two 285s in series? I have the samew question.
cliffy49 07/01/21 12:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Watts needed

All right, I need some more help from the experts. I am looking at purchasing 2 residential panels with the following spec.; Watts (STC) 285 W Max Power Voltage (VMPP) 32.2 V Max Power Current (IMPP) 8.84 A Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) 39.2 V Short Circuit Current (ISC) 9.61 A Max System Voltage 1000 VDC Am I correct in assuming that a mppt charge controller that will accepts 100 volts and 20 amps would work with these panels. I am currently trying to get a better understanding of charge controllers so your help is greatly appreciated.
cliffy49 06/30/21 03:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Watts needed

200 watts is a good place to start. Be sure to get a charge controller with enough amperage if you want to upgrade the panels later. Happy Camping I know that most people will reccomend the Victron line but I really do not want to spend that much on a controller. Does anyone have a less expensive option? Probably looking at the MPPT(?) type.
cliffy49 06/29/21 01:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Watts needed

Want to thank every one for all of the information. I am thinking that I will probably go with a kit in the 200/400 range. It will probably be closer to 200 watts since we have not yet tried boondocking. At some point in the future we may but in the mean time we can always use the genny if absolutely needed.
cliffy49 06/29/21 11:19am Tech Issues
RE: Lost members - What happened to Clubmaxx?

Might want to take a look at this. Not alot of info but it may help.
cliffy49 06/25/21 03:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Watts needed

So much has changed with regard to electric only refrigerators and electric convection ovens and induction cooktop burners and large screen televisions and other "necessities" that there can be no rule of thumb other than more solar and more battery bank capacity is a worthwhile investment. I went from one extreme with a camper with a 3-way fridge and propane oven and cooktop and 200W of solar on the roof to a new motorhome with a DC only fridge and induction cooktop and convection oven and AC heat pump with only 200W of solar on the roof and 125Ah of usable lead acid batteries and so the need to frequently run the generator (my previous camper was without any kind of generator). With the electric only fridge and cooktop and oven and microwave the use of lithium phosphate batteries become essential if one want to operate off the grid and without running the generator for a couple hours each day. To that end I added 290W of solar panels to the roof and replaced the lead acid batteries to lithium-phosphate ones. Cost of these two upgrades was $4,000 but for us it was price to be paid for the configuration of our 2021 Navion. But the Navion was one of very few new motorhomes available for immediate purchase in 2020. I have been lucky in that regard. My toy hauler is old fashioned in that every thing except for the outlets, A/C, micro wave and tv are the only things that run off of shore power. The micro wave is something that we very rarely run and if we do need the a/c or want to watch the tv I can always use the genny for the a/c and get an inverter for the tv.
cliffy49 06/24/21 04:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Watts needed

The OP never told what battery he has. Or how he is going to use his solar -Appears to be MIA I am still here. Been busy trying to get the trailer ready. As far as batteries, I have 2 Deka GC2's wired for 12 volts. At this time I am just lookinig to keep the batteries charged when the trailer is in storage. Last year I just took the 1 12 volt out when ever I came back from a trip but have since purchased the 2 Dekas and they are jsut a little heavy to be taking out of the battery box after every trip. At some point we may try boondocking but have not yet.
cliffy49 06/23/21 11:49am Tech Issues
RE: Lexington KY to Dayton Ohio

If it were me, I would just take the by-pass around it and be done with it. We also went thru in April and the bridge was down to one lane going up I75 and backed-up for an hour. Guess you throw the dice and take your chances.
cliffy49 06/21/21 08:01am Roads and Routes
Watts needed

I have read where folks suggest any where from 1 to 2 watts of solar per ah of battery. My question, is this based on battery rating (ie 215 AH) or is it based on useable amp hours(105)? All replys are greatly appreciated.
cliffy49 06/19/21 12:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Camp Margaritaville

You can read more here;
cliffy49 01/23/21 07:17am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: GMC/Silverado 2500 Gas

If you look hard enough you will find it. Found a 2021 Silverado Custom 2500HD and brought it home.
cliffy49 01/07/21 04:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GMC/Silverado 2500 Gas

Well it seems that my purchase of a 2500 may be more difficult than I would have thought.Every time I find one that fits my budget and that I like, it gets sold before I can ever get a chance to look at it. Between a short supply and increased demand and cost this may be tricky.
cliffy49 01/01/21 10:11am Tow Vehicles
GMC/Silverado 2500 Gas

I am wondering if anyone has towed with either of the 2020/21 subject trucks and what are your thoughts. Tell me your thoughts on the ride, power and amenities. Let me know what and where you have pulled so that I can get a good idea of what the vehicle can do. I am not concerned with the diesel evan though it is a very good tow vehicle just not for me. I pull a 4900 lb. gvr toy hauler and have no intention of getting a bigger rig. Evan if i did,I would not go over 9000 lbs. Any and all comments are appreciated.
cliffy49 12/29/20 01:56pm Tow Vehicles
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