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RE: F150 Lightening

... stagnant when you have a difference between high pressure and a low pressure you get isobars that enables wind to equalize the pressure difference. In large cities like LA this leads to smog because the air is stagnant. All hot air does is rise which doesn't power a wind turbine. See told yah, I'm no meteorologist and can't do isobars. But for ignorance, I do know that LA's smog is not caused by isobars but my inversion when the air is trapped by the surrounding high mountain ranges. And yes, LA (and CA for that matter) is global success story for pollution mitigation when states who are willing to poison their people by enticing them to move with no-regulation and big business friendly tax cuts. Yup, everybody happy except those poor souls.It's the pressure gradient difference that creates wind, isobars are just a indication of the wind on a map. I imagine those poor souls are quite happy with their choice. Texas gained 322,000 of these tax paying soul's last year.
colliehauler 06/17/21 06:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 Lightening

They have to much capacity tied to wind power. I think if a lot of new homes would utilize solar panels it would go a long ways in the sunbelt to elevate peak energy demand. When I build my new garage I will look at installing a large solar panel system.. I thought this lame excuse had been debunked when some wise guys showed states equally relying to renewals a side by side photos and videos comparing it to Texas. I'm no meteorologist but in my limited understanding, heat actually moves air to make those windmills go whom, whom, whom to kill birds and cause cancer to pips. That's obvious by your limited knowledge response. When a high pressure Dome sits over an area the air becomes stagnant when you have a difference between high pressure and a low pressure you get isobars that enables wind to equalize the pressure difference. In large cities like LA this leads to smog because the air is stagnant. All hot air does is rise which doesn't power a wind turbine.
colliehauler 06/17/21 05:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 Lightening

Yeah, satire is dead in the simplistic world where generators is comparable in scale to yuge generating plant and their management are too dumb not to take advantage of the shift in demand to build the capacities and the distribution grid to deliver it. Wait, Texas and Florida are failing on those and you two maybe right after all.:BI beleive Texas is having issues this week because of extremely hot weather and lack of wind. Texas also had a influx of 322,000 people last year alone. They have to much capacity tied to wind power. I think if a lot of new homes would utilize solar panels it would go a long ways in the sunbelt to elevate peak energy demand. When I build my new garage I will look at installing a large solar panel system.
colliehauler 06/16/21 12:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Still very tempting to buy my totaled TT back

My camper was totaled last week. Hail damage on one side. I bought it back. If the buy back is cheap enough go ahead and do it if that's what you want to do and salvage your season. Just be prepared if you have a few issues.
colliehauler 06/08/21 06:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dog fence when sitting outside camper with dog

Some campgrounds have sprinkler systems and don't want anything stuck in the ground. Always best to ask the campground management first.
colliehauler 06/08/21 06:34pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Out of touch with reality

We were looking at a 16' X 32' portable building (built off site and hauled to my property) back in September. The dealer called me one morning and said to get in there and sign the papers and put a deposit on it right now because the price was going up sometime that day. I drove over and signed and paid half up front. At close of business that day the dealer got a company wide email that announced a 28% increase and a month later another 20% was added. The are still selling as fast as they can build them.I found that out with my 14'x40' Sturdi-built building. I got in before a 28% increase then a 10% surcharge this year. Wanted to get a new garage built this year but will hold off. I figure interest rates will rise on homes which should slow down building.
colliehauler 06/02/21 10:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Out of touch with reality

Bottom line, the number of RVs on the east coast or whatever fabulous deal you were able to get in December in Cleveland, when the weather s ucks and everyone but you is playing Santa Claus, not RVer, is not relevant at all to the OP's thread. He's not going to be able to bop out to Seattle, buy his truck and just go grab a travel trailer for anything less than a very high price, comparatively speaking to what was or is considered the "norm."Grit won't be making the trip after all. But it was a eye opener on the RV market. I wonder if used trailers are the affordable housing in your area that makes the market tight? In my area if you go to Southern MO or AR there are deals to be had. I agree with others in a year or two there will be a flood of used trailers when a lot of people find camping isn't there thing.
colliehauler 06/02/21 10:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Out of touch with reality

Lol, you be suprised at the cost of new also, if you can get one. The reality is stuff is expensive now, especially campers. If you wait a year or so, it will go back to normal, i hope!Actually gave up on used and was looking at new. A small camper I could of bought new for $12950. is now advertised for $21950. and that was just 2 years ago. With limited supply dealers are asking list. I think the only way price will come down is if there is a glut of used RV'S come on the market. With inflation and higher wages price will probably stay high.
colliehauler 05/31/21 11:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Out of touch with reality

I wouldn't buy a toothpick in this market.....insane.I've come to the same conclusion.
colliehauler 05/31/21 05:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Out of touch with reality

When you get home and resell the trailer you will probably benefit from high prices on the back end.In the midwest RV'S are less money then out West and used ones seem more plentiful.
colliehauler 05/31/21 03:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Out of touch with reality

I would drive down the coast to California and did not want to drive back to return it. I figured I could sell it when done with it. I would use motels but would rather check out camping areas. I will see if the trip materializes before I pursue it any further. If the border was open I would run up to Alaska but don't see that happening. A alternative would be go to Glacier and drop down to Yellowstone. I will see what a little Wolf pup (or equivalent) sells for and availability.
colliehauler 05/31/21 12:16pm Travel Trailers
Out of touch with reality

I might be flying out to the Seattle area to pick up a vechicle. I thought of purchasing a used TT < 20' and spending some time in the Pacific Northwest. I went on Craigslist and received a rude awakening. I couldn't beleive the prices on garbage. Stuff that should be in the landfill for 5k and old square frame window trailers. I guess I will see what dealers want for a new small wolf pup if available.
colliehauler 05/31/21 11:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Kansas City traffic

To me it's faster just going through the city but I time it before rush hour or on a Sunday to go through KC and Minneapolis/St Paul.
colliehauler 05/31/21 06:06am Roads and Routes
RE: Finally some good news on the puppy front!

I remember the adds for Cal Worthington car dealership and his dog spot in California.
colliehauler 05/30/21 10:23pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Could the weather get any more miserable?

We got hammered Thursday night. The news said we had baseball size hail but where I live was smaller but still damaging. Add 4.25 inches of rain in 3 hours and 70 mph winds. My small TH TT although sitting under a carport had hail damage to the East side. The appraiser thought they would total it. The front of the house has some holes in the siding but no broken windows. The impact-resistant shingles did their job with no damage to the roof. My garage roof did not do so well with conventional asphalt shingles. The temperature has been running about 20 degrees cooler then normal. To answer your question, yes it can get worse.
colliehauler 05/30/21 06:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: 1 month old TT totaled?

Does anybody think it would be a good idea for there to be some kind of class to take, and test to pass before you can take a trailer out on the streets? Only socialist, communist, blm and others who want govt intruding completely into their lives. No, we do not want more licenses and fees and taxes or things listed we cannot do without bb watching over us. dumb!Evidently you do, there were 1615 traffic fatalities in Georgia last year. The highest number in more then a decade. You may be a excellent driver but your fellow motorists are not. Kansas experienced a 5 percent increase in fatalities from 401 in 2019 to 412 in 2020.
colliehauler 05/30/21 09:42am Travel Trailers
RE: 1 month old TT totaled?

I witnessed hundreds of trails and motorhomes as we came home from the north on Friday. We don't have to camp on holidays and don't. I wonder watching them going North swaying and swerving at speeds over 75MPH. I think to myself, "I wonder if these guys even checked the air pressure in their tires?" I've seen a lot i n our many, many trips across the USA but nothing surprises me anymore in the way people drive oblivious to what they are pulling and how it can adversely affect them if they screw up. Have them take a class? likely wouldn't matter in several of those cases.And there will be a lot more unexperienced drivers on the road with record RV sales. I've had people pass me on I-35 pulling a 5th and I was running 75 mph. Last one the rubber roof was billowed like a sail. I'm also in favor of taking a motorcycle safety course for inexperienced riders. Friends son had never been on a motorcycle before he purchased his first bike. I even offered to pay for the course. His son took the safety course and would not take my reimbursement. I take a safe driving course every 3 years and receive a 10 percent discount on all my motorized vechicles insurance. I also receive a accident and claim free discount as well. At work (now retired) we were required to take the Smith driving course, first aid and cpr and fire training. The ones least likely to take the course are most likely to need it.
colliehauler 05/30/21 08:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Retirement

monkey44 I agree with you about taking SS at 62 while your young enough to enjoy it and just what I did. My SS is a part of my retirement along with pension and 401k plan. Several of my friends never made it to retirement. My Dad retired at 65 and was dead by 75, if he had waited until 70 he would have had 5 years of retirement. Jeff a friend I had known since high school passed at 61 from esophageal cancer 2 years ago. What your health going to be at 70? I don't have a crystal ball. I'm doing the things I enjoy now while I'm able to. So far my SS and pension cover my needs with a surplus. It's personal choice and I feel I made the correct decision for me. I have a BIL that is still working at 76. He had to draw his SS at 70 and now pays most of it back in taxes.
colliehauler 05/29/21 10:40pm Around the Campfire
RE: 1 month old TT totaled?

Thanks everyone for the advise. Now I get it it's unwise to keep it. I actually start to search new TT online but as 2 month before, there alomost no availbility within 300mi for what I need. I really hate to skip this summber since I've already booked a few trips. Plus we got this TT mainly try to take kid travel during COVID, and NOW is when we really need it. Again, will be nice you guys can comment 1. Is there major safty concern with this TT 2. If I need to junk in the near future, do I just lost my buy back+ fixing cost or I have to pay more?If you can live with it patched up for the buy back amount for the summer and then sell it as a dear camp when your new trailer comes in might be a viable option. That's something only you can decide.
colliehauler 05/29/21 01:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: Blocking EV chargers?

Not that I'm aware of just sounds like inconsiderate people. If I wanted to use the charger I would of been knocking on the door asking them if they could move to give me access, being polite and thanking them if they comply.
colliehauler 05/29/21 09:53am RV Lifestyle
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