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RE: Accident with tow vehicle right before big camping trip?

Same thing could be said for a major breakdown or accident on the road. If it happens to me I could fly home and get another vehicle or purchase one on the road. I don't worry about what if's life is to short to think of every possible thing that could go wrong. Had a car the engine blew up in 40 years ago about 1500 miles from home. Car dealer sold me another car hooked onto the trailer and was on my way in 24 hours.
colliehauler 09/26/20 12:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: We are Drowning in our...

If the above is all true, and litter is a recent problem, why did they have that famous anti-littering commercial in 1971? That's 50 years ago, so the problem then would have been our parents. So the problem is their parents' lack of parenting skills? Basically, people are slobs, full stop. 1971 Keep America Beautiful campaign Iron Eyes Cody Course Iron Eyes was an Italian ( Espera Oscar de Corti ) Can't trust anythingOld Iron Eyes made a impression on me as a kid. My parents were bad about throwing trash out the car window and I can remember getting after them as a youngster. Usually you didn't do that to my Dad, but deep down he knew I was right so he didn't say anything.
colliehauler 09/21/20 02:25am Around the Campfire
RE: We can breathe again!!

We have had high altitude haze all week from the fires out west as well. I hope they get some rain for some relief from the fires. My nieces son is a firefighter in CA and is exhausted.
colliehauler 09/20/20 02:35am Around the Campfire
RE: We are Drowning in our...

I throw out about 1/2 Grocery bag every other day And I throw it INTO a proper trash container. We use them for the small trash cans in house....bathroom , bedroom, craft room, TV room Free trash bagsI do the same thing haven't bought a trash bag in 35 years. Bonus I can throw out the garbage everyday so no smell. As far as trash beside the highway I see a lot less now then I did growing up. Even most of the people walking their dogs through my neighborhood pick up after them. There was a family at the seasonal campground that trashed the area around their cabin. When they got through with a plate of food or soft drink they just dropped the remains on the ground. The campground owner made them clean up the site. Funny they also wanted to take out a privately owned pontoon boat. Campground owner arranged to have a private owner take them around the lake for a very high fee. They also parked in the middle of the road instead of the parking area. They blocked the access road to my site. I had them move their car, the next day they did the same thing. It was the closest I came to pushing a car into the lake with my truck. I don't think anyone was disappointed when they left. Some people have no respect for anyone but themselves and I don't know how you change that behavior. Incidents like this are very rare but stand out because of the rarity.
colliehauler 09/20/20 02:25am Around the Campfire
RE: PRICE DROPS coming on new GM small diesels

Most of the people I know trade a vehicle off before 100k miles. I'm the exception. Being available in a burb will be interesting how many order them.
colliehauler 09/19/20 09:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 6.6 gas

Ford's 10R80 transmission was a joint venture between Ford and GM. It is a light duty transmission used in vehicles like the F150 and Mustang. It is not an HD transmission that would be suitable in the HD trucks.Thanks for the clarification.
colliehauler 09/17/20 07:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 6.6 gas

I remember when the old power glide automatic only had 2 speeds. My family had a '63 and a '67 BelAir. The '63 had the 230 6 cylinder. It didn't have enough torque to use a third gear anyway so we really didn't notice the absence of a gear very much. The '67 had the 283 and always sounded like it needed to shift again but it was reliable and held up for quite a few miles. Then we got a '70 Impala with a 350 and a 3 speed transmission. Compared with the '67 it was bigger, more powerful, better to drive and gave better fuel economy. I inherited it in 1980 and drove it for 22 years. I only got rid of it then because I inherited a newer vehicle. If you think that a 2 speed transmission was lacking my father used to talk about the '53 Buick with a single speed transmission but two torque converters. Buick DynaflowIf I remember correctly it was capable of being push started even though it had a automatic. Dad use to have a old early 50's Roadmaster with the big straight eight engine. In the Greyhound Museum in Hibbing Minnesota Greyhound use to use the big straight eight motor in a few of it's in town transit buses. The irony of a 6 speed not being sufficient considering where we come from. Still don't understand why GM is not using the 10 speed when it was a joint venture between Ford and GM?
colliehauler 09/13/20 08:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Champion generator

The reason to get a Honda generator. Honda is here to stay. KenMany people said the same thing about Montgomery Wards and Sears. All I know is Honda provides support nation and world wide, if you should need it and the Hondas have worked great for better than 7 years....always start and run. As per the OP, he can't get support for his Champion. KenMaybe you should read the entire thread before commenting. If you did you would see Champion went above and beyond for service. I have no issue with Honda and have purchased several products through the years from them. I would not hesitate to purchase a Champion generator as well. I don't need to since my RV'S have built in Onan's.
colliehauler 09/13/20 08:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: GM 6.6 gas

I remember when the old power glide automatic only had 2 speeds.
colliehauler 09/12/20 05:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Champion generator

Many people said the same thing about Montgomery Ward and Sears.So what's your Honda beef?Don't have one, own several Honda products. A lot of Honda products were made by Kymco a Taiwanese company. In fact that's how Kymco got it's start in 1962. KYMCO also make products for BMW. Do you think Honda builds all there products?
colliehauler 09/12/20 04:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Foolish Things We’ve Done as Kids

I would have to agree with you except modern trucks 4 cylinders produce lots of power compared to the 4 bangers we grew up with.
colliehauler 09/12/20 09:59am Around the Campfire
RE: Champion generator

The reason to get a Honda generator. Honda is here to stay. KenMany people said the same thing about Montgomery Wards and Sears.
colliehauler 09/12/20 09:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford 7.3 v8

Here are 6 pages of discussions of the old gas heavy duty truck motors. I think this is the model for the new (?) 7.3. Us old timers remember when diesel heavy duty trucks were the minority, my FIL hauled freight on the eastern seaboard with a gas tractor. My father bought the first diesel Ford 9000 (the gas job would be a 900) dump truck where we worked in about 1971. Do you guys remember when the truck islands had the same number of gas and diesel pumps? In the oilfield the first frac pumpers were surplus Allison aircraft engines. They were followed by turbine (international solar) jet engines, because diesels were too heavy to produce 1,000 hydraulic horsepower on a standard tandem truck. A Dowell B902 (I think) pumper was my first piece of frac equipment, that turboshaft on a cold day would break the power end of the pump before it ran out of power. Later came the two stage inter and after cooled diesel piston engines.A person I know had a old International dump truck with a 6 cylinder gas that was around 800ci if I remember correctly.
colliehauler 09/09/20 03:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do dogs have an internal gps?

Along with GPS built in, there is a reasoning ability a problem solving that many dogs display. Some more than others, but not simply memory or conditioning.I would definitely agree with reasoning ability from watching my Collies.
colliehauler 09/08/20 11:39am RV Pet Stop
RE: hitch lock??

I had a hitch lock on my TT and went to a campground several states away only to realize I had left the key on the dining room table. The owner of the campground come and cut the lock off in less then 10 seconds once he got there for me.
colliehauler 09/07/20 07:51am Travel Trailers
RE: do you really need a battery?

Let me know what states don't require it? I travel multiple states as well so unless you stuck to the states that didn't require a breakaway switch it would be required. I will let you tell me where they are not required. I also don't plan to look up the laws of each state I will pass through to confirm I'm in compliance. It looks like 10 states do not require a breakaway switch. So if you never left those states you would be in compliance without one.
colliehauler 09/06/20 07:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Repairing damage to fibrglass.

Today I raked the left rear of my new travel trailer and put a few larges gouges in it as I slid by a post. Its going to take a pro to fix it. I have done the small repairs on my older trailer but body work is beyoned my ability. It will need filling , sanding and painting. Do dealers have body men that can handle this type of repair? I'm a thousand miles from my dealer at the present. It sure feels ugly when you mess up a new toy.No dealers don't have body shop men. Take it to any auto body shop to have fixed that can do fiberglass repair.
colliehauler 09/06/20 01:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: do you really need a battery?

If the emergency breakaway system was not required it would not be installed on any trailer let alone 100% of them. Trailer would not not even include brakes if not required.This is correct information and common sense. Do you think ANY rv manufacturer would spend money installing something that wasn't required.
colliehauler 09/06/20 01:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: do you really need a battery?

If you only camp in full hookup sites, why do you need a house battery? If the power goes out in the park, we have battery powered lanterns. The only reason I can think of, is to run the frig and maybe the furnace, but the power usually isn't out long enough to affect the frig and we do no cold weather camping. Your tow vehicle provides the power while towing for the running lights. A couple of things that might pop up would be if you needed to roll in the awing or slide. Anything else? What am I not thinking about?If it's parked and never towed you don't need a battery, if you tow the trailer you need a battery.
colliehauler 09/05/20 05:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: BEWARE Keystone Hideout

As soon as I read "Keystone", I knew it wasn't going be anything but bad. The wife and I just recently spent a week in a really nice state park " Stonewall resort " with full hookups. We were walking the dog around the campground and noted that every RV looked brand new and the place was completely dominated by Keystone and Forrest river units. Sales volume opens the door for more publicity.....good or bad.Keystone and Forest River are the two major players that control most of the market. They either buy the competition or put them out of business. People purchase on price not quality. To bad the OP didn't join the forum before he had a problem. With all the RV sales this summer I bet you'll see a lot of similar post in the future. Record sales will have a even greater push to get them out the door to dealers. I'm sure that will improve the quality You forgot one. Thor is the third big player that buys up RV companies. I used to love the Jayco brand until Thor bought them. And in my opinion Thor is the worst of the three if that is even possible.The parent company of Keystone is Thor.
colliehauler 09/03/20 08:21pm Travel Trailers
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