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RE: Winterizing black and gray tanks

I just leave the drains open to the dump station until I've completed winterizing. When done I close the valves and disconnect the hose. Anything that flows into the tank will be RV antifreeze. My seasonal has experienced -40 degree temperatures without any issues. I leave the faucets open as well for expansion.
colliehauler 10/13/21 10:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Did your dog influence your trailer purchase?

Years ago we used the dogs as an excuse to upgrade to our first class A MH with a slide out to provide space for three dogs. :BI think your dogs should of held out for a Newell LOL
colliehauler 10/13/21 08:53am RV Pet Stop
RE: US Reopening Canadian Border

They are also opening the border to Mexico, LOL.
colliehauler 10/13/21 08:12am RVing in Canada and Alaska
Did your dog influence your trailer purchase?

For my overnight trips I purchased a small trailer. I needed floor space with two large Collies. I purchased a small Toy Hauler trailer. So it did influence my purchase.
colliehauler 10/13/21 06:57am RV Pet Stop
How many states has your dog been too?

Sawyer will be 3 Dec second. So far he has been 32 states. Sasha about 6 months younger has been to a few less.
colliehauler 10/13/21 06:44am RV Pet Stop
RE: FT Meyers FL RV storage????

You might check with RV parks in the area. They might have storage or know where you could store it.
colliehauler 10/12/21 08:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help-can't get Tully into the car due to size-RESOLVED

I know my Collies prefer a ramp to steps. My homemade ramp I've used to load a 300# scooter so no fear of collapse.
colliehauler 10/12/21 05:24pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Help-can't get Tully into the car due to size-RESOLVED

Forgot to add I bought a expensive fiberglass reinforced ramp with carpet. I hated it way to heavy and cumbersome.
colliehauler 10/12/21 10:31am RV Pet Stop
RE: Help-can't get Tully into the car due to size-RESOLVED

Need some suggestions. Tully grew much faster than we anticipated and is already over 50 lbs. Both of us drive Jeeps-hubby has a Wrangler and I have a Grand Cherokee. Both sit high off the ground. We have a set of collapsible steps but they are proving to be logistically problematic. We taught our springers to put their feet on the bumper so we could just lift their butts in but Tully is very resistant to that. It may just take more time, which I don't have-we just started a 7 week training class two weeks ago and I may have to drop out because I can't get him in the vehicle. At this point I can still get him out-at his current growth rate my ability to do so will end soon. We've thought about a ramp but I'm afraid I'll just run into the same logistical issues. Short of buying a new car like a minivan I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions will be welcome, including ramps (or steps) that are lighter weight and easily packable.I had the same issue with my Collies. I built a ramp out of plywood 3/8 with 1x2 inch boards around the edge for reinforcement. I have used this ramp for years. It's light weight and I carry it in the bed of the truck. You could carry it on the back seat floor of your Jeep. I put some traction tape like used on stairs from the hardware store. Works well and inexpensive. I guided Sawyer up it a few times and he goes in and out on his own. Sasha my little female Collie is more reluctant, I have to put my hand on her back to go up the ramp. Somehow my hand reassures her and she will go up the ramp. I absolutely will not let the Collies jump in or out of my truck! My prior Collie Mikko broke his ankle jumping out on to the concrete.
colliehauler 10/12/21 10:28am RV Pet Stop
RE: Decal replacement

Anyone have advise on replacing decals that are peeling off on a corrugated aluminum sided travel trailer? Only you tube videos I could find was doing it on smooth sided fiberglass. I assume the aluminum is more difficult than the fiberglass to do trying to get them smoothed out over the ridges and so forth.Mine need replaced on my trailer. I can't see myself doing them and looking correct. I will make arangments with a place that does vinyl wraps for cars to install my graphics. RRR beat me to it.
colliehauler 10/11/21 09:51am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Westinghouse generator 4500

Dan, for your purposes, buy the used. Why are they selling with only 2 hours?I noticed on eBay and Amazon they were selling reconditioned units with less then two hours on them with a 1 year warranty. They also had reconditioned units with less then 20 hours for a even lower price with a 1 year warranty. The individual in Wichita bought one with two hours on it and is selling it. I figure I can save sales tax buying from him but probably no warranty. Most of the stuff I buy the warranty runs out before it gets much use anyway.
colliehauler 10/11/21 08:04am General RVing Issues
RE: At least I was honest

One needs to look no further than where these trailers are made....Indiana...the home of the $7.25 minimum wage. There was no need to inject politics into this discussion. Poor quality is endemic to the RV industry, everywhere. I see no politics in this post. The mods must not either or it would be gone.Bucky I don't intend on changing the subject but all the information I've found indicate a bottom wage at Keystone of $11. dollars a hour. I know at New Horizon RV in KS they have a ad for workers with a starting wage of $11. for a cleaner to $19. for production workers including a benefit pkg. Can you tell me anyone in the RV industry making minimum wage?
colliehauler 10/11/21 06:11am Travel Trailers
RE: At least I was honest

All indications I've found is people in the RV industry are rewarded for speed not for quality. I don't believe the low quality is related to wages. I believe it has more to do with production speed. The president of Keystone when asked about New Horizon RV was quoted as saying ((They build more RV'S in a week then New Horizon builds in a year))
colliehauler 10/10/21 08:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Westinghouse generator 4500

SD let me ask you a question. I've got a choice for a unit with 2 hr on it for $800. and a new unit for $1,000. This generator will be used very little. I'm building a new garage on some property I own 30'x 60' and after construction will use it for lighting. If the power goes out at my seasonal site I will use it for power. The new unit would be $300. more by the time you add tax over the unit with two hour's on it. Which would you go with?
colliehauler 10/10/21 08:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: At least I was honest

I get it. My point is simply that there is no reason for the industry to change because they are making a better profit as is. Until they start getting sued for quality failures or people simply stop buying the products or standards are legislated there is no reason for them to do things differently.People are buying RVs in record numbers just like people are emptying the shelves at Wallyworld of cheap Chinese goods. Price not quality drives the market.
colliehauler 10/10/21 12:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: At least I was honest

It's the same story. The industry produces carp and we still buy it. A a society, we put so much effort into avoiding Chinese made goods (read the Q&As on Amazon and see how many consumers "won't buy Chinese" because they produce junk). Yet, we reward an American industry producing carp worse than the Chines equivalent.I have no illusions of perceived quality. I knew exactly what I was buying. I've had decent (luck) with the Cherokee division of Forest River. I know it's cheaply made but with maintance it will still last several years. I would rather give my money to a American company then a Chinese company, just personal preference. I bought it because the area I like on the way to the seasonal doesn't always have a room available and the cost for a room at a motel 6 was around $100. a night. I would rather spend the extra money for fuel in order for me to have a comfortable bed with room for the Collies.
colliehauler 10/10/21 11:18am Travel Trailers
RE: At least I was honest

I wanted a small trailer for overnights and happened upon a Jayco dealer that had what I wanted. Which model did you purchase?It was not a Jayco it was Cherokee Grey Wolf used trailer 19RR that was very clean. Just a Jayco dealer that had it. The equivalent Jayco would have been the 161 TH. I wanted a bed and lots of floor space for my two Collies.
colliehauler 10/10/21 11:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Westinghouse generator 4500

Thanks for the update MNRon and the real world experience of SD, I believe I will go ahead and purchase the 4500.
colliehauler 10/10/21 11:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Newsom signs bill to ban the sell of gas powered generators

Anyone with good used equipment is going to make some money, if they want to sell them.Or increased sales in bordering states. ;)
colliehauler 10/10/21 08:38am Around the Campfire
At least I was honest

Last Monday I made a impulse purchase on the way home from my seasonal. I wanted a small trailer for overnights and happened upon a Jayco dealer that had what I wanted. From the time I stopped to check it out until purchase was about 10 minutes. I was asked by the dealer while doing the paper work what I thought of the trailer. I told him it's a cheap piece of carp*, I've seen these things built. He nodded in agreement and stated he has seen them built as well. I went on to say I'm not buying a Prevost or Newell and get what I pay for. *not a fish but you get the idea
colliehauler 10/09/21 10:32pm Travel Trailers
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