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RE: Installing Glowsteps as a one person DIY job (long post)

I understand not everyone can install the way I did. Yes I'm still in good shape for the most part. 2 months away from 57 yo- 6'1" 178lb and have a very active job working 10 to 16 hours a day. The guys at work gave me the nick name "the machine". LOL
cougar28 11/02/21 05:40pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Installing Glowsteps as a one person DIY job (long post)

I installed mine by myself-no jacks or anything. Didn't even take any part of the steps loose. I just removed the old steps-expended the TL steps out fully and put them in position under the opening. Laid under the rv lifted into place-put the back bolts in on each side then the front. Took me all of 30 mins max to install.
cougar28 10/31/21 07:45pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Winterizing Issue

Ive had this TT for 5 yrs and have never had any issues winterizing. Usually i use 2-3 gal of antifreeze and im good to go. This time I bypassed the water heater like normal and diverted the pump toward the hose for the antifreeze. No issues with suction, but after 4 gal being sucked up I was really scratching my head. Normally by 1/2gal the lines are pressurized and the pump turns off. This time I put 4 full gal in and it was still going. Only thing i could figure was to swap the valve on the outside from “city water” to “fresh tank”. Once i did that everything went fine. Im assuming i was sucking antifreeze into the FW tank, I guess my question is do you always need to have the valve to fresh water tank vs city water? I find it hard to believe that the last 4 yrs i always got lucky and the valve was already switched to fresh water, esp since Im almost always on fulll hookups. Just seemed odd this yr You didn't say what brand of rv you have but I have a Jayco and yes my tank fill-city water valve has to be in the tank fill position. Other wise in city water position it will put it in the fresh water tank. I just did the same as you winterizing mine yesterday. Forgot to turn the valve to tank fill. Sound backwards but that the way mine works.
cougar28 10/31/21 07:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Campfire toys for us grown ups

I'm not a fan at shooting at pets or people, no matter what, even marshmallows... Bug-A-Salt is a freaking awesome bug killer! You mean, as a kid, you never got into water balloon battles or squirt gun fights with the neighborhood kids? LOL, just last week, I was challenged by my grand-nephews (5 & 8 years) to a water fight with some big water blaster type-guns. Guess what? We all got wet. Guess I've been blessed, as all my dogs are Alpha types and do not cower or run away from a mini marshmallows flying in their direction. To them, its a game....but I understand your apprehension of not shooting bjects at pets and people. YouTube has videos of both these toys in action. Me and my brother when we were kids had BB gun fights. Those old red riders would sting like a bee. Then around the 4th the fights would start with bottle rockets and roman candles. LOL Those were the days.
cougar28 06/30/21 04:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: Torklift Glowsteps installed

We finally got a 4 day camp trip in over last weekend and tried out the new steps. Well there a keeper! Wife just absolutely loves them. No more movement in the rv with someone using the steps and there quite. No more sound every time someone steps on them and with all the adjustment you can get the perfect. A+ in my book!
cougar28 06/22/21 06:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Got lucky with my water tank this weekend

Ok I want to apologize to the OP and anyone else who it may have been offended by my post. Just struck me as funny when I read it.
cougar28 06/16/21 05:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Got lucky with my water tank this weekend

Am I the only one that got a laugh out of the OP's subject line? LOL Only people from Arkansas think like that.....LOL..Are you still laughing? LOL
cougar28 06/15/21 06:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Got lucky with my water tank this weekend

Am I the only one that got a laugh out of the OP's subject line? LOL
cougar28 06/14/21 06:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Electrical type question

I've sold and repaired thousand's in the course of 30 + years. Something is not right about those numbers. I've never seen a 2.5hp that was capable of being run on 115v or a 2hp for that matter. Is this a above ground pool?
cougar28 06/13/21 11:11am Around the Campfire
RE: Condensation pan is not draining?

I'm guessing clogged from mud dauber? I've had that happen in the past with several things. I'm just south of you south east Lowell.
cougar28 06/12/21 12:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Has anybody ... ?

Is the camera powered by a clearance light that blinks with the turn signal? That would be about the only thing I could think of.
cougar28 06/03/21 05:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Blackstone Griddle

Have a 22" with the cover -carried in the front compartment of the 5er. Never had a problem with it there.
cougar28 06/02/21 03:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Torklift Glowsteps installed

I'm planning on getting a set for our fifth wheel. My wife's arthritic joints don't like the stock steps We've had our 5th wheel almost 2 years and the DW didn't like ours from the start. Steps was to far apart for her at over 9" step height. I think she's happy with them now.
cougar28 05/31/21 07:59pm Fifth-Wheels
Torklift Glowsteps installed

Received my Troklift Glowsteps this passed Tuesday and finally got around to installing them Saturday. Removing the old 3 step and installing the new Glowstep took me less than a hour doing it myself. I can say there are very though out and very very well made steps and made in the USA. Adjustability of these step are second to none! No more stepping on the steps and feeling the 5er move. Going from the 3 step with with the step 9" apart to the Glowstep 4 step at just over 7" apart the wife loves them. As seen in the pics there's no way I would have enough room in my storage to use a set of the solid steps. Then today made a set of step carpets for them. Be able to give them a full try out in about 3 weeks on our next camping trip. So far these seem to be exactly what we were wanting and looking for.
cougar28 05/31/21 05:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 83 30' Southwind parked on hill now won't start

. Did you check to make sure you're getting a spark? If not, check the coil and ignition module. Did you check the battery? OP said it started by pouring fuel into the carb so those wouldn't be the issue.
cougar28 05/27/21 05:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Water Heater electric element

If element is burnt out......No 120VAC acroos the black/white terminals cause element is burnt out If the element itself burns out you would still have 120v between the black and white at the terminal. The element has not control over the power feeding it. Correct me if I'm wrong.
cougar28 05/19/21 01:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Water Heater electric element

10E version uses DC to control electric and propane Element might not be bad.....could be: No DC from circuit board to the DC Relay (yellow wire should have DC when Electric is selected and water is cold) DC Relay could be bad AC wires to/from that Relay could be melted Element could be burnt out/shorted DC Relay and Element are on backside of the WH Tank under the protective cover at bottom of tank How you access depends on your RV....could be via inside a cabinet, removable panel, removable cabinet floor (removable means just stapled in place...pry it open) or even from underneath RV or panel in next compartment Check for access directly behind where water heater is installed Wiring..follow the DC height=400 width=400 height=350 width=500 1 1/2" thin wall 6 point socket to remove element if badSo if everything is working normally but the element is burned out will I get 120v across the two terminals on the end.? Or if I take the element out will I get continuity across the two terminals at the top of a good element? Yes 120v between the two terminals.
cougar28 05/18/21 07:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Tripod for a new fifth wheel

I had and used one with my old 5er but let it go with it. Our new 5er has the 4 point auto level and don't use one or feel the need for one.
cougar28 05/15/21 01:36pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is Facebook killing this site?

No FB here-never have and probably never will.
cougar28 05/10/21 04:09pm Around the Campfire
RE: 5th wheel tailgate

I have a Custom Flow for my 02 Ford. Good tailgates but don't use it anymore. There's times when I need the full gate and just got tired of swapping back and forth. So I just stay with the full gate and really not a big deal with my 5er.
cougar28 05/08/21 07:21pm Towing
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