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RE: Easy Macorini Salad Recipe

I don't rinse macaroni, ever. After it's drained and still hot the macaroni is ready to absorb whatever flavors are added next whether it's tomato sauce or the liquids in this salad recipe. In this Easy Mac Salad Recipe I'd drain the hot macaroni, put in a bowl and add the mayo and other liquids, mix and then refrigerate until cold before adding the other ingredients. (I would skip the sugar altogether.)
cptqueeg 08/09/20 07:29am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Leather Sofa Or Fabric Sofa?

We don't consider anything other than leather. I'm huge on cleanliness, and being able to wipe off leather furniture is a wonderful thing. I wipe ours down every few months and see how much grime comes off on the rag, and then I think how filthy most cloth furniture that rarely/never gets cleaned must be. I'll pass. Actually upholstered furniture is cleaned as necessary and can be cleaned more thoroughly than a quick wipe of leather chair or couch. Leather is porous and the dirt and oils penetrates the surface and therefore untouchable w a quick wipe. I've found the best solution to having upholstery cleaned is to have the carpet cleaner do it w their truck mounted steam and vacuum system. If the piece has all removable cushions they can also be dry cleaned or machine washed depending on the fabric. If the actual cushion filling is soiled they can also be replaced.
cptqueeg 08/07/20 08:24pm Around the Campfire
RE: Leather Sofa Or Fabric Sofa?

We have 2 leather recliners (craftsmen style) that are 20 years old, and need the leather replaced because it's not washable. The cost to replace the leather is astronomical and the recliners have decades of life remaining. We will probably end up w upholstery fabric.
cptqueeg 08/07/20 01:57pm Around the Campfire
RE: Firearms to Alaska

Mailing rifles and shotguns to yourself in care of another individual (not an FFL) via USPS is legal. The lib postmaster broke my shoes about it and even made me tear open my box to show her the contents. Next time I won't be so forthright about the contents and try to follow the letter of the law.
cptqueeg 08/05/20 12:13pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: too much truck or not enough trailer?

Well I'll give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Pretty sure anyone w a dually knows about a drop hitch. Perhaps there is a decent explanation. Does buying a dually impart some kind of special knowledge, or a dually owners just naturally smarter than us mere single wheel owners? It usually implies that one has owned or used other trucks and is familiar w the basics of towing. We'll never know for sure why that combo was on the road. Why is it so hard to be charitable?
cptqueeg 08/04/20 08:55pm Towing
RE: 2002 Lance 811 Rebuild - Update 08.03.2020-FILON TODAY!

Beautiful work! I really admire the craftsmanship and dedication required to produce a top notch result.
cptqueeg 08/03/20 05:14pm Truck Campers
RE: What's changed about camping?

1) I'm sure Canada being closed off is limiting the dispersion this summer. 2) Remote learning and remote working starting in March led to a mass migration to outdoor recreation. If schools are remote again this fall perhaps parents and kids will have to spend more time attending to studies beginning in September and things will quiet down. 3) The FS does very few new timber sales and thus few new roads. Old roads are now abandoned to preserve big game and because of lack of funding. 4) MX is probably not as big a draw w covid limiting dispersion. 5) Social media leads to the overcrowding and then destruction of many places. Kayteg1 - I've always wanted to camp on Powell, 10,000 lakes is another option.
cptqueeg 08/02/20 04:25pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Best truck for Northern Lite 10-2

SB - welcome, but I had to read the entire thread since you brought it back to life!
cptqueeg 08/01/20 07:28pm Truck Campers
RE: covid gettin close ! (Personal Experiences)

Comment deleted.
cptqueeg 08/01/20 04:09pm Around the Campfire
RE: sneak peek

Congrats! Best of luck w it. Love the options.
cptqueeg 08/01/20 01:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: too much truck or not enough trailer?

Well I'll give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Pretty sure anyone w a dually knows about a drop hitch. Perhaps there is a decent explanation.
cptqueeg 07/30/20 07:58pm Towing

A new study suggests additional benefits of mask wearing to the wearer. "we discuss for one of the first times the hypothesis – compiling virologic, epidemiologic and ecologic evidence- that universal masking reduces the “inoculum” or dose of the virus for the mask-wearer, leading to more mild and asymptomatic infection manifestations."
cptqueeg 07/27/20 06:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Northern Calif in October - wildfires, COVID, etc

Stay up w the national fire situation on inciweb.
cptqueeg 07/27/20 08:51am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: A Commercial Vacuum Sealer Might Be Just What You Need

I bought the weston pro-2100, couldn't make myself buy another foodsaver based on the reviews online. The weston works well especially the sealer which was a weak point of the foodsavers, iirc. I hope to get the chance to put some game away this year!
cptqueeg 07/26/20 05:40pm Around the Campfire
RE: Being hoodwinked by Store Clerks

So much for innocent until proven guilty. You we no proof the clerk did anything wrong. The card number could have been stolen by any number of people. Did that add anything to your story by blaming someone with zero proof? You got your money back - your whole - move on and stop assuming you know where the guilt lies. Could even have been merely keying in a wrong number. Perhaps it was an honest mistake, but I'd bet OP was correct. They "should" have returned the cold, hard cash or credited the CC, but they choose not to. The question remains is what is their stated return policy.
cptqueeg 07/25/20 05:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: After one day, I am finished.....

Although maybe a few are jerks it's a team sport and they've gotten along w teammates and coaches for a long time so most of them, like most everyone else is not a jerk. They compete in an open market so they only get paid paid what someone else thinks they are worth.
cptqueeg 07/25/20 01:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: After one day, I am finished.....

. Respect. I would also like to point out that it has never been only the armed forces that fought for our way of life. Auto workers, coal miners, and many others fought Got you covered. Posted: 07/24/20 02:41pm "The vast sacrifices of vets and many others"
cptqueeg 07/25/20 08:45am Around the Campfire
RE: After one day, I am finished.....

The world has changed very slowly over the last 70 years despite the many obvious flaws in our country. For better or worse the kneeling and protests seem to be yanking the blinders off a large amount of people who are finally admitting the realities don't match up to what our Constitution and Bill of Rights actually require. Unfortunately it's causing a large amount of discomfort among vets(and others) that are taking this as a personal affront. The vast sacrifices of vets and many others got us to where we are today and the kneeling is not intended to disparage those sacrifices in any way. I can assure you the easiest thing to do would be to not rile the fans and advertisers, but these athletes and others are in fact risking their careers and income in an effort to better our country. While I know many don't agree with this tactic kneeling is not sitting, wearing headphones, or hiding in the clubhouse during the anthem. It's a gesture in support of the same values that vets fought for, but their enemy(racism and police brutality) can't be beaten on a battlefield. Perhaps changes will gather momentum and the US can come closer to matching the ideals that it was founded upon and the protests and kneeling will no longer be necessary. I'm not a vet but my father, brother, uncles, and nephew(KIA) were. I have supported the USMA - West Point community (NCOs and their kids and retired vets from all branches) through volunteer work for many years. I have lived through race riots, and worked in one of the worst ghettos in the US(near Yankee Stadium) for decades so I have witnessed the suffering and inequity firsthand. Please give the players a chance to make a statement and advance this cause - hopefully someday soon it will be worth the pain it's causing.
cptqueeg 07/24/20 02:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: Celebrating 50 years while beating the heat...

cptqueeg 07/23/20 07:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Biggish dog in pick up truck?

Prob plenty of room to ride in front passenger floor as well once the human passenger is comfy. It's a pretty safe spot w plenty of cool air available.
cptqueeg 07/23/20 05:45pm Beginning RVing
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