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RE: LT tires on your TT? Let the fight begin

I've seen the arguments for and against. Only observation I've made on this forum over the years is that it seems everyone that's switched over to LT tires is happy with the switch. I switched back to ST. With LTs the rig was all over the road and made towing a real workout, and had poorer fuel economy. With STs the rig just handles better in all weather and road conditions with better fuel economy. The only time I ever had a problem with an ST is when the tires were over 4 years old, and I got lazy and failed to check pressures. I am normally OCD on tire care and never had a problem when I maintained diligence. LTs require less diligence, true, but the worse handling and fuel economy made it bad trade-off for me. YMMV.
dave54 02/15/20 06:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: exchanging propane cylinder that came with TT

Personally, I would not turn in a tank that I knew was defective. You might take your old tank to a propane dealer and see if they could repair the old tank. To me, turning in a defective tank is the same as lying and cheating. Not at all. The exchange companies specifically say that they will accept any tank, because they inspect and if necessary repair, or dispose of, every tank they get. It's part of their business model. Their customers know they are always getting a good tank, and they will always be able to exchange an empty, even if it fails while they are using it. Agree. I talked to our local propane dealer, and he said all returned tanks are inspected and repaired as needed. It is illegal to give out a tank with a known defect. He stated he would rather a defective tank be traded in than the homeowner try and get it refilled from a shady or careless supplier.
dave54 12/11/19 12:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: jack pads

We have 4 sets of plastic blocks. Never bought one of them. 2 were freebies from the dealer when we bought new rigs. One was a door prize at a RV show, and one was a gift. I stopped carrying wooden blocks and now just use the plastic, with 12x18 plywood on the bottom in soft soil. The wooden blocks soak up water and get heavier. If the plastic gets muddy, it's easy to wash them off and they don't get heavier. Plus being interlocking they are more secure.
dave54 12/09/19 11:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: You don't need it.

The tools I carry are are almost never used on the rig. They get used on the bicycles, the gennies, the grill...
dave54 12/09/19 10:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mens' belts left or right

It depends on whether I am coming or going. Most days I don't know which I am doing, though.
dave54 11/22/19 04:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: Voice Controlled Travel Trailer

I want a voice activated checking account. "Deposit more money" and poof! the account balance is larger.
dave54 11/20/19 06:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Christmas shopping

I don't start my Christmas shopping until I finish paying off last year's bills. I am now working on my 2003 Christmas list.
dave54 11/17/19 05:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: What were they thinking?

I'll send them a check from my Nigerian bank account. It has millions in it I can't use.
dave54 11/14/19 10:55am Travel Trailers
RE: A Very Quiet Halloween

Years ago when ours were little, the entire block was filled with children. Halloween would literally be a continuing stream of kids with no break between groups. No more. We had maybe 12 last night. All the families grew up and moved away.
dave54 11/01/19 01:40pm Around the Campfire
RE: Trouble with California

... A few years ago the Calexico border checkpoint was backed up...Did not even ask for passports... Checkpoint, or border crossing? Why would you need a passport at a checkpoint? Checkpoints are often many miles inside the country. Citizens mostly would not be carrying passports. The border crossing from Mexico. Surprised the heck outta me they waved me through without stopping. :? Makes you real confident they are keeping us safe, doesn't it?
dave54 10/30/19 07:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Between Portland and The Dallas

There is a KOA at Cascade Locks.
dave54 10/30/19 07:01pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Neighborhood bear-UPDATE AT END

All these people afraid to go out in the woods without a gun because of black bears? Wow. Maybe they should stay home hiding under their beds. In grizzly country you may be be able to make an argument for a gun, but even then bear spray is more effective than a firearm. I spent my entire working career in black bear country and never felt one bit concerned. Saw plenty, never a fear. I have successfully shooed off every one by yelling and waving my arms. I have more concern over yellowjackets and poison oak. Black bears are big, but normally shy and will flee from people at the first chance. They are only a problem when their desire for food outweighs their normal fear of people. So just use the normal precautions and carry bear spray if you feel a need. A gun is unnecessary weight. I got smart and stopped carrying one while hiking years ago. There just is not a need in black bear country.
dave54 10/30/19 06:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Trouble with California

Some really interesting opinions on this topic. I subscribe to the mantra of just don't give them a reason to cause me a delay while at the same time not give up my rights either. Just came back from Yuma to San Diego about two weeks ago. Made sure I didn't have any fruits onboard. The Ag stop was about 30 seconds. Yes I flipped my sunglasses up onto my head as I'm rolling to a stop even though they are not law enforcement. And I always roll down both the drivers and and rear drivers side windows (factory tinted) so the inspector can see into the vehicle. The lady asked if I was bringing any fruits to which I said no. She asked me to pull forward a bit so she could check the drain plugs on the jet skis. I pulled forward a bit. She looked at the plugs and waved me on. Seriously a total of about 30 seconds. At the ICE checkpoint I did the same thing, sunglasses up and windows down. I never even came to a full stop before the guy waved me on. I'll keep doing this and let the inspector focus on the guy behind me in line that is adamantly keeping his sunglasses on and his tinted windows up to prevent that unauthorized visual search that the inspector is conducting from the doorway of his booth 5 feet away. Similar. Depends upon the inspector, the line, and his mood. A few years ago the Calexico border checkpoint was backed up and several agents were all over a van and a truck, tearing them apart. Very busy. The agent saw my California plate, gave me a quick visual, and waved me through without stopping. Did not even ask for passports. I shrugged, somewhat confused, and continued on my way north. Weird.
dave54 10/30/19 11:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Mysteries of RV design

Since so many rechargeable devices are around today, why aren't there more 12V or USB ports in RVs? The only 12V outlets are at the TV hookups.
dave54 10/30/19 10:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Where do you find water

In Arizona, there are water kiosks outside gas stations, grocery stores, Walmarts etc where you can fill gallon jugs for 25c or the large 5 gallon jugs for $1. Some areas do not have tap water that is very good, therefore the kiosks. I just used google to find them as we moved around. The water in Arizona, especially along the Colorado River corridor, is so heavily mineralized you cannot drink it. Even showering is like getting sandblasted. So taste the water first to see if you even want it in your tank. We have a double filter system and I replace the filters about every two weeks in Arizona. Drinking water is bottled or from the kiosks. Tank water is for showering and toilets. We don't even wash dishes with tank water.
dave54 10/20/19 10:33pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Another "Yuk" thread, or OMG, or what are they thinking?

If you do it right you do not need gloves. No part of your hand touches any part that came in contact with the waste.
dave54 10/19/19 05:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Boycott “No Campfires”

No campfires is a plus in my book.
dave54 10/16/19 12:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Slides- Important stuff AND what they don't tell you.

Almost all slides have a manual crank for retraction if the motor goes bad. Make sure you know how to operate it manually before you need to. Crawl under and operate the manual crank while it is in your driveway. Better to figure out how to do it before you need to crawl in the mud, in the dark, with flashlight in one hand while DW is reading the instructions to you... Watch out for trees, fences, pedestals etc while positioning the rig in a site. I know mine extends 42 inches. I carry a tape measure in the glove box to check clearances. While retracting, check for anything getting trapped between the slide and main wall. OTOH under the slide is a dandy spot to stash large items in your campsite. Out of the way and out of the rain.
dave54 10/11/19 09:01pm Beginning RVing
RE: Today is the Day

We are coming up on 45 years. I keep telling her she is stuck with me. I am so old I no longer have any trade-in value.
dave54 10/03/19 10:40pm Around the Campfire
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