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RE: How do I move weight forward?

Roy - Do you travel with a full fuel station? This wouldn't help much, but what about traveling with fuel jugs in the bed instead of filling the fuel station? Or what about filling up the fuel when you're closer to your destination? I can't tell from your post what your hauler is? (I don't recognize the model number.) You talk about your pin instead of your tongue, so I assume it's a fifth wheel. How long is your fiver and what's the configuration? Do you have a dedicated garage or open floor? And how many axles? If you have an open floor, can you move your bike forward at all? (You said bike, right?) How heavy is the bike? Would it make any difference if you loaded it in backwards? Can you load a heavy cooler and load it towards the front?
dedmiston 10/28/20 06:01pm Toy Haulers
RE: How do I move weight forward?

Add weight behind the wheels and that lifts the other side, think seasaw - add a second kid to one side and the other side becomes lighter, some of the weight is transferred. Adding ballast on the pin transfers all of that weight to the pin and truck. Adding balast between the pin and wheels distributes the additional weight to both the pin and wheels. I don't think that's what he's asking. His measurements show that he already understands how the balance works. I believe his question was, "What can I do to move some of my weight in front of the axles?"
dedmiston 10/28/20 05:55pm Toy Haulers
RE: Looking for fellow RVing writers

I used to write and edit articles for a now-defunct magazine called Toyhauler Magazine. That was fun and lucrative while it lasted. Now I mostly write Amazon reviews for the items we use on the road.
dedmiston 10/28/20 01:50pm RV Lifestyle
RE: A traffic mess in Moab

In this context, yes. But if someone were asking for opinions on Moab, I would think opinions like this would be germane. This is Roads & Routes. Nobody asked if he thinks the town is ugly or not. An ugly pothole would be germane though.
dedmiston 10/28/20 10:46am Roads and Routes
RE: Heating Cost: Electric vs. Propane

You heat your coach to 73? That's pretty hot. I would definitely use electric if the prices are comparable, because you'll go through LP so quickly. In the colder months I set the thermostat to 55 to keep it from getting too cold and to keep the basement warm.
dedmiston 10/28/20 10:42am General RVing Issues
RE: State Farm Insurance coverage for roof water damage

If you don't already have it, ask your agent for a copy of your policy so you can read it and see what's covered and what's excluded. If it isn't specifically excluded, then damage to "your covered auto" should be covered.
dedmiston 10/28/20 09:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Sunrunners - opposite of Snowbirds?

We "Summerize" ours and use it in the winter. Our camping season starts in September We try to camp "off season" too in the summertime, but our real season kicks off every year in November, usually for Veterans Day.
dedmiston 10/27/20 06:33pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Toy Hauler legend has passed

When I was in the industry I met Mark a couple of times. He had a lot of good ideas and he did make the toy hauler a reality. As already been said, him and his company got caught by the economic times, which was unfortunate. The FS2600 we had served us well. RIP Mark. Our satisfaction with the FS2600 was pretty near 100% (except for the frame recall thing). On the other hand, every time I get in bed now in our fiver, I thank my lucky stars that I don't need to climb over my wife to get into that FS2600 bed.
dedmiston 10/27/20 12:15pm Toy Haulers
RE: Rapid City, SD area RV park

We had a good experience at Larsson's Crooked Creek in Hill City. They're probably closed for the season right now, but hopefully they check their email. We liked the location, sites, and staff. We were there on their last night of the season just over a year ago and were a little surprised by how expensive they were, but it's a pretty good location in a great town. I would stay there again if we're in the area.
dedmiston 10/26/20 03:21pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Toy Hauler legend has passed

That sounds pretty great. Do you know why it had 50A service? That seems kind of extreme.
dedmiston 10/26/20 12:44pm Toy Haulers
RE: Toy Hauler legend has passed

Wow. That's a lot of LP to keep such a small box warm. I don't know about you, but our WW was our fist big boy RV. We had a popup before that, but that was a very different category. We loved our WW though and used the heck out of it. Except for the little thing about the frame bending (which WW was very good about repairing), that rig was bulletproof. It survived through eight or nine bikes that I can think of (five at a time), two adults, three kids, four dogs (one or two at a time), and countless guests. Our kids were tiny when we first got it, and now they're all adults. I don't exactly miss our old WW, but it sure served us well and I'll always appreciate it.
dedmiston 10/26/20 11:03am Toy Haulers
Toy Hauler legend has passed width=575 I'm having trouble finding any news articles to substantiate this, but viral social media is reporting that Weekend Warrior founder, Mark Warmoth, passed away this weekend. Mark was a legend in the industry and his Weekend Warrior brand was the leader for years, until the bottom fell out of the market. In addition to building the leading toy hauler manufacturer in the nation, he was also vocal and active in the desert community and was a productive supporter of the OHV sports. I didn't see eye to eye with him when his team botched the repairs on our first hauler (2005 FS2600), but we had many years of great memories in that hauler and it served us well. I'm sorry his spin-off companies never came back as strong as Weekend Warrior, but I don't think he ever could have recaptured what he originally built. Godspeed Mark Warmoth.
dedmiston 10/26/20 10:00am Toy Haulers
RE: A traffic mess in Moab

We generally avoid Moab as much as possible anyway, Ugly town Polite people keep those thoughts to themselves.
dedmiston 10/24/20 02:51pm Roads and Routes
RE: Throwing in the towel

Well, trailer was officially deemed a total loss by insurance after they did their calculation. Now to see what their settlement number is. Oh no. Time to bust out your receipts and photos of all the upgrades you did. Their valuation will be based on comps, but the comps won't necessarily have all of your mods included. Make them factor in things you've added, like solar, more batteries, inverter, TVs, sound, ... And if they fight you and don't want to pay for those things, grab your tools and start ripping them all out and restore it to stock. The adjuster that you negotiate this with probably won't have any familiarity with RVs, so this will be an uphill battle. You'll have to advocate for yourself though. Good luck.
dedmiston 10/23/20 04:12pm Toy Haulers
RE: best non interstate route from Cottonwood to Albuquerque

Grants is a bit of '50 s route 66 and reservation pueblos. Great description of Grants. :B
dedmiston 10/23/20 09:47am Roads and Routes
RE: Throwing in the towel

Born and raised in California. It is NOT the same state is was. That's horrible. You've had a lifetime of bad luck in such a short time. What part of the state are you in?
dedmiston 10/22/20 02:39pm Toy Haulers
RE: Received new vehicle with nail implanted in tire-maybe.

Here's a decent plug kit on Amazon. Throw away the plugs that come with it and get the Blackjacks. Get a jar of rubber cement too.
dedmiston 10/21/20 06:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Received new vehicle with nail implanted in tire-maybe.

If you think it can be plugged, go to Amazon and get yourself a plug kit. The plugs that come with most kits aren't that great, but you can buy Blackjack plugs on Amazon too. Everyone should travel with a plug kit. The first one will be hard, but you'll get the hang of it. I keep a plug kit in my truck, one in the fiver, and another one in our off-road car. The off-road car is the most fun. Everyone stands around and gawks while you deal with the plug, and they try to guess how many plugs it will take. The most I've ever seen in one puncture was six plugs. I'm glad it wasn't me. :B
dedmiston 10/21/20 06:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Time to Prep the 5er

Yep, the best time of year to be boondocking! In just a week from now will be getting ready for a few weeks in the mountains! It looks like it may be a little cool when we “de-winterize” for our trip. With the weather, a lot can change over a few days.....we have lows predicted below zero F next Monday morning....will be loading the camper with gear/food and water on Wednesday. Hopefully, it will be 20’s or a bit warmer when I’m playing with the water hose! ;) memtb So where are you headed? Our desert riding season kicks off next month. I can't wait. dedmiston, We’re really not going far.......about half-way between Thermopolis and Cody (Wyoming). We’ve got late season elk tags, and will be in the hills for only about 2 1/2 weeks....the G&F shortened the season. Even if we fail on the will be nice to be out! It’s been a very busy year here at home. We haven’t gone anywhere or done anything, other than an overnighter in our little Class C for our semi-annual shopping trip! Where do you do your riding and what machine are you using.....I assume you’ll be riding dunes! Whatever and wherever.....I hope you have a great trip! I’m guessing that it will be a bit warmer for you desert trip! memtb That sounds fantastic. I'm not a hunter, but that's only because good hunting is too far away. But I did read all of C.J. Box's Joe Picket books. I was walking with our dogs one morning in the desert and struck up a conversation with the guy camped down the road doing the same thing. He turned me onto the Joe Picket books and I enjoyed them. I have kind of a love/hate relationship with Wyoming. Two of my kids went to university in Laramie, and one of them ended up getting her doctorate there. Even though we rightfully had to pay out-of-state tuition, the education up there was fantastic. We're very grateful to the Cheney family for all of their endowment to the school. We even accidentally drove through the Cheney's ranch when we took a shortcut to Casper. I think Wyoming is trying to kill me though. Between getting snowed in in May when we went up for graduation so many years ago and having the wind blow the bedroom window out of our fiver, I think Wyoming is gently telling me to keep out. You sure have a gorgeous state though. Our camps down here are in the scrub parts of the desert and not the dunes. We have a lot of hills and washes to give us some good terrain to ride our Can Am through. As badly as I want to leave California, I can't believe how lucky we are to have so many square miles of gorgeous legal lands to ride through. It's an amazing playground and people are surprisingly good about being good stewards of the lands out there. Enjoy your trip.
dedmiston 10/21/20 05:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: best non interstate route from Cottonwood to Albuquerque

Use the Trip Planner on this forum for a non-interstate route. It gave me a route but if it were me I'd take I-40 as there isn't much to see. He's from Delaware. I bet the natural roadside scenery would be fascinating to him. Years ago we drove one of our #2 to school up in Wyoming and kid #3 had to get home ASAP to get back home for high school opening day. I dropped off my wife and kid #3 in Denver to fly home, and then I had all the time in the world and nobody else's input for my drive home. I could have taken the beeline home, but I aimed for New Mexico just for fun and then shut off the GPS. I drove around on local roadways for a couple of days and zig-zagged generally westerly towards home. I think I finally jumped onto I40 in Winslow and headed home. This was one of my favorite trips ever. I wish I hadn't been alone, but I don't think anyone else would have let me get away with it. My long-winded point is, one man's "not much to see" is another man's paradise. Another option is to make yourself a mental BINGO card and aim for random destinations based on your offbeat list. I want to stop at: * A fry bread stand * A hatch chili stand * A fireworks store * Anasazi ruins * Native jewelry stand You get the idea.
dedmiston 10/21/20 12:24pm Roads and Routes
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