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utility bed for truck camper

I saw a truck camper on a truck with a utility bed, the extra storage really made me interested. the storage compartments would really come in handy, in the front left and right storage compartments the owner had a ten gallon propane tank with hoses running into the compartment on the truck camper that held the small five gallon tanks. the rubber hoses connected to the regulator on the truck camper. that in itself was a big plus for long term boon docking the other compartments were used for storage of items such as leveling blocks and other useful items. has anyone have pictures of a utility bed with a truck camper on it. does anyone know of a reputable builder?
devildog1971 10/30/20 06:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Best truck for Northern Lite 10-2

I ix it all air bags super springs, timbres, you na it I tried it . Then I talked to a real expert, and who is a real expert when it comes to suspension on vehicles. Truck Campr sales lots have the easy to install things that make them money ( mostly) A Suspension shop are experts fro small to large trucks. I was told a story about superstrings that were put on ambulances. turned out not to be the very best solution, same with the other little goodies. A shop that specializes in everything from ambulances, truck campers semi trucks one shop in my arenas been in business for 55 years they do work for the local cities ,counties the state, and private enterprise. my truck was a 2007 dually long bed, over the years the springs were out of factory specs. they put the springs back to factory specifications, then he added a extra spring in the middle. All this was done with the camper on the truck it does not sag bounce porpoise any of those weird things you here about on forums. If you want expert work see a expert
devildog1971 08/10/20 08:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking into a Truck Camper

I use to have a class C 2018, with azdel. In the nose there was almost a undetectable crack in the caulking, on the roof the warranty had expired by seven months two R. V. repair shops looked at it the cheapest was eleven thousand, and both companies said they could not match the interior cloth and wall pieces. I went to the factory in Indiana they have a warranty section there. We live in Georgia. The head of the department looked it over and said the unit should have not left the factory with such a poor job on the caulking on the roof part over the driving compartment. Forest River has a campground where you can stay at night for free. I would drive it over to the warranty work area and at the end of the day they would bring it back. Until they decided every thing should be replaced including framing that they did some welding on it was torn back more than half of the motorhome. They would show us what they had done at the end of every day. We were in a motel by then. At the completion of the job they walked us through to see if we were satisfied. I was asked where our spare tire was it did not come with one the dealer had told us. Well we got a new spare tire and wheel they did a few extra things to the unit that we asked for to make it more enjoyable for us. Many of the things they did besides the roof would not have been covered by any warranty I expected to pay for at least some of the work. The shop manager smiled and said go and have some fun in your motorhome (which was better than new) there was NO CHARGE FOR ANY OF THE THINGS THEY DID. POINT TO MAKE AZDEL WILL DELAMINATE. Forest river is great one of the remarks that was made when I thought we would have to pay at least something was "you went to the trouble to bring it back to us at the factory so no charge for anything
devildog1971 05/19/20 01:23pm Truck Campers
Northern lite blind

Due to a house fire we only got to use our 2019 10-2 dry bath once bringing it home. I winterized it and kept a large house size dehumidifier on 24 hrs a day. the stove and sink have yet to be used. The blind behind the stove developed a silver dollar sized white spot. I brushed it with a soft brush it is not mildew or any type of mold. Northern Lite had no idea what caused this strange reaction either. Northern Lite provided better service than I ever thought possible, U P S delivered a new complete blind. have not took it out of the box yet has anyone else ever replaced the blind in a newer northern lite? I sure would like to know what caused the problem I will try to insert a picture of the old blind thanks NORTHERN LITE.
devildog1971 05/15/20 10:24am Truck Campers
RE: Roof Vent Security

yes, be concerned seems like Canadians can go anywhere in South America I talked to a couple that made it back to Texas, minus truck and camper all they had was the clothes on their back
devildog1971 05/04/20 06:26pm Truck Campers
RE: 2020 SE TC Gathering - planning stage

have you checked out any corps engineers campsites I saw three not far from Nashville, they are clean and nice
devildog1971 02/26/20 11:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Registration Rant

I live in Georgia the first time it was $20.00 now my truck bike and drivers license are free. the only catch you have to be a veteran. Farm bureau rates my 3500 GM C a farm truck it has to be a 1 ton then theynclassify it as a commercial farm vehicle insurance is$180.00 every six months
devildog1971 02/26/20 10:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Northern Lite truck to camper cord

I fixed that problem myself the factory told me it was a dealer problem
devildog1971 02/26/20 03:46pm Truck Campers
2019 Northern Lite 10-2 CD

I turned on the furnace and now I have a question, should the thermostat have a light in the thermostat so the numbers can be seen without using a flashlight, even with the overhead lights on it is hard to see the thermostat heat numbers.
devildog1971 02/26/20 03:36pm Truck Campers
Adding extra solar panel to 2019 Northern Lite

My Northern Lite came with one 95 watt solar panel. I would like to add another but my solar knowledge is lacking. does the second panel have to be a 95 watt panel or can I add a 100 Watt The one is almost like a trickle charger not enough to charge from 50% even in sun most of the day
devildog1971 01/10/20 09:01pm Truck Campers
RE: 2020 SE TC Gathering - planning stage

Hope your familys health improves, that is most important. maybe some place close to Nashville. Or is that to far from where you all live. Family is for ever. I heard there was a army corp of engineers near Nashville
devildog1971 01/10/20 08:15pm Truck Campers
RE: mounting a propane tank to bumper

close the thread all I wanted was some advice on carrying extra propane, this is ridiculous, out of eight pages I think I got only a couple of helpful hints. there are some who will not run their referigators on propane when driving even though that is why they were built to run on propane. For those of you that were honestly trying to help me solve a problem , thank you. as for the rest good night
devildog1971 01/10/20 06:54pm Truck Campers
RE: mounting a propane tank to bumper

I also lived in Las Vegas before it turned into a extension of California evaporative coolers do not work there anymore. To many golf courses and swimming pools, the humidity is to high for them to be effective. they still work in places like pahrump Boron and Ridgecrest California.
devildog1971 01/10/20 06:41pm Truck Campers
RE: mounting a propane tank to bumper

every R V I have looked at has a lock on doors where propane bottles are kept
devildog1971 01/09/20 10:42pm Truck Campers
RE: mounting a propane tank to bumper

Propane bottles need to be mounted somewhere where they won't be damaged if someone rear ends you - or you rear end someone who stops short in front of you. there are many propane tanks protected by a thin piece of sheet metal and at the height if they were hit in the side the propane tank would take the worse of it We have propane trucks that deliver propane to homes one was hit by a train it was horrible no explosion or no catastrophe from fire now give me a example of of one of these bombs you refer to
devildog1971 01/09/20 10:38pm Truck Campers
RE: mounting a propane tank to bumper

a loan of vehicles run on gasoline and or propane I saw several California cars owned by the state of california . The propane tank could be partially seen below the rear bumper. I also love the people who go unhinged when I fill my diesel truck up with diesel and they are screaming a spark could kill everyone. that isa crock there are no sparks from a diesel no spark plugs, try to ge4t diesel fuel to burn with a match see what happens inn a propane tank is overheated it bleeds off slowly. I had a class a with a 32 gallon propane tank the only thing protecting it was a thin piece of sheet metal if a car had hit the side of that class a the propane tank would have taken a hit to bend it badly or worse. a lot of R V's have poorly mounted propane tanks ha worry warts get a grip
devildog1971 01/09/20 10:33pm Truck Campers
RE: mounting a propane tank to bumper

If some people do not agree with then then they imply everyone is ignorant. where do you think cars that run on propane place those propane tanks under the back by thebumper. Know all the facts before you label people with ignorance abounds because usually it is the one without all the facts
devildog1971 01/09/20 10:24pm Truck Campers
RE: mounting a propane tank to bumper

I do not understand the confusionI have had a class c 2017and a class A both if in a accident could be damaged. I had a class B burn to the ground while on a trip to louisiana. no explosion from the gasoline tank or the propane tank. some people get over cautious manic cautious. these taks have built in safety feature
devildog1971 01/09/20 10:21pm Truck Campers
RE: mounting a propane tank to bumper

I had a class B that caught on fire, it had a 20 gallon propane tank and full of gas the gas tank and propane tank vented off lost the r v but no explosion
devildog1971 01/05/20 02:29am Truck Campers
RE: mounting a propane tank to bumper

I measured the distance the factory mounted tanks are from the rear of the vehicle (7) seven inches. that is seven inches of fiberglass. the bumper on my 10-2cdse is refereed to as a patio bumper so there would be substantial steel protecting the tank. A puncture of a propane tank does not equal explosion.
devildog1971 12/11/19 12:13pm Truck Campers
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