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RE: Anderson connectors: if too small, is that a bottleneck?

(This question is an offshoot of my question about cables to portable solar panels -- but since the subject of Anderson connectors comes up in a variety of contexts, I thought it would be better to start a new thread.) Anderson connectors seem to be very useful for "plug and play" electrical power. I did a little research, and (of course) managed to confuse myself thoroughly. I see that they come in various sizes. To borrow a phrase, does size matter? For example, if I am using ten gauge wire to draw power from my portable solar panel, but I choose a too-small Anderson connector, have I created a bottleneck that defeats the purpose of the heavier wire? The obvious analogy is to a garden hose -- if you hitch a 3/4 inch hose to a half inch hose, you are going to be limited to the flow rate of the smaller hose. Does the same limitation apply to the Anderson connector? And if so, how do I choose the right connector for the job? Thanks in advance for your collective insights, bearing in mind that lots of us who read the Tech forum postings have little or no technical expertise. There are two different size Anderson connectors that would be applicable to what you want to do. First, this one. Second, this one. For what you are doing, I would use the second. The first (50 amp) will have a larger contact area, but unless you are very anal about getting every milliamp from your portable solar it is overkill. If you are going to use it in wet locations, and I am not talking about the occasional rain, the Anderson connectors are not what I would choose. I wouldn't use the Zamp (SAE) connector either. The problems with the SAE connector is one of gender, and they do not seal well. With the Anderson connectors, gender doesn't matter. With the SAE connector, if not wired with forethought, it can have power available on the exposed pin. I use all of these connectors at work, and for my personal stuff, I use the second link. They are available in 15, 30 and 45 amp versions, and it strictly depends on wire size, that is the only difference.
dieseltruckdriver 10/14/21 06:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Best WIFI Hotspot

An advantage to a stand-alone unit is you can go with a different carrier to expand your coverage options. This is what we do. AT&T for the hotspot and Verizon prepaid for the phones. We almost always have coverage.
dieseltruckdriver 10/05/21 07:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Solar panel mounting; screws or toggle bolts?

On my roof I put down a strip of Eternabond under the "feet" of the solar panels, then put down some Dicor and set the "feet" down and screw that down to the roof.
dieseltruckdriver 10/03/21 08:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: simple laptop solution for RV travel

Once you get into laptops you also become vulnerable to viruses. Not any more than a desktop if you take the same precautions. Also not with Chromebooks.
dieseltruckdriver 10/03/21 09:10am General RVing Issues
RE: House battery charging options

I have about $500 to $550 in my 420 watt solar system. I have two Honda EU2000i generators that haven't been run in two years except to exercise them. We are on two weeks with no hookups and I am listening to it rain right now. I love the silence of solar and not having to worry about my generators getting stolen. It is hard to put a price on happiness. Everyone is different, no on way is right for everyone.
dieseltruckdriver 09/29/21 07:18pm Tech Issues
RE: Where do you put your levels?

On our last TC I put one level where I could see it in the drivers side mirror, and one right by the jack also. As far as where to check for level, use the stove top. Make it so the eggs don't run to one side of the pan that way both the cook and the fridge will be happy.
dieseltruckdriver 09/29/21 07:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Carbon Monoxide Detector Proper Placement

Interesting--I worked as a contractor in Vietnam and lost 2 of my employees to carbon monoxide. A pump in a well stopped working and the foreman went down in it, about 40ft, to see what wrong and the workers above saw him fall into the water and another one went down. He to fell in the water. When they were got out it was determined that the carbon monoxide had killed them. I had been down in that well myself no problem but we in the meantime had started a diesel power station right above the well. We were told that carbon monoxide had settled in the well because it was a heavier gas. Were we told wrong? I have always believed that since then. CO is very slightly lighter than air but it mixes readily, so it might be possible but without testing the air it is impossible to know for sure. Edited to add: The line "mixes readily with air" comes directly from some of the literature that I personally deal with at work. I calibrate 9 CO sensors where I work. I also agree completely with the suggestion to get one with a readout.
dieseltruckdriver 09/27/21 07:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Pairing honda eu generator problem

First thing I would check would be the 30 amp adapter since it works when you plug the camper in to the 20 (15) amp receptacle. That is if you have a multimeter. For now I would just use the fridge and water heater on propane so you don't need to pull as much through the smaller outlet. For the record I have two EU2000i generators, no campanion.
dieseltruckdriver 09/25/21 09:05am Tech Issues
RE: Fresh water tank

The one of the differences is my pump hoses fit in the tote also. The other difference is my hose fittings fit standard garden hoses, female in male out. My hoses ride in the trailer anyway, in case I need to fill the tank at my site. (I don't use shore water. Even with full connections, I use the tank.) The reason I went with double males is that when I connect a hose to the faucet, it connects to a male fitting. When the bladder is full, I close a hose shut-off valve and leave the hose attached to the bladder. I take it to the trailer and that hose, still connected to the bladder, now connects to the male fitting on the pump. The other male fitting on the pump now connects to the normal tank filling hose. My 5er still has a gravity fill port, and we also only use our fresh tank. I just got done with a spot with electric and water for 9 days, and never pulled a hose out, since our fresh tank was full was full when we got there. I only mentioned it because some think they HAVE to use the city hookup instead of using their fresh water tank. I don't understand why. I don't worry about my tank sensors because I know two full fresh tanks fit in our 2 grey and 1 black tanks. In 9 days, we didn't use 1 fresh tank, much less two.
dieseltruckdriver 08/24/21 06:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fresh water tank

I also took a spare pump and added garden hose connections. I mounted mine to a small plastic cutting board. It is kept in a small plastic bin with extra fittings and a water pressure gage. I can connect it at the truck 7 pin plug or trailer battery for power.I forgot to mention that also, I did wire my pump so it would work off my 7 pin plug since it is in the back, just like my bladder.
dieseltruckdriver 08/23/21 09:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fresh water tank

My boondocking water kit. Throw the tote in the truck and go. Has everything except the hoses, that live in the TT anyway. The blue thing is the 45 gallon potable water bladder. The pump, showing hose connections (both male), switch, and fuse. I have an SAE connector on there because I have an SAE supply on the trailer, and battery cables with an SAE connector. I can power the pump either way. Neither large, nor heavy. To me, at least the 45 gallon bladder is certainly a good solution if it's easy to fill at the campground, less space and easier to do than jugs, but Many campgrounds we go to the fresh water source (a) isn't really accesible with a truck with a bladder in it, and (b) no threads on the water spigot so you need a "water thief" and a LONG hose. So that' why we use the 7 gallon jugs. This is also nearly exactly what I do. I got tired of the 6 1/2 gallon jugs. The one of the differences is my pump hoses fit in the tote also. The other difference is my hose fittings fit standard garden hoses, female in male out. Edited to add: Also my water bladder is a 60 gallon version.
dieseltruckdriver 08/23/21 06:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: old diesel fuel in tank

As it has been said, if it smells ok, just top it off and then drive it off, or at least as much as you can. I would highly advise having spare filters. I'm not sure I could tell you what good diesel smells like. Maybe I'll have someone more knowledgeable take a sniff. But you think I should get some fresh diesel in it right away? Not necessarily right away, just before you use it. Fuel lasts much longer than gasoline, so it wouldn't concern me. My advice for the biocide was a CYA thing, as it is possible for some growth and it will plug your filters if you have it, but again, you may not.
dieseltruckdriver 08/22/21 07:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Upgrading Thermostat to Digital

I went old school and have the same Honeywell programmable that I use in my house. My DW only has to know how to use one thermostat this way, and it has four settings per day.
dieseltruckdriver 08/22/21 07:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Vanleigh RVs

C Schomer - not sure if you looked at VL, all face frames, doors, etc are solid Alder with Cherry plywood in the fields. The woodwork is what makes VL stand out, no paper wrapped pressboard like we found in several competitors. I agree with this, they did have nice woodwork in them.
dieseltruckdriver 08/21/21 10:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: old diesel fuel in tank

As it has been said, if it smells ok, just top it off and then drive it off, or at least as much as you can. I would highly advise having spare filters.
dieseltruckdriver 08/21/21 10:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: old diesel fuel in tank

It wouldn't hurt to add a biocide to your tank, but that would be it. It will be fine.
dieseltruckdriver 08/20/21 04:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Vanleigh RVs

Before we bought our current 5er, they were on our short list. The build seemed good, but the deal breakers for us was small tank sizes and residential only fridge. Also no 12 volt USB plugs anywhere for charging things. We mainly boondock or dry camp so those were all big deals to us. In our opinion, they would be very good units if you were mainly at full hookup sites. We almost never have full hookups, like twice with our current 5er.
dieseltruckdriver 08/17/21 12:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Arctic Fox Roof

n0arp, I mistakenly assumed they would use similar construction. I would not use my mounting methods on a roof you described. Except for putting down the Eternabond wherever you are going to breach the roof.
dieseltruckdriver 08/15/21 05:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Temptation to Buy a Chromebook

I should have added that I am in our 5er right now, using a cell phone hotspot and that is all you need for a Chromebook.
dieseltruckdriver 08/15/21 09:40am Technology Corner
RE: Temptation to Buy a Chromebook

I am on a 4 year old Chromebook right now. Some people who don't understand them will say they are useless without an internet connection, but you can do word processing, spreadsheets etc. offline if you choose to. They do not have much storage space, but they are very fast. It is my computer of choice anymore, but I still have to use Win 10 at work or for video processing, ham radio logging etc. at home. In defense of the Windows 10 computers, the one at work reminds me why I dislike Windows almost daily, but the one at home has a hybrid drive with the OS on the SSD, and it boots almost as fast as a Chromebook. We even carry a spare Chromebook in our 5er in case something happens to one of our Chromebooks. I just boot it up a couple times a year to update the thing.
dieseltruckdriver 08/15/21 09:27am Technology Corner
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