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RE: fantastic fan just stopped

Is there a thermistor on the fan which would turn not only it off but also two 12v ceiling lights???? This happened a couple years ago and magically cured itself after couple days for no reason. Already checked fuses light bulbs and 12v power to all and everything seems normal One thing you can check is the connections on the roof. There is a nut that tightens the connector onto the plungey switchy thingy. If you back it off, clean it up and tighten it down it may come back alive. Hope you sort it out. That is the same thing as the metal door light plunger on OLD cars. But, It ONLY affects the fan blade operation. Nothing else. It is a lid open switch and if the nut is loose you lose ground to the fan motor. This link shows what the plunger looks like on the Fantastic. Doug
dougrainer 12/07/21 02:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic Furnace Temperature Range

AS you have found out, The D is just 1 to 2 degrees. NOT what you actually want. Other than the D setting the tstat cannot do what you want it to do. The only other way is to remount the Complete tstat in a different location, that more accurately senses the inside temp. Doug
dougrainer 12/07/21 10:55am Tech Issues
RE: Greystone Fireplace - Replacement Circuit Board

RV designed Fireplace units are so cheap the OEM just replaces the complete Fireplace when a component fails. A few years ago we replaced about 15 fireplaces on new units(Jayco) and ones under warranty due to a defect in the control boards. We then cut the power cable and threw in the trash per Jayco. Doug PS, we do the same with the cheaper Microwaves
dougrainer 12/03/21 08:23am Tech Issues
RE: A/C Issues??

OK, you should have the RVP Coleman 15k Heat Pump. At 85 degrees outside ambient, the TOTAL amp draw will be 14 amps to 14.3 amps. Hi Fan. Discount the 2.5 amps for fan draw, your compressor should be pulling 12.0 amps. NOT 9 amps. Where did this so called tech measure the amp draw and did you see what kind of amp draw tool he used? At 9 amps, that would indicate a charge problem. But I doubt any of his diagnostics is correct or accurate. I still lean towards the separator gasket missing or not installed correctly. You HAVE to pull the top unit to verify this. Click this link and scroll towards the bottom where he has the AC on its side. That center gasket is the seperator gasket. Doug
dougrainer 11/30/21 10:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: A/C Issues??

THERE IS NO WAY ANY RV ROOF AC WILL PUT OUT 28.8 DEGREE COLD AIR. PERIOD. The best it will do is around 39 to 40 degrees in lower ambient temps. Besides, IF it could put out lower than 40 degree temps the Freeze thermister would shut the compressor off. There seems to be a BIG problem with how you and this so called tech are using their Temp measurement devices. One thing that will cause a problem is IF the bad AC was replaced. AND they did not install the separating gasket. That would cause the cold air to be pulled back into the AC unit and cause a lack of air volume. It could have happened at Tiffin when it was built, but I have never seen the separator gasket missing from the OEM. Doug
dougrainer 11/29/21 12:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leveling Jack Creaking/Popping

Tiffin stopped using that brand this year and now use Lippert jacks. Fork oil is used in motorcycle forks and is recommended by Lippert as an additive to the hydraulic oil. I believe Tiffin still uses HWH. They dropped HWH on just the Open Road models. And yes, the Additive will stop the problem. They used to call the additive anti/Sticksion additive. This is LCI's fix for the problem on their jacks.
dougrainer 11/29/21 12:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Kwickie step problems

Does anyone know what bad things happen when I match a Igml Controller with an pre-Igml Motor? (The 1995 magnetic door switch was a NO switch so that should work.) LGML Acronym Definition LGML Luis Gomez Memorial League (fantasy baseball) LGML Lower Global Mask Long (computing) ??????????????????????????????????????????????? igML Implementation Guideline Markup Language Technology 1 IGML Index of Gastric Mucosal Lesions Gastroenterology , Medical 1 IGML Indira Gandhi Memorial Library
dougrainer 11/19/21 08:46am Tech Issues
RE: A/C Issues??

I agree it wasn’t the right thermometer but it measured something at those temps. It was either the vent or the duct behind the vent. Furnace problem was simple. I turned the front furnace on and the rear one came on. The rear one turns the front one on. However they both still rely on their own respective temperature sensors. So they run on and on because the sensor in the front won’t turn the rear one off. The front touch control turns on the front a/c and the front heat pump but the rear furnace. The rear touch control turns on the rear a/c and the front furnace. This is a simple fix on the spyder system. Just swapping the rear and front furnace 2 wires at the spyder module. Doug PS, SHOULD have been caught at the PDI by the selling dealer.
dougrainer 11/18/21 08:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hydraulic stabilizers down during storage

Hello all, What’s the consensus on leaving your stabilizers down while in storage? Ive heard it’s 4 more ways for mice to get into the coach. I also heard it keep some of the weight off of the tires minimizing flat spots on the tires. Thank you Sorry, had to laugh. Mice would look at 2 motorhomes and conclude the one with 4 jacks extended is the one to go into:B? IF you have NON powered retract type jacks(HWH and some Powergear), I would extend. But if you have electric or Power down and Power up jacks I would not leave extended. If you have a failure to get retracted, then you have a problem getting the RV to the Service Center. Doug
dougrainer 11/18/21 08:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inverter

First thing I’d do is replace the communication cable from control board to inverter. Good catch. Probably NOT the problem. After reading his complaints, what he needs to do is Disconnect 120 power to the RV and Disconnect the Positive battery cable at the Inverter for at least 15 minutes. Then reconnect and see what his display does. This reboots the Inverter. If same problem all he has to do is disconnect the remote harness AT the Inverter and he can turn the Inverter on and off at the button on the inverter. IF that does NOT turn the Inverter On and Off, then his inverter needs replaced as it is not a Comm cable problem. BTW you do NOT just replace the COMM cable. You remove the inside Inverter Remote panel(4 screws) and then go to the Inverter with a new COM cable and plug direct into the Inverter from the remote in your hand. IF it then works, replace the cable. If it still malfunctions you have not wasted the time running a new cable. Doug
dougrainer 11/16/21 06:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: A/C Issues??

Doug - thanks for your input. The digital thermometer I used is a Jumper digital thermometer. The “House” symbol indicates object measurement mode. It seems to be accurate with other similar type measurements. The readings I got were taken right at the vent with both a/c’s running. Although this is not perhaps the right tool to use it’s what I had and I doubt it would be 20 degrees off. I have the mobile tech from La Mesa RV coming next Saturday to fix my reversed furnace wiring and some other things. I will have them check both a/c units while they are here. I would imagine they have a more appropriate measuring device for the application. My google search of a Jumper Digital Thermometer indicates it is a IR/thermal type Medical thermometer. Which, I stated you CANNOT use. IR thermometers CANNOT sense AIR. They sense solids. Reversed Furnace wiring????? How did you determine that? Not what may be causing your cold problem, just want to know what your furnace problem is and how you determined it is reversed. Doug
dougrainer 11/16/21 06:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: A/C Issues??

You have the 2022 Tiffin Open Road? If so, you have a problem. A Tiffin in 85 ambient will freeze you out with 2 AC units. I would set the front at 65 degrees and the rear at 75 and then see what happens. Your Tiffin has the inside temp sensors mounted in the ceiling drivers side next to a cold air vent. 1 in the Bedroom and 1 in the living room. Also, turn the rear OFF and run the front at 65 degrees. Test after at least 1 hour. The air output in the living room should be at least 60 degree output. It will probably be in the 50 to 55 range. Your 42 and 43 are NOT correct or accurate. Your Thermometer is not designed for what you are testing. The Delta difference is 18 to 22 degrees. That means at your 42, the warm INPUT would be 62 degrees which is enough to freeze you out. So, based on my 42 years as a RV Tech (Tiffin dealer tech also), your temp measurements are not good/correct at all. Doug PS you state digital thermometer set on house mode. NEVER heard of that type thermometer and I would not use such a appliance. Click this link for what you should use. ALSO, you CANNOT use a IR type Thermometer.
dougrainer 11/16/21 10:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: MAJOR short on a 2006 newmar essex

System could be back feeding to the dash via the charge relay system. Possible from bad ground. Check connections in battery compartment. another dumb question I open the electrical compartment and see two black solenoids one I assume is for boost and one is for?? I check with test lite and power to both side of both solenoids with chassis battery's on or off One should be the COACH battery disconnect. Test the solenoids with Coach disconnect OFF and NO 120 Power to the RV. Doug
dougrainer 11/13/21 04:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 5500 Onan starts then dies, help please

check the oil level, Onan will not run if low on oil True, but holding the choke butterfly would not override the oil pressure LOPKO. Doug
dougrainer 11/12/21 02:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter

First, your Freedom 458 is pretty old technology. It is likely no worth the cost of repair. I disagree with dougrainer. I would always replace an old inverter or converter with a modern inverter-charger-automatic transfer switch. Simpler/less wiring and much simpler to use. I would install a good battery monitor. What are you stating that I was wrong?????? I TOLD him to replace the Inverter/Charger. The OLD Freedom had a transfer relay. They BOTH(old and new) operate the same way and there is no extra feature the current replacement will have. Maybe a Battery temp monitor, but that comes with the new Freedom. Doug
dougrainer 11/12/21 02:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leak on Lippert Hydraulic system

What I would do is remove the reservoir and clean out the O ring area and get dry. Then use Axle grease or a heavy grease to lube the o ring and track and reinstall and make sure the reservoir is supported. This may be enough to keep the DEXRON from seeping out. Doug
dougrainer 11/12/21 02:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Inverter

twenty years ago, the general rule for cost on an Inverter/Charger was $1 per watt. So, if you needed a 3000 watt inverter/charger it was about $3000. But starting about 15 years ago, with do many Motorhomes using Inverter/Chargers, the cost has come way down. The current replacement is the Xantrex freedom 458 2500 watt which is about $1300. You NEED an Inverter/CHARGER! Your system is set up for the Inverter/Charger. The bad news is, you will probably have to also pay for a new Remote panel. Your older remote panel is probably not compatible for the newer Freedom Inverters. You could just work around the Inverter/Charger and put in a standard RV POWER CONVERTER, at least a 70 amp or higher. You will have to remove the 120 input and output romex wires and just connect them together to power the circuits that run thru the Inverter. A good RV POWER CONVERTER 70 amp runs about $300. But, it is best to fix it correctly. Doug
dougrainer 11/12/21 09:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 5500 Onan starts then dies, help please

The seafoam did not work. You need to remove the carb fuel bowl and unscrew the needle jet assbly and clean out the 16 holes with regular carb spray. The carb is varnished/gummed up. Doug
dougrainer 11/11/21 07:55pm Tech Issues
RE: 2012 bounder scare light

Thanks for the help, we have that switch so the bulb must be burned out. Should be a 1141 bulb
dougrainer 11/11/21 05:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leak on Lippert Hydraulic system

There should not be any pressure at the tank/pump interface so, unless the tank is overfilled, fluid should not leak there. I would look carefully at the pump itself and any attached manifolds. I had a leak in our Lippert system - but it was from the manifold that controls the slides. Rob When you have a O ring that fails, it does NOT take pressure for the reservoir to leak. Doug
dougrainer 11/11/21 01:10pm Class A Motorhomes
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