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RE: No gas to stove only

I'll give that a try. It's bot in a slide out so I can't imagine the hose got pinched. We were on the way home from a 2 week road trip where it worked fine. Luckily it waited until the drive home to stop working Is the supply hose to the stove top Rubber or Copper? Let us know if the LP flow test I mentioned spews LP or not. Doug
dougrainer 05/29/23 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: No gas to stove only

Does the cooktop have a lid that is fixed at a hinge point? If so the switch may be faulty or came loose. Please explain this comment. I have 44 years as an RV tech and have never seen a RV cooktop cover that has a "safety" switch. Kind of makes NO sense. To light a cook top burner you have to lift the bi fold cover anyway. Doug
dougrainer 05/29/23 08:27am Tech Issues
RE: No gas to stove only

Is the stove in a slide out? If so, odds are the rubber LP line is pinched. The regulator you see drops the Supply from normal 11.5 inch water column to 10 inches. They rarely fail. They do leak sometimes but rarely fail to deliver LP. What you need to do is, TURN OFF LP AT TANK. Disconnect the LP line from the regulator on the stove. Then while holding the LP line have someone turn on the LP tank. IF the LP spews out turn off the tank. IF NOT, the pinched hose is the problem. Doug
dougrainer 05/28/23 01:21pm Tech Issues
RE: 2005 Norcold refrigerator -- shore power not cooling

Since unit doesn't work on lp and marginal on electric, test the thermistor. Thermistor testing Potentially bad circuit board. I prefer Dinosaur Electronics replacements.. A BAD thermister will test GOOD most of the time. If my checkout shows a good refer, then he needs to replace the Thermister. Doug
dougrainer 05/27/23 05:45am Tech Issues
RE: 2005 Norcold refrigerator -- shore power not cooling

N821 has just 1- 120 element. 1. Verify ventilation from outside lower refer access door up thru the roof is clear of obstructions. You will have to remove the top roof vent to verify upper area. Just 4 screws removes it 2. Verify your model does NOT have a 12 volt cooling fan just below the rear condensor coil. Step 1 with a flashlight will verify that. 3. If 1 and 2 check out, you then disconnect the 120 heat element from the rear control board and run 120 volts direct to the Heat Element for 24 hours. IF after 24 hours the freezer is NOT below 10 degrees and the lower refer is NOT below 40 degrees, your Cooling Unit is bad and needs replaced. Doug
dougrainer 05/27/23 05:44am Tech Issues
RE: 2005 Norcold refrigerator -- shore power not cooling

Installed in a slide room? Doug
dougrainer 05/26/23 12:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Norcold Refrigerator will not run on 120-volt power.

Check the back of refrigerator see if a red light is lit on the temp limit switch. If so you need a magnetic to reset the switch. Search youtube for more info. Mine was a Norcold 1200. The recall switch shuts the complete operation of the refer down. NOT just certain parts. Doug
dougrainer 05/26/23 07:28am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic RM2400 works on AC, will light but not cool on gas

So I finished replacing the thermostat and I still have the same issue as before. Not much of an issue getting the pilot lit off but won’t make a larger flame than the pilot. Not cooling. I haven’t tried on AC yet this year. Any other ideas? Where did you find and get the tstat? You need to do a gas pressure test AT the refer. Doug
dougrainer 05/25/23 05:51pm Tech Issues
RE: RM2652 on shore power, but LP igniter still snapping

YEAR of RV please. The Spark should NOT spark more than 30 seconds IF the LP flame is off. IF you are on AUTO and have 120 to the RV AND the refer, and you have a fault in either the fuse for the 120 element or a BAD 120 element, or the 120 receptacle where the 120 refer cord plugs in, the refer will stay on 120 and NO COOLING. On Auto and NO 120 to the refer 120 plug, the refer will fire on LP. BUT have you verified you have LP flame? IF you have flame and it still clicks, you can have a spark electrode not installed over the flame at the correct height. Doug
dougrainer 05/25/23 08:45am Tech Issues
RE: Need fridge help This is the electrode and it does NOT have the removable wire. Doug
dougrainer 05/21/23 09:15am Tech Issues
RE: Need fridge help

I will state that reignitor or the electrode is bad, that is why it was a used part. What the sequence is, you turn on LP at the switch. The control board sends a 12 volt signal to the reignitor, THAT triggers the gas valve to open AND the spark electrode to SPARK. If the spark electrode does NOT spark it shuts down the LP side and you get the check light. As you have found out throwing expensive parts is not the way to go. Go to the spark electrode at the burner. There are 2 types. ONE older style the spark plug wire can be disconnected from the Porcelain clad electrode. This will have a small spade terminal on it. The other type, the wire goes IN to the Porcelain white part of the electrode and is not removable. IF you have the removable, Disconnect from the electrode, SHUT OFF THE LP GAS!!!!!!!, then start a LP lighting sequence use a screwdriver and see if that electrode wire sparks to the screwdriver, hole the screwdriver about 1/2 inch from the end of the electrode metal spade end. IF it sparks, your Electrode at the burner is bad, replace it. IF your electrode wire cannot disconnect, follow it back to the reignitor. Disconnect the electrode wire from the reignitor and use a small short wire bare on both ends and do the screwdriver test. IF NO SPARK at the reignitor the reignitor is bad. IF it sparks, you replace the Electrode which will come with a new wire. Doug
dougrainer 05/21/23 09:13am Tech Issues
RE: How to Restore Old Fiberglass

Once Fiberglass deteriorates, The ONLY sure fix is to paint. You can use types of restorers and polishes, but the results fade away within weeks. For some reason, LOTS of people think fiberglass does NOT need regular polishing. I have a friend with a 30 year old Mastercraft red ski boat. Looks brand new. BUT, he is very OCD and washes and Polishes the boat every time he comes home from the lake or river. LOTS of work but the results speak for themselves. Doug
dougrainer 05/18/23 05:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: No blinkers, brake lights or cruise control

"Most" Cruise control systems will NOT work if you have no Brake lights. So, once you find the Brake Light problem and it is fixed, odds are the cruise control will work. If you have a Ford Chassis, Brake Pedal Brake light switches are usually the problem if the fuses are OK. But, a defective switch will not cause the fuse to blow. Does the fuse blow ONLY when activating the Brake pedal? Or does the fuse blow when activating the Turn signals? Do you have amber or RED rear turn signal lights. Are you positive you have "released" the emergency 4 way flasher button? If still engaged and the lights do not flash that points to a defective 4 way flasher relay that may be the source of the short. There are 2 flashers. Turnsignal and 4 way flasher. Also which fuse/s blow? Turnsignals and Brake lights are on separate fuses. Doug
dougrainer 05/16/23 12:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Atwood helium refrigerator

Yep, whoever decided that trailer wiring should be Black Positive, White negative needed to get a good noogie! Everybody knows that Red is Pos, Black is Neg for DC! :D CC FOR AUTOMOBILES!.. Winnebago for 60 years has made GREEN negative and BLACK positive. White and Green is RV industry standard for Negative battery connections. 40 years ago Winnebago had the bright idea of installing Diehard batteries for Coach batteries. The reason was, back then there were thousands of Sears Auto centers that could warranty defective batteries. It lasted about 2 to 3 years. Sears part changers would connect the positive BLACK cable to the new battery Negative and the GREEN Negative to the Positive of the replaced batteries. After scores of burnt up Winne DC wiring, (which Sears had to pay for) Sears sent out a bulletin to its service centers that they would only pull and install batteries AFTER they were disconnected by the customer. Customers were responsible for reconnecting all cables. Doug
dougrainer 05/15/23 01:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Atwood helium refrigerator

It's a bit of a shot to our ego but I've learned to always check the last thing I touched before doing anything else. If you did connect backwards, your converters reverse polarity fuses will be blown too. Very good. It seems a LOT of complaints occur AFTER the RV'er has changed the batteries. So, as you stated, go back to what you last did and check the battery connections. Also, IF it turns out the batteries ARE connected correctly, disconnect 12 volt power to the refer or just disconnect the battery negative cable and make sure the unit is NOT plugged into 120 shore power for 30 minutes. That may reset the Refer control logic and it will start working.Doug
dougrainer 05/15/23 10:05am Tech Issues
RE: 2011 Tiffin Phaeton A/C Question

Our coach has 3 rooftop AC’s and a RV Comfort.ZC thermostat. It registers 3 zones but only has heat and cooling modes for zone 1 and 2. We are camping at a good 50amp site and only two run. How or when does the third run or is it just decoration. I have 1,2 and 3 labeled AC breakers and all good. Need explanation Last, run the Genset and see if you get all 3 to operate. Doug
dougrainer 05/12/23 03:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2011 Tiffin Phaeton A/C Question Click for your manual and troubleshooting. 2011 Phaeton. Front and Rear can be Heat Pumps or just AC. OR can be 3 Heat Pumps. 2011 Phaeton, will assume you have LP furnace(2). Front and Rear. Phaeton with 3 roof top units, only have 2 Furnace zones. Front and Rear. NO middle furnace or Heat Zone. UNLESS your middle Roof top unit is a Heat Pump. Which will only Heat the "middle" if on Heat Pump for heat. IF you have an Aqua Hot, same for Heat thru floor. ONLY front Zone 1 and rear Zone 2 are connected to the Aqua Hot furnace system. NO middle. If your unit still has the Model and serial numbers of the appliances on the wall in rear bedroom, you can see if all 3 AC units have the same Model number. If you still have that post the model numbers if you have 2 different model numbers. Doug
dougrainer 05/12/23 03:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Valterra waste gate seal

You pinched the inner seals when assembling. Take it apart and reassemble. straighten the inner seals. Doug PS HOW do I know this? 44 years of repairing RV's:)
dougrainer 05/11/23 12:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Does Generator wattage size effect battery charge time?

Yes. Doug
dougrainer 05/11/23 09:19am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic duo therm fan issue

A Fan motor locked or has bad capacitors will NOT lug a Genset down. BUT, you have replaced those items. That should point you to another source of your problem. A Locked compressor will. I think your compressor is trying to start even tho you state fan only is selected. AND if this is the case, then you replace the complete upper AC unit. Doug
dougrainer 05/11/23 09:19am Tech Issues
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