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RE: Shower clog or something else?

If the water is NOT in the shower pan but you can see it below the round strainer, that is NORMAL. For either a Hepvo or P trap system. That is your Water barrier to keep gas/odors from coming back up. Doug
dougrainer 07/14/20 06:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Shower clog or something else?

dougrainer 07/14/20 06:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic fridge woes.

I guess so far all I have found is that the thing works well on a/c. The whole idea of buying the Roadtrek was to be able to boondock at race tracks for 3 or 4 days without running a gen. So I am particularly interested in the LP option. At 5 PM I switched to LP mode. Nothing else was changed. Except the temp inside the rv has dropped from 105 degrees to 94. Within 5 minutes the refer temp increased to 27. The condenser tube I had been monitoring for temp dropped from 114 to 107. I was running a small fan on the condenser fins but turned it off when switching to gas. Without the fan the condenser tube was over 130 degrees at times. Time will tell. I would state the new tstat is bad. Doug
dougrainer 07/14/20 05:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic fridge woes.

Your refer is just fine. The temps are actually better than expected. I would now switch to LP and see if the refer maintains that 23 to 30 degrees over 24 hours. If NOT, then I suspect your new tstat is defective. Doug
dougrainer 07/14/20 12:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Large camper with single AC

I have never figured out why some manufactures make the cover for some AC units black and not white. You have 2 choices. Black or White. The OEM makes that choice and usually has to do with the OEM trying to match to roof colors with the RV colors. Darker units have Black. They count off white and Tan/Beige as a darker color. Doug
dougrainer 07/14/20 07:33am Tech Issues
RE: Fridge/Propane

Does the CHECK light come on? Doug
dougrainer 07/14/20 07:30am Tech Issues
RE: Step out dash light sensor

Call Lipert components (LCI) and they can probably help as they manufacture most of the RV steps. While they build the steps, they do not supply or build the "Step OUT" system. That is designed and installed by the RV OEM. Usually the step out system is a simple Magnet and 2 wires. The Magnet system is usually just a extra Step door magnet or one that is used on the windows or doors of a home security system. You just need to know if the magnet assbly is "Normally Closed" or "Normally Open". Since the Wires are still there this just needs a new magnet which is any type magnet. Doug
dougrainer 07/14/20 07:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lost power to HWH Leveling Jack Control Board 200 series

Hi Doug, I made sure ribbon connectors are secured. Think it might be a faulty control board? No, as much as I hate to say this. It is probably a GROUND(Negative) wire issue. HWH runs the grounds for the complete system to the Hydraulic Pump. You will see various WHITE wires connected to one of the 2 mount bolts that mount the pump to the steel mount frame. Make sure those white wires are all installed on that one bolt and that that Bolt is TIGHT. BTW, 11.9 volts is NOT good. You should have at minimum 12.6 to 12.9 volts. This indicates marginal battery, especially not fully charged. What service did you have done? Doug PS will leave post because it has good info for someone else
dougrainer 07/13/20 02:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Lost power to HWH Leveling Jack Control Board 200 series

Remove the 4 screws that hold the control board. There is a Ribbon cable connection on the back of that board. Odds are it just came unplugged. Doug
dougrainer 07/13/20 01:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Unknow Electrical connection type.

Well that looks like one of the MOLEX products but that is a company name and they make over a thousand different connector.. many made to a company's specs I would change the connector to something more common (there are many options) provided you can find the dome light that can use the same connector. Concur ! Nothing inherently wrong with Molex connectors, except as stated there are thousands of different ones. It sure would be if the world could standardize and a robust 12VDC connector. Cigarette light sockets and plugs are too big and not really a durable design. The automotive solution from years ago was pretty good, but it was not polarized so it was possible to reverse polarity ! :E Powerpoles are not perfect because it is still possible to reverse polarity, but at least they are color coded. The OP's type connection. HOW could you connect in reverse polarity? The Spades are D shaped and you can only install 1 way. Doug
dougrainer 07/13/20 11:34am Tech Issues
RE: Battery on or off

Always leave the Battery ON when using. This makes the Converter operate better. Also, you stated you had to have the Battery switch fixed under warranty. Do you have a Jayco Trailer? Doug
dougrainer 07/13/20 11:32am Tech Issues
RE: Unknow Electrical connection type.
dougrainer 07/13/20 09:19am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic fridge woes.

It looks like you haven't checked the filter as dougrainer suggested. A few years ago a fellow camper was almost to the point of replacing his fridge but luckily he checked the propane line. It was full of oil. Bingo, I was going to mention this. Usually, when I had this type weird problem I would hook the Shop LP tank to the refer and bypass the RV LP system to see if it worked correctly. Have you actually verified the refer operates to temp on 120 volt? What were the lower temp? Below 50 degrees? Me thinks the Flame is at correct HEATING height. Because the refer is warm inside, you cannot get the Flame to go to bypass mode?. By getting the refer to temp on 120, then start on LP and watch the flame when you open the refer door to allow hot air inside. Once the Capillary tube on the fins starts to warm up, the Bypass flame will then get larger to show the tstat and LP system is doing its job. Last, when ON LP, how cold does the refer actually get? Doug PS how large LP tank does the RV have and when was the last time it was either purged and filled or just filled?
dougrainer 07/13/20 09:11am Tech Issues
RE: Unknow Electrical connection type.

Why oh why does it need a disconnect? Trailers that have a Slide out in the front wall or rear wall(tent campers also), require a quick connect for the ceiling lights. The newer models use a 12 volt pin connector and receptacle that looks like the old large Headphone jack on home stereo receivers. I would update the OP to current. Doug PS I would order the combo light with fan also.
dougrainer 07/13/20 09:01am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic fridge woes.

What about the Baffle? You did not respond. Doug
dougrainer 07/12/20 02:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Lost power to HWH Leveling Jack Control Board 200 series

Look to the right of the yellow 20 amp fuse. THAT is one of the many open female spades on a Ford Fuse block Those open spades are powered by one of the fuses on that fuse block. Just test which one has power when key is ON. Doug
dougrainer 07/12/20 02:31pm Tech Issues
RE: step

Engine ON. Open and close the entry door. WATCH the underside orange step light. IF the light comes ON when door is opened and goes OFF when closed, your 12 volt power and connections and door switch are OK. If this is correct, Take a hammer and while someone opens and closes the entry door, engine ON, whack on the step motor as you open and close. If after a few minutes the motor activates---Replace the Motor. If it does NOT, replace the Motor:B Doug
dougrainer 07/12/20 11:58am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic fridge woes.

Doug The burner assembly has been removed and cleaned several times. The jet ( orifice ) (#43 per Dometic) has been removed soaked, cleaned and blown dry several times. The flue has been swabbed full length several times. The flue has been swabbed. OK. What was the condition of the Baffle?
dougrainer 07/12/20 11:55am Tech Issues
RE: Lost power to HWH Leveling Jack Control Board 200 series

You really need a Volt meter or 12 volt test light. YES, there are various OPEN female spades on that fuse block. HWH, what you want is a 12 volt circuit that has power in Ignition from the key switch. Most HWH are connected to the Ignition side ONLY on Joystick systems. Doug
dougrainer 07/12/20 07:17am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic fridge woes.

Have you remove the Orifice and blown it out with air?. I usually spray Carb cleaner in the orifice hole and then use compressed shop air to blow it out. Since you have replaced the ONLY real component, then the orifice partial blockage would be the next thing. Doug PS, have you pulled the spiral baffle and verified it is OK and not deterioated? That Baffle is required for correct Heat disbursement from the flame.
dougrainer 07/11/20 05:19pm Tech Issues
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