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RE: Do ice cubes in the black tank really work?

It will work if you use enough ice and right amount of water. It is like rocks being sloshed around if you drive it on a rough road until they melt. Reason it works better when it is cold outside. Put about a third of a tank of water and about half that in ice, and start driving immediately. That will clean the sides and should get some off the bottom but ice floats so too much water might not do too good on the bottom. one thing that I think would work well, is with some liquid detergent and maybe some calgon in the bottom with valve closed a hose nozzle and good pressure in through the toilet. Especially one of those wand with the flow reducer taken out.Blast the bottom good and sides and when the tank is getting full, have someone open the sewer valve and keep blasting until the little clear elbow in the sewer hose runs clear and clean. Just be careful to keep the toilet flush valve open so it and the seal won't get damaged possibly. If you can look into the emptied tank first with a flashlight and see what there is it would possibly help directing the nozzle. Didn't say this is a bouquet of flowers experience. Would this damage any sensors...someone know?
down home 07/07/20 11:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Entegra warranty Are you kidding me/

Welcome to their reality. "We have more money and lawyers than you do." If you can get your contract cancelled. Call a Lawyer ASAP. You will never be happy with one of the Monday morning units. it is unfortunate you are having to deal with this. Their QC at the plant should have caught it and probably did but said let the Dealer fix it and who knows what else. Don't anyone accept walk though it put it on a list and we will fix i when you bring it back in, Go ahead ad take it for a weekend or whatever and bring it and the list to us. The desire to first timers, especially, so strong they ignore warning signs and trust that nice salesman, sales manger. You never hear this from A Mercedes Dealer or didn't use to or a Ferrari or a number of other brands of cars. Their reputation their sales re at stake. Hedge Funds etc who have no intent of holding and making legacy company and the new China Global Trade Consumerism say quality and service don't make money, and maximizing profitability, know it will over time destroy the brand but...they would have mede their margin and taken the equity and sell of the scraps to someone else. No way in anyone's lexicon would say what they are doing is fair or equitable. The basis of law is getting what you were told you were buying and defective merchandise and deceptive warranty was not on the sticker! it is not your problem that whatever problems they have in producing a unit, falls on the shoulders of the Customer.
down home 07/07/20 11:27am Class A Motorhomes
Seen It Before

About 30 minutes ago dim evening light under clouds, I saw a deer, that was ghost like, blending into the grass of the field from the dim light. It ran from the cove across the field to the road and stopped, apparently listening then looked both way walked across the near lane. heard a car around the bend about then and she trotted across the far lane into the woods. I've seen deer do this many times around our area...but this appeared to be a young one. No spots but not a large deer,for sure. I wonder if they are now inheriting this as an instinctive behavior? Hasn't bee too long since I saw a large buck do this listening and looking before crossing, about 200 ft further down the yard/field. I said it was a she or a doe but could have been a young buck. The light was so dim I could not see antlers. A few years ago we had buck that looked like a Jersey cow between our property and the neighbor's. In the slightest of dim light you could not make out the head nor antlers. Simply amazing their brown/red coat can blend in with the green grass, when the light fades just a bit.
down home 07/05/20 07:29pm Around the Campfire
RE: New Trailer Quality Control

It's called maximizing profitability. Quality and Service does not make money the Consumermists say. The China model. Buy tow one for spare parts to build one that fits and is finished. You got a warranty? Take it to the Dealer. Post every time you go back when they call and say it is ready. First see your Doctor for some nerve pills. They say three times is a charm. Third time or a few months not fixed, if your state has a lemon law call your Lawyer. Ask for compensation for lost planned trips etc at the same rate you and your wife earn together and so on. Happy Trails
down home 07/04/20 02:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Flashlights

I have a handheld spotlight with 1,000,000,000 candlepower not sure how many lumens it is but it will light up a football field...only it plugs into a cigarette lighter. I wonder if they make a 12w volt batter pack that would handle it. The Sear Diehard is just too heavy.
down home 07/03/20 07:41am General RVing Issues

I think it was this site if not this forum that sometime ago Folks who traveled a lot Full itmers would post a travel louge of the places they visited. I wish they would again to again so others might see places they would l like to visit themselves and actual RV Parks etc facilities we don't stumble into a mud hole when we do visit. The online or other brocures leave a lot of reality left out.
down home 07/01/20 11:24am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Heads up to anyone coming to NY

Notice all those states are what Cuomo and others label as Red States. In particular Tennessee, there are no cases of Covid around here. In Chattanooga and Nashville there were two clusters of new diagnosed cases early last month in the Latino communities, new arrivals to them, I believe. Don't know about Memphis and Knoxville. I have unfortunately had to go to the ERs 5 times this past month. Most of the beds are empty at VA in Nashville or were and in Chattanooga at other hospitals a lot of empty beds and Covid cases none. NY's Governor, I think is playing a political game, with people, and that's not right wish such a serious or any disease
down home 07/01/20 11:10am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Cherry Springs State Park

I read that there is so little as in no ligh,t pollution in Cherry Springs State Park inside the Susquehannock State Park, Pa that the Milky Way actually cast a shadow. I would like to sit out under the stars there r lay on hammock or something and see that very much. I see that it has a dump station and restroom but no details if there is any on an RV park. Anyone visited the park?
down home 07/01/20 10:53am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Flashlights

I haven't considered the head lamps, though I don have a couple of old miners carbide lamps. :) We use the lights around here and need a bit of range to reach the tree line, whenever we hear suspect activity. I found and revived a light we bought at Costco a few years ago that holds 9 AA batteries and is 1,000 lumens. The five thousand lumens and more would be outstanding. i find that everyone is offering high power flash lights now with four or more leds that supposedly add up to five thousand and ore lumens but they don't. That takes about 35 watts in a rechargeable battery a lot more in common Alkaline batteries. Resistance in the battery eats up power. A large single led i don't remember the designation can put out areal 5,00-6,000 lumens depending on batteries and regulator and heat sink. 5,000 lumens ain't cool, it's a hot fire. All the "Puffing" or lying in advertising makes choice hard. So you Guys have bought some good flash lights. See soem good info here.
down home 06/30/20 09:13am General RVing Issues

I put this here because we need another one for the coach as well as at home. We bought a supposed 3,00 lumen flashlight from Bass Pro, for 70.00. It was rechargeable. Plugged it u to an hdmi adapter to charge and next thing I know the light is on and the flashlight is really too hot to handle. The on off switch was supposed to turn green when fully charged or so we though. There was no real instructions of clues on the package. So...I need to get a couple of good single LED high power flashlights that will work not maybe work until you leave the store. Suggestions even the 6 volt battery sized ones might be acceptable. I cannot fin my 4 cell a maglight but when I do I would like to put a LED conversion in it but not for $60.00. Ideas?
down home 06/29/20 07:52pm General RVing Issues
Resurgence of the Virus and Travel

Anyone seen a report or anything that is likely true about the Virus and travel in the next two weeks, west? Are facilities shutting back down or forecast to, including motels on the trip back out there?
down home 06/29/20 07:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: A Minor Consequence of Touch Screen Technology

The one in our Edge if I get near it will do things of its own mind it seems. Try to dial the phone or push the indicated keyboard ad I might get navigation and so on. Maybe my knuckls get too near it.
down home 06/28/20 11:17am Around the Campfire
RE: Ran over Gator

Rough On Truckers? Unless Independents they belong to Companies who are multi billion dollar firms and some smaller companies. No body is being rough on anybody. If the truth lands on whoever well it is their fault. Trailer Owners are mostly responsible. Truckers are supposed to inspect the ties and before pulling out no matter whose though.
down home 06/25/20 05:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Destinations during this Pandemic scare

As to exposure, when we do travel, a sneeze doesn't care if it is in the car in front of your or an open field. We have environmental filters in our cars but not on the mh. I wish someone made a filter housing or holder to the dash air intake and would install them. I'm not now able to crawl around underneath and up inside a narrow space behind front cap nor fabricate something rather simple it seems.If AI could see it might be able to design something and get a shop to make it and install it. it would need to be behind a baffle and polyethelene or something not paper. We go get our mh on the wy home I might keep the dash ar on recirculate and hopefully keep out some Covid and other bugs.
down home 06/25/20 01:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ran over Gator

I've seen the results of three deadly encounter with gators . A big Cruiser Harley hit one that exploded a bit in front of him. Tow cars hit on and in the center wall killing everyone in one car and some others. Tore the radiator and exhaust out from under my Sons Plymouth in 2004. Tore some of the undersides from my 86 Mustang from a piece hit by another semi and slung right in front of me. Hit apiece form a tire exploding just hundreds of feet. I have paid either five or six deductibles to get our vehicles repaired from gators. Ran over two or three in the Motorhome with some noise but no damage to it or towed so far. Lot of people killed each year and millions in damages to other vehicles. American Trucking Association is powerful and has stopped all efforts, dead in their tracks for safer tire standards. usually rethreads but not always and it against the law to put rethreads on semi steer axle. But those of trailer the most common to blow may be Mh takeoffs over five years old, but they aren't supposed to, or the rethreads with casings years old with patched holes through the metal cords in the casings and new rubber threads. Tires cost a lot and one Company Owner a client said he spend more on tires fro the tractors than on fuel. The Trailer Owners put the cheapest rethreads they can get most often. I understand profits but Cost cutting shouldn't include others lives lost and millions in vehicles damaged as as part of the equation.
down home 06/25/20 12:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Destinations during this Pandemic scare

As an avid bass fisherman and RVer, I've completely given up fishing due to the enormous amount of boat activity on every State park in VA. 30 minute wait at the ramp gets old quick and I'm talking middle of the week. I'll take soap operas and whoopi goldberg. Half of Virginia is related they come to V aKy Tn area where there is so much quality cold water from northeast Tn, to the Tn River on though Alabama Ky and into the Ohio river and the Mississippi. Only problem is planning trips for fuel which there is none perhaps for a hundred plus miles. Around the Knoxville, and Chattanooga area/Chickamauga Lake area lots of bass fishermen but nowhere near crowded except within five miles of marinas and then only a several hundred acres per boat maybe.Fishing east and northeast Tn I would go for big trout, Smallmouth, muskie limited supply and walleye, Sauger and Stripped Bass. There are so many large cold or cool water reservoirs and streams and in Southwest Virginia. With some maps you will never run out of new water in your lifetime.
down home 06/19/20 05:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Brrr! Only 100 degrees.

I know how it is. The furnaces kicked on Sunday and Monday and Tuesday night. Cooling off again tomorrow night.
down home 06/18/20 04:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: Without getting political....

Don't you remember: it was right after that big free thow.
down home 06/18/20 03:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: White hose

You want a hose rated safe for drinking water. It should have little metalized seal or tag on it says such. Also those little white hoses let a lot of sunlight in and heat and little green and mostly brown stuff grows in it. A lined hose and one with silver in the lining, which I haven't looked for lately to help kill any nasties. Someone found aurethane hose that seems to fit the bill on the net, but not inexpensive.
down home 06/18/20 01:48pm General RVing Issues
Destinations during this Pandemic scare

I don't know about the actual situation with Covid-19 an lock downs and the whys and wherefores but there are places that we can still go to fish and do whatever we want to . I would like to identify some. have set in the Mohave in the Mh for 7 months and three here with nothing to do and I am about stir crazy or more so than usual. Around here, to the east there is a cluster as in Nashville of cases among fairly newly arrived Illegals as in Nashville too. But the lakes right here and the river is crowded on weekends..but I don't have a boat and so on. White River in Arkansas and other Places there still open for trout fishing? Texas Coast if it is safe? and any suggestions where it is safe and not locked down. Don't say the Arizona Desert. Got to go back there and pick up Mh and some other things but that is it. Anything to do in the Big Bend where you can hook up to water and hopefully sewer and there is something to do for a broken down ole Codger? Or let's see Missouri? Some place where a days boat rental isn't 500.00. How about Safe area on Great Lakes on leeward side of the lakes? No there ain't no place to rent a boat here but over the mountain and 500.00 a day on waters now crowed by Nashvillans. Aren't any Rallies going on are there, speaking of which I need to get our deposits back on three. This isn't an orderly or organized bit here but what can you expect at this time of night and waiting on pain meds to kick in :) Suggestions suggestions ad maybe see you there.
down home 06/18/20 01:32am General RVing Issues
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