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RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Sent PM BTW, I'm happy to provide any of you with information based on my experiences, so don't be shy about PMing me.
dturm 05/13/21 03:37pm RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Good luck to Dan and Patty. Looks like Ohio residents who have been vaccinated are entered in a 1 Million dollar lottery. Nice inducement to get vaccinated!!!
dturm 05/13/21 08:12am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Glad you are able to travel and things are going reasonably well. The weather here in Indiana is just starting to warm up. We're going to be close to 60 today but still close to freezing at night. Safe travels.
dturm 04/23/21 10:04am RV Pet Stop
RE: Moderna vaccine (Personal experiences)

If it's a PCR test you should assume infective and able to spread the virus. If it's an antibody test (basically testing previous infection) it's unknown but safest for you to assume they are infective and take precautions until you are protected with vaccination.
dturm 04/15/21 04:39am Around the Campfire
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Happy Birthday Pickles!!! Tell mom and dad that you need a cake...
dturm 04/11/21 03:18pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Bordetella Vaccinations

My puppy had kennel cough when we brought him home. He is now 3. Do I still need to have him vaccinated for it every year? Talk to your vet. Depending on your circumstances, you may not need to do so. I don't normally do bordetella since my dogs don't get in close contact with other dogs. They get it if they are going to be boarded. In the past, I did because they hung out with my dad's show dog who was around a lot of other dogs. Good information here. We don't routinely vaccinate ours, but we don't socialize with our dogs and they don't require grooming. By way of information, "kennel cough" is a generic term encompassing many different diseases that all cause similar symptoms. Bordetella, coronavirus (canine variety not COVID), parainfluenza are three common ones some of which have vaccines available. Doug, DVM
dturm 04/07/21 04:26am RV Pet Stop
RE: More good dog food information

A study using a lot of terms like "may be due to ", "could be because of", "hypothesis is not clear", "can't be ruled out", and similar just doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling about it. I understand what you are saying, BUT this is the way medicine works. Definitive answers are not established until enough evidence becomes available. There is massive (in medical terms) evidence of a problem related to grain free diets with some dogs. Until the exact cause and mechanism is found, it is prudent to avoid grain free diets for most dogs. I won't feed them as the exclusive diet to any of my dogs and do not recommend them to any of my patients. Doug, DVM
dturm 04/01/21 09:02am RV Pet Stop
RE: More good dog food information

Actually the NAVC is one of the more valued veterinary organizations. The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) is a nonprofit organization that provides world-class products, services and professional development to the global animal healthcare community. They provide continuing education as well as communications between veterinarians. It is not unusual for a professional organization to distribute information via a professional staff writer or PR department. The information in the article is correct. Cardiomyopathy has been found in increasing frequency in breeds not normally associated with the disease. Studies are ongoing, but the overwhelming information associates grain free diets with the incidence. The exact pathophysiology and why some individuals are affected and other not is a huge area of interest and study. Right now most veterinarians DO NOT recommend grain free diets. This is especially important in large breed dogs and in particular breeds (Goldens being the primary).
dturm 03/31/21 09:41am RV Pet Stop
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

So sorry Patty is feeling bad. Give her our best. Our granddaughter had a similar reaction to her second VX as well (lab tech in hospital so she was an early recipient). It lasted a couple of days.
dturm 03/26/21 03:16pm RV Pet Stop
RE: COVID vaccination for animals

Zoetis is adapting a veterinary SARS-CoV-2 vaccine for use in mink, thousands of which were culled at fur farms when scientists discovered that the coronavirus spread easily from people to the animals and then between mink, mutating along the way. The veterinary vaccine, which is not suitable for use in humans, was administered to great apes at San Diego Zoo in January, and vaccinating susceptible animals could prevent spillback of variants to people, says Zoetis Senior Vice President of Global Biologics R&D Mahesh Kumar.
dturm 03/24/21 03:14pm RV Pet Stop

Agree with both of you. I got a professional paper abstract where White Tailed deer were shown to be positive and were able to spread to others in the herd. No symptoms of respiratory disease were observed. The potential for additional wildlife reservoirs makes speed in getting this thing under control paramount.
dturm 03/19/21 01:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

That's super Dan. Our Son got the Moderna yesterday and no side effects other than normal arm stiffness after shot. How is Patty doing - is she through the series?
dturm 03/19/21 01:17pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

If the epoxy doesn't work try eternabond tape. I used it once on a hot tub cracked fitting and it worked well.
dturm 03/18/21 03:44am RV Pet Stop
RE: COVID vaccination for animals

I deleted a post by a new (here on the pet stop) member. That post suggested I watch less CNN and TV. It was also stated that we don’t need fake news here. Some of you may not be aware of my background, but I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. I have over 40 years experience in small animal veterinary practice where I have probably administered close to a million vaccinations against multiple diseases in multiple species (multivalent vaccines we often used were 5 in 1). I have more than a passing knowledge and training in public health, virology and immunology. While I don’t often watch CNN, I do try to absorb information from multiple sources and evaluate their veracity based on my knowledge and experience. That includes internet, print and TV. I don’t claim to know or understand everything about this disease, but perhaps my training and experience allows me to impart some explanations and understanding of a difficult evolving situation. It’s sad that information that does not conform with a preconceived position cannot be evaluated by some individuals and is just labeled fake. Dr. Doug
dturm 03/13/21 11:16am RV Pet Stop
RE: Moderna vaccine (Personal experiences)

Funny thing is the paper they gave me..."Your Insurance Saved You: $2,59" Now that's a classic! I lost my initial shot card so now I'm scrambling with the state to get a replacement before my next shot on the 23rd. BIL & SIL got their first Moderna shots and had no reaction. They suggested that I take a photo of mine, which I did. Still the physical card probably will have to be provided sometimes. I wish they would have made the card credit card size, it's a little difficult putting it in a wallet.
dturm 03/13/21 07:07am Around the Campfire
RE: A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

We haven't been in our RV since the middle of October. That trip was to property that our son has in NW Illinois and we spent 2 weeks enjoying the change of season in the middle of a hilly field. This has been the longest we have been without camping in FOREVER. When we were still working, we would have a couple of "warm" weekends where we took the RV to a local campground and veged out. We would normally take our vacation the end of Feb getting back early March. Since retirement, we've spent the entire winter in the RV avoiding the snow and cold. We are both vaccinated (2 Pfizer vaccinations each) and one week from completing the time delay for our immune systems to totally respond. Our son and DIL are in the middle of their vaccinations. When complete we're going to have our Christmas dinner. In May we have a trip in the RV scheduled. The end is within sight, but it's going to take a little longer going along with the public health recommendations. All of you stay safe.
dturm 03/11/21 10:50am RV Pet Stop
RE: COVID vaccination for animals

The height of human stupidity! Lots of hoaxes surrounding all this. CDC states that the vax will not protect you from the virus, and you still need to mask up, wash hands, distance... So, what is the vax for? If people are dropping dead after getting it and it does not protect you from squat, then need I ask the next obvious question? Lots of misinformation and false assumptions here. You state that "people are dropping dead after getting it" are you referring to the vaccination? This is a false narrative. Deaths occurring around the time of vaccination are expected with millions of doses being given. The data often quoted with this narrative is supplied by the VAERS and does NOT specify cause of death. An individual killed in a car accident after having been vaccinated is included in this data set. A majority of these reported deaths have occurred in people >80 years old. Again, cause of death is NOT included in this data set and assumptions that the vaccine caused all these death are incorrect. Read Mark's response, it gives a real good explanation why you should get a vaccination AND still take SOME precautions. The vaccination not only protects you from serious disease, it can serve to protect people you associate with and society in general. If this virus continues to spread, it WILL mutate and we could get variants that cause more issues.
dturm 03/11/21 10:35am RV Pet Stop
RE: COVID vaccination for animals

The story below describes a new situation where a mutant of Sars-CoV-2 found in minks (in Poland) spread to a person. This is why surveillance and potential vaccinations for animals is important for the safety of humans. Not doing so is short sighted and dangerous for us. Story Dr. Doug
dturm 03/10/21 01:47pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Our March Madness

Milk thievery, now that's funny... does that happen often or are the ewes usually particular about who drinks.
dturm 03/08/21 09:46am RV Pet Stop
RE: Pet Food Recall

Bravo raw - Salmonella
dturm 03/05/21 12:00pm RV Pet Stop
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