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RE: Generators for 5er

I have the Onan 5500 that was factory installed with a 10 gallon gasoline tank built in also. I don't think RV manufacturers offer the gasoline option now but not sure. I do know my gas 5500 works great, runs both a/c's and everything else I use at the same time and runs a bit north of 20 hours on 10 gallons depending load. 11 years full time use, 650 hrs on the Onan and not looking back. I do use non-ethanol gas and still put stabilizer in every tank plus running the generator every month for 1 hour under load.
edatlanta 09/27/21 03:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2023 GM HD 505hp/1085tq

My old school Duramax with 360hp does darn good doing the tasks I require of it. I agree.
edatlanta 09/16/21 03:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Time to replace batteries??

My 2 Trojan T105's lasted 8 years full time. Replaced with 2 more just like them. If it ain't broke.....
edatlanta 06/23/21 05:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Jayco Charger Converter

My 2010 Designer 35RLTS has a Progressive Dynamics Model PD9280A. The original one died a couple of years ago after 8 years full time service. The replacement with the same model number is a couple of inches shorter so one new mounting hole was needed, but otherwise was a direct replacement. Problem solved.
edatlanta 05/10/21 05:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: So are there any decent 1141 replacement LEDs these days?

This is my source for LED's and has been for several years. Excellent quality and lots of options. This link is for the 1141/1156 options Click Here, but they have lots of other replacements as well.
edatlanta 05/10/21 04:54am Tech Issues
RE: Hello Marcus

This sounds like a lot of options for the different needs and desires of various customers. Just read the features of each plan and pick the one best for you. We fewer plans we all sometimes get features we don't want or need.
edatlanta 05/07/21 08:14am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: New Roof installed - RV Armor should I get it

My TPO roof is 19 years old, never an issue. I do inspect it and I did put Eternabond on most of the seams a few years ago. You just got a new roof, no reason to put another new roof on top of it right now. My initial OEM roof membrane started failing at 5 years of age and it had been cleaned and inspected every six months since new. If I was buying another rubber roof I would have Flex Armor installed before I ever used it. Worrying about leaking caulking and reapplying just isn't worth it to me. That hairline crack can destroy a rig and by the time you notice it the damage is done.
edatlanta 05/07/21 06:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Roof installed - RV Armor should I get it

We have the RV Flex Armor on our 5th wheel. Lifetime warranty...Three years no problems. RV Flex Armor here. Installed January 2015. I should have done it when the rig was brand new rather than waited. During the past 6 years the Flex Armor roof has has withstood numerous weather issues from hail to a 6" oak limb falling on it and no damage from anything so far. And zero caulking to monitor or reapply. My wash/wax guy just washes the roof off with some Dawn and a soft brush during each wash/wax. Fantastic product.
edatlanta 05/07/21 06:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can I run my Onan while plugged into shore power?

I always shut my shore power breaker off before a generator run as well as turn off all big load items such as electric water heater or a/c's. I also run my generator the first of every month for 1 hour with a load. Works for me 11 years full timer.
edatlanta 05/05/21 04:09am Tech Issues
RE: Which of these 3 battery brands would you choose?

Trojan T-105's here. My first set lasted 8 years and my second set is now 3 years old and going strong. 11 years full timer.
edatlanta 05/05/21 03:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 5th Wheel entry steps

I have two versions of the Torklift Glowstep on my trailer - a three step version and a 4 step version. I found them to be very easy to use, solid with no bounce, and also good looking. Liked the first ones so much I got a 2nd set for the rear door. Our site slopes a bit so the the 4 step version was just right for it in the front. They can be deployed no matter how close someone is next to you in a rest stop and everything is outside the trailer so no dirt is brought in when they are retracted. Barney I agree with you completely. I have been in campgrounds where the ground slope rises immediately where the asphalt pad ends and would not allow the solid inside steps to deploy to their normal position. My GlowStep handled this situation perfectly.
edatlanta 05/01/21 04:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Titan tank

I have a 52 gallon Titan in my Sierra. It has been in service for about 14 years now. Best investment I have done.
edatlanta 04/15/21 11:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: DirecTV ABC E/W DNS Channels

My DNS East and ABC has been more off than on for months.
edatlanta 04/14/21 04:04pm Technology Corner
RE: Emerald Coast Florida, campground advice

I can second Topsail. Excellent resort, even though it is actually a state park. As far as reservations go, just monitor reserveamerica daily and look for cancellations. They happen all the time. We've been camping in FL state parks for a couple of years now just using cancellations. It's a lot easier than the 11-month in advance system that they have in place. Not easy to get long stays through cancellations, but you can generally get lucky enough to get a stay for less than a week, if you are persistent and patient. -Speak I was told over this past weekend that Florida State Parks are leaving reserveamerica as of May 1, 2021. This info came from a state park manager.
edatlanta 04/13/21 06:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: is a surge protector necessary for a basic travel trailer?

They are a great marketing toy. Have an RV surge protector on your incoming house wires? me either. I full time, 10+ years now, and spend several months a year on my home base site. It is a residential neighborhood where a house used to be. Power is from a major utility company and other s&b's are all around me. Have I ever had power issues here? You bet. The utility company transformer than feeds my neighborhood had a problem and sent 132 volts plus to my rig. I don't know how far over 132 it actually got since my EMS shut me off with no damage to my "stuff". Several of my neighbors complained about having to replace many of their incandescent light bulbs. Another time I was seeing a temporary voltage spike early in the morning, again 132v plus. The power company didn't know it was happening until I just wouldn't back off until then put a recording voltmeter on my line and found the problem. My EMS, and I have two of them, has shut my rig down many many times in campgrounds due to low voltage also. No protector on your incoming house wires? Maybe you should.
edatlanta 04/13/21 05:14am Tech Issues
RE: New satellite dish

As easy as it is to setup a good quality tripod I don't see where this would be worth the money, especially if it has to be fully torn down for storage as the video makes it appear. I have a DirecTV dish on a HD tripod that has not moved in 60mph gusting winds (it does have a 5 gallon bucket of water hanging from it for ballast). The tripod shown just wouldn't get my confidence. I don't use a $600 meter for aiming either. I use the DirecTV receiver signal strength screen and a wireless baby monitor to watch the screen when aiming. The skew he said was so hard to set just isn't true. I set it for the area I'm in before I install the dish on the tripod. Done. He showed a signal strength of 83 on a couple of the sats, I have above 92 on all of mine virtually every place I set up.
edatlanta 02/11/21 05:10am Technology Corner
RE: 2500HD ride

Well if you have a Cummins engine you have a Ram, if it is a GMC it should be a Duramax. Springs don’t fix bounce a good set of shocks should fix excessive bounce. Bilstein is a great towing shocks. I just replaced a set of shocks on my truck. Bilstein is the brand for me and has been since truck was new.
edatlanta 01/31/21 05:51am Towing
RE: Mattresses

Sleep Number RV Radius King for me. Going on 11 years now full time. The OEM mattress was attempted to go to my niece for her dogs to sleep on, but the dogs would even walk over it. I burned it. We all talk about weight reduction in our rigs and a Sleep Number definitely fits that bill and is comfortable too.
edatlanta 01/29/21 05:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Anybody still tow with an old GM?

2006 GMC Sierra 2500 HD here with the Duramax LBZ engine. 215,000 and working great. I live in Alabama and no salt on roads. Looks Great, Runs Great, Tows Great, and is PAID FOR for a long time now. My truck doesn't know what Regen or DEF means and that is ok with me. I get asked if I want to sell it too as a previous post mentioned. Nope!
edatlanta 01/27/21 06:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Prostate Cancer

The actual PSA number isn't as important as how much has it changed over time. It naturally increases with age. That is why for us old guys they suggest an annual PSA test. Mine was 1.0 +/- a point or two all my life until right after my 71st birthday when it went up to 5.4 in one year. So my primary care doctor said let's wait 30 days and test again. It came back as 4.8 so now off to the urologist for a biopsy. Yep, I had it, but only on one side and stage 1. Bone scan showed no spreading. 40 radiation treatments later my radiologist said to wait 3 months for another PSA and he would like to see a 50% drop in PSA, so he was looking for 2.5 or less. At the 3 month point Covid was just getting started so he waited another month for the test and it dropped to 0.84. He was excited and definitely I was too. Another 3 months went by and another text came back at 0.3. They will never tell you that you are totally cured, but time will tell. All looks good so far. My next PSA is scheduled for May this year.
edatlanta 01/27/21 05:52am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
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