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RE: Can trailer tires be patched?

Yes, Like dodge Guy stated it is ok to patch as long as it’s done proper.. I always liked to use the patch/plug (umbrella patch) from the inside…..
ford truck guy 06/28/22 05:07am Travel Trailers
RE: What Upgrades needed for a 3/4 ton pickup

Maybe it's just me, but not sure I would be trying to pull a 14K Fifth wheel with a gasser unless it was all down hill. This being in the tow vehicles section, I've got to disagree with you! ;) If all my towing was downhill, I'd rather have the diesel with integrated exhaust brake! That is actually a valid argument spoon ! ! !:B
ford truck guy 06/22/22 05:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel front tripod

I noticed no one has mentioned the safety factor. Besides being an additional motion support it also acts as a safety support if in the unlikely event the front jacks give way for any reason. (ie) soft ground, wash out, lock pin failure, vandalism etc... nope...... MOST fifth wheels RV's would crush those tripods like tooth picks if all the weight was placed on them in the event of a jack failure.... Maybe NOT ALL, but most...
ford truck guy 06/22/22 05:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel front tripod

They are great to support a flag pole under.. Thats it
ford truck guy 06/22/22 02:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Black tank flush overfill

My guess is your black tank has a "slip fit" on the top with gasket.. HOPEFULLY - You just need to drop the underbelly and allow EVERYTHING to completely dry out.. Possibly replace insulation if there is any... Once insulation is removed, give the underbelly a good spray of disinfectant before closing up. This happened to me but it was not from a hose left turned on.. I Used to ( ROOKIE MISTAKE ) keep my black tank flush hose hooked to the trailer with the shut off valve closed the night before leaving. my valve failed and slowly filled the tank to the point of overfilling and spillage into the underbelly.
ford truck guy 06/22/22 06:58am Fifth-Wheels
Furrion Back up camera

Just a PSA if anyone cares So.. I have a Furrion Back Up camera that I love to use… Went to use it the last trip out and everything was blurry…. Googled and found it is a common issue with back up camera’s…. Here is the fix - First, i took 2000 grit wet sand paper and rubbed the lens, then I folded some around a nail file and did it again, this time getting where my fat fingers could not reach..Then I dried and used some plastiz head light renew and foam cone wheel on my drill…. I did these steps 2 - 3 times and here are the results.. I think 1 or 2 more rounds and it will be 100% Before- After-
ford truck guy 06/21/22 06:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Where have all the members gone on this forum?

Your probably right. Probably getting into that tens of thousands now. The Facebook user groups are very active. Dozens of new owners every day, all with lots of questions. Not all are buying teardrops but most are. But the Ford and Rivian new owners are starting to show up as well. But again, all on individual brand tow groups. I doubt any will ever set foot here, although the toxicity of these old RV boards does get mentioned from time to time.I'll have to take your word for it, but I'll remain skeptical until I actually see some "in the wild", so to speak. I may NOT tow as much as some here, BUT I do travel A LOT for work ( up and down the East Coast weekly from New England to Charlotte ) and I can honestly say, I have not seen 1 EV towing.. ever...Not even a small utility trailer... :h
ford truck guy 06/21/22 08:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Where have all the members gone on this forum?

I'm still here! Do I count? :B Have to admit, I'm in here almost every day, mainly lurking, reading stuff, posting here and there, not so often any more. I don't do Wastebook of myface or yourspace or flutter, twistedgram or twitface or any of those things. For me it's a waste of time. I like this forum, always have. But yeah, I've seen a lot of folks come and go, and many just disappear. But I'm still here! That's funny Bob, I'm almost the exact same way, except I DID join Instagram , mainly to follow camping pictures from other campers a long time ago.. Thanks for sticking around.
ford truck guy 06/21/22 05:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

Grit I'll give you 2 months before you get a ban stick of deorerant! Or any other number of muderator tools at their disposal..... Yeah, should be an oder or two dumping. In some of the sailing forums I look at, getting banned from one particular forum is a badge of honor! IRV2 would be one for rving IMHO! Marty I was literally shocked how I was treated over there. Especially the lame excuse I violated their no sale rules. It was clear to anyone who had half a brain tied behind their back I was not selling anything. Oh well at least here we can do a little ribbing and not get sent to time out. Grit you will have a blast there. Please let us know how long it takes to get your first timeout. Hahaha, will do! (If I even post over there). Is there some sort of record I’m trying to beat? Little healthy competition to whet the ole keyboard ! So you think name droppin some of my good rvnet buddies will help? Lol Instead of that game " Name That Tune" - " I can name that tune in 5 words"... Rename it - " I can tossed off a forum" - I can get tossed in 2 threads ! !
ford truck guy 06/18/22 06:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Point to ponder, hornets nest stir

^^ my 2020 has a RAWR of 7240
ford truck guy 06/17/22 03:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bronco

I haven't seen any Broncos towing to date. Or being towed….I think thats what he was talking about
ford truck guy 06/17/22 02:00pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Low tree branches in my development ..Update

There are federal regulations for clearances. For a township road in NJ? Perhaps the OP should call Joe Biden and ask him to send someone over with a chainsaw? We have a railroad bridge a few miles away from home that the clearance is 10'-6", you drive a 1/2 mile on the same road and go under the same railroad line and that clearance is 9'-0". Not sure how the Feds look at that. Well , Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation has stated, such bridges are Racist and they need to be modified, so as of now, the Feds do not like such bridges. Look it up, he HAS stated this. Doug I SAW THAT :S:h
ford truck guy 06/17/22 10:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Point to ponder, hornets nest stir

What they said was partially correct, my SRW has a PAYLOAD of 4562#.. What the newer Generation SRW owners have to watch is the axle and tire ratings more so than any other numbers…
ford truck guy 06/17/22 06:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Bought a second truck.

Grit, THAT IS A SWEET TRUCK….. Where was that pic from? Online? In person?
ford truck guy 06/17/22 06:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

Question, should I follow my 14k GVWR on my 2015 RAM DRW? Don't hijack this thread, start your own. Haha j/k X3 you dingle snort. Besides, iirc from a post somewhere in the past, you're paying for a 16k plate from good old washtaxington! Your question is herby dismiss able to this murdurator! Shame on you! Back to your hidey hole!!! Hi, my name is Ron, my friends call me Dingle Snort ! !:B
ford truck guy 06/15/22 05:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

Tire ratings / axle ratings are just like Over Head Crane ratings.. They are rated to a certain rating with a safety factor on top of that.. They POST the rate based on every day usage.. Most people will see that they can carry XXX amount of weight and go full Hog till they cant.. I can assure you, If they rated our overhead cranes to 15 ton instead of 10 ton, we would be lifting 15T every day, all day... in a nut shell - There is a safety factor built into EVERYTHING with a MAX capacity.. just how much = ??
ford truck guy 06/13/22 02:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 Chevrolet 3500 SRW LTZ Bed Rail Height

Worked well. We had to come home down the east side of the river so we had a few more hills to climb. No problems at all. We usually go North through Catawissa and Bloomsburg to go East on 80.. Or 61 down to 22/78 East.. either way, having the EB was a pleasure
ford truck guy 06/13/22 12:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

well...... 8 pages of normal RV.Net truck capability arguments and the original OP ( rarin'2go ) was a 1 and done poster on THIS thread..... I will say that is is/was interesting reading all the response.. what did I learn?? Grit know a TON about trucks and thier capibilities, as do a lot of others.. Cummins HATES IPA and a Toyota can tow a space shuttle ! Add Grit LIKES IPA to your list of takeaways! Not the trying to be cool with your hipster buds, stifle the bitter beer face like. I just like 'em! High octane beer! What's not to like?? :B
ford truck guy 06/13/22 10:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 Chevrolet 3500 SRW LTZ Bed Rail Height

Final outcome. The hitch came in early on the 8th and I was able to get it set up for use this past weekend. The frame of the fifth-wheel sits 5/8 of an inch higher than it did with the 2008 Dodge. I did raise the pin box up one set of holes thus lowering the trailer height. We went to Knoeble's Grove this past weekend which is the only campground I have had clearance issues getting into when hooked to the Dodge. No problems getting in or out. Great news... How did you like the tow wit the new truck?
ford truck guy 06/13/22 07:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

well...... 8 pages of normal RV.Net truck capability arguments and the original OP ( rarin'2go ) was a 1 and done poster on THIS thread..... I will say that is is/was interesting reading all the response.. what did I learn?? Grit know a TON about trucks and thier capibilities, as do a lot of others.. Cummins HATES IPA and a Toyota can tow a space shuttle !
ford truck guy 06/13/22 06:42am Tow Vehicles
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