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RE: Any experience with a gas fire pit?

Yah, they are handy and after the first 5 min you don't even know it's propane. Keep in mind that your camper's propane comes out at low pressure and the campfires usually have a reg on them too, which means low=LOW pressure and will barely keep it flambeed.. For a single camper, they just work out better all around. Easy to start, adjustable smokeless flame and best is you just simply turn it OFF when done. Don't have mess with a dwindling flame and it's clean no ashes etc.. Nice if you have the storage...
fpoole 10/17/20 10:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Your "favorite" BBQ Grill, suggestions

Yep, had the Charbroil one, liked it but after a short while had problems with the Regulator. Support sent me another one and same thing. I would jam up or something that cause the BBQ to be on a Low Setting and pretty much worthless. Went through 5 of their regs and got fed up. Now using the Master built small table BBQ with a smoker and like it a lot. It has 2 burners and gets up to some 600F. Haven't really used the smoker other than initially seasoning the new BBQ and it maintained 200F which apparently is a good temp for smoking... (Not really experienced at it..) Here's the link as it's sorta hard to find on their website.. Masterbuilt MB20030519 MPG 300S Tabletop Gas Grill, Stainless Steel Searched:Searched: It's pretty hard to find and the Master build's site can't find it now.. most the other retails are out of stock so don't know if it's still active or not.. Amazing that the site doesn't have it but, who knows.. Hope that helps..
fpoole 10/13/20 11:25am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: I remodeled my BF10.4 living room - picture heavy

Wow... heheh nice ReConFig... Kewl...
fpoole 10/09/20 07:53pm Truck Campers
RE: How to deploy Happijac dually swingout brackets?

Thanks, guys. I hit the bolt with a rubber mallet while pulling on the bracket. Piece of cake! Yah, that's what I use... tried to squirt it with lube but didn't make any difference... Hava good one..
fpoole 10/05/20 06:54pm Truck Campers
RE: How to deploy Happijac dually swingout brackets?

Well I have the titan but there's a spring bolt that you push up or more like hammer up and it releases the pin at the top to allow the jack to swing out and then resets in the notch for it being out.. Sorry, not much help, but there should be something that you have to push up by the motor. Hope that helps.. a little anyway...
fpoole 10/05/20 05:15pm Truck Campers
RE: How do you store bikes inside your Truck Camper?

Yah, I tried the same thing, bungee cords are what I used and Or straps... I eventually just got a bike rake and a cover.. but I had a heavy bike RAD 65=lbs... so I had a better reason to carry outside.. too much for this old sole to lift and pull up the steps... good luck..
fpoole 09/12/20 08:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Successful summer mods

Wow, looks like you had a blast.... fun... Those Jet Skis must be a blast to cruise around.. Nice upgrades... thanks..
fpoole 08/24/20 09:18pm Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

Traveling to CO, for a SxS rally...
fpoole 08/14/20 06:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Another flatbed build

Hmmm.. I have a 2016 RAM 5500 with AF 990 on a flatbed. My limiter is at 87 mph which is fine for me. The bed is a 10' flatbed to accomodate a SxS buggy. I'm looking at a bumper trailer, 8.56 x 22' to put the camper on it but have to have a base to put it on to allow for the dump valve and other things. The trailer would allow for a deck and allows for the use of the truck for errands. I would put the buggy on the Truck Flatbed which has a winch on the headboard. Don't know if that helps at all,but i would suggest you look into a trailer to put the camper on, either a 5th wheel or bumper. I can use a 5th as the buggy couldn't go on the flatbed. Hope that helps.. height=640 width=640 Like this but with the AF990 and a shorter deck. height=640 width=640
fpoole 07/28/20 03:28pm Truck Campers
RE: leg bracket repair

Yep, there's another discussion going on, sorry, can't find it. But,I'm having a similar thing going one. But it's a swing bracket that bent. Dealer has their, pricey at 2 for $300 but looks pretty easy with the power wrench. If you have camper wall damage, well then that's a little different story. If you have motors on the top of jack, aka Power Jack, apparently they're easy to move to the new one. Good luck, I"m in the middle of this fix.. Cheers
fpoole 07/06/20 11:37am Truck Campers
RE: Camper jack torn off driving

Yep, bent one jack too and the Swing brackets. Luckily, dealer had the swing bracket and is order the Jack, Titan Reco or whatever. Motor is easily transferable apparently so I just get the straight jack it's self. Initially I had a bent swing bracket and initially got it bent back but still wasn't lined up correctly. My Swings come in packets of 2 apx $300, not cheap. Believe the straight jack is apx $300 too. Good luck..
fpoole 07/05/20 05:03pm Truck Campers
RE: How to fix an Arctic Fox slide

Nice, gives me a better idea of just how to get in there.. No easy way I suppose, but to tear up the floor, cut a hole and access from there. I'm specifically wanting to replace the 2 Rollers that fell out on the flow, A long, long, time Ago... Don't suppose AF has these and other pics posted on a website somewhere??? thanks.. Frank, did you ever get those rollers replaced? Where did you find the replacements/Part Numbers? Pics? Thanks Yes, had it done, RV repair in Prineville, OR but took a while. Got the parts from my dealer as his supplier kept sending wrong one... Expensive little buggers... some $80 each if I remember plus install costs..
fpoole 06/25/20 09:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Today was my first time......

Nice, I do it all the time... if nothing else to stabilize it in windy conditions... Also,those yellow lifters can help for just minor adjusting.... Enjoy the trip...
fpoole 06/03/20 08:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Do you drink.......

Well, .....Look into Berkey or Royal Dalton. Plus you just periodically clean the filters, no replacements to buy like those wasteful plastic Brita things! These systems are used by relief organizations like UNICEF, the Peace Corps and the Red Cross. Bonus, when the SHTF you are covered! Kewl, thanks, I put it on the Amz wish list along with the stand... hard to overhang on Camper Sink... Thanks again... nice one..
fpoole 04/20/20 12:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Do you drink.......

Yah, been drinking from it for 4.5 yrs, Full time, no problem. I use the Brita, going to replace it with the new filtration jug when I get the chance. and if in a bad tasting water area, use "Sweet Water' to add as I fill up... Sometimes it's a little off, but the Brita helps... Just have to clean it occasionally as it turns green, heheh, from the sun through the window... Other than that, no problem-o... Thinking I should sanitize when the opportunity arises...
fpoole 04/20/20 11:03am Truck Campers
RE: Jet pack 8800L have the problems been worked out?

Ahhh.. great.. keep posted how it all works out and don't trip.... heheh, I'm right behind ya... Good luck..
fpoole 04/05/20 06:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Jet pack 8800L have the problems been worked out?

i believe they have, but more important if you have the 'Unlimited' plan that you might be grandfathered in, it that Vzn won't allow you to go back to it.. Last advise I saw, as I was thinking of doing the same, was to get the 88.. from a 3rd party and then swap chips... This link might help, they just about cover it all... Hope that helps.. gotta watch Verizon, it's luv-hate thing... heheh
fpoole 04/05/20 03:58pm Technology Corner
RE: New smoker grill

So, curious, how does it hold to temps... I currently have a CharBroil and while it'll get up to some 550F according to the hood gauge, but when putting something in there it drops to around 350F and won't go any higher, not that I really need to, but the temp regulator doesn't seem to control the temp that much. It's either on or off... So wondering how this sticks to temp settings.. Thanks..
fpoole 03/16/20 10:10am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: New smoker grill

Kewl, looking good.. I put it on the Amazon Wish list... like the 'Smoker' option an the side trays.. thanks..
fpoole 03/13/20 04:38pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: First TC Rally

Yah, I saw that AFTER it was over... I was just up the dirt road there, Tyson Wash so that would have been fun. I've set the general date for next year if they have another one.. Fun..
fpoole 02/28/20 11:29am Truck Campers
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