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RE: Looking for end all be all air pump

I've been using a Milwaukee M18 toolbox vac (0880-20) for the past few years to inflate our air mattresses & water inflatables. It inflates them fast & firm & just as importantly, will suck them thoroughly flat for storage. The vacuum is quite inexpensive, especially if you're already in the M18 ecosystem.
frankwp 07/11/21 04:04pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Are you heading for Utah's National Parks?

Southern Utah has been one of our favorite destinations for decades & I don't have any one that's a favorite. They're all fantastic & spectacular in their own ways. One year at Zion we were well into the narrow when there was a massive thunderstorm & flood, but we were high enough to be safe, just. The cliffs all around looked like they had sand pouring off them. A parks worker we spoke with said it's rare to get to experience that because they close the trail at the first hint of approaching rain. They had closed it just minutes after we started the hike.
frankwp 07/03/21 11:56am General RVing Issues
RE: More Australian unusual 5ver photos

I like the interior decor of the Australian fifth wheels so much more than the American designs.
frankwp 06/29/21 08:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lost members - What happened to Clubmaxx?

Might want to take a look at this. Not alot of info but it may help. Thanks for that. Unfortunately the website is gone now. I didn't try the number. Long distance charges from Canada Long distance charges?? a buck or 2 should be well worth paying if you really want to find him.
frankwp 06/27/21 03:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: LED Ceiling Lights

Check carefully as incandescents take 6x+ the power (hence heat) of LEDs. Could also be a wire size issue. This. An LED fixture is not designed for the high temps & heat output of incandescent lamps. Just get new lamps with a warmer color temperature.
frankwp 06/24/21 07:18pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2022 Toyota Tundra Reveal

Toyota has just handily taken the ugliest truck award from the Silverado HD.
frankwp 06/20/21 04:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Train vs Motorhome

Seems like a few rolls of Eternabond would fix it up like new.
frankwp 06/07/21 07:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Disappointing article- GM updates!

Pretty vague news. More than likely Ford will be updating their engines in the upcoming years as will Ram. Now if I was a GM guy and if they had said the 2022 GM HD will get an all new 500 hp, 1100 lbft Duramax I might get excited. I would get excited if GM produced a good looking truck for once since the '87 model year. I actually think GM has produced some pretty nice looking trucks since then, but tastes do vary. But I can't for the life of me figure out how anyone thinks the current Chevy 2500/3500 is anything but obscenely ugly & the GMs are only a little better.
frankwp 06/06/21 01:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Quiet series generator 9500 watts!!!

10-30 times louder? Someone needs to read up about the db scale. :B He references the Honda which is listed 59 dB, since the power doubles for every 3 dB of gain, 62 dB is double the racket of the Honda, 65 dB is double the 62, 67 is almost double of the 65. That's **** close to 10 times louder. The difference between a quiet conversation and having a hoover exhaust stuck in your ear. Does anyone really give a ratsass? No quite. Twice the perceived loudness is a 10 db increase. Maybe on Fantasy Island, but whatever you say. Fantasy Island, along with the rest of the world. A 10 db increase is 10X the power, but we, as humans only perceive that as being 2X as loud. Do some reading up on the subject, it's quite fascinating & goes against a lot of common understanding of the subject. But all that aside, 67 db is way too loud for a campground. Campers 10 sites away would complain, I'm sure.
frankwp 06/06/21 01:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Disappointing article- GM updates!

Not sure why, but for the last few months GMauthority links have been appearing in news feeds a lot. The articles are almost uniformly disappointing & lacking in info that the headline promises. I just don't go there anymore.
frankwp 06/06/21 08:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Torklift Glowsteps installed

I'm planning on getting a set for our fifth wheel. My wife's arthritic joints don't like the stock steps
frankwp 05/31/21 05:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RVLock Keyless

Another alternative is the Bauer RV lock. We bought one, it died within a couple of days & they sent me a new one. It's worked fine for the last 4 years or so. When I researched brands it seems like they all have issues with the odd one dying early, but if they make it past the first few months, they're good for the long haul. I'm not big on technology for its own sake, but we have the kids, inlaws and grand kids that come camping with us & it was a nightmare trying to keep up with the keys. An electronic lock was the perfect solution.
frankwp 05/26/21 05:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Whoops, I did it again.

But the bigger question is, how did you backfeed it? If you don't have a transfer switch and you were able to feed 120VAC into the inverter, then it seems like you could also backfeed 120VAC from the inverter into the shorepower cable, which is a safety hazard for you and for the electrician that's working on restoring campground power and doesn't realize that you energized the "dead" circuit. This! PLEASE, install a transfer switch or put in a receptacle fed by the inverter to accept the RV power plug. Carrying on with the current setup could leave someone injured or dead.
frankwp 05/26/21 07:31am Tech Issues
RE: Restoration begins!

Please do keep posting on this project. But the part from :40 to 3:15 should be cut out altogether. Nobody wants to have to sit through that. Going high speed for the unloading for the last couple of minute is a nice touch, but it too went on way too long. 30 seconds of that would be plenty. This is not intended to offend or insult, just constructive criticism. It's going to be an interesting project with the potential of getting a very nice camper at the end.
frankwp 04/27/21 09:40pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: F350 SRW Enough Truck

" I'm "getting by" with a GM 8.1 pulling a 12,000+ fifth wheel & see no need for anything more. I tow from Calgary to Radium, BC through the Rockies at least twice a year. there are sections with 8% grade & I can maintain the speed limit even on those steep grades." NOT calling you a liar but over 20,000# up 8% grade at the speed limit I would assume around 60mph is honestly hard to believe. Maybe 4x4ord can chime in on this. You’re right Ron, a 20k lbs truck and rv doesn’t go up an 8% slope at 60 mph powered by a 340 hp engine. There is quite a climb coming out of Radium (this is probably the 8% grade being mentioned) but I think the speed limit might only be 90 km/hr. Even so, it takes roughly 100 hp to overcome the drag and rolling resistance of even a small 5ver at 90 km/hr. The rear wheel hp required for an 8k truck to overcome gravity while pulling a 12k trailer up an 8% grade is exactly 234.66 hp. So 335 hp is very close to the required power at the rear wheels. The 8.1 litre GM made as much as 340 peak crankshaft hp at 4200 rpm at sea level. So, maybe 260 hp rear wheel hp at 3000 ft elevation. So if the 8.1 litre had a gear to utilize 100% of hp it could pull that hill at about 42 mph. Oops, busted! Thanks for the reality check guys. That stretch out of Radium has lots of curves, which are 60 K/hr & the rest is 80 K/hr. Going up that stretch I generally don't have a problem keeping with the speed limit, I just was forgetting the the limit was that low. BTW, the combined weight of truck & fifth wheel is just a bit over 19,000 lbs My main point was that something like the 7.3 Ford gasser should be quite capable.
frankwp 04/16/21 07:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: F350 SRW Enough Truck

OP, I'm also one of those who doesn't want a dually or a diesel. I'm "getting by" with a GM 8.1 pulling a 12,000+ fifth wheel & see no need for anything more. I tow from Calgary to Radium, BC through the Rockies at least twice a year. there are sections with 8% grade & I can maintain the speed limit even on those steep grades. An F350 with a 7.3 gas would tow very well, I think. If I were replacing the GM today, that's what I'd get.
frankwp 04/14/21 10:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla driving across Canada in 74 hrs

They're pretty common in Calgary. I usually see a few driving to & from work every day.
frankwp 04/12/21 05:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Slide Seal Conditioner that doesn't "stink"

I've never put anything on my slide seals. The RV is 12 years old the seals don't look worn or deteriorated yet.
frankwp 04/05/21 06:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Crushed F-150

Dropping a small fifth wheel off the hitch simply will not cause that much damage. As BB said, there's way more to the story.
frankwp 03/30/21 11:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Getting started on our new RV

The company name is Lee Valley Tool. Lee Valley also has a US website.
frankwp 03/23/21 07:33pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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