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RE: kinda light posting

NOW your showing your age.. have NOT heard that word in MANY years.. UPPERS. ! ! :B Guilty as charged. Come to think of it I've had one particular millennial with the typical entitled attitude give me that "OK Boomer" look several times recently. :R
gitane59 03/31/20 07:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: kinda light posting

Well I will throw something out for discussion. I just reduced my insurance on my 6 year old unit from full replacement cost to actual specified value and set it at a value I deemed 5-7K higher than current dealer asking price for the same unit saving almost $800 a year on my insurance. I figured with the coming onslaught of personal and dealership bankruptcies if my unit happens to get totaled I will likely be able to buy a pretty darn nice newer unit for pennies on the dollar. That is if there are any nice places to camp that are not full of homeless unemployed citizen's living in old discrepant trailers lining up for food during the day at food banks. I know I think I need some uppers tonight. LOL
gitane59 03/31/20 07:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: anyone seen Jim . . AKA - NC Hauler

That's truly a shame. Much too young. I wondered what happened to him. Jim and I chatted my times and I always found him a pleasure to chat with through this medium. Only time I saw him was in West Virginia. He was broke down on the side of the road going in the opposite direction on one of the interstates. He and I had a good laugh online about that later.
gitane59 03/28/20 02:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Impact of Coronavirus on Parks?

Since the government in usa, rightly or wrongly, is not being communicative about the number of folks infected, and that there are now 105,xxx cases world wide, I think it is being under reported badly. Florida may be fine--but would you head out to the state of Washington? Isolation orders are possible.This is a tough situation as we are supposed to leave for Florida the end of March and the fear of a regional isolation or quarantine orders is really causing us to re-consider on a day to day basis whether to go or not. We are also wondering how much fun we can have when most everyone has succumbed to media hyped fear mongering. There's the rub Don! How quickly could any particular place become the next regional hot spot.
gitane59 03/07/20 08:31pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Impact of Coronavirus on Parks?

Isolation orders are possible.This is a tough situation as we are supposed to leave for Florida the end of March and the fear of a regional isolation or quarantine orders is really causing us to re-consider on a day to day basis whether to go or not. We are also wondering how much fun we can have when most everyone has succumbed to media hyped fear mongering.
gitane59 03/07/20 01:29pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Pin Box again Moryde vs Trailair

Three trips ago I replaced my solid pinbox with a Mor-Ryde pinbox for severe chucking concern's. On all but the worst overpass expansion joint's the improvement is dramatic. We have a DRW truck running 80psi in the front tires and 65psi in the rear wheels and 40 psi in Firestone airbags. The airbags have always controlled the vertical shock's and now I can definitely say the Mor-Ryde pinbox cushions the horizontal forward/aft motion shock. If I were to buy a new truck I would invest in a Trailer Saver TS3 hitch but still likely have a Mor-Ryde pinbox
gitane59 12/08/19 08:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What happened to all the posts

Sadly the shine seems to have gone off the RV'ing lifestyle that many of us who joined this social media site enjoyed leading to individuals selling their unit's. Aging populations of the earlier RV'ing generation that started the Good Sam club and when the internet came alone also sadly are in decline. People's social media tastes have also changed and I myself am struggling with the changing social media scene. Facebook and Instagram for the RV lifestyle to me seems very disjointed and difficult to navigate. I really am troubled by the decline on here and by my own anxiety and negativity I am feeling towards the RV lifestyle with everything going on in society in both Canada and the US that has changed the atmosphere in campgrounds and the overall perception of declining safety from many different societal changes. I wish I was not feeling this way starting retirement but we must make the best of it. In a couple weeks we are heading out for Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg for a couple weeks so we hope to have a wonderful time in the RV to rekindle our love of the lifestyle.
gitane59 10/19/19 06:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is the EV transformation of the market over hyped ?

No one has mentioned road construction or maintenance funding. I have not read or heard a single thing about how road funding will be generated from the all electricity used to recharge all the million's of EV passenger car's and EV commercial truck's that will be charged at homes and commercial location's in some peoples near future. ICE fuel tax is or should be directed towards road construction and maintenance,but how do you isolate and tax only those pesky little electron's flowing into batteries of personal or commercial vehicles at home and business into road maintenance and construction. Our road funding budget's are dropping as less fuel tax is collected due to increasing ICE fuel economy even though the number of vehicles on the road is increasing and look at the condition of our road's everywhere. They are getting poorer and poorer. How will government's with all the pressures to spend our tax dollars here, there and everywhere be incentivized to spend want is needed on our road infrastructure. I know. More big brother. I will automatically get a bill each month based on the mileage driven as sent to the government by my vehicle, the weight of my vehicle and the calculated energy used. That is if I am even allowed to actually own a vehicle. Some futurist's believe personal vehicle ownership will be outlawed and we will all be riding in government owned autonomous personal communicator app called rideshare vehicles. What a future!!!
gitane59 08/24/19 06:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ontario Annual Yellow safety inspection sticker exemption

Yes there are incidents where lack of maintenance or human error causes accident's where good innocent people are hurt or killed. Sorry that life's. Wrap yourself in bubblewrap and climb into a bomb shelter if it makes you feel better. You can make all the laws and regulation's you want but people will still break them and take stupid chances and risk's putting you and themselves at risk. Where is the line between freedom and excessive laws/regulations? I don't know many business owners that want more regulation. We need a new constitutional charter right prohibiting any new laws that reduces the need to take personal responsibility for ones own action's before we all become nanny state zombie's.
gitane59 08/16/19 06:50am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Ontario Annual Yellow safety inspection sticker exemption

some provinces have an annual safety inspection for all motor vehicles and trailers. private and commercial AND travel trailers are included, even little popups new Brunswick and nova scotia for sure keeps a lot of trash off the road While in theory I don't disagree with your suggestion I have not seen or heard of any recreational vehicles in Ontario sustaining mechanical failures due to lack of maintenance kill people. however we have too many examples of tires flying off of passenger cars and commercial transport trailers in Ontario that have indeed killed people. I support fixing that issue first as it has resulted in serious injury and death.
gitane59 08/14/19 11:52am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Ontario Annual Yellow safety inspection sticker exemption

You nailed my point EXACTLY. Anyone who would pull that trailer down the road is obviously NOT the safety-oriented motorist that you and me are. All trailers and tow vehicles should be inspected. In Pennsylvania for example, all trailers over 3,000 pounds GVWR need to be certified annually, all motor vehicles need to be inspected prior to each years license renewal. Otherwise let’s just go with the whole ‘2 sets of rules’ thing, nobody over 65 allowed to drive on 400 series highways, no RV’s allowed on highways during rush hours or holiday weekends, nobody can pull a trailer on the road until they pass a ‘trailer endorsement’ on their drivers license........ I could go on and on. While I fully support the idea of a trailer towing license endorsement it can't end there. There also must be a large motorhome license endorsement as well that is practical and enforceable. Your other pie in the sky suggestions are simply wacky. Rush hour is 24x7 in the GTA! I would love to know how much lower the highway death rates, accident rates, injury rates, insurance claims costs' and insurance rates are in Pennsylvania than in jurisdiction without said annual safety inspections for all motor vehicles before commenting on your position of annual safety inspection's of all vehicles. That's one of the goofy things about the yellow sticker law in Ontario. No one, commercial use or personal use has ever had to prove that they are in possession of a current Yellow safety sticker inspection to renew a required vehicles plate license registration. You must show proof of a current CVOR if required or declare the exemption from the CVOR before a commercial vehicle license registration can be renewed but not the Yellow sticker
gitane59 08/02/19 06:44am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Cleaned out the Radiator today.

646,000 on the 2013 Chevy 3500 SRW diesel, figure it was time to pull radiator because changing fan clutch. It's near impossible to clean out while in truck. The truck still did not get hot like the 2010 did. Never seen temps above 215. 646,000 miles? Nice! That's equal to averaging 300 miles every day for 6 continuous years. Wow that truly is impressive from many angles. Even more so if accomplished by one driver? I would love to know more about the vehicles maintenance and repair history and how heavily load during those miles.
gitane59 08/01/19 07:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ontario Annual Yellow safety inspection sticker exemption

I have no doubt you are the kind of person who would maintain their equipment...... However....... Someone is about to take THIS trailer down the road. Thank you, but I completely fail to see how anything about this link is relevant to the original subject. Recreational trailers have never been subject to annual vehicle safety inspections regardless of tow vehicle. If you are suggesting that recreational trailers should be inspected then we must include boat trailers, snowmobile trailers, motorcycle trailers and the inspections would have to be required regardless of the vehicle towing them. I hope you see how any discussion about recreational trailer safety inspections would be any entirely different subject matter. I'm sorry that because you use your HD truck for business and commercial purposes as well as pleasure that the goofy Ontario reg's require you to have yellow stickers on your personal pleasure water craft trailer. It is a goofy interpretation of the yellow sticker law when you really think about it.
gitane59 08/01/19 06:10pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Ontario Annual Yellow safety inspection sticker exemption

This is IMHO completely the opposite of what makes sense. Commercial operators who need their vehicles on the road every day to earn their livelihood need to prove they maintain their vehicles, but privately owned trucks and trailers that might not move for months (or years) are good to go.. I see it differently. Commercial truck's are more often than not are being driven by employee's earning a wage not the business owner and wage earning employees have less stake in sensing and reporting issues with company vehicles that would cost them wage hours of pay. I can say this as I drive a company vehicle in a fleet and see this affect everyday with me and my co-workers using our company vehicles. Personally I travel across the continent with my truck and trailer which is worth a substantial percentage of my personal wealth and the financial and personal cost's of getting stranded in some tiny town in God know's where or having an accident due to lack of maintenance is the fear factor that ensures that you can trust that travelling beside me and may I suggest most RV'ers either towing or bobtailing is much safer than traveling beside many of the trucks on our highways today even with safety annual certificates given the miles commercial vehicle must cover to cover company cost's.
gitane59 08/01/19 09:50am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Ontario Annual Yellow safety inspection sticker exemption

Do you use your pickup truck for commercial use? I'm afraid I don't understand this thread or have ever heard of the yellow sticker requirement. I owned an F-150 for 5 years and never had it inspected until I sold it. I certified it prior to sale. Can you explain this in layman's terms? btw, the upper limit, according to the linked article, is 6500 KGS (kilograms), not LBS (pounds). That's 14,300 LBS, I believe. This is Canada, and we're metric now (not that I like metric, but that was PE Trudeau's fault). This only applies to Ontario and without getting into the craziness of Ontario reg's it applies to pickup trucks over 4500kg GVWR which your F150 would not reach and commercial vehicles. Regardless of what some people tried to suggest over the years all duallies and any commercial use vehicle of any weight needs the Yellow sticker until this exemption for personal use of dually pickup's No we own our F350 dually only for towing our personal use recreational trailer. And yes I'm old enough that I grew up without metric and please forgive me when I forget the old man's Metrification o
gitane59 07/31/19 07:41pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Ontario Annual Yellow safety inspection sticker exemption

Just a note; that's 6500 KG, not LbsAh Rat's I will fix that right now. Nice catch!
gitane59 07/31/19 07:31pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
Ontario Annual Yellow safety inspection sticker exemption

As of July 1 2019 Ontario drivers of personal use pickup trucks with GVWR under 6500kgs are now exempt from the requirement to get the Annual Safety Inspection Yellow stickers. Please note that at the bottom this proposal has been "approved" For once I can say GOOD JOB to the Ontario government! I will be printing this out and carrying it with me to educate any LEO as to the changes if stopped. Ontario Safety Inspection Certificate Exemption
gitane59 07/31/19 07:09pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Update to my Towing analysis paralysis resolved, I think!.

No brand of rigid/stationary hitch is comparable to an air ride hitch. Often, members brag about their brand of rigid hitch. However, while great quality with robust jaws, etc., an is ride hitch is going to ride differently. Yes agreed but $230 for the upgraded coupler versus $2900 for a Trailersaver made me pause and decide to see how much improvement could be had without the additional expense of the air hitch and the effort of changing fifthwheel hitch rails to accommodate the air ride hitch in my old truck. If you do not have airbag's in your suspension you will not have the experience of the improvement in ride quality that simply modification makes even with a rigid hitch. And no it's got nothing to do with increasing any weight rating. If I am still towing heavy when I finally decide to retire my old truck for a new beast then I will certainly be installing an air ride hitch.
gitane59 07/28/19 07:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Update to my Towing analysis paralysis resolved, I think!.

Well I now too have "sperience". My experience is that even with Bilstein HD shock, airbags in truck suspension and proper correct air pressure the experience of towing with severe chucking and bone rattling jolt's can be made markedly better with a reasonable investment. After installing a Mor-Ryde Pin box and an upgraded Demco coupler onto my old Hijacker hitch I had my first tow today back over the same roads I just drove a week ago before the upgrades. I could immediately notice a vast improvement as I pulled out of the driveway onto the gravel road and got onto the freeway. The pinbox created a cushioned isolation affect between the truck and trailer. I could not longer feel the secondary sharp jolt's of the trailer going over the expansion joint's and potholes in the roads. The sharp jolt's and chucking are now very muted and has a cushioned or isolated feel. The concrete road we were on I know very well and this is the first trip over it in many years when I did not become uptight and tense, dreading every mile and every broken section of patched concrete. While it was not perfect it was more than bearable. My wife said this road always caused my Tourette's syndrome to burst forth with very jolt and bone jarring rattle. But today there was none of that at all. My wife commented that for the first time in a long time she did not have a sore neck from all the chucking and jolt's. I chose not to install a air hitch since I had the supplemental airbag's on the suspension and found I could upgrade my old hitches coupler. While the old coupler was very secure it was very sloppy around the pin being the old style with simply a large bar of steel going across holding the pin into a "U shaped" steel plate. The replacement coupler encloses the pin fully encompassing it tightly all the way around. At this point I do not feel that an additional $2900 investment is needed.
gitane59 07/27/19 08:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Update to my Towing analysis paralysis resolved, I think!.

Air bags on truck set to 30psi loaded,Check Bilstien shocks Checkand PROPER tire pressure will do wonders.Check The RV has far less impact on the truck than the road does. Cure that problem FIRST before wasting your $$$. I'm not sure how these 3 item's alone would cause the severe jerking fore and aft on poor concrete roads with bad expansion joints. Also when hitting sections of concrete that has dropped an inch or 2 the transfer of vertical energy between the truck and trailer is so severe it rattles the teeth and with the quality of the Lippert frames and the condition of roads not getting any better I am definitely becoming afraid to tow for fear of major frame failure.
gitane59 07/16/19 06:10pm Fifth-Wheels
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