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RE: Weight distribution systems, which one is best?

I use a 1500/15,000 Blue Ox with our 31' 9500 lb TT. TW is 1350 per Oregon scales. So far it seems to do the job well enough. Been all over the west with it in all sorts of conditions and never had a white knuckle moment. Only issue I don't like with the B/O is the chain release part. I have a 2' breaker bar and it's still an exciting event trying to release the chains.
goducks10 09/20/19 08:44am Towing
RE: Pulling with a Ram 2500

I just finished a 3200 mile trip around the west. Most at or near 5000'. Towed 9500 lbs. 2018 Ram 2500 6.4, 4.10. I never hand calc'd but the trip meter said 9.6 mpg. That include probably 250 miles of non towing. Lots of 2nd, 3rd, 4th gear stuff in the mountains and two long days running 60-65 mph in 5th. Some tailwinds and headwinds. Flat and mountains. Pretty much covered all conditons. Even one run up and over Teton Pass in WY. 1st gear wound out tight at 4800 rpms for part of it. I just figure 9 mpg as my base for distance per tank purposes. The EVIC is probably off as that seems to be the norm. I know one thing for sure, my truck loves gas stations.
goducks10 09/17/19 04:52pm Towing
RE: Mountain Towing

A 7200 lb 5th wheel would be fine behind a 1/2 ton IMO. 5th wheels handle much better than travel trailers. Power wise most all 1/2 tons have the power to pull that easily. Payload will be the harder part. You'll need to look on the trucks door jamb for a sticker that shows the Cargo Carry Capacity. The brochure weights are not the same as the actual door sticker weight. Right now I think the best option is a Ford F150 with the 3.5 Eco motor and the Max Tow package. Fords seem to have higher CCC than Ram and Chevy.
goducks10 09/17/19 08:36am Towing
RE: New Truck and 5th wheel

Longbed = no compromise! x2
goducks10 09/15/19 03:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Step carpet

Thought about doing this mod but my thinking is they're semi permanent. They're on the RV regardless of what weather you're traveling in. If it's raining and you pull in to set up, then the steps are soaking wet. We went a different route. Not as nice looking as the OP's but functional. We have a 4'+L x 2'W rug that we just clamp to the steps when we setup. If it's raining then we can put the awning out and the rug stays dry. It's also washable.
goducks10 09/13/19 06:23pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Would appreciate the groups thoughts on tandem axle issue

With that low of miles I think it's a case of a poorly welded spindle. Seems like whom ever was welding the spindle on screwed up and welded it on crooked. It normally takes a while for an over loaded axle to bend enough to get bad tire wear. If you only towed it 140 miles and then figure in how far it was from the factory to your dealer that would be the total miles. Being delivered from the factory it should've been empty so overloading wouldn't be an issue.
goducks10 09/13/19 06:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV Fatality in Oklahoma

That's an argument for staying off two lane roads. Come out to the west coast. You won't travel anywhere if you don't take two lane roads.
goducks10 09/09/19 07:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Satellite upgrades? How?

Please don't anyone respond to timmac's post. He just loves trolling these kinds of posts and posting random BS about the death of satellite TV. Please, don't feed the troll and maybe it will die! x2 He obviously doesn't live or travel to locations where there's barely 4G to no 4G.
goducks10 08/31/19 09:37am Technology Corner
RE: pulling fifth wheel with f250 supercab 6.2L engine

Your biggest concern will be getting the Reflection 150 series to sit level. It's a "Made for 1/2 ton" 5th wheel so the front over hang is lower than most.
goducks10 08/31/19 09:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lance roof noise?

We just endured a 1/2 day of rain in our ORV 25RDS. While I didn't find the rain loud I did notice it. One of the things that can make or break the noise is skylights and vents. We have a skylight in the living area and vent in the living/kitchen area. Those two items probably made it a little louder inside than if they weren't there. I could here the rain on the vent/skylight plastic more than on the roof. Also the slide was the noisiest part in the living area.
goducks10 08/22/19 03:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hope you travel alone?!!!!

I've see that low many times when getting my oil changed and kicking tires at the local Ram dealer. Pretty sad. Most that buy have no clue it's that low or even care for that matter.
goducks10 08/16/19 04:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi Towing a Fifth Wheel

OT a little but I towed 7300 lbs with an F150 5.4 4sp then moved to a 5.4 6sp. Only difference was on take off. The 6sp accelerated easier. Out on the hwy when climbing grades the 5.4 still needed the same rpms to maintain speed. Guessing it's the same for the 8sp vs 6sp 6.4. BIG difference will be the 1-4 gears. The 6sp is not all that friendly in the low gears. The 8sp should be much smoother. Worth the $$ to trade up? Not for me.
goducks10 08/15/19 12:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Difficulty getting the tow ball to release from hitch

OT a little but I'm using a Blue Ox WDH. The ball sits vertical because the spring bar angle is cast into the head. Very few issues with releasing. I'm thinking that the vertical ball puts less pressure on that flapper thing in the coupler. BTDT with an EQ and an EAZ-Lift. Used to have issue fairly often with tilted head units. Usually just putting the truck in D and easing forward released everything.
goducks10 08/14/19 06:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: How well does the RAM 2500 6.4 Hemi tow?

I have the same truck with 4.10's. I'd do those short trips any day.
goducks10 08/14/19 04:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Another Newbie Question about Brands

There's no way you can guaranty you'll get a well built trailer from any brand regardless of price. Doesn't matter whether they use the best materials or not. The build process is 1970's technology. Same ole' stuff in all of them. One may have an Atwood furnace and the other a Suburban. Both could easily have issues. Etc. You can have two of the exact same models of brand X sitting side by side on the dealers lot and one will be great and the other could have from a few to enough to call it a lemon. Find you floor plan and colors you like and cross your fingers.
goducks10 08/14/19 03:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help a Newbie, question about gas vs. diesel

If you're towing at higher elevations often then I'd go diesel, but with an F350 to cover payload. If you're just going to weekend warrior it with a few (1-3) longer trips then I'd go gas F250. I tow 9500 lbs in Oregon with a gas 2500. I don't have too many issues. I just lock out 6th or 5th and cruise. MPG sucks compared to my previous CTD but I also didn't pay the $9K premium for the diesel option.
goducks10 08/13/19 07:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Largest TT out there

Is 39'4" long enough?
goducks10 08/12/19 11:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Another tire thread

I don't run ST tires anymore on any of my trailers. I run LTs on all of my trailers except the fifth wheel, it has MTs. How does that help someone that can't fit LT tires under their trailer?
goducks10 08/11/19 08:26am Towing
RE: Grand Design purchase

GD is probably finding out that doing warranty work when past the warranty date is a losing proposition. Back when GD was starting up and trying to make a name for them selves it was great PR. Now with their model lines expanded and quality the same as every other MFG they simply can't afford to give away warranty work for the sake of good PR.
goducks10 08/11/19 08:24am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing speed

Just got back from a short 450 mile RT. Hwy and interstate. Ran 55-60 in the 55 zones, 65 in the 65 zones and on the interstate ran 65-70. All in Oregon towing a 9500 lb TT with a 2500 gasser Ram.
goducks10 08/09/19 07:07pm Towing
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