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RE: Another 6.6 gas question

I don't get the 10 speed OCD discussions. I drive a different truck every day at work, all 3 US flavors and probably almost every combination at one time or another. Unless your always in Flatlands running empty/not towing and going for squeezing every last drop for fuel mileage, all those extra gears are wasted fluff. In hill country loaded or towing you'll never be up in them much if at all and it does not matter what is in front of the tranny. More gears = more heat and more parts to wear. Mostly agree. Regardless of gears you still need the same HP/TQ to climb a mtn or cruise the interstate. However an 8sp or 10 speed will have better spacing between gears and allow the vehicle to maintain speeds easier without lugging or over revving.
goducks10 10/28/20 10:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Air Bag Problem

Is it possible that the original owner lowered the rear of the truck to tow a 5th wheel and used the bags to control the weight. I've read many times about guys complaining that the truck is too tall in the rear for thier 5er and are told to lower the rear suspension then install air bags to level it out once loaded. Agree need more info on truck.
goducks10 10/28/20 10:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Azdel or not?

If you don't get delam then you don't know for sure if you have a leak. :) You could have a plywood floor or roof rotting and never know it. At least with delam you know you have a problem. :(
goducks10 10/28/20 10:29am Travel Trailers
RE: TT Lengths

When you find ones you like look up the specs on the MFG web site. That will show you the true OAL. Generally the higher the model number the longer it is, so when looking around thats a starting point.
goducks10 10/28/20 10:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Changing from 14" to 15" wheels and tires on a TT

Do it as long as you have clearance between the tire and the underside of the trailer.
goducks10 10/26/20 10:45am Towing
RE: RV Furnature ???

Ashleys or some other lesser known furniture stores in town. All recliner backs come off and sofas can be taken apart and put through the door. I'd sell it without and discount it a bit. Let the new buyer get their own.
goducks10 10/26/20 10:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 1/2 ton truck towing question

I am looking for a toy hauler to put a golf cart in. I’ve seen a few but they will be about 10,000 pounds after everything is loaded. Current tow capacity on the truck is 9300lbs. With GVWR @ 7,000lbs. I found a shop that will add an extra leaf to the rear end (.47in steel leaf, was told that would add roughly 600lbs each side) and install HD sway bars. Do you think this will be enough to increase my GVWR? You will never get a 1/2 ton that will be able to handle 10,000 lbs safely or comfortably. I tow a TT that weighs between 9200-9500 lbs with a 3500 SRW. I towed it previously with a 2500. No way in He!! would I ever want to hitch it up to a 1/2 ton and tow for any reasonable distance. The 1st time you round a blind corner at 55-60 mph and you need to panic stop, or you're out in the open with 15-25 mph crosswinds you'll be purchasing new underwear if you're lucky.
goducks10 10/24/20 09:43am Towing
RE: Portable Satellite Cable Storage..ideas??

I roll mine up in a 12-14" circle ending with the last 4-5' routed in and out of the circle to keep the coax from uncoiling. I have 2 small hooks screwed to the wall inside my TT storage area. I slide the top part of the coiled coax over the top hook then stretch it a little to hook on the bottom hook. It's flat against the wall and stays put taking up hardly any space.
goducks10 10/23/20 12:50pm Technology Corner
RE: Why diesels are most efficient around 1,800 rpm

Nice flat section along I-5 I will be towing from NW WA to SoCal next week and will do the same test towing 36k combined. How the heck do you get away with dbl towing through Oregon. Or are you only taking the 5er?
goducks10 10/23/20 10:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Maximum towing

Anything over 6,000 lbs and you'll join the 1/2 ton towing issues crowd. Rams coil suspension is not a rigid as leafs. If you do go heavy I would invest in some air bags for the rear coils. My son has an older coil sprung Ram 1500 and is loaded to the max and tows a 4,000 lb ski boat. He added bags to the rear and says it really help with stability. Power wise you're good to 8,000 IMO if you like the sound a V8 wound out in the mountains. From a BTDT perspective I'd stay at 7,000 lbs or less.
goducks10 10/23/20 10:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: favorite tow vehicle for small trailer??

Not sure if it's from Covid or not but I do't recall ever seeing so many single women or older people camping in small Casita type TT's or R-Pods being towed with Subaru's and other small SUV's.
goducks10 10/19/20 10:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Checked out a Vibe 26RK, Mallard M25,Grand Design Imagine

Some nit pics for me on the Vibe 26RK. The booth looks like it blocks the pantry door from opening fully. With the slide in it looks like no access to the fridge and possibly the whole kitchen. Only one night stand in the bedroom. Outside kitchen is not under the awning. Low CCC.
goducks10 10/19/20 10:17am Travel Trailers
RE: camping sites for a 42' fifth wheel?

While many CG's can accommodate a 42' 5er, that doesn't mean every site in that CG is long enough. Planning ahead would be a priority. I'd be more concerned about everyday travel than finding a spot. Maneuverability will be a little compromised.
goducks10 10/17/20 02:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Uconnect 8.4 default to bluetooth?

Okay Googled around and found this. 1. Sit in driver seat, doors closed, vehicle off. 2. Foot off the break, press start/stop button once to place vehicle in ACC mode. 3. Press the start/stop button twice to turn off vehicle. 4. Hold the Voice Recognition and Green Phone buttons on the steering wheel for 30 seconds, then let go. 5. Open the driver door for 30 seconds, or until the dash display cluster turns off - whichever comes first, then close the door. 6. Hold down the break pedal, and press the start/stop button to start the vehicle normally. After I did step 6, my Uconnect system quickly flashed through several screens including what looked like a dial pad and the text "enter anti-theft code" (?). It still started in FM radio, but when I pressed the Media icon, it immediately went to Bluetooth (whereas in the past, I would have to hit the down arrow then select Bluetooth). I restarted the vehicle normally again, and this time it went straight to Bluetooth. Let me know if you have any questions, or you can call Uconnect General Support here: They asked for the last 8 characters of my VIN and had me verify my name, address, and phone number (which I assume they got through RAM). Edit: The second guy asked for my address and email, then asked if I wanted to add my phone number, so I guess they weren't for verification, but to add to their records.
goducks10 10/17/20 11:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Uconnect 8.4 default to bluetooth?

My 19 Ram won't stay in Bluetooth after shutting it off. Haven't taken the time to research so I'm staying tuned in to this thread. Pretty frustrating to say the least.
goducks10 10/17/20 10:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Are other drivers killing your RV experience?

Up until 10+ years ago I was the guy that couldn't wait to pass the RV or semi. Now I'm the guy everyone wants to get by and I totally understand their logic. I usually give them extra room if they're trying for the ultimate jamb like when 2 lanes converge to one. To the topic about crazy drivers. Thats why we RV. Did the motorcycle thing for 12 years and when texting became the cool thing to do when driving, we decided to pack it in before some lame brain wrecked us.
goducks10 10/17/20 10:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Azdel or not?

Since Azdel is a man made product and the exterior fiberglass is as well even if you get water in between and you get some delam you shouldn't have the big pucker bubbles like you would with luan. Luan will breakdown and pucker and separate like plywood will. Think of Azdel like you would cement board siding for houses. It's virtually impervious to water. I think it's better than Luan but in the end I want a floor plan I can enjoy. So many other factors come into play when deciding on an RV. Siding is one as is the frame, suspension, lighting, interior finishes, storage, layout, etc. If you take care of your RV with regular maintenance you should avoid most problems. I've seen 10-15 year old RV's with fiberglass over laun walls that look fine. I've seen new ones that have had delam within a couple years. Those latter are rare IMO. Get a plumbing leak and there goes you floor regardless of what walls you have. Maintenance, maintenance maintenance.
goducks10 10/15/20 05:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Preferrred Water Heater 1st choice But I've never had an issue with my current and previous Suburban's
goducks10 10/14/20 08:22am General RVing Issues
RE: 1/2T/huge TT vs strong cross wind = BAADDD DAY

Guess this truck wasn't big enough.
goducks10 10/14/20 08:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Andersen hitch doesn't suit, any other recommendations?

Depends on what you're towing with. I used one for a short period of time before getting a 5th wheel. I used it with a 2500 Cummins and a 900-950 lb TW TT. Worked great because I didn't need to return much weight back to the front of the truck being that the Cummins is way heavier than a gas motor. Front hardly lifted when hitched. I previously towed the same TT with an F150 and needed 1200 lb bars to restore the front of the truck. My thinking is I could've never made the Andersen work with the F150 but it was great with the 2500 CTD since it didn't need to transfer as much weight and the truck wasn't softly sprung like a 1/2 ton is. Like mentioned above it seemed when they 1st came out and there were lots of trials with them that the heavier the TW and the lighter duty the truck the harder it was to make the Andersen work. On a good note, it's a really nice looking hitch. :)
goducks10 10/13/20 09:03am Travel Trailers
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