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RE: Selling Fifth Wheel Hitches - How To

Let me add , its a solid connection that frame, it locks to your four factory pucks, and there is no movement or slop . The only movement you will have is the same as you had connected to the bed rails with your four pins, which on mine is nothing I can detect . Its nice to go directly to the four pucks , and if I was starting from scratch , that's what I would do , but nothing wrong with this setup other than another part to take out if a clean bed is needed. In my case ,I don't bother there is no need for a completely clean bed . IMO its great option, the adapter with already having a hitch , and considering yours is pretty new . Cummins2014 - Thanks for your info. As a guy born in the 50s, it is hard for me to just order major items on Amazon, especially items that weigh 75# plus. I did go to the place where I bought the hitch 3 years ago. They do not sell Reese products, but the guy there grabbed a tape measure and looked up specs on my truck and the adapter, then went to my truck and measured the puck locations. That showed me that the adapter will work. It should arrive tomorrow. Once I get it and get it set up, I likely will find why the slider won't work with it. But, with my long bed, I certainly won't need the slider. Just curious. Oh yeah, I did pull the trigger on the 2021 3500 before Christmas. Thanks again for your input.
humblerb 01/10/22 09:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Selling Fifth Wheel Hitches - How To

There’s always the option of the frame adapter , I wanted to keep my existing hitch, manual slider. There are three brands of those adapters , cheaper then a new hitch in the event you don’t get your old one sold . The adapter locks on the four pucks , then it works the same as the bed rails, but can be removed along with the hitch or separate. Already talked to B&W about this. They make an adapter for the Companion. But, there is not an adapter for the Patriot and RAM trucks.
humblerb 01/05/22 01:10pm Fifth-Wheels
Selling Fifth Wheel Hitches - How To

Recently upgraded truck to a RAM with Pucks. My stand-by for resale is FB Marketplace. So far, zero interest. I hate Craig's List because of the scammers, but, I placed an ad there recently. Nothing but scammers, so far. Anyone have thoughts on how to reach potential interested buyers besides these two options. Are there local "For Sale" pages that target campers? Thanks,
humblerb 01/05/22 12:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel hitch security

A little off the subject but I don't lift the hitch. My truck is too big to fit in my garage however the garage door is large enough for me to back the bed into. I purchased an electric winch from harbor freight and installed two eye bolts into my garage door header and hang the winch from them. I back the truck bed under and raise the hitch high enough to pull the truck out and then lower the hitch onto a dolly and wheel it around. Works great. You just solved a problem I have been studying for quite a while. Can't get my truck in my shop. Never thought about mounting the winch from hooks at the header. That will work perfectly for me.
humblerb 12/27/21 08:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question 2 - TV Upgrade Hitch Question

I'm not sure if B&W has a version to use the OEM GN hitch, only the puck version. AFAIK, all the OEM GN hitches use a round post for the GN ball, where the Companion uses a square post. Also, the "standard" Companion is rated for a max of 20,000 lbs whereas the puck version can be had in 20k and 25k versions, for a Ford. Lyle I've owned my first truck with pucks for 24 hours now. My truck's GN hole is round. I did notice the B&W post is square. If most OEM are round, when or how would someone use the square post? Why does B&W make square when most trucks are round? Sounds like I need to just go with the 4 pucks.
humblerb 12/23/21 05:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question 2 - TV Upgrade Hitch Question

Advertise the hitch at the lowest 50% of new on Craigs list. Try higher if you want. I have owned both hitches you mention. They are both great IMHO. The puck hitch will cost more and is rated to tow more weight @ 25k . The The GooseNeck unit is rated at 20k and the head for both are exactly the same. The base is lighter on the 20k. So since your truck has the pucks I would stick with that system simply because you may want a larger RV some day. My truck has the 4 pucks for the normal hitch. It also has a center puck for a gooseneck. And, I am through buying trailers. Our current has 6" in front and 6" in back when in the storage.
humblerb 12/23/21 05:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel hitch security

People will take anything... Friend had the tailgate of their Ram stolen while at a hotel in OKC. So, you never know. I don't have mine locked in any way, but you need the right tools to steel it. I do have a locking bed cover which I close when not towing. Just to derail a bit. Have you ever taken your tailgate off? Took a truck in to have the tailgate repainted after it got keyed. The body shop guy reached under the bumper and unplugged the wires (a thief wouldn't bother with that step) then he opened the gate and lifted up. Came right off. Less than 30 seconds, including unplugging. If you will look at it, there is a round slot that the gate slips in. Whenever I get a new truck, first thing I do is get a hose clamp and install around the round piece. Won't stop a thief, but the time required to go get a screwdriver and take the clamp off is enough to make him leave mine alone and go on to the next one.
humblerb 12/23/21 02:29pm Fifth-Wheels
Question 2 - TV Upgrade Hitch Question

Previously posted that I was upgrading from 2018 2500 Short Bed to 2021 3500 Long Bed. I now own the 3500 LB. Currently have B&W Patriot Slider that is 3 years old. B&W doesn't make an adapter to fit the puck system in my new truck for the Patriot hitch. Only make for the Companion. I have decided to get a new hitch made for the puck system. An on-line search has created 2 new questions for me. First, B&W makes a base for the Companion that utilizes the 4 pucks. They also make a base for the companion that utilizes the Gooseneck puck. Anyone have experience with the 5th wheel hitch that uses the Gooseneck puck? Seems to me the 4 puck hitch would be more secure than the gooseneck. But I haven't yet found a video showing how the gooseneck one attaches. Second question. How would you go about finding a buyer for the three-year old Patriot Slider? I'm seeing them on Facebook Marketplace for as low as $200-$300. The new Companion is in the $1500 range. Any helpful hints or ideas?
humblerb 12/23/21 12:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: TV Upgrade, Hitch question: What would you do?

If it were ME, I'd sell everything and put the money towards. brand spankin new B&W Companion OEM Puck... Since I have some time, I think this is what I am leaning toward. Since the Puck Frame is not specific to the Patriot, think I'd feel better with one that was made for the hitch and the truck. Thanks,
humblerb 12/20/21 08:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Puck system & hitch questions

Going through this now with a RAM 2500 Short Bed, moving to a RAM 3500 Long Bed. Patriot Slider is set up on rails in 2500 SB. The 3500 LB has pucks. BW only makes a puck adapter for the Companion. BW Rep told me on the phone that Demco makes a frame adapter that the Slider will fit on, but it won't slide, because it sets too high. If I was using a SB, I would have the rails installed and use the slider. It costs $1200 to have a new rear window installed and the post repaired. Ask me how I know. UGH. With a Short Bed, you won't need the Slider.....until you do.
humblerb 12/20/21 03:49pm Fifth-Wheels
TV Upgrade, Hitch question: What would you do?

Currently have a 2018 RAM 2500 Short Bed. Hitch is a BW Patriot Slider. Currently mounted on rails. I am upgrading to a 2021 RAM 3500 with Puck System in bed. Contacted BW about a puck adapter. Unfortunately, they do not have one for the Patriot. Only for the Companion. The BW Rep did say "they" make a frame type adapter that will fit the Patriot, but it sets up high enough that the hitch won't slide. When I asked who "they" are, he replied Demco and maybe Reese. The 3500 is a long bed, so I really shouldn't need to slide the hitch any longer. I certainly would prefer to use the pucks rather than have rails installed. Any negative thoughts on installing the Demco adapter? I'm in no hurry. No trips planned until Spring.
humblerb 12/20/21 03:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Upgrade from 2500 to 3500 Question

The Hemi version also has a lower GVWR than the diesel version, so going by the book there is no gain in payload due to the lighter engine. My opinion is that Ram increased GVWR on diesel models so it wouldn't penalize payload rating. I won't doubt your info. Are you talking today? It wasn't so in 2018 when I bought my 2500 new. Lower cargo dictated gas engine. I also had to reject several 2500s that I liked because CC was too low. It makes sense they would try to even the playing field. Wonder how they accomplish it?
humblerb 11/03/21 04:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Upgrade from 2500 to 3500 Question

My 2015 Ram 6.7 Cummins diesel crew cab long box SRW has a net payload of 4300. To get to the 6k you need a dually. Truck weighs about 8000 lbs empty with a GVWR of 12,300. It's a moot point now, that truck will be sold by tomorrow anyway.... :( Diesel engine weighs ~900 pounds more than Hemi, so not unrealistic that this truck could be approaching 6,000#. Facts are important! Cummins 6.7 Crate engine wet weighs 1,070# and a 354 Hemi weighs 720# so the difference is 350# no where a 900# difference. Didn't check today, but when I bought mine 3+years ago, difference was 900#. This is a fact. I needed the Cargo Capacity in my 2500, so that is the primary reason I ended up with a gas engine.
humblerb 11/03/21 04:54pm Fifth-Wheels

My 2 cents worth. We've had 2 bumper pulls and now have a Grand Design Reflection 337. Remember these are all very heavy homes mounted on axels and going down the road at 60 to 80 MPH. They will all experience issues. A lot of the issues will be normal things that just need to be addressed. Just have to decide what you want and how much you want to spend. Grand Design's customer service has been greeat for us.
humblerb 11/03/21 09:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Upgrade from 2500 to 3500 Question

Well, ****. Upon looking at the new vehicle again to check gear ratio, I have found out that the picture is a stock picture and the available truck is in fact a dually. Still think I need to lean toward the diesel. Currently, live in flatlands, Houston, but no telling where we will end up as we spread our wings. The mountain towing (uphill and downhill) will be a difference maker. Thanks to everyone for the input. BTW - I didn't use profanity. Censored word is cr*p. LOL
humblerb 11/03/21 09:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Upgrade from 2500 to 3500 Question

If the 3500 is a 19, it goes to the 8spd, and everyone is raving about how much better the Hemis pull with the 8spd. Look at the new Ford 7.3 gas with the 10spd. It is the king of the gassers. Mine and the new one are both 18 - 6 speed. I convinced myself that I should move to the diesel. But, the available vehicle has me thinking about gas again.
humblerb 11/03/21 08:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Upgrade from 2500 to 3500 Question

My 2015 Ram 6.7 Cummins diesel crew cab long box SRW has a net payload of 4300. To get to the 6k you need a dually. Truck weighs about 8000 lbs empty with a GVWR of 12,300. It's a moot point now, that truck will be sold by tomorrow anyway.... :( Diesel engine weighs ~900 pounds more than Hemi, so not unrealistic that this truck could be approaching 6,000#.
humblerb 11/03/21 08:47am Fifth-Wheels
Upgrade from 2500 to 3500 Question

Currently towing a Grand Design Reflection with a RAM 2500. My truck is a HEMI and the truck is within specs for towing the 5th. We are getting ready to start spreading our wings and take some long trips in order to see the country. I recently retired and my TV is no longer a daily driver. I want to upgrade from my 2018 2500 to a similar 3500. Have been looking at used vehicles for a few months now - they are scarce. I had about talked myself in to my first diesel. Today, I see a truck that has become available that is identical to my 2500 HEMI, except in 3500. It is SRW. It has almost 6,000# cargo capacity. Basically, exactly what I was looking for when I first started looking, before I started considering diesels. Knowing that I am currently towing with a HEMI, can anyone convince me that I need to zero in on a diesel and forget the HEMI?
humblerb 11/02/21 07:08pm Fifth-Wheels
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