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RE: What did you wake up to this morning? height=640 width=440
jaycocreek 11/09/20 02:25pm Truck Campers
RE: Blue water in black tank - does it freeze?

Years ago when I bought a 33ft travel trailer from Nelson's RV,there was work that had to be done with it before I took ownership and we lived 100 miles away in McCall Idaho..So they let us stay in it on the lot while they took acre of mostly outside minor problems... The guy took a 3# coffee can full of rock salt and poured it down the toilet..The black never froze there in the lot or the long trip back home in freezing temps.. Simple and cheap as well as RV anti-freeze..If in doubt,put something in it and be safe..They will crack and break..
jaycocreek 10/26/20 01:04pm Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

It was 20° this morning and its supposed to get colder this coming weekend so I blew out my water lines. Headed camping the first week in November. Ditto...I did the same exact thing and it was also 20 this AM...I didn't want to because I'm going steelhead fishing in November..LOL The weather has been weird this year so far..
jaycocreek 10/23/20 09:34am Truck Campers
RE: What are the top 5 advantages of a TC?

Feel free to add your list of the top 5 advantages of a TC. In all fairness,a small Class C will do almost everything a truck camper can and has more room..Don't get me wrong,I have a TC because the Class C couldn't take the roads I travel nearly as well as a TC,but for those traveling mostly on pavement and maintained back roads,a small Class C is an option.. Reasons I sold the Class C to get another 1-Kept scraping the rear bumper/tanks. 2-Did not hold up as well on really bad roads with the frame mounting of the camper.. 3-Could not take off the camper to have a pickup..LOL 4-To high and wide for the area's I go.. height=440 width=640 height=440 width=640
jaycocreek 10/22/20 09:31am Truck Campers
RE: 5th wheel rails and a truck camper

When we had our 35ft Jayco fifth wheel,we also had a truck camper..I just used 2X4's around the bed rails left to right ..Worked great and were easy to store..
jaycocreek 10/20/20 09:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Back tire stuck in wet ground

Traction mats get very good reviews...
jaycocreek 10/20/20 09:49am Tech Issues
RE: What are the top 5 advantages of a TC?

Ground clearance is a must for my needs as well as a lower center of gravity for the roads I travel on.. Not mentioned yet,I bought my first TC so I could haul horses for hunting,something you couldn't do with other RV types and where we went..They were quite popular with hunters for that exact reason. So plus hauling hunting horses..
jaycocreek 10/20/20 08:43am Truck Campers
RE: Aluminum Frame vs Wood Frame for washboard roads.

Rugged Mountain truck campers are built in Idaho and are basically the Old Northland truck camper with the majority of the crew working there... When asked about wood vs aluminum in there TC's,this was the reply.. TCM: Why not frame with aluminum? Jesse: Before we started Rugged Mountain production, I built camper walls with aluminum framing. What I found is that the metal on luan separated the adhesive in cold and hot weather. The lamination adhesives holding the fiberglass skin to the quarter-inch luan backing were letting loose on the aluminum side. I could not find an adhesive that didn’t suffer this problem. Here in Idaho, we have cold winters and hot summers. I do not want a de-lamination problem, so we decided to stay with wood framed campers.
jaycocreek 10/20/20 08:24am Truck Campers
RE: What are the top 5 advantages of a TC?

Feel free to add your list of the top 5 advantages of a TC. Here are mine. 1. Able to pull a significant trailer. 2. Can park in many parking lots, so it travels well. 3. Have my kitchen/bed/bathroom/bed with me. 4. Easy to get campground spaces due to short length. 5. Good for winter since it is on my 4 wheel drive truck 1-Able to get into places other RV's can't. 2-Parking in parking lot's is a plus. 3-Just pull over anywhere and it's home.. 4-Pull my ATV trailer with a UTV on it which is to big for a pickup bed and TT.. 5-Just drive down to the river for lunch and it's all there. I could go on and on about TC's and why I have owned all the types and choose the TC for backcountry use..
jaycocreek 10/19/20 02:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Hauling a Honda 3000

If you have a ladder on the rear and deep pockets,RotoPax is the way to go...My rear compartment holds 2 gallon containers and I just wire the door open a little for venting.. Been playing with items I already had around the garage and came up with this Redneck way to carry gas..Hey,it works...That particular container fits in my rear side compartment. height=640 width=440
jaycocreek 10/15/20 09:34am Truck Campers
RE: Roof repair dilemma

Ya,that shucks..Mine is that way but it's an aluminum roof..I just park with the front up at home so it drains off the rear instead of the front...
jaycocreek 10/14/20 04:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Best portable generators advise I have seen for years

Laughing...This falls right in with catalytic heaters..They are safe if used properly..Anyone who has ever installed or read there Onan owners manual will see a part that says...ONLY YOU CAN PROTECT YOURSELF FROM CO POISONING.. Like the car exhaust,don't leave your window down if the winds blowing that way and check the exhaust for leaks etc..Factory installed generators are safe if used correctly as are Wave catalytic heaters..
jaycocreek 10/14/20 09:10am Truck Campers
RE: Best portable generators advise I have seen for years

Sounds like you never had a chance to compare? Generators on trailers are mounted low to the ground and can have long exhaust pipes that will direct exhaust long way from door and windows. Such setup is not possible on TC. Usually on a TC the gen set is at the rear of the TC away from seating and windows..There are exceptions.. On Class C motorhomes,I had one Onan 4000 right under the dinette window with the exhaust even with the skin of the unit..It was almost centered from front to rear..On another Class C it was under the rear door with the exhaust aimed to the rear under the bathroom.. You are referring to people mounting a Honda(example) in a sealed generator compartment of a TC with the exhaust piped out and away from the TC used as a factory install would be...Some have converted to propane on there honda just for that... I see nothing at all wrong with that,you do so I guess we agree to disagree..It is no different than putting your portable gen set under the TC to keep it out of the rain in IMHO..Wind changes make any positioning of a gen set problematic and where common sense says..Move it..LOL
jaycocreek 10/13/20 09:03am Truck Campers
RE: Hauling a Honda 3000

Not exactly on topic but I have 2 Honda 2000's because they are lighter and easy to move around. I put them on the truck rear seat floorboards. Throw a towel over them and it's done. I have a front receiver and use it for a bicycle rack. I'll start by saying,I have a Honda 3000 and in my opinion,it is the best generator I have ever owned which included Yamaha and Onan.. The problem I see with it and a truck camper is,it has to be on a cargo carrier or a trailer and then there is the extra gas,which is an issue with a 3.4 gallon tank on the Honda...While the Honda is a gas miser,when running my 13.5 btu AC in a trailer with everything on,It only last for 9 hours or so running the AC.Basicly one day in hot weather..Not a problem with a trailer or empty pickup bed but with a TC,carrying extra gas is an issue as well as carrying the Honda.. JMHO for my uses,others needs could be different and one tank can last as long as 20 hours at 1/4 load(they say).. I almost bought a front hitch just for that but decided not too...LOL
jaycocreek 10/12/20 09:10am Truck Campers
RE: Carrying your camping chairs.

My chairs didn't come with covers but one of Costco's fifty gallon garbage bags works great... height=640 width=440
jaycocreek 10/09/20 02:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Reasonably Priced Portable Compressor Fridge

Nice! Keep us up to date how it holds up down the road..I looked and looked for a compressor fridge/freezer and decided to get an Engel when they went on a super special in the spring..I constantly read about them.. IceCo has a new one out called the Icooler I find interesting..It looks like a Yetti with the rubber straps etc but it has a Danfoss compressor also..I went with Engel just for it's very low power consumption and reputation but I paid for both compared to a bunch out there.. My main reason for a compressor refer was the ability to park off level and not worry and trips to the city for frozen stuff..
jaycocreek 10/09/20 10:32am Truck Campers
RE: Purchasing to know if it is stolen or not?

Prior to 2009 truck campers in Idaho needed nothing..A bill of sale was all you got(sometimes a certificate of manufacturer like on my Zeiman trailer),and you kept that as proof of purchase..In that bill of sale the owner was to put several things like ID etc and the price and there was no lean on it etc etc...Never ever an issue and I never ever heard of an issue and I was born prior to 1950..LOL I always ask for a bill of sale,even for say a generator and have witnesses..The old shake of the hand used to work but anymore,not so much. The op asking about a stolen truck camper,well,if I had any doubt about the TC or the seller,I would pass...Period...There are great buys on CL and some even say they do not have a title right up front..I would run as fast as I could from that.. Since we all live in different states,we can't apply the rules of our state to someone elses for a definite answer..Just things to look for...RIGHT...LOL
jaycocreek 10/08/20 01:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Purchasing to know if it is stolen or not?

It's all in the bill of sale and how it's worded..
jaycocreek 10/08/20 09:50am Truck Campers
RE: Leaving potable antifreeze in the system

All you need to do is drain the the heater. Once you drain everything else there's not enough water left in the pump to freeze and do any damage. Yup and I run the water pump dry for a few seconds..
jaycocreek 10/08/20 07:44am Truck Campers
RE: Purchasing to know if it is stolen or not?

That's California,in Idaho they had no problem registering my Lance and my Zeiman atv trailer...Titled the Lance off the placard in the closet..The Zeiman only needed and has plates.
jaycocreek 10/07/20 05:04pm Truck Campers
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