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RE: Host, Eagle Cap, Lance Suspension Requirements

My guess almost everyone is over GVWR for all types of RVs. Bigger RVs just carry a lot more stuff. Some people go 1000 or more over, but the question is how much do you want to go over and are you over the axle ratings? Where you weighed, did you have axle weights? My guess is you are good on axle ratings considering it is a DRW. Also, if you ever tow something with a trailer, the tongue weight will work against your GVWR. If you were full of water/propane, you are nominally off. Many people estimate their stuff to be 500-1000. Water can be around 500 lbs on most Hosts, and a full fuel tank is significant as well. I used to carry my current TC on a SRW. It made a huge difference if I had dumped the grey/black. I have no idea how much you’ll notice on your truck, or if the black or grey tank is farther forward on your floorplan. If you want to be under GVWR sticker, a trade is in your future.
jimh406 05/21/22 12:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Twisted Truck? UPDATE-Fixed!

Yes, it’s possible for the frame to be twisted. It’s also possible that you need bed bushings or the TC is slightly heavier on side from water etc, so it is leaning. I think you could also use a variety of suspension adders like airbags, timbrens, supersprings, or sumosprings to level it. I’m assuming you have have verified that the air pressure is the same on both sides.
jimh406 05/20/22 06:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Ford Trailer Backup Assist

You can always attach temporary extensions to the trailer, so you can see it when you need to back up significantly.
jimh406 05/19/22 01:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Seeking Airbag Advice for Lifted F150/TC650

I think if your rear lift is with blocks, the type that goes between the spring and rail should work. Another option to consider is Sumosprings or Timbrens or Superstrings.
jimh406 05/15/22 07:06pm Truck Campers
RE: To slide or not to slide. That is the question.

Most forums now have the ignore or block feature. Since those who want to prove they are right seem to be repeat offenders, just use the feature. I resisted for years, but finally had enough. They can fight with themselves. It's amazing how different the forums get when you use the feature. Yep, maybe more boring, but also less frustrating. Btw, I also use it to eliminate the noise by some who ask for information and are surprised to find out that what they want to do really is wrong by any objective measure. Then, they complain about the answer. They also seem to be repeat offenders, so you will miss the chance to respond to people like that. I don't know about you, but that works for me.
jimh406 05/12/22 07:11pm Truck Campers
RE: To slide or not to slide. That is the question.

TC slides usually aren't very deep, so they open pretty quickly.
jimh406 05/10/22 07:54pm Truck Campers
RE: To slide or not to slide. That is the question.

I just looked at the Host floor plans on the website. It seems like you have to open at least two slides on all of them to use the bathroom. Maybe I'm wrong. But, they are sure are nice when they are all open. My older Host has two opposing slides, but the wet bath is at the back just inside the door. I and DW can squeeze by the slide to get to the restroom or fridge if needed. It's more common for us to open it all of the way when we stop by the side of the road, but we also can barely open if wanted. Ours is also usable with the slides in. We've sampled like that before in extremely cold weather. There are advantages and disadvantages of each floor plan. You just have to decide what you want to tradeoff.
jimh406 05/08/22 11:36am Truck Campers
RE: Generator exhaust bracket.

Thanks for the reminder. I need to replace mine as well.
jimh406 05/06/22 10:47am Truck Campers
RE: Slide out to non slide

Where are you "constantly" going that you get in each other's way? I've heard a lot of people say they want room to pass easily. His comment was not at all unusual. What's next ... they shouldn't buy a TC because it doesn't fit your definition of how they should be used?
jimh406 05/05/22 06:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Slide out to non slide

It sounds like OP knows the differences. I've had the same TC for 16 years. If I ever get a different one, it might be a nonskid. There are advantages and disadvantages of both. As long as the layout works for you, that's all that matters. I camped last year with 6 of us although three were grandkids. I have a bunk over dinette. It worked ok for us for two nights. I don't think we would have had enough floor space without the double slide.
jimh406 05/04/22 08:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Tailgate support rack

I'd also leave it at home and use a removable net.
jimh406 04/29/22 09:28am Truck Campers
RE: should I be using a stand when not in use

My TC has been unsupported almost all of the time it's off the truck for the past 16 years. However, I did support it on my property while we were having some remodeling done. It was easy enough to do it. I used jacks like these with a board on top. for each end. It did help the stability. I think the more likely problem is the jacks sinking if not on asphalt or concrete. Do make sure you put something under the jacks to increase the surface area of the feet. I usually use 1 ft squares of a stall mat although plywood would work as well.
jimh406 04/26/22 07:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Help identifying a camper jack

Sounds great! Thanks for helping him, notsobigjoe.
jimh406 04/15/22 06:35pm Truck Campers
RE: Major Problems with Bed of Truck - how to fix?

I guess you just aren’t getting how a bed works with a frame and towers. That’s all you’re missing. I know exactly how beds attach. I just can't see how yours is attached in your photos. Any way, it doesn't really matter if you are happy with it.
jimh406 04/15/22 07:18am Truck Campers
RE: Major Problems with Bed of Truck - how to fix?

I'm not sure I'm seeing this right. It seems you are suspending your new crossmembers in the air instead of to the frame. What am I missing? How did you straighten your bed floor?
jimh406 04/14/22 07:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Jack Failure Disaster

This is really going into the weeds. I'm wondering why they bother to put 4 legs on tables of all kinds and why most campers have 4 jacks. It must be because they've never seen a tripod. ;)
jimh406 04/12/22 02:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Jack Failure Disaster

Sorry to hear about that. I've found small squares of stall mats are good to prevent sinking and sliding which can lead to leaning. Still, my TC is relatively stable even with only 3 jacks touching the ground. Maybe your COG changed when you rebuilt it and the front to rear and side to side balance is a bit off. Good luck.
jimh406 04/11/22 06:03pm Truck Campers
RE: fridge blowing out

I always understood it was unwise to drive with the propane going on a fridge? Is this not correct after all? There have been lots of debates regarding propane being on or not. However, many of us have run with our propane fridges on for decades. YMMV. If you are on a ferry or tunnel, and the rules say turn off the propane, that's a different issue ... Turn it off.
jimh406 04/08/22 04:23pm Truck Campers
RE: DRW vs SRW safety, tire blowout

I have over the years had at least 2 situations that I don't believe I would have survived had I not had a dually. 1-It was Friday before the 4th of July and I was towing a enclosed 32ft 3 axel bumper pull trailer with a race car and assorted junk inside traveling with traffic at about 70mph on I 40 near Burlington NC. The trailer hitch ball sheared off and I went for a ride. I think to this day what saved me was the dual wheels on the truck and the 3 axels on the trailer. Not much damage and I didn't hit anyone. 2-Coming down the hill on I-70 coming into Frederick, MD towing a trailer that was rear end heavy, it started swaying and was almost sideways, I floored it and as soon as it got straight behind me I locked up the brakes and got it stopped. Only the dual wheels stopped it from turning me around and maybe rolling the whole mess. You never have to much truck. 1. Seems like that failure had zero to do with the truck. Of course, anything can fail, but was the ball rated for the load. 2. This was a case of improper loading. Of course, the easy fix would be not to do that. I'm not sure someone working inside the safety limits of the tow vehicle and trailer would have ever seen either no matter if they were DRW or not. In any case, neither case seems to have a lot do with with a TC/Truck combination unless you also had a TC in your bed.
jimh406 04/07/22 08:05pm Truck Campers
RE: DRW vs SRW safety, tire blowout

DRWs are heavier and usually have different gearing to tow much more. My 06 Ford 6.0 PSD had 3.73s, and my 10 F450 6.4 has 4.30s. I bought it to potentially tow a fifth wheel. I've heard it's supposed to be only a 1-1.5 mpg penalty to have a DRW if they are similarly equipped. Towing heavy at slower speeds in mtns, the difference in gearing isn't that big of an issue. Otherwise, a F350 DRW with 3.73s would be lighter and get better MPG with just a TC.
jimh406 04/07/22 06:16pm Truck Campers
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