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RE: Booger welded some stuff on the rig today..

I can still run a respectable looking bead! But I can no longer see the joint so over an inch or so I start to wander around, LOL I use my neighbors $100 HF machine, it is an DC welder, I do not care for the DC and the wire that came with it is ****. If I want something to be strong and look good I pay to have it done.
jjrbus 08/11/22 12:10pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Black Water Tank Leak

I'm a little confused on the type of plastic the tank is made of. I contacted the manufacturer of my trailer and they said it was LLDPE. In my research it says LLDPE is white or yellowish in color. My tank is black in color. My guess is it is ABS....does that sound correct? Yes confusing, need to be careful. Elkhart plastics Inc is a large manufacturer of RV holding tanks and their black tanks are black but made from polyethylene. Could only guess they add the color as they are not using virgin material??
jjrbus 08/11/22 04:17am Tech Issues
RE: Water heater temperature

I bought one of those Oxygencis rv shower heads that everyone is just madly in love with, greatest thing since sliced bread according to the forum. It bypasses so much water I shower with it in the off position! You need to add an inline shutoff. Works great! Adding an inline shutoff defeats the purpose of spending the big bucks for an RV specific shower head.
jjrbus 08/11/22 03:55am Tech Issues
RE: Water heater temperature

I do the guessing game also, with how long on. Does not work when both the wife and I shower. I let her shower first and after a few minutes turn the heater off. Works sorta ok maybe but still wastes lots of water.
jjrbus 08/08/22 05:51am Tech Issues
RE: Water heater temperature

I bought one of those Oxygencis rv shower heads that everyone is just madly in love with, greatest thing since sliced bread according to the forum. It bypasses so much water I shower with it in the off position!
jjrbus 08/07/22 07:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Water heater temperature

Meh, if you're accustomed to taking "Navy showers", 5 gallons is plenty. It's also another incentive to conserve water while dry-camped. It probably wouldn't be all that difficult to adapt the adjustable thermostat from a residential electric water - i.e., something like this: Interesting idea! Using 5 gallon of water for a shower is only when I have hook ups!!!!
jjrbus 08/07/22 12:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Water heater temperature

Regulation would be perfect! Thats what I was thinking, replacing the limit/temperature switches. But above my paygrade. Did some looking around and 98 to 104 is the recommended temperature for showers by doctors, dermatologists etc. I believe the heaters are set at 130 degrees.
jjrbus 08/07/22 07:54am Tech Issues
Water heater temperature

Too hot outside, so time on my hands to mull things over. I find RV shower to be a pain. Trying to get the temperature right, wasting water on a limited supply, the dripping of the RV type shower head. If you know what I mean, you know what I mean. Seems like a practical answer is a warm water tank, one that heats water to a reasonable temperature. Any such thing?
jjrbus 08/07/22 05:46am Tech Issues
RE: Generator box Honda 2000/2200

After over six years of use(~80 hours/year camping usage) my vintage Honda EU2000i and sound box are still purring along. We chatted back then when I did my second sound box for the Honda! I had some design issues with that one, mounted too far out and too low. Worked great but got tired of being vigilant about it so replaced with non sound box. This time I want the box mounted high and able to store gas without breaking the bank.
jjrbus 07/27/22 05:20pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Generator box Honda 2000/2200

Swapping out the Toyota RV for a 2002 Roadtrek and it is time for a new generator box for the mighty Honda. With the amount of people using the Honda's for power I am disappointed in the amount articles on building box's for them. The ones for sale retail are nothing I would buy. Anyone got any sources or places I have not found?? These posts are from 2007 and 2008, someone must have built something since then.
jjrbus 07/25/22 02:12pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Tornado flush added to black waste tank...

I use the C-Level system. Most, not all RV toilets are directly over tank. Shut off water, push down foot pedal and shine flashlight in hole and you will C the level! Guaranteed 100% accurate. I have all the resources to make my system functional or add external sensors and I would not spend my time doing it.
jjrbus 07/15/22 07:23am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Need help with ac

First thing I would do is clean or replace the filter and clean the coils. There are videos on you tube for cleaning roof air coils. If coils are clean or you clean them and still have an issue then low on refrigerant is high on the list of suspects.
jjrbus 07/15/22 07:14am Tech Issues
RE: Gray Tank Smell (Seriously annoying)

Tough one!! If all else fails a plumbing smoke test can be performed, either diy or professionally. Google RV plumbing smoke test. I had to strip a wall to repair a screw hole in the vent pipe.
jjrbus 07/15/22 07:08am Tech Issues
RE: Replace curved side windows with straight windows.

Yes, they are OE CRL windows. CRL no longer makes this particular window and people who have contacted CRL claim they were unresponsive to them. I can remove these windows, clean them up, renew adhesives/seals, replace the one missing glass and reinstall them. Likely in a day or so. Then I would still have windows with little ventilation! In my opinion the frameless awning window is a piss poor idea! Although they do look nice. So still looking into a nice old fashioned sliding RV window options. Possibly a bezel, shims something.
jjrbus 06/06/22 02:59pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Replace curved side windows with straight windows.

This was a cab and chassis which a fiberglass body was added to. The sidewall has a slight curve to it and the window frame has the same curve. I am not sure it can be done but usually in RV's if you think of something it has been done before! The frameless windows are very pleasing to the eye, but useless for ventilation, also held together with adhesive which eventually fails! I have eternabond on mine so I do not lose the glass until I resolve this.
jjrbus 06/06/22 06:55am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Replace curved side windows with straight windows.

Have a 2002 Roadtrek fiberglass body with frame less curved side windows. Windows need a bit of attention, one top pane replaced with plexiglass, couple of parts missing and they do not open much for ventilation. Also no longer available from manufacturer. Seems the top piece that was replaced with plexi is flat and could have glass cut to fit. So I am curious if anyone has replaced the curved frameless with regular flat, sliding,uncurved standard RV windows? I have poked around the net and find only one reference where the windows were ordered from European manufacture. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, opinions and wisecracks greatly appreciated.
jjrbus 06/05/22 07:58am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: stuck dump valve

A long time ago in a land far away the wizened ancient ones entrusted me with their knowledge of keeping valves operating. Google something like Zerk fitting in rv holding tank valve, bit of grease every now and then and no issues. Or search this forum.
jjrbus 05/03/22 04:38am Tech Issues
RE: Hard Start Capacitor

It is a fair amount of work to remove and reinstall the fedders. If it is the OE unit it is almost 3 decades old. Might want to keep that in mind. If you want a hard start I have used the Supco SPP4E on LG8000 btu window unit with the OK of the AC forum guys. I am sure it would be fine with the Fedders. The Micro Air may be a better choice depending on what you are trying to accomplish. From my reading I suspect that RT installed a hard start on their AC units, not sure on that but a few people have reported having one. Might want to post why you want to add starting assistance to get better input. Is it to use a portable generator?
jjrbus 04/09/22 06:54am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Adding generator box to RV

The first step is taken, I have ordered the steel I need to start.
jjrbus 04/04/22 02:05pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Generator box

It's a niche market. You won't find many choices. What you want is custom work and it will be pricey. Not only are they grossly over priced, some are horrible designs! My RV is my hobby I will design and build my own, it will be a sound deadening box and should cost between $300 to $400 in material.
jjrbus 03/28/22 11:37am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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