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RE: GFCI not cooperating with me

Lacking a degree in electronics and electrician license, when faced with an issue with a GFI, that is not apparent with simple trouble shooting, I replace them. GFI can and do wear out or go bad. Even brand new out of the box can be faulty. When I bought my old broken down Toyota, one of the things on the list was replace the circuit breakers and GFI.
jjrbus 11/23/20 05:04am Tech Issues
RE: 2 Years Without Changing Oil?

I come from an industry that tests the oil and only replaces it when it becomes contaminated. So I do not get real excited about intervals.
jjrbus 11/17/20 09:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Painting the Walls of the 5er

Unless I am missing something I find the sanding confusing. The interior walls in the bulk of RV's is vinyl. I see no reason to sand vinyl??? Prep is super important, TSP would be my first choice. I would double rinse. Then prime with an alkyd primer, such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, nothing from the big box stores. My opinion and worth what you are paying for it.
jjrbus 11/11/20 07:02pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Experience with Sprinter Class C's

Unless you are rolling in dough and money is not an issue. I would suggest Google something along the lines of mercedes benz RV repair issues. Or complaints, scams, something along those lines. This is the first one that came up for me out of 8,840,000 hits.
jjrbus 11/06/20 04:35am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tire Valve Stem Cracking

I use to bring up valve stems whenever anyone mentioned new tires. It seemed like no one ever paid attention so I quit! The winner so far on damage to the coach from a catastrophic tire failure is $6200. Yes sixty two hundred dollars!
jjrbus 11/02/20 06:13am Tech Issues
RE: Back tire stuck in wet ground

Have tried several different methods to get unstuck. The issue with using wood in any form is if stuck due to water the tires will slip on wood. Water and mud acts as lubricant! Tiny gravel, sand anything added to gain traction on the wood. I carry scrap wood leveling blocks. I paint them and add very coarse sand while the paint is wet. Color choice is up to you LOL
jjrbus 10/20/20 08:12am Tech Issues
RE: Old Coleman AC

RV AC seems to have a tremendous amount of misinformation on the net. I am no expert either and can only relate my experience and opinion. 41 amps. It takes decent equipment to measure the starting amps of an AC. The 41 may be right or close enough. AC has 2 amp measurements running amps and LRA locked rotor amps. A very brief less than a second amp surge from the start capacitor to kick start the compressor. inexpensive meters will not measure the LRA accurately or at all! Need a meter that can measure farads to actually measure the health of the capacitor. Can be good but not good enough, like a weak battery. Be cautious with capacitors they can produce enough voltage to kill! Tough call, circuit breakers can and do get weak, go bad. Capacitors can get weak. Compressor may need a hard start. No idea how to test a breaker? I can test capacitor. cheapest easiest option is replace breaker and hope!
jjrbus 10/19/20 07:29am Tech Issues
RE: Eternabond question

Most everyone on this forum including myself swears by Eternabond but "AZ EXPERT" who has a Youtube channel doesn't think much of Eternabond. I was shocked to hear some of his remarks. Check out his videos about Eternabond and you'll see what I mean. AZ Expert Eternabond Opinions I will bet a dollar that is not Eternabond! There is always that one person who says a great product is no good. There is always that other person who when everyone is saying what a poor ripoff, junk product is. Will swear that they have been using it forever and it is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Incidentally, being controversial, going against the grain is a great way to get hits on your website, blog, You tube channel. That is worth money!
jjrbus 10/06/20 06:16pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: How to spot a good disconnect switch?

Being it is on Amazon and not a 3rd party seller or direct from China. I might order it, inspect on arrival and if it looks jinky, send it back. I have some inline fuses I bought and they are the exact same thing as a big brand name at about 25% of the cost.
jjrbus 10/01/20 05:36am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing a A-frame Jack, need to enlarge 2" hole to 2-1/4"

WhatCummins12V98 said. Piece of pie! The circle you drill out of your guide piece is called a rountuit. Now you have a rountuit for all those things you have been putting off till you get a rountuit!
jjrbus 09/29/20 05:15am Tech Issues
RE: How to compress EMPTY air bags to remove

I was trying to remember how I removed mine? Cut! I was thinking use vacuum, if bags are bad will not hold vacuum. The new bags will have nylon straps, holding them compressed. Do not cut the straps before trying to install.
jjrbus 09/27/20 05:35am Tech Issues
RE: Surge protector

Thanks for the input, I will do some reading and decide what to do.
jjrbus 09/26/20 05:38am Tech Issues
Surge protector

Reading a post on choosing between TPMS and surge protector. I only monitor my duals with a cheap TPMS and quite happy with it. Have not looked into this but thinking why cant I add a whole house surge protector to my electric panel? I have a 30 amp RV. Mostly use a Honda 2000 for power, but always hooked up to house power at home.
jjrbus 09/24/20 03:39am Tech Issues
RE: EMS/Surge Protection or.... TPMS???

I have had 3 tire isssues, one brand new inner dually flat, caught it, no damage. No TPMS at that time. Next was 1st day driving home on old tires. Whats that noise? BANG, no TPMS 3nd one starting out for a days drive and the TPMS notified me, inner dually of course. I only monitor the duallys and do not use a toad. I should notice a flat on the front. The cheap ones usually last about 2 years. Also use one in the wifes car as the factory system only shows low pressure, not which tire and not the actual pressure in the tire. So you have me thinking, why can't I add a whole house surge protector to my RV?
jjrbus 09/24/20 03:33am Tech Issues
RE: Honda EU generators, BLUETOOTH, FINALLY!

Must be me? Blue tooth, really, why? Electric start with remote would get me in the store! Was there a gas gauge on that thing? I would like to hazard a WAG, people that run generators inside are not posting anymore.
jjrbus 09/21/20 03:14am Tech Issues
RE: AC toast?

There are you tube videos on checking compressors, easy to do. I have found no way to check for a seized compressor which is what I believe is my issue. I asked on an HVAC forum and it seems to be a process of elimination, if all the electrical checks out then a sized compressor is assumed. A rather expensive assumption!
jjrbus 09/08/20 10:33am Tech Issues
RE: AC toast?

This You tube thing is amazing, no more running off to the library to find a technical book written in greek to trouble shoot something. There is a down side, some people can make big screen quality videos but know nothing about the subject or are not really good at speaking to the average person. I just had what I am 99% sure is a AC compressor lock up. So I jump on You tube watch a couple videos and go try to test the capacitor. I won't go through the entire story, can't get a micro farad reading on my multimeter, borrow the neighbors, same thing. Stumped. None of the videos mention that the average meter a DIY'er has will measure over 20 micro farads. The least expensive meter I could find that will measure over 20 was in the $50 range. HTH
jjrbus 09/08/20 06:48am Tech Issues
RE: Will honda 2000 start a 15k BTU air conditioner?

Kind of weird that some can run a 15k off of a eu2000i and some not. Running a RV AC with a small generator has the most misinformation of any RV topic on the net. The confused me but good, cost me some grief and money. One person insisting he ran his roof air all the time with a 2000 with no issues. Turns out he had a no longer available Coleman mini that was 8000 btu! Know how some people get 13 mpg out of a vehicle that no one else can get 10 mpg out of, I suspect it is the same with AC!
jjrbus 09/03/20 04:51am Tech Issues
RE: Will honda 2000 start a 15k BTU air conditioner?

install a microair easy start and you'll be fine on the smaller generator Thats what I am thinking of doing to run my 15k from my Eu2000 Hmmm, a Coleman 15k unit shows 1520 watt draw standard and 2025 watts desert. These are ideal condition #'s. I would think borderline for the 2000?
jjrbus 09/02/20 03:36am Tech Issues
RE: Will honda 2000 start a 15k BTU air conditioner?

The correct answer is maybe. Tempature, humidity and elevation play a roll. An AC that starts at sea level on a 75° day may not start on a mountain on an 80° day! A Honda 2000 can run up to a 8000 btu AC, over that and they are running in brownout conditions. LRA is the culpret, locked rotar amps. What will happen is it will be operating in brown out conditions and eventually burn out the compressor or the generator. Options are larger genset, smaller AC or a Micro Air easy start. Beware there are easy start clones out there and they are getting some really bad reviews. And of course my disclaimer, my opinion based on my experience and worth what you are paying for it!
jjrbus 08/28/20 04:01am Tech Issues
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