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RE: Smaller or more minimalist truck camper

Have a look at Northstar Liberty or Laredo, or Lance 650. If a popup truck camper is an alternative, look into a Northstar 850SC. Outfittermfg and Hallmark also make bathroom models, but pricier. All of these will work on a 3/4 ton with a 6.5' bed. Bundutecusa is another manufacturer that comes to mind. There are others. Small does not necessarily mean inexpensive, though. If you are looking to buy used, an older Lance 815 might be an option.
joerg68 08/14/22 11:59am Truck Campers
RE: Dealer/website for Lance Truck Camper parts

If you post pictures of the parts in question, you may also get more qualified answers. To post photos here, simply go to and follow instructions there.
joerg68 08/14/22 11:41am Truck Campers
RE: Dealer/website for Lance Truck Camper parts

There is no Lance-specific parts dealer (that I know of), and most parts are very generic anyway. I have been lucky in the past on ebay and amazon, among others. There are also a number of specialized rv parts dealers. An internet search should bring up a lot of information. Often the problem is knowing the exact name or part number of what you are looking for. When I am not sure, I try out image searches for terms that I think might describe what I am looking for. Usually clears up the right name/ID fairly quickly. Then I search for that part. Some things, like old Atwood jacks and controllers, are no longer available new.
joerg68 08/14/22 05:06am Truck Campers
RE: 1991 western wilderness water tank

Can you access the top of the tank? You could install a water tight marine hatch (something like this: on the top and patch the drill hole from inside the tank.
joerg68 07/28/22 12:28am Truck Campers
RE: Do you think this can be repaired?

A wise decision. This is a truck-camper-shaped pile of mulch. It is a miracle how these things hold up and still manage to look habitable.
joerg68 07/26/22 08:29am Truck Campers
RE: Slide Brake Problem

You might try to contact the people that make these, maybe they have an idea?
joerg68 07/18/22 03:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Owners Manual Sun Valley 850SE

Hi and welcome, if a manual exists, it will only have very general information. There are manuals available online for the installed devices and appliances - find out the make and model number/name, and google for it. Do you have any specific questions?
joerg68 07/16/22 02:32am Truck Campers
RE: Do you think this can be repaired?

I have some firsthand experience with rebuilding this type of camper. Our first Lance, which we got in 2009, was in excellent shape compared to this one. It "only" needed the rearmost 20" of the camper floor replaced, and a rebuild of the side skirts. We were on a bit of a schedule as we had already planned our first trip, so we had about six weeks to complete the basic rebuild. The household went into crisis mode, all non-essential work was deferred, and we just barely made it, with some smaller work remaining for afterwards. We used all available spare time outside our normal office jobs. Here is my write up from way back when: Judging by the pictures, this camper will need a full rebuild. I do not think it is worth saving. Too many tell tale signs. But of course I may be wrong. Some of the skin may not even be reusable due to pinhole corrosion. Still, when you start to disassemble, try not to break or damage any parts so you can clean, rebuild and reuse them. Disassembly is a simple and straightforward job. The thing is held together by staples, screws and butyl tape. And you can decide at any time to discard the project.
joerg68 07/13/22 03:14am Truck Campers
RE: Do you think this can be repaired?

Be careful around the front jacks. There is a real possibility they will give way when you start moving the camper. The driver's side jack mount has already moved considerably from its original position, and I wouldn't be surprised if the passenger side looks no better.
joerg68 07/12/22 09:57am Truck Campers
RE: Do you think this can be repaired?

The missing corner light, moss on the cabover front, sagging cabover floor and buckled wall are telling me that this has been sitting and accumulating water for a very long time. This is a very major project. Just about everything can be rebuilt, but will it be worth the time, money, and effort? When you start taking the skin off, you will find lots and lots of wood rot. And very likely not just in the cabover. There are a number of rebuild threads up in the Truck Camper University section. Maybe look at these to get an idea.
joerg68 07/12/22 01:02am Truck Campers
RE: Newbie help

Hello and welcome! Let me see if I can help. There is also a section "Truck Camper University" at the top of the TC forum. There may be some info in there. Be prepared to do some reading and searching on the internet. All the information is out there. Now, the battery question. If the camper has been sitting unused for a while, the battery is probably very empty or even defective. Have you tried to connect to shore power and does it take a charge? Do you have a cheap multimeter and can you find out the battery voltage? A basic understanding of some electrical principles (power - voltage - current) will help you a lot in your situation. Solar can help you charge the battery, but it will not do much to save propane. I assume the original propane / 2- or 3-way fridge is still in the camper. A 3-way fridge will cool best on propane. It has an AC 120V heating element that will work almost as well, but it consumes several 100 Watts of AC power. It also has a 12V heating element with around 100-200 Watts that will keep it cold, but otherwise doesn't do much but run down your 12V battery quickly. Why? If your 12 V battery has a capacity of 100 Ah (Ampere-hours), it will give you (at the most, very theoretically, depending on the type of battery and temperature, actual numbers can be a lot less but never more) a current of 100 Amperes for one hour. Or 10 Amperes for 10 hours. 10 Amperes x 12 Volts are just 120 Watts - that is in the range of the 12 V heating element of your fridge. Since that element is probably active full time when you run your fridge on battery power alone, it will deplete your full 100 Ah battery in 10 hours. You could use an inverter to run the fridge on 120V AC from the battery. But now you need to power that much stronger AC heating element in the fridge (say, maybe 500 watts) from the battery, plus additional losses from the inverter. So your battery will end up empty rather quickly just as well. Or you can use propane, where one tank will last you quite a while (weeks, depending on ambient temperature), and the 12 V battery is only used to power the control board of the fridge, but not to cool it down. Now, about solar. If you install a 150 Watt panel, the charge from that panel might just about offset the power usage of the 12 V heating element in the fridge. But only while the sun is out. In the morning, your (12 V, 100 Ah) battery will still be empty when you run the fridge on 12 V over night. And it will not get a lot of solar charge in the daytime, as most if not all of the energy would go to the fridge (150 W solar - 150 W fridge). Now what can you do? Add more solar. Add more battery capacity. Replace fridge with a compressor fridge, maybe a residential unit. Probably a combination of all three. At the lowest end, if you just want to get rid of the propane fridge, a 100 Ah battery and a 150 W solar panel may be sufficient to power an RV type compressor fridge. But there will not be much extra power (e. g. to watch TV). But you will still need propane for heat, hot water, and cooking. Your second question, about the pipes: Try to post photos here. Follow instructions on that site. About the water heater: Google for RV water heater images. There is an almost square panel on one of the outside walls that opens downward. It has a small rectangular grill for the water heater exhaust. As old as your camper is, you may have to go outside and manually light the water heater. Newer units have an on/off switch inside the camper, usually near the water pump switch. Be sure that the fresh water tank and water heater are filled with water before you turn it on. Good luck with your new-to-you camper!
joerg68 07/11/22 02:09am Truck Campers
RE: Atwood Remote Control Issue

No more spare parts for Atwood since they were bought out by HJ...So either find a used one, or try to fix the existing one. But there is not necessarily something wrong with the remote, the receiver may be broken just as well. *IF* the remote is the culprit, that may be due to a loose solder connection. Some specialists have resoldered boards with a heat gun with some success. Might be worth a try. Rieco Titan jacks are fully compatible (or so I have read here, and you may be able to replace the control board and remote with their Electronic Control Kit - Model Number 36131. But their remote does not look like it has an extra button for the slide... Good luck!
joerg68 07/09/22 08:43am Truck Campers
RE: 1979 Lance TC

Congrats for your new "vintage" camper! Lance do have some historic information on their website, but only back to 1993: There is online information available for many/most appliances. Find out the make and model numbers which are usually somewhere on the appliance and google for them. Of course that will not help with a missing refrigerator. Watch out for pre-existing water damage... the camper may be dry now, but it will probably begin to leak like a sieve when it is out in the rain. Maybe you can get better answers to specific questions when you post some pictures. You can use to post pictures here and follow instructions on that site. Good luck with your new camper!
joerg68 07/04/22 11:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Electrical Help pls

You may well be near or over your payload rating, but not necessarily over the axle ratings. The next time you are ready to go camping, take your rig to a scale and get the actual axle weights of both axles. Compare with the axle ratings on your door sticker. That will tell you if you have any weight reserves left.
joerg68 06/29/22 11:19am Truck Campers
RE: Trailerlife portal down?

At the time of posting, on my machine the following happens: opens the forums; redirects to rv dot com.
joerg68 06/29/22 06:49am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: 2008 Northstar Arrow 8.5

The "literature" is just a collection of owner's manuals for the individual appliances (water heater, refrigerator, furnace, ...). They are usually available online when you look up the model numbers of the appliances. But they will not give a complete overview of the camper system. In your case, I would check if the battery is in good condition, and if it is correctly connected to the camper. If the camper has been sitting for a while, it is quite possible the battery is dead and can not be resurrected. If, for example, the propane detector has been connected all the time without a regular charge, it will have drawn the battery down after a few weeks.
joerg68 06/18/22 02:51am Truck Campers
RE: General newb questions - Advice?

Very nice looking rig! I wish you many happy travels! Glad you are getting all the gremlins sorted out one by one. If the camper has been sitting for a long time, expect it will need some further TLC once it gets back out in the elements.
joerg68 06/06/22 11:07am Truck Campers
RE: General newb questions - Advice?

Hello, welcome and congratulations! Do not worry, these things are not rocket science. You will be fine. The answer to most of your questions: Yes, maybe, in principle. Without knowing your camper, the appliances, how they are set up, and what has been modified since 1994, definitive answers are difficult. Let me try to give you a general idea to get the discussion started. Your questions on battery charging: Typically, the built-in charger of the power center (the box that has all the fuses) of the camper will charge the battery when you are plugged into AC. Usually, the battery is charged when the engine is running. There are a number of reasons why it might not be, though. It will not be overcharged. Hot water: your typical water heater works on LP and may have an additional AC heating element. There should be a way to switch the heater and the element on and off. Newer campers usually have these switches near the water pump switch inside the camper. But in my 2002 camper, I had to go outside and manually light the water heater. It did not have an AC element, but when you have one, I am sure there is a way to turn it on and off. What your manual is telling you: Never, ever run the heater in either mode when there is no water inside. The fridge: Most run on AC or LP, many also on 12V. Many have an automatic changeover mode where they automatically switch to AC when you plug in. Some do not, and you need to switch over manually. To get better answers, you could give us the make and model designation of the appliance, or maybe post a picture. Picture posting here requires you to upload and link the picture. You can use and follow instructions there. best wishes, -J
joerg68 05/28/22 12:09pm Truck Campers
RE: 2019 Wolf Creek 850 Rear Tie down

What do you mean by "saggy"? Got pictures? (you can use and follow instructions there) The tiedown should not move. There may be water damage (if wood framed), or it may have been overstressed. Repairs can be done by a DYIer with a reasonably equipped workshop, a dry place to work on the camper out of the weather, and (usually) a lot of time - more than you anticipate. Ask yourself: Do you want to travel, or are you looking for a project? Should you be concerned? Probably. Cautious? In any case. Can someone with more experience look over the camper?
joerg68 05/23/22 09:21am Truck Campers
RE: Propane question for a trip around the world

As a european ... every country here has their own legislation and there are a number of different fittings and adapters out there. Typically, an empty tank is echanged for a full one (at a campground, home improvement store, supermarket or gas station), and refilling or even doing that yourself is unusual or even prohibited in many countries. Of course, the tank needs to belong to the local system, sometimes even the correct vendor chain. Also, the dimensions of our euro tanks do not fit into US camper LPG compartments, euro tanks can not be laid on their sides, and all other sorts of discouraging technicalities. On the other side, many countries/regions have LPG readily available at many regular gas stations, but others not so much. If you have the correct fill adapters for an american tank and the three common automotive LPG systems, it is technically not a problem to fill your tanks at a gas station that sells LPG. Do not overfill and you are good to go. But it may be prohibited where you are, and the gas station personnell may or may not care, so it is up to you which risk you want to take.
joerg68 05/21/22 06:08am Truck Campers
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