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RE: Need New TV

6 months ago bought two televisions . One is a Visio with built in smart cast and the other a TCL Roku tv. both are excellent televisions. Both have built in streaming app availability via your WiFi. It’s almost impossible to not get a smart tv today. Televisions have become commodities and the average person wouldn’t know the difference. There is nothing that needs to be “ special “ about a Rv television,unless you want a 12 volt tv so you can run off batteries without an inverter. ( I wouldn’t) . Rv manufacturers generally put the cheapest thing they can buy in bulk , in this case a furrion. Anything you put in will be good.
jorbill2or 09/23/20 12:45pm Technology Corner
RE: Caps on personal property

I think the real issue is many Today buy online without agent interaction or have agents who don’t fully explain coverage. Then they don’t READ the actual policy when they get it. Homeowners also have these same limits and most , until they have a loss , haven’t a clue they aren’t really covered Have you read your policy? Too hard? Then have a good agent to explain it to you.
jorbill2or 09/13/20 12:38pm Full-time RVing
RE: Caps on personal property

Yes read the policy limits and have your agent add riders for additional values you want insured. It’s best to have a agent who knows what they are doing.
jorbill2or 09/12/20 07:29pm Full-time RVing
RE: Directv ???? Just seeking answers??? Confused!!

I think your kinda stuck with the gamble. Will it be seamless for you to hd .. maybe , will directv disappear . Unlikely. Will it be sold? .. likely As they are actively looking but A long process And if combined with dish Will require an even longer approval process. I’d just roll the dice unless you already of a mind to switch.
jorbill2or 09/12/20 04:04pm Technology Corner
RE: Are class A resorts just as filled up as other RV parks?

Yes the coach resorts in the south are in their slow season ..we haven’t gone north this season so I don’t know how the coach only resorts.are doing up there. Winter May be different This year as Canadians make up a significant percent. If the border doesn’t open ( and it looks like it may not) they will be missed. Our ownership parks motorhome only section is 20- 30% Canadian use ( rent or own).
jorbill2or 09/12/20 03:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Live with no dash ac?

To answer What you asked ( I think ) when I bought our marquis the dash air didn’t work and I was quoted Over a thousand to replace the compressor and the dryers etc serviced. Knowledgeable people said it wouldn’t keep up and I would need to run a roof air . I let it go till later. It’s now 6 years “later” and I just run the generator and the roof airs ... I’m plenty cool while driving and I’ve now spent 2 summers traveling in Semi hot areas . Dash air is not more powerful than the roof airs or even one large roof air . it does blow cold in your face I suppose I see that as an advantage. I can see closing off the front with some curtain contraption would keep the cab cooler on dash air alone. My question is when you get to your camp and open that curtain your met with a wall of heat and it will take time to get it back down. Why do it ? The bedroom will get crazy hot with the diesel just under the floor. I guess folks do all that to save a few bucks in the generator use. i prefer to be comfortable all the time In The whole unit . the roof airs do that. Just my take...
jorbill2or 09/11/20 05:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for Transmission cooler radiator 03 Diplomat

Source is a good choice but if you take the measurements to a Radiator shop in your area they can match it or order it built.
jorbill2or 09/06/20 12:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dish Network receiver question

Thanks all, that answers my questions. I did get the in motion dome, so sounds like I’ll have to do without a DVR and watch commercials! I can live with that. As I said earlier , the wally is a DVR you just need to add a hard drive to it and you can record pause and fast forward. So no , you don’t have to do without a DVR. I thought I had made that point. It’s actually cheaper as you aren’t paying extra for dvr tuner beyond the one time fee
jorbill2or 09/03/20 06:08am Technology Corner
RE: Dish Network receiver question

You need a travler or equivalent full dish , no domes, to use a hopper. The wally can easily have a limited dvr ..( one Chanel at a time ) you just add a portable computer hard drive via usb cord to the wally and pay a one time 40$ fee to activate dvr use on all wally tuners on the account. If you do have a travler antenna the wally will have two tuners and record two or watch one record one Technically you can’t have a hopper in a rv unless you own the hopper , no “free” receiver with contract deal. You need to buy it outright from someone. The hoppers hard drive has a reputation of failing bouncing around in rv’s They won’t cover its breaking. If you do use one be sure to unplug it before moving the rv. Two hoppers on a single account aren’t supposed to happen but it seems that doesn’t mater if you activate your own hopper ( see above ) .
jorbill2or 09/02/20 06:16pm Technology Corner
RE: What The Heck???

Perfect .. save what you can of your trip and go. I hate electrical problems but you had a good outcome with little out of pocket it sounds .. Thanks for the update
jorbill2or 08/25/20 03:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Awning material dry rotting where it attaches to motorhome

Quality fabric might cost a bit more than 200 but the job is doable with 2 people. No you don’t replace the awning just the fabric. I see you have a 06 travel supreme? Perhaps a Girard awning awning (top of line) ? We had ours replaced by our repair shop , with Stone Vos fabric. Stone VosIt’s top of the line and not cheap but will last a long time.They custom cut the fabric and send it to you or your installer. My guy ( 2) spent 30 min
jorbill2or 08/25/20 09:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What The Heck???

confirmed both house batteries are linked in parrallel on the positive posts; checked voltage of chassis battery: -0-. house batts both at 12.60. Chassis batteries are 0 ? ..well .. that’s why it won’t start. Chassis is anything connected with the engine. The house batteries control 12 volt lights etc . You don’t have a by the door power switch that was turned off ?
jorbill2or 08/25/20 05:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What The Heck???

What is the voltage via Handheld meter on the positive and negative cables going to the coach ? ( the output) I too am a believer in the last thing you did may have caused an issue .. more times than not I’ve found that to be a starting point.
jorbill2or 08/24/20 01:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Finding non-bioDiesel

Actually an 05 cat was ok to run bio up to 20% with no problem. Check the CAT specs for that year I think you’ll confirm that. The hoses seals etc were changed before then. My 03 ( actually 02 c12) drinks it with no issues 152000 miles so far. In The west you have to search some to not get at least some bio.
jorbill2or 08/06/20 02:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Flexsteel

Flex steel left the rv business I read some months ago.i think the are still in their other lines. Unlike you my luck was different I was never happy with flexsteel anyway. Probably not easy building quality with the cheap price manufacturers ( and buyers) are willing to pay.
jorbill2or 08/05/20 05:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: flat towing a toad

The Chevy Equinox is a very popular suv toad. I see a lot of them . Both front wheel drive and all wheel drive Models can still be towed 4 down. Priced more reasonably.
jorbill2or 07/18/20 08:53am Dinghy Towing
RE: which receivers

Yes , as I said the hopper Joey is much more capable. Also more expensive and continuous advanced Monthly DVR charges that don’t apply to the wallys with add on hard drives. It’s a matter of what you must have and what you want to spend. The other aspect of the wally i forgot is it can control a portable dish for use under trees etc. The Hopper can’t . I needed that for a host gig on the Oregon coast. Lots of options. The best is Dish is easy to deal with.
jorbill2or 07/12/20 12:35pm Technology Corner
RE: Synthetic Trans Fluid

You need to find a different mechanic, he is taking you to the cleaners over recommending unneeded services. With Transynd, your transmission is good for 150,000 miles or 6000 hours of operation or 48 months whichever comes first. The filters need to be changed 75,000 miles or 3000 hours of operation or 36 months whichever comes first. This is as per the Allison service manual. This ^^^ The Allison 3000 4000 etc with synthetic transynd in motorhome use is a different animal, filter changes “ maybe” and checking fluid levels with the shift panel not the dipstick are the maintenance choices .. perhaps fluid testing if your concerned. There is a retired engineer from Allison on one of the forums with hundreds of pages of info ... all of which says the above and “practically” as a sometime motorhomer you’ll never change the fluid , just test it . Those changing fluid every “?” Need to read up a little.
jorbill2or 07/10/20 06:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: which receivers

The hopper and Joey would be the most elegant and more expensive route and many go that way. I went with wallys -2 and added my own hard drive to each for a ONE time 40 charge NO continuing DVR charge. Just A $7 charge for the second receiver on the account . I can record one and watch another on each individual tuner ( 4 channels 2 receivers ) . With a over the air adapter those numbers would double with the ability to record / watch 2 ota channels per receiver additionally.
jorbill2or 07/09/20 03:55pm Technology Corner
RE: buy from dealer or private seller

Off topic but pertains to Pvt purchase via Cash. all cash Bank transactions withdrawals or deposits 10,000 or more are reported to the feds by Bank regulation and part of homeland security and of course watching for Drug transactions. If Purchasing with a dealer unfortunately I disagree with cash being King. Cash is not king anymore unless it's some mom and pop operation. Much like a Car dealer (never say your cash to a car dealer until the deal is done) Dealers can make money off the financing and may take that into consideration on their "deal" dealers can get better rates than you and then equal or better the rates you can get at the same lender while they get the difference. A legit dealer will lower the price counting on that income to make it up , you win with a lower OTD price and the same financing rate you would get on your own. Just some food for thought if your a Dealer purchaser
jorbill2or 07/06/20 07:47am Class A Motorhomes
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