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RE: General 5th Wheel Brand Question

..and when considering, don't forget to evaluate how easy it is to maintain and repair the hydraulic system, slide-out mechanics, water system, underbelly, roof water intrusion, electrical system, and etc. Some manufacturers make things more difficult than need be.
justme 11/20/20 09:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

Looks like a vaccine is a very near approval.
justme 11/09/20 01:27pm Snowbirds
RE: General 5th Wheel Brand Question

When someone says "better built" I wish they would be more specific. Otherwise, it simply is an opinion based on hearsay. Newer materials and construction techniques can cause that comment when in fact they are better in many ways. Manufacturing problems are a concern though because RVs are essentially hand-built. And then we have difficulty to work on aspects.
justme 11/09/20 01:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Axle Ratio, new truck

I would suspect the new 10-speed trany will do the job because of its extended torque ratios. However, I am concerned about gear hunting while pulling heavy loads and inclines. Seems to me gear hunting will shorten the life of the trany while doing a lot of towing or heavy hauling-- especially with gas engines.
justme 11/09/20 12:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ditching Dometic Thermostat?

Can I swap out my POS Dometic Thermostat with a simple household thermostat? Just curious why you think it is a POS. Could you clarify?
justme 07/10/20 01:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Seeking advice on towing vehicle

Ford must build one hell of a strong truck. A 2015 F250 with airbags pulled into our campground pulling 20k GVW Designer Suites. The owner claims it pulls well and has pulled that trailer for thousands of miles with no problem and never felt unsafe. I don't condone that combination, but it does show that newer trucks are robust pullers. Wow that trailer far exceeds the factory carrying capacity and combined weight capacity. The add-on airbags make it near equivalent to an F350 SRW. and that still exceeds the factory specs for an F350 SRW. However the 2020 F350 would be better, but Ford claims not to exceed 18K GVW for a 5th wheel for some reason-- probably because the factory supplied hitch is 18K rated. Saying all that Ford is the king of the hill for 2020 trucks..
justme 05/23/20 04:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Fiver these days

Lippert is like most OEM's. They build and supply their products to what the 5th wheel mfg's spec out. So why blame Lippert? Also, those manufacturers purchase materials and components that they choose based on their criteria and profit needs. Therefore it is only reasonable to investigate and determine what those manufacturers decided upon and not blame the OEM for their choices. That is true.
justme 05/23/20 03:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Retracting jacks while unhooked

This may be a dumb question, but here goes. I need to fully retract all my jacks on my Cougar so I can zero out the autolevel feature. In the past I've hooked up to the truck and then retracted. Just saw a video where someone retracted them while unhooked (was a different brand fiver), and it worked fine. I'm worried that my camper will go so low to the ground that it will damage my drain pipes for grey and black water. Is this possible, or do the manufacturers plan for this ahead of time and build them with enough room? I don't know what you mean by "zero out the auto-level". If you mean calibrating for level then you simply follow the instructions in the manual which don't require full retraction.
justme 05/23/20 02:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Seeking advice on towing vehicle

The truck ratings are important and should be adheard for, but the trailer suspension is probably more of a concern. Most trailer mfg's put minimal suspension .
justme 05/21/20 08:51pm Fifth-Wheels

I can understand the necessity of confirming UV effectiveness with direct research. It is also interesting to note that NASA considers UV to be an effective virus killer because they utilized UV technology to sanitize the various landers that visit planets, moons, and asteroids.
justme 04/26/20 08:10pm Around the Campfire

and here is another cause for the death rate. I don't know if this doctor is any more or less credible than the CDC, but it is worth considering until proven otherwise. Effective QC organizations have inspectors to assure the data is correct, but I don't believe the CDC has that level of inspection and assurance. They offer guidelines but are voluntary and it is up to the integrity of those who follow them.
justme 04/26/20 09:27am Around the Campfire

Can someone explain why some countries have a much lower death rate (deaths per million) than others while ignoring data from the Communist countries? For example why is Singapore so low. Then explain why are states on the east coast so much higher. I am not sure of the reason, but something is not right. This is a link to the official scoreboard. I would think there would be more uniformity between countries with modern health care.
justme 04/26/20 07:58am Around the Campfire

This makes me wonder what is going on with this lockdown. Why did we do it?
justme 04/24/20 10:39am Around the Campfire
RE: Lifting fifth wheel

I don't know about RAM but Ford offers rear blocks to lower the rear in one-inch increments. I suspect RAM and GM offer the same. The 2017+ F350 SRW 4wheel drive is approx. 3 inches high to look more macho. Therefore it can be lowered the same amount with the appropriate mod. Aftermarket folks also offer lowering blocks for the rear as well. Search the Inet and you will find a lot of options.
justme 04/21/20 12:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bridge height apps

search for lowclearancebridgeinfo..pdf then select:
justme 04/16/20 09:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Info on 5th wheel brand

I think Vilano 5th wheel put most of the money in gliz and glamor and not enough into the syspension. That is a big draw back if traveling is important.
justme 03/17/20 10:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Paradigm RV Alliance

Reminds me Tiffin velano when it was first introduced. Lots of excitment, but turned out to be run-of-the-mill for its price range. I looked closely at this trailer and didn't find much to brag about. They claim 8K springs expecting that to be a lure, but in reality it is 7K axles with 8k springs which is a little wierd. No A/C ducting which is strange as well. However, competition is a good thing and I hope they do well.
justme 03/07/20 09:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Gooseneck or 5th wheel

I wouldn't make a decision either way until you pick out the 5th wheel you are buying. Some 5th wheel frame manufacturers will void the warranty with the use of gooseneck adapters. The reason for voiding the warranty is their frame is not strong enough. I would not buy a 5th wheel trailer from a manufacturer that voids the warranty for goose neck towing for obvious reason.
justme 02/27/20 08:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New 5th Wheel Manufacturer

So far many RV's like Hartland products are glitz and glammor with inadequate engineering incorporated for travel and endurance. It is difficult to "polish a turd". I fully support entreprenureship if it enhances things that would contribute to a better and improved product. I will sit back and evaluate this new company as they progress. I really hope they come up with a product that moves the RV industry forward. BTY many management folks in the RV industry have been quoted in the past that the reason that past RV manufacturers go out of business was because they put too much quality into the product that diminished the profitability. They felt the public wanted inexpensive rather than quality. I totally agree. We have seen it before. Theres nothing special about their engineering, frame, or otherwise. Just another cookie cutter like all the others. Since the demise of NuWa, Carriage/Lifestyle, Excel they are all built the same. That goes for Vanleigh, too. Throw a beautiful pint job on it and it's the icing on the cake for the typical American buyer. Most people put emphasis on the truck suspension and seem to ignore the trailer suspension. I look at my F350 suspension rated at 11500 lbs GVW and compare it to my 5th wheel suspension rated at 14000 lbs (2X7000) with a GVW of 16000 and wonder why trailer is much flimsier than the truck. Evidently the trailer engineers use a different method to spec their suspension, springs and brakes than the auto industry.
justme 01/20/20 11:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Solar panels and battery cut off

panels-->switch-->controller-->fuse-->battery bank-->cut off switch-->loads. Never have the panels send power to the controller without the battery connected. That is very good advise because when the solar charger is unloaded with the panels connected the voltage from the panel to the controller exceeds the rating of the semiconductors in the charge controller-- thus destroying the controller.
justme 01/20/20 11:06am Fifth-Wheels
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