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RE: Suspenson

I did the Dexter upgrade on my 30 footer and it made a huge difference in stability. I would go with the heftiest one which ever it is though because its a big toy hauler. It will be worth the work invested.
ken56 05/19/19 03:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Drinking Campground Water...

We are supposed to be putting those plastic water bottles in the recycle bin not the regular trash. I wish campgrounds would be a bit more proactive in the recycling area really. Most CG's have small and inadequate bins for recycling materials. I know too that most campers are not that diligent in separating their trash while camping. Too much trouble? Not for me. Recycle when you can.
ken56 05/19/19 03:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Sanitizing Waterlines

I follow the sanitation process every spring. Pour a half cup of bleach into the fresh tank with it half full of water then turn on the pump and faucets to distribute it thorough the lines. Let it sit there for an hour and flush out until the bleach smell is gone. Drain and refill the fresh tank and rinse it out too. We use city water too mostly but use bottled water for coffee and drinking really. Just our thing we do even though I would still drink the water we are hooked up to. It is a it of a process but worth the preventive measures to keep the system clean of anything that might want to grow in it. Leave the pump on to listen for signs of any leaks. The pump will run for a second or 3 if there is a leak. Wear old clothes you won't mind ruining with white spots too.
ken56 05/19/19 03:37am Travel Trailers
RE: Adding a dedicated RV power plug. What would you do?

30 amp is adequate for home needs. Get a box with the breaker switch in the box. You need a single pole 30amp breaker for the main panel too but the ability to shut off power at the outside box is convenient to prevent arcing on the plug prongs. Just like at the campground, breaker off to plug in and to unplug. I just installed one 30 amp plug with breaker. Wire was $175 for a 125ft. roll of #6. I have over a hundred foot run so I needed #6 wire. Got the box from Home Depot website, 65 bucks there. Add in the 30 amp single pole breaker and I was at $250 total. Make sure your electrician properly sizes the wire for the length of run you have and be sure he knows it is NOT 220 volts, it is 110.
ken56 05/16/19 04:03pm Tech Issues
RE: New guy needing confirmation on tongue weight

My instance was I have a 10k gvwr trailer that has a 1280 tongue weight also and the dealer set me up with a 10k/1k hitch. It was not enough hitch for the tongue weight IMO. It pulled it yes, but the spring bars were not hefty enough. Towed like that for a year and then decided to upgrade to the 14k/1400 Equal-izer brand and it was night and day the difference in stability and ride. No more wiggle and no more bounce going over bridge expansion joints.
ken56 05/15/19 08:53am Towing
RE: First time TT trip AZ to VA

You basically have I-40 to come back on. You surely have some kind of time frame to hold to I assume so the meandering of the back roads especially through AZ and NM would be, lets say difficult. The issue of possible mechanical problems might make you stay closer to the interstate and larger towns in case help is needed. Tires will be the weak link. Are you ready to spring for new ones to get home on? If those tires have been baked in the AZ sun and are old to boot be prepared to put new ones on. Setting up and breaking down is not that complicated but don't forget the things like the TV antenna, don't leave it raised up when you depart the campground. Stow things well to keep them from moving around in the trailer when on the road. Should you have questions at a campground there are plenty of helpful fellow campers that would gladly help you. Don't be shy, campers are a friendly lot. Google Maps and Trip Advisor are very helpful to find things to do along the way. Do get off the interstate when you can and have fun. There is quite a lot to see that isn't that far off the interstate. RVPARKY app for your phone is great for locating campgrounds along your route. I would not worry about reservations. We start calling about 2pm with a good estimate of where we want to stop at around 4pm. We call the campground and check if they have a site for one night and then we will have them hold it for us. We have never been shut out with no place to stay. Good luck and have a great time.
ken56 05/14/19 04:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: Proper Protocol for “Complimentary Roof Inspection”

Don't be taking your rig back to them ever. You have seen how they are dishonest, don't give them another chance at anything.
ken56 05/10/19 05:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Better in Asheville NC, Wilsons or Bear Creek?

Another vote for Bear Creek. Depending on how well your rig is insulated road noise could be an issue. We stayed one time when we had our previous rig that was not the best on keeping the noise out. Still, it wasn't that bad and I still got to sleep. Location is really convenient and by all means go to the Moose Café.
ken56 05/09/19 05:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: House Fire

I would never hire anyone out of the parking lot of HD or Lowes. See them all the time but no thanks. You have no idea what you're getting.
ken56 05/09/19 04:00am Around the Campfire
RE: Iowa to Fort Myers, Fl route

Sikeston MO has a Lamberts also. A couple good RV parks near by too so might consider it for an overnight stop. St. Louis and the Gateway Arch and museum is a worthy stop too if you have the time. As for the route I would head south on 55 once you get to St. Louis and pick up 12/10 outside of New Orleans and then go accross the Gulf Coast to pick up 19 east of Pensecola then 98 south to 41. Lots of great little towns to go through.
ken56 04/30/19 04:10pm Roads and Routes
RE: Pilgrim Lite Spongy Floor

My 2014 Keystone Outback has a spongy floor in front of the regrigerator and stove. Believe it is also due to the foam and luan and how it is attached to the floor joists. This area is where my fridge and stove are in a slide so I can almost guarantee that that weight going in and out all the time broke the floor down. No signs of water leaks. Seems to be a thing I guess. I have a '17 Laredo with the same spongy floor in front of the stove and refrigerators. They are in a slide also. No sign of leaks and I check it all the time.
ken56 04/29/19 06:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: What do you two do?

We like doing the local sights during the day, what ever they are. The wife is not much on hiking or anything of the outdoor sports type thing. She hates cards but we do play one card game we call 'the card game'. You use 2 decks, red and blue and deal 8 cards face down, then arrange them in a bottom row of 4 and a top row of 4 above each other. The rest of the cards are the draw pile and you have a discard pile. You start out by turning over any 2 cards in your 2 rows. You can draw from either the draw pile or the discard pile. Then as you draw you have to either turn over a card in one of your rows or just discard you draw. The first one to turn over all the cards means the other person gets one more draw, then the its the end of the round. Play to 500 or what ever points you set. The object is to match the top and bottom card so they cancel each other in points. Points are accumulated at face value of the card after one of you has turned over both your rows. Ace is one point, Kings are 0 points, Queen Jack and 10 are 10 points. The rest are face value. Lowest score is the objective.
ken56 04/27/19 03:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best Route To Santa Fe NM from Michigan

Be aware, they don't call it the "great plains" for nothing. It is greatly plain. Hours of fields and corn and cows.
ken56 04/26/19 08:56pm Roads and Routes
RE: More beginner RVing questions

No one has mentioned a clear 45 degree elbow so I will. Get a clear elbow so you can see when the water runs clear mostly when emptying your black tank and the water flows freely to make sure there isn't a paper clog. Install it at the takeoff and then connect your hose. I don't like to leave anything in my tank between trips because there is no reason NOT to dump when you have full hookup. Use the tank rinser and close the valve to let it fill up again and pull the handle to let it empty. DO NOT leave it unattended, be patient and careful so not to overfill when doing this. The tank sensors that tell how full they are will be notoriously inaccurate so don't depend on them. Grey tank sensor not so much but the black will get fowled with paper and **** but you will know when its full. Happy camping.
ken56 04/21/19 07:32am Beginning RVing
RE: Restaurant tipping question

McD's is paying 12 bucks an hour now so their wage covers the whole shebang. Wait staff is paid less than minimum wage and depend on tips to make up for the lower hourly wage. Tip jars at a fast food window/counter type of thing is like pan handling to me because they also get paid a minimum hourly wage so tips are not necessary in my opinion. This tip the tab stupidity is just that, stupidity.
ken56 04/20/19 09:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: led lights

It may have a notch in the cover so try to rotate it and see if it drops down OR some just unscrew. Once you get the cover off then screws hold it to the ceiling. You will likely have to replace the fixture. They run about $15.
ken56 04/15/19 06:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Tiger Woods wins the 2019 Masters !

He earned it shot by shot. Great Masters.
ken56 04/14/19 04:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: Guilty pleasures

My guilty pleasure is walking around the campground everyday for exercise and looking at the other trailers thinking, wow, that's pretty, or wow, what were they thinking, or wow, how did they bring so much stuff. I like to do this also. I like seeing others peoples rigs and a few times have struck up a conversation with the owners. They might give a wave and I will stop and say something like "THAT is ONE NICE RIG" and proceed to ask how they like it, how long they've had it and it always leads to where have you been and what places have you liked best. Great conversations are had and friendships are made. My other guilty pleasure is eating well. Cooking on my grill from fresh fish and shrimp to filet mignon. Oh, and some Jack Daniels No.27. Good stuff.
ken56 04/14/19 07:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Gun or Tears -- HELP PLZ!!!

If those batteries froze solid and the sides are bulged even slightly replace them. The plates suffered damage and failure is in their the most inopportune time. Plugging into shore power should provide 12volt power through the converter so the battery should not be necessary to be hooked up at the same time. Your only complaint was the CO detector, but everything else worked correctly? Furnace being the important thing in the cold weather. If that is the case then everything indicates the fault is at the batteries. To remove batteries disconnect the NEG first, to reconnect connect the NEG LAST.
ken56 04/14/19 07:21am Beginning RVing
RE: How do I change these LEDs?

I have had some that screwed on and others that had a notch in the cover, rotate to line up and it falls out. as for the burned out LED's you may need to just replace the whole light. They run about 12 bucks or so.
ken56 04/13/19 06:07pm Tech Issues
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