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RE: Influenza 2022-2023 Experiences - Comments Etc.

We went to Myrtle Beach the first 2 weeks of October, right after the hurricane went through. The first week the wife and I were fine but the second week we both became ill with 'something'. We thought was allergies with the sneezing, runny nose stuffy head symptoms. I got body aches for 3 days along with the other symptoms....and no, we had not gotten our flu shots as yet. The stuffy head and sinus issues lingered for 2 more weeks after we got home to East TN. We have since gotten our flu shots. Schools here in TN are being closed because of a high rate of illness among the kids. Looks like we will just keep avoiding crowds and limiting our contact with others.
ken56 11/22/22 07:29am Around the Campfire
RE: Heavier Blue Ox load bars?

My trailer had a brochure tongue weight of 1280. When I purchased it I told the dealer to upgrade the hitch also....what did I get? Another hitch 10,000/1,000 rated but the Equal-I-Zer brand this time...I already had a 10K/1K hitch. It was adequate and I used it the whole first year BUT, it just felt 'wimpy'. The push-pull when trucks passed, the side winds pushing you around the road on windy days etc. I upgraded to a 14K/1,400 and it was a HUGE difference. Steady when trucks passed, the winds didn't push me around like before and the bumps in the road were smoothed out. Get the higher rated hitch.
ken56 11/11/22 12:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Grease Lippert electric tongue jack?

As far as I know you have to take it apart. It isn't that difficult to do, I've done one and yes, it helps to grease it. A nice sticky axle grease is what I used and it did quiet it down and made it work easier.
ken56 11/08/22 03:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: GSMNP close trails to allow black bears to feed

ken, X2. a few years back, my husband and I were camping at the KOA in Cherokee, NC around early September. We were visiting the Great Smokies Ranger Station nearby.. While viewing some old cabins(which was in the rear yard of the station and had been moved there from a high mountain valley), herds of elk swarmed across a stream into the yard and out into a large meadow for grazing. Since I was cornered and no way out, I penned myself against the outside wall of one of these cabins so that I would not be trampled. The young ones in the herd were in no way afraid of me; they stopped and then came closer and closer as if they were waiting on a hand out. When the large stag returned to edge them on, I was a little scared, but they moved on. These young elk must have been hand-fed at some point in their life. When that situation happens then YOU need to scare THEM. Wave your arms and make noises so they understand that people are not to be approached. They generally won't trample you but the big adult bulls will defend their harem and territory. They can be taught to fear people if people become the aggressor and try to scare them. The Oconaluftee visitor center and the surrounding fields is known for the Elk coming in to feed and attracts many people just to see them. They are majestic animals. One Photographer managed to get a young bull euthanized because he wanted "that" picture. Yeah, he was charged and fined.
ken56 10/31/22 06:42am Around the Campfire
RE: JT's Strong Arm Travel Trailer Stabilizer Kit

A friend put the JT Strong arm on his and he said it made a big difference. He was happy with what it did.
ken56 10/30/22 06:32am Travel Trailers
RE: GSMNP close trails to allow black bears to feed

There are supposed to be stiff fines for feeding bears but I never see anyone ever ticketed for it. People refuse to leave the wildlife alone. When people feed the bears or the Elk it is a death sentence for them. If they lose their fear of humans and become a nuisance they have euthanize them. A bear just broke into a rented cabin recently and attacked an occupant. They found it and killed it. PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS IN THE PARK.
ken56 10/29/22 06:29am Around the Campfire
RE: I40 south

I know Ontario is fairly flat so bear in mind that you are in the mountains. Heading eastbound you are going UP hill mostly with a few downhill portions but just use your trans lower gears and engine to keep a safe speed. No need to ride your brakes... just don't ride your brakes. I tow my 37 ft. TT through there at times with no issues. Waynesville and Maggie Valley is beautiful too. Whatever you do don't get any idea to go over the mountain through Newfound Gap in the National park. Get to your destination and then go see it in the truck if you want to. That road (441) is not meant for towing so don't even think you can get away with it.
ken56 10/15/22 03:32pm Roads and Routes
RE: I40 south

Yes you can do it just fine. Tunnel clearance is fine too. It is not hair raising as far as the curves and hills are concerned. I usually fall in behind the trucks and just go with them. Keep a good following distance between you and all will be fine. It's a beautiful drive in the Fall.
ken56 10/15/22 04:12am Roads and Routes
RE: The Television won't pick up the cable channels

Fixed. It took a new TV and some new cable and a direct connection as someone here suggested. The Furrion had problems even though it still received fuzzy channels....although it could still be me. Thanks for all the help and ideas.
ken56 10/07/22 03:45pm Tech Issues
RE: The Television won't pick up the cable channels

Ok, the TV is a Furrion and only 5 years old. Bought the trailer in '17 new. Been through the air/cable source and rescan procedure. Even OTA is bad. We are in Myrtle Beach and evidently they don't have good OTA here...I don't know. I can't even find a dumb TV to replace it...all the new smart TV's need internet/wi-fi. I'm an old dog and I guess don't understand why it's so hard to just hook up the cable to the TV and get a picture. There is always the chance the TV is kaput too.
ken56 10/06/22 07:17pm Tech Issues
The Television won't pick up the cable channels

For some reason my TV refuses to pick up the cable at the park I'm in. It's good signal at the post because it was checked. Not sure if it's my cable I use to hook up to it yet. Yes, the antenna booster is off. Just frustrating minor glitches that have to be too easy to fix but.....Oh well, off to the store tomorrow.
ken56 10/05/22 06:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Buc-ee's

When we lived in Ewe-stun (about 15 long years), we always liked to stop a Buc-ee's since it was the cleanest travel stop with the widest selection of food, drink, snacks (and in most spots in the area) hunting supplies if needed. However, their business model, it appears, is based on volume and rapid sales. An RV taking up multiple spots at the gas island, even if they move after filling (many didn't) or having to have the real estate for rig parking, probably no longer makes sense for Buc-ee's market. I observed many cars that did not move from the pump after filling up...the drivers just walked inside for however long they wanted to. Saw many still right in the same place too as we left. Buc-ee's is building what will be the largest one so far in Kodak TN at 76,000 sq. feet. That's right at exit 407 into the Pigeon Forge area and 10's of thousands of RVers come to the area. They will miss that business if they don't accommodate their parking...but then again, they must not want them. Oh well.
ken56 10/04/22 07:07pm Around the Campfire

Stopped into the Buc-ee's in Florence South Carolina (I-95) on our way to Myrtle Beach. I can't believe they did not provide for RV parking. There are NO RV spaces, not for motorhomes, not for tour busses, not for travel trailers...NONE. Genius, pure genius. I know they are not a truck stop so no semi tractor trailers....but no RV spaces?? Really?
ken56 10/03/22 04:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: Friction hinges, easy way to change?

I like mine. I don't have to latch it back now just to prevent a slight breeze from shutting the door. Try using some liquid silicone lubricant on the hinge if its too is new after all.
ken56 09/19/22 04:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best route from Myrtle Beach north to I-77

378 is decent 4 lane out of Myrtle but turns into 2 lane in places and even divided in places. It's not a narrow road really. Now, Ford truck guys suggestion to hit 74 isn't a bad suggestion either. I've been on the 701 and it's 2 lane but decent 2 lane. I pulled my 37 footer on it before. Stayed in Tabor City. That might be a bit more direct for you. Go up 501 and pick up the 701 up to 74.
ken56 09/18/22 05:52am Roads and Routes
RE: Best route from Myrtle Beach north to I-77

There isn't a good expressway route out of Myrtle. Looking at Google maps I would take 378 over to Columbia and hit 77 there. It's good road through Conway and beyond. We are headed to Myrtle the first week of Oct.
ken56 09/17/22 05:23pm Roads and Routes
RE: Forks, WA

RVPARKY shows 5 of them in Forks. Been there done that too with the wife and Twilight stuff. We stayed at 3 rivers resort and guide service on 110 going towards La Push. I enjoyed the stay.
ken56 09/16/22 06:48pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Closer to a head on then you ever want to be...

Sounds like a road rage incident more than someone being drunk. The minivan didn't like being behind the motorhome and the motorhome didn't like the van to pass him. No excuse for any of it but as they say, you can't fix stupid. Vigilance is always needed. Glad you avoided the wreck.
ken56 09/16/22 04:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Truckers.....flashing lights?

I always offer the courtesy and flash my lights to let them know it's safe to pull back into the lane...especially when the traffic is fairly heavy. I get the flash back maybe 75% of the time too. I tow at 65 +/- and I know it may be slower than the limit so I try my darndest to not be an obstacle and be as courteous as possible. I have never ever had an issue with anyone taking exception to my driving, in fact, I find many drivers to be more than willing to let me change lanes and go where I need to go.
ken56 09/12/22 04:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: Newbie Road Trip TX to FL

All depends on what you want out of it I suppose. It's pre leaf peeping season yet so traffic is on the normal side. The weather is still warm but then you are from TX so you can handle it. I see your route will be mostly I-20....all the way to Florence SC then 95 to 40 and on into Garner. The only park on your way I can recommend is Tannehill Ironworks state park a few miles before you get into Birmingham. You might consider staying 2 days or so if you can. I agree with going before the snowbird migration, they tend to clog up the campgrounds for overnight stops. I think anytime between now and Thanksgiving would be good time to go.
ken56 09/10/22 05:18pm Roads and Routes
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