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RE: DirecTV Spinoff Announcement

Personally I think I will be giving up on TV. All these spin offs and streaming things are just money grabs. Like the price we pay for cable/satellite services aren't high enough already now they want to charge for every program it seems especially if it's a popular one. It has degraded into all garbage anyway....250 channels and nothing's on.
ken56 02/26/21 09:35am Tech Issues
roof coatings....again.

After some damage to my trailer roof by a tree branch and going through the dealer to inspect and price a fix for it they recommended an insurance claim which I did after they gave me an 11,000 dollar total new roof membrane replacement. While investigating things I came across RV Armor and suggested this to the insurance adjustor which he jumped on because it was 5,300, half of the new membrane price. Now, a year later and one service call back to RV Armor I am pleased with the product and results. They stand by their product and service was almost immediate with no hassle at all. Here's my question to all here, why do they not do the slide roofs? I did ask the guy who did the work and he said they just don't do them so essentially a non answer. Just curious really so what are your opinions on this?
ken56 02/26/21 09:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Help!!!! Travel Trailer Back in

That anxiety is the enemy so try to let it go. Those people watching don't matter. Don't be too concerned about blocking traffic either. Backing in from the drivers side, meaning turning to the left is easier. Position your mirror so you can see the wheels of the trailer and pick a point to start your turn and when the wheels are at that point start your turn. One hand at 6 o'clock and turn the wheel the direction you want to turn. Take your time and go slow. I stop and get out when I feel the need to go look. Don't feel pressured. Don't be rushed. You will wreck your trailer if you try to be fast about it when you don't have the confidence to do it yet....but that confidence will come with practice. You can do it.
ken56 02/25/21 07:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway - Early April

Google maps shows the south of Asheville portion closed right now. says it will open 3/7. North of Asheville is the Folk Arts center that's worth a look. There's Mt. Mitchel. the highest point east of the Mississippi. It has a restaurant that has great food too. Further on your way north is Blowing Rock and Boone that are worth some time to see. Grandfather Mountain is in that area.
ken56 02/23/21 05:44pm Roads and Routes
RE: Looking for an electrician to answer a question for me

Firstly it is not a 4500 watt genset. I just purchased the igen4500 and really haven't used it yet. Started it up after I prepped it and it took right off out of the box. I ran a few power tools with it is all I did. Even at 96 Lbs. it's bulky and for this old man is difficult to put in the back of my 2500HD without help. Moving around on its built in wheels using the built in handle is piece of cake. That generator is rated at 3850 watts continuous output running on gas and lower running on propane. You would only get that 4500 watts for maybe a minute for motor startup on like a furnace. Still not shabby. I had the same thoughts about hooking to the house too but decided to just use extension cords for what I need to run. 650 is an excellent price, I paid 1049.
ken56 02/21/21 06:14am Around the Campfire
RE: South Lake Michigan

Early May is still going to be on the 'cool' side weather wise especially by lake Michigan. Be sure to bring along the coats. You've made your plans and the Badlands and points west is a good choice although Michigan is worthy of making it a destination to spend a few weeks in. I am formerly of MI. and love where we moved to in East Tennessee so the heads up on the difference in weather in early May is sincere. Just be prepared.
ken56 02/20/21 03:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: US 72 from Memphis to Sevierville, TN

Looks like a nice route but it goes through northern Mississippi and Alabama mostly. Planning any stops along that way? It's a long enough day on 40 for that distance let alone taking secondary road. Guntersville state park is a nice place to stop. A little south of your route but not that far off.
ken56 02/19/21 05:16am Roads and Routes
RE: Getting Started - Longer Distance Camping

A few years back we did the big circle tour from Tennessee, 9000 miles and the only reservations we made were for our destinations where we stayed 3 days or more. We used RVPARKY app and would start looking for a park on our route and about 3pm would call ahead to a park to check availability, we were never turned away. Have an understanding on how much you have to drive for a day to make the timing of your trip work. I usually make the first day and the last day my long 8 to 10 hours and then the other days are I drive for 6 hours. It's nice to pull into your campsite at 3pm and relax the rest of the day but I know that is a luxury and some people can't do that. Don't worry about the small things because they work themselves out. Don't over think it. It's just like what you do now but with a couple gas stops thrown in. It's supposed to be a fun getaway so don't get stressed out. Try taking secondary roads when practical.
ken56 02/18/21 02:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do you sanitize your black tank?

Some people will use a bleach solution to help keep bacteria from producing "that' odor. I don't but I do rinse very well when I wont be using it for a few weeks. Heat and bacteria are friends and it will produce sewer stench and in a closed trailer that isn't used for even a few weeks can get stunk up quick. No need to sanitize in my opinion, just rinse well.
ken56 02/13/21 05:36pm General RVing Issues
Road condition info.

TN- 877-244-0065 NC- 877-511-4662 GA- 877-694-2511 VA- 866-695-1182 KY- 866-737-3767 GSMNP- 865-436-1200 press 1&2
ken56 02/07/21 06:06am Roads and Routes
RE: I 40 Across Smokies

What do you mean "at the top"? Are you talking about going through the park on 441 and Newfound gap? or staying on I-40 through the Pigeon River Gorge? I-40 is usually clear most day except for winter storms. 441 is controlled by the NPS and will close the road if conditions are not good but they maintain that road very good. Only in slippery conditions will they close it. You can call the Sugarland visitor center for condition info.
ken56 02/06/21 04:54pm Roads and Routes
RE: Battery Disconnect Switch and Converter

Not uncommon for the charging side of the converter to die. Mine did. You need to access your converter and check the fuses on the back of it. Check the charging output by connecting a voltmeter to the disconnected battery cables when plugged into shore power. If you still have the original WFCO converter you may just want to cut to the chase and upgrade it to a newer 4 stage charger converter. I didn't read your whole mind. sorry.
ken56 02/06/21 07:02am Tech Issues
RE: Power pedestal wiring question

I'm sure there are pedestals out there wired like you described but there is no way of knowing without looking at how it's wired inside and that does not happen without opening up the pedestal and no one does that. I suppose one could just turn off the 30A breaker and then check if the 20A receptacle still has power. Just like BB_TX wrote on page 1. OK, my oversight there.
ken56 02/02/21 12:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Western Washington to Nashville

Part 2: There are a few dinner shows that are good and entertaining. Dolly's Stampede is probably the best one. There is also a lumber jack show and the Pirate show and the Hatfield and McCoy show that are good too. There is so much to do here that you have to research and figure out what everyone will enjoy. It's overwhelming really. Just to throw this out there too. We are about 1.5 hours away from Asheville and the Biltmore Estate...a fantastic place to see. The wife and I are season pass holders because we enjoy it so much. Being this close to it you might want to see if everyone would want to go there. COVID restrictions are just wear a mask. Restaurants are open around here and the area is as busy as ever. You can't tell there is an 'economic down turn' or a pandemic going on. Just be sensible about taking your own precautions. We've had no issues ourselves and go about our lives and business as normal. We are transplants from Michigan and this is the best place I've ever lived. Love it here.
ken56 02/02/21 07:23am Roads and Routes
RE: Western Washington to Nashville

Check the National Parks website for info on hiking trails and their difficulty rating because I'm not sure about them. The 2 I can say to visit is Clingmans Dome and the hike to it's observation tower. Easy 1/2 mile hike to it...all up hill. Hopefully you will have a clear day to do it because you can be in the clouds in an instant up there. It's the 2nd highest point east of the Mississippi. Stunning views. Trails to many waterfalls are usually jam packed with people I can tell you that much. Parking can be almost impossible at some of them. The other place is Cades Cove at the west end of the park but it's drive through with places to stop and see some building and read about the history of the small settlement. It's an 11 mile loop drive that can take 4 hours to do, really, not kidding. The park is the most visited in the NP system so crowds are common depending on time of year. It's also one of few that do not charge to get into. If you do go up to Newfound Gap and Clingmans Dome consider going into North Carolina to Cherokee. There is a working mill you can stop at before you leave the park and there is the Oconaluftee visitor center. You might see the Elk heard around there if lucky. Cherokee has the Museum of the Cherokee Indian and it's worth a see. The town itself is full of Indian trading post gift shops and of course there is the Harrah's casino there too. Dollywood is a nice park and family friendly to the Nth degree and if you get there early like when they open a day should be enough to cover it all. If the kids like coasters then have them ride the Eagle. Rides for the kids and shows for the "old folks". Tickets run about 70 bucks but considering Disney is 120 now that's a bargain I guess.
ken56 02/02/21 07:05am Roads and Routes
RE: Power pedestal wiring question

All the amp designation is is the limit of amperage that you can draw from that receptacle. You don't add them together though it should be possible to draw 20A from that one and 30A from the other one without popping either of them. Almost but not quite. The amp designation is the limit of amperage that you can draw from that BREAKER (not receptacle). If the 20 amp breaker is fed off of the 30 amp breaker, the 30 amp breaker will pop if the combination of both outlets together exceeds 30 amps. Wiring that way is within code. Only a lazy or dishonest electrician or an amateur would wire it that way, within code or not simply because of what you described. You understood what I said, I was trying to keep things simple for the less electrically educated because you don't plug into the breaker, you plug into a receptacle. Many people do not understand electricity and are afraid of it but still will do stupid things concerning it. I'm sure there are pedestals out there wired like you described but there is no way of knowing without looking at how it's wired inside and that does not happen without opening up the pedestal and no one does that.
ken56 02/02/21 06:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Power pedestal wiring question

All the amp designation is is the limit of amperage that you can draw from that receptacle. You don't add them together though it should be possible to draw 20A from that one and 30A from the other one without popping either of them.
ken56 02/01/21 07:56am General RVing Issues
RE: New Again

Good luck. The hunt is always fun.
ken56 02/01/21 07:52am Beginning RVing
RE: Key West or Out West

You can't go wrong with out west. So much to see and do. We did the big circle, northern route out and southern route back home. We did 12 weeks and 9000 miles and half was secondary roads. I'd like to do it again and do the things we didn't get to on the first trip. What I did was I went online and ordered the travel guides from all the states we were going through, yeah, it was a lot of paper but I find it easier to plan when I have something solid in front of me. They also contain many regional maps the o'l atlas can't provide. I did little prebooking. I only booked where we were going to stay for at least 5 days and most of it was on the fly. We always found a place to stay. It looks like you would come down 81 to 40....a stop in the Pigeon Forge area? Nashville? When we went out west we turned north to go through St. Louis and over to Kansas City and then up to Iowa and into South Dakota and on to Rapid city. Follow the Lewis and Clark trail as much as you can. There are a few museums to check out on them. Oh yeah, Key West isn't all that. The kids would like out west better.
ken56 01/26/21 03:43pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camp Margaritaville

The article said it was "first of it's kind"....I did not know about the one at Lanier Islands GA. Looking at it's website it looks really nice and certainly this new one will be as nice. The perception that it's focus is drinking is plain wrong and nothing unfriendly to families that I can see. To each his own. Along these lines I would love to see Dollywood open an RV park too. There are many close by Dollywood so I guess they don't see the need.
ken56 01/24/21 08:01am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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