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RE: Newbie Tow Capacity Question

You should read up and complete, fact based, unbiased information; without all the sideshow chatter. Clicky Exactly. Some on here would approve of this:
klutchdust 08/08/22 02:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Jacking For Tire Change

Trailer axles are not solid, they are pipe. Notice the wiring that travels through some applications. Schedule 80 is common. I was referring to the accepted terminology of "solid axle" where both wheels are rigidly connected to each other. Just for clarity, as I thought that was a commonly used term. Has nothing to do with whether the axle is tubular or not.:S In the field of heavy mechanics and machinery the term solid axle and straight axle mean different things. To the layman saying "solid axle" it shows me they know not what they speak of. Trailer axles are straight axles. Then you get into the torsion axles. :S When you read comments on forums you can figure out quickly who has actually wrenched on a vehicle and who changed a tire a few times. If lifting a trailer to change a tire will somehow magically twist or torque the frame then explain how using the leveling jacks at a campsite or driving onto those plastic wedges or boards and having it sit there a week doesn't damage anything. LOL. We have chained axles up and driven safely many miles without damage to anything. knowing what you are doing makes the difference.
klutchdust 08/04/22 12:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Jacking For Tire Change

Literally one the most universally competent places to jack up about any solid axle is under the spring perches or u bolts. There is nothing special about any of the probably 100 different trailers that I’ve tossed a jack under for one reason or another, that I’ve seen. In general, if you support it there or under the frame (within reason) and something gets damaged, it wasn’t going to last anyway. As always common sense applies. If you have a 3000lb buggy sitting over the axles of a toyhauler and you jack up the back corner of the frame, or something like that, you may tweak something. Trailer axles are not solid, they are pipe. Notice the wiring that travels through some applications. Schedule 80 is common.
klutchdust 08/04/22 09:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Jacking For Tire Change

I have jacked anything from a single axle utility trailer to a loaded semi by placing the jack under the plate that is secured by the u-bolts. As you proceed it compresses the leaf springs and eventually raises the tire. The axle stays straight. That is the safest way to lift a trailer. Started doing that in 1972. Lifted hundreds of Semi's that way. Travel trailers the same. Stay away from the axle UNLESS it is on a semi trailer. A travel trailer axle is just a pipe, and a weak one at that.
klutchdust 08/03/22 04:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Assessing RV Value

"Talking about stickers and MSRPs when it comes to the RV Industry is mental masturbation. " Only to the misinformed. :B
klutchdust 08/01/22 09:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Assessing RV Value

Never trade in an RV. Unlike the auto industry there is no reliable "book" price. For new or used. The only way to know what you are really paying for an RV is to pay cash. And the only way to know what you are recieving for your old RV is to sell it for cash. I will not knock the RV dealers much for this, as they deal with the same uncertainties in a trade in situation as well. If they misjudge what they can sell for your trade, then they stand to lose money on the deal. Obviously if that happens too often, they can't stay in buisiness. When you trade in and then buy a new vehicle, the dealer is making a bunch of dough. If he has a trailer for 30k you most likely could bargain that down 3 grand. If you trade and he says Ill give you 6000 grand for your trade he is deducting that 6 G from the 30, not the 27k number, so you are getting 3K for your trade. Trades are deducted from the sticker price, not a negotiated price.
klutchdust 07/31/22 08:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Assessing RV Value

Look on internet and price yours based on what others are selling theirs for. Sold a Honda,Jeep and class C for prices the naysayers said "you will never get that" Used are drawing great prices. Dealers make enough off the sale of the new one. You are basically giving your trade in to them. Did they give you a huge discount off the new price before figuring in your trade? No, of course not. Dealer/stealer same thing. :B
klutchdust 07/31/22 01:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thor or Forest River - Warranty and reputation

"The RV Industry's warranties are the largest shell game ever created and its amazing they have gotten away with it as long as they have." most if not all warranties are for the benefit of the seller. Consumer reports says 70% of extended warranties are never used. i purchased over 30 tires the past few years for my fleet, denied the tire warranty every time .I have 540 dollars in my tire warranty "self insure" account. I had to replace one tire myself ,now I am down to 380. Imagine putting 2000 a year into a savings account for that engine/transmission warranty you were convinced you could not do without. :S
klutchdust 07/29/22 01:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Patching an enclose underbelly

What material is the underbelly made of. If metal of some sort I would pop rivet an aluminum patch .
klutchdust 07/29/22 01:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thor or Forest River - Warranty and reputation

I have a 2015 Forest river "work and play" edition that I purchased pre owned. It came from South Carolina ad i picked it up in Ca. What I like about this model is they start off with a basic cargo trailer then install living quarters inside. A bit on the heavy side but my side by side fits nicely with a queen bed upfront. A man size corner shower and 100 gallons of water. The build quality is good. Typical appliances that everyone uses. I did have a delimitation issue that I resolved quickly. Since it is a toy hauler with a ramp door, the ceiling height is nice. Honestly though, having had two trailers now and one class C, I cannot see how anyone could own an Rv and not be able to repair the basics. Not one trip goes by that I do not have a "fix before next trip" list with something on it. My 32ft. gooseneck Wells Cargo I installed 12 feet of living quarters in it myself. There are some things you do only once. That trailer gave me little to none issues with plumbing or electrical issues as i knew exactly how and what was used. So to answer your question, I don't know.
klutchdust 07/28/22 10:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Just checking in

My attitude has always been to focus on getting fuel and not the price.
klutchdust 07/23/22 10:38am Toy Haulers
RE: In need of opinions, thank you

The Ford can be serviced just about anywhere. The fuel savings for the diesel will be offset quickly once you need parts for the MB. I have seen folks trade in vehicles and buy new ones because they get better fuel mileage. The cost of doing that will take many years to get you even agin. Fun costs money. The price of fuel is something i care little about. Once at the trout stream who thinks about that.
klutchdust 07/15/22 03:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: TT When Solo....OR Truck Camper?

I went from a class C to a 25ft. toy hauler with a front queen bed. I travel solo to fish all the time. I attend off road races, drag races and haul it to the beach for beach days. I fish In the Bishop Ca. area. I camp close to the Owens river and use my Polaris to drive around the river. I have no issues hauling my trailer or finding camping. Drop the trailer at the campsite and drive around town. It's perfect. Many fishermen travel solo, many have 40 ft busses or tents or whatever. Why buy a truck camper if you are not sure how many days you will use it. Try it with your trailer first. Wife and son want to keep it, that would be enough for me to decide. Happy wife, happy life.
klutchdust 07/11/22 11:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Using my phone hotspot for the tv.

What antenna do you have? Do you have in the wall power supply (booster)? Does if light up? Make and model? What is make and model of TT? 2015 Work and PlayUltra by Forest river. Second owner. TV that came with it did not have a remote. It's a brand that I have not heard of. The antenna looks like a flying saucer on a short pole. I travel solo fishing and attending desert racing events. I would like to have some reception of some kind even if it were some local news channel. As far as movies,netflix etc that is not important. There is a booster switch behind the TV . I have no problem replacing the TV and the antenna on the roof if necessary. Satellite TV I have no interest in. So, what are my options. Having a TV is not a necessity but let's see whaat you guys come up with, thanks
klutchdust 07/06/22 05:31pm Tech Issues
Using my phone hotspot for the tv.

Was discussing with a few friends that my TT does not have reception on the TV. I no longer have a satellite carrier and don't know much about the antenna on my 2012 work and Play trailer. One person commented he purchased a smart Tv with roku and uses his phone as a hotspot. So, what amount of data would it use. What are the downsides of this. Antenna upgrade? thanks in advance.
klutchdust 07/06/22 10:12am Tech Issues
RE: New Travel Trailer

Prices are dropping fast ! A 1 or 2 year old similar trailer would be 1/2 as much ! ^^^ this. As far as towing, my good friend has a 1/2 ton Chevy diesel and tows his 7K trailer just fine. As far as brakes. The truck does not stop the trailer; the trailer brakes stop the trailer and the truck brakes stop the truck. What's the tongue weight on that trailer. Your comment on the brakes and who does what is spot on. I have seen many folks towing and when the comments went towards brake settings on their controller they just shrug their shoulders. Maybe they assume it's automatically set. Hey, your trailer brakes need adjusting, old school if they are drum brakes, spin them and use a screwdriver because you can't find the brake tool.
klutchdust 07/05/22 11:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Can trailer tires be patched?

In the early days working at a gas station we used rubber plugs, then they came out with a mushroom plug you put in a device that inserted it into the tire. Kind of like what they use today with the exception of dismounting the tire and installing it from the inside. The rag type came into play and shown good results. For every story there will be someone that had a failure, my guess is the successful plug repair outnumbers the failures. HAven't seen any accident reports with the headlines "plugged tire grenades and kills many..." So...for those old schoolers that grew up scraping' and savin' and doing whatever it took continue with what you know works. for the others..... ... saying a driver would be fired on the spot caught with a tire plug kit..:R
klutchdust 06/30/22 05:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Low Battery Voltage

Any water in the battery? They need to be checked each trip.
klutchdust 06/29/22 10:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Low Battery Voltage

An RV battery or batteries drawn down to 6.3 volts is toast. You have an issue, yes, but buy new batteries when solved. So if a battery gets discharged to that point it is no longer usable, even if recharged? I had a battery that was dry, sitting in the garage zero charge in it. I filled with distilled water, trickle charged it for a few days and it went back in service with no issues. A load tester can be had at HF that is equal to or as good as any I have ever used and will give you accurate analysis of the batteries condition.
klutchdust 06/29/22 08:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Looking at class c questions on maintenance

I know I can change it myself. I was actually wondering where people go when they are out on a trip and needed to have some service done, like an oil change for example. I know if something is rv related I would need to go to an rv shop As far as RV shops, I am curious also where repairs could be available. One trip my front stabilizer mounting bolt snapped and the stabilizer was interfering with my steering. I had to jury rig to hold it up with a ratchet strap, drive 30 miles to Bishop to buy the right socket to get it off, laying in the parking lot of a shopping center. Next trip, Bishop also, the bracket holding the water tank broke and back to the auto parts store to buy C clamp to hold it up. Couldn't find anyone open on Sunday to weld it.
klutchdust 06/29/22 08:33am Class C Motorhomes
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