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RE: Yes boys and girls, you REALLY need to carry a spare...

This post is almost carbon copy of what I recently experienced. Now I would add that you should check or have checked, the mounting of your spare tire. On mine, the turnbuckle was rusted and we had to unmount the spare tire carrier to be able to drop the tire. I was pulling my side by side on a 12 foot trailer so we threw the damaged tire on there. Once home I updated the mounting hardware and lubed all necessary parts. The spare tire carrier got whacked a few times by who knows what and was slightly bent as well.
klutchdust 11/19/19 09:47am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dream Dinette

My problem is they have a small piece of wood covered in carpet at a slant at the very bottom of the bracket. I see it has wires under that piece of carpet. Trying to see how it is attached. I think big staples but really don't want to tear it up. Be nice if its screws but I can't tell at this point..Thanks Can you post some photos, we can help you figure it out.
klutchdust 11/19/19 09:40am Class C Motorhomes
RE: toilet treatment for black water tank

Also , when parked and hooked to a ground sewer pipe it is suggested you keep your valves closed unless you are dumping your tanks. Eliminates odors from seeping into your coach.
klutchdust 11/16/19 08:38am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Anyone here upgraded their headlights?

Check out Headlight for expert advice .
klutchdust 11/06/19 09:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: toilet treatment for black water tank

During my trips I always spritz the bowl with simple green or a few squirts of dawn foam and I have no tank odors. Once home I make my usual concoction of dawn and a tad of bleach and mix it into a rich foam using a paint paddle and cordless drill and dump that into the tank. I then go out and close the black tank drain. Some of the foamy mix stays in the tank. I do the same with all my drains. The nice thing is when opening the cap next time to attach hose if there was a drip it isn't raw sewage.
klutchdust 10/15/19 11:50am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Hydraulic leveling legs making noise

When you say you added "some" fluid, how much? Extend the hydraulics fully then retract fully. Check fluid once retracted. There may be a few air bubbles in there. Use fluid specifically for hydraulics, not power steering fluid or ATF.
klutchdust 10/13/19 01:21pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Repair costs and frequency frustration

We like our 15 year old 30 ft. Class C we've had for 7 years. Reliability has always been up and down. We had a pretty good couple of years of repair costs we could live with but now we're discouraged and don't know what to do. Many costs this past year; some routine and expected, some not. Must have totaled 7 to $8000 and today, after $300 dollars of work, I'm told that I need a differential bearing which this shop can't do which will cost thousands; not hundreds. Only has 67000 miles. We're reluctantly considering downsizing to an older used Class B, like a Roadtrek but seems like we would have to repair our present one to sell it. I'm not asking for an answer; just venting. Oh, spending over $30000 for a replacement is out of the question. Thanks for "listening" I'm guessing that your Class C is probably (not a Super C) based on a Ford E350 or E450 chassis - in which parts and mechanics are available everywhere. If it is ... wouldn't it be least expensive to merely have a used (from a junkyard, reclamation yard, etc.) whole rear axle and differential - as a complete assembly - installed to replace the original one? Probably way less labor than messing with disassembling an installed differential merely to replace it's bearings. And the cost to locate, remove and replace the entire unit? A qualified competent mechanic can easily replace the bearings and not for thousands, that’s just ridiculous. What exactly are the symptoms.
klutchdust 10/12/19 01:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin kaboom! Michelin tire update!

My friend is a dealer and Michelin was unable to send him any. America’s tire same thing and tire rack. The Agis looks nice . The defender date code was late 2018 and the Agis last month. I have read production stopped in April this year.
klutchdust 10/12/19 12:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin kaboom! Michelin tire update!

Found out the Michelin "defender" is out of production, the replacement is the Agilis. Slightly different tread design. I now have all rear tires replaced.2 new defenders and 2 new Agilis. The rears were worn 50% based on my tire depth gauge and the fronts 60% . I already purchased the defenders and later decided to replace all four. Within a week the defender was not available. Slightly different tread design but who cares.
klutchdust 10/12/19 08:34am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Repair costs and frequency frustration

Have you looked into or know of any mobile RV repairmen. Also, there are mobile mechanics that will outperform and underprice most brick and mortar businesses. A rear end bearing at 67k miles is suspect to me. I have wrenched my career on heavy equipment of all kinds and I would question that one. WHY do they recommend a rear end bearing, what are the symptoms? My guess is after replacing the rear end bearings and emptying your purse they will end up changing the drive shaft support bearings IF there is a noise or HUMMM that they are hearing. get a second opinion.
klutchdust 10/12/19 08:25am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Suspension upgrade disappointment.

I have done the usual upgrades on my E-450 chassis (bigger sway bars, Bilstein shocks, alignment with max caster), but still found the steering "loose". The MH went on a diet (almost nothing in the rear compartments, fresh tank almost empty, waste tanks empty) and I filled the Ride Rite airbags to their max. I was looking to put as much weight on the front axle as possible by taking it away from the big ol' tail overhang. The steering improved quite a bit. I'm disappointed that I can't carry much with us, but it is easier to drive. My 09 Cambria had some upgrades when I purchased it and I added Bilsteins. I too put my coach on a diet, moved heavier items up front . I still carry the max in my water tank but the air bags make a big difference. Also, original poster, try different speeds. mine starts getting weird above 62. My recent trip towing my 12 foot trailer with a Polaris Ranger on it, I drove 55. Not only did my mileage improve by up to 2 Mpg but the handling was pleasantly different. I may just keep it in the 50's next trip without the trailer and see how it goes.
klutchdust 10/08/19 12:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Anyone here upgraded their headlights?

Some very good responses. People don’t realize that when they replace their halogen bulb with an LED, the light housing isn’t designed to work well with LED’s resulting in blinding the oncoming traffic. Most don’t aim their lights, either. I replaced my headlights with LED's . All that was required was to find a wall and re adjust the lights. On the Ford chassis there are NO adjustments for side to side only up and down. Since I replaced my headlights to LED's I have not had anyone "flash" at me. The upgrades are easy to install and work well. They fit exactly as they are supposed to in the housing.You tube video shows the purchased exactly how to install them.
klutchdust 10/01/19 09:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Well if you have the money they will build it

Not bad for half million. Seen too many glitzy vegas party buses over a million that I would not be caught dead with. Would the MAN be considered a C+ or an A? I see no reason to have marble and fake gold fixtures in a MH either. I prefer function and durability. I drove a 500K MH from Topeka to Ca and was surprised at how many items needed attention, the unit had less than 25K miles. The Aussies know how to do it right.
klutchdust 10/01/19 09:03am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin kaboom! Michelin tire update!

klutchdust, I am sorry to read the tire damaged your rig. That is the "serious" damage done. I am so glad that you were able to maintain control to a "stop". I suppose being an inside-rear, it wouldn't be hard to pull over. But doing so in haste while the tire is thrashing up your rig, that would be the challenge. The first thing I did was slow way down and hit the 4 way flashers. I drove a short distance to the next off ramp as the shoulder was narrow. It turned the mud flap bracket and metal box upside down and tore the cover off the outside panel exposing insulation. Above the tire is a plastic wheel well,it should be metal,that was split in three places. That’s all been repaired and a new tire on order. Going to put new tire on front and use the older front to match the older rear. It’s best to keep them within 1/4 inch in diameter of each other.
klutchdust 09/21/19 04:19pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin kaboom! Michelin tire update!

I have had tread separation with OLD tires driving in hot weather on cupped concrete highways. If you feel odd vibrations or hear odd thumping sounds, pull over and look for a bulge. It's a good idea to use tire covers to protect tires from sun damage. Interesting that you bring that up. I was driving on the 405 near the Getty and noticed a vibration but it was in the steering axle. I changed lanes and didn’t feel it any longer. 30 miles later on the 14,kaboom. Going to run these through the winter then change out in the spring. That will bring them up to 5.5 years old. They have no cracks and are covered when parked. Looking at Goodyear unisteel . I think Michelin’s are most common brand used. Safe travels ..
klutchdust 09/21/19 10:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin kaboom! Michelin tire update!

Mine were after the recall. I took off Michelin’s but were not in the group that were was very specific.
klutchdust 09/19/19 07:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Michelin kaboom! Michelin tire update!

I am a professional. I spent my career in the trucking heavy equipment industry.the tires show no sign of distress.
klutchdust 09/19/19 07:10pm Class C Motorhomes
Michelin kaboom! Michelin tire update!

Tire was built 3rd week of July 2014, 32K miles left rear inside. That makes it a 5 year old tire. proper inflation and coach is within weight guidelines. Driving on the freeway and without warning kaboom! Lots of damage underneath that I am repairing now. A tire separation really damages things. My repair will include my own upgrades underneath to lessen the carnage should it happen again. Check your tires. Age, not tread left determines their usefulness.
klutchdust 09/19/19 06:14pm Class C Motorhomes
Shower stall caulking.

In my Cambria I see there is caulking where the side walls and floor pan meet. The walls fit over the pan. The caulking is discolored and coming off, is it necessary for it to be there. Not the original owner, second owner.
klutchdust 09/09/19 11:49am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Transmission Overheated on my Ford E350 Chassis Shasta

Sonora Pass gets to 26% grades in some places. Not knowing the area a family member suggested I use it to get from Sonora to Bridgeport. A quick search and comments were made concerning the danger involved with a 30 ft man said it took 5 years off his life. He was at 10 mph with the pedal floored. I used the Tioga Pass instead and that was exciting enough.
klutchdust 08/18/19 12:29pm Class C Motorhomes
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