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Oxidation on Work and Play trailer 2015

Picking up my new to me trailer on Wednesday. After 6 years of having a C it is time to downsize. Real nice trailer not used much original owner. Sat in storage a bunch so it needs a nice detail. Suggestions on what products or methods to shine the rig up a bit.
klutchdust 08/22/20 08:45pm Toy Haulers
RE: Unplanned Maintenance

The generator needs to be "exercised" regularly keep fresher fuel in the system. It takes very little to gum up a carburetor on a small engine. I use fuel treatment in my fuel containers for my small engines (rototiller, power washer etc) and I STILL have issues. "mechanic in a bottle" available at big orange store, for yard engines works great.
klutchdust 08/11/20 09:56am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Power boost for Ford 450 V10

I follow different truck forums regarding my trucks which are the duramax diesel in my GMC and the V-10 in the motorhome. Dozens of threads on issues AFTER installing enhancement devices yet few if any on stock vehicles. The Ford V-10 will pull that "C" up any hill that you may come across, not at the speed of your car but at the speed a 7 ton vehicle should be going. Sure the engine revs, put in ear plugs or some Led Zeppelin cranked up. The engine will not blow up, it is designed to rev. Turn off the air so the heat doesn't build up, roll down the windows smell the pines....
klutchdust 07/28/20 01:08pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Realistic Price for Class C

I saw a 10 year old C for sale here for $58,000----are they serious? Why not. Depending on the vehicle, why not. I have a 10 YO for sale with 10K in upgrades like hydraulics ,suspension etc. If you look up the vehicle you just mentioned in the RV NADA guide you may be surprised. Some units are POS, not taken care of, loose and broken etc. My unit is very well taken care of, inside like a few years old, excellent maintenance by me, a truck mechanic. Someone will get a very well maintained piece that will give them years of service at a fraction of the new price. The Ford Chassis is rugged, the V-10 phenomenal. The house, depending on who made it, can be easily maintained. So what if the fridge goes out or the air or the heater, they are replaceable at a reasonable cost. Find a Mobile RV mechanic and become friends. fun costs money.
klutchdust 07/28/20 10:00am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Realistic Price for Class C

I have been told to wait till Nov/Dec to purchase an rv as that is when i can expect to get the best price. Is that (in Fact) true? thanks in advance, Jim I have heard that the end of the month is a good time. I have found that IF you know what what the vehicle is selling for at other dealerships you can come in as an informed buyer. If you go in and just throw numbers around they know it and you will not have Any idea what is fair. Shop around, compare pricing, avoid warranties like they have covid on them. As far as what time of year, that's anyone's guess. Life as we knew it is gone for now. Right now I am downsizing, selling my C for a toy hauler for different reasons. The toy haulers I am interested in sell within a few days. My C is starting to get some hits . 7 Cambrias online and 4 sold last week, hopefully mine is next.
klutchdust 07/27/20 10:36am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Buying an RV in CA from private party

If it has been sitting for a few years without yearly license plates you could be into Ca. for the cost of those missed Tags. Could be VERY EXPENSIVE ($2500 per years?) I'd just stay away from ANYTHING from the PRofC. Peoples Republic of Cah-Lee-Far-Nia. You sober?
klutchdust 07/22/20 05:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Toyhauler bumper pull for polaris ranger

Hey Klutch, Something to seriously consider is the GVWR of the toy haulers you're looking at. I don't know which Ranger you have but, I'm guessing at least 1500 lbs wet. Add your RV batteries, propane bottles, generator, fresh water, fuel station, etc. and you can easily hit 2 tons of additional weight. That's a lot to ask of a small TH. I just weighed my rig completely loaded for a 3 week trip and I'm nearly 900 lbs over my trailer's GVW. Not good. Travelling with empty water and fuel tanks would solve that, but it's not always possible to find water near boondocking sites. DW and I were planning on trading it in on a bigger TH this Spring, but the Chinese flu hit and that changed things a bit. There's always a place to get water supermarkets, parks and gas stations This is the magic key. Good posts. The Ranger weighs 1200 pounds. Downsizing from a class C that has 40 gallons of fresh water, I can't imagine what I would do with 100 gallons. I could increase my navy showers by a few more seconds for sure.....
klutchdust 07/22/20 10:01am Toy Haulers
Toyhauler bumper pull for polaris ranger

Downsizing from my class C. I have a polaris ranger and am interested in a unit with a front queen , bumper pull . Onboard genie and as short as possible. Rage'n looks nice. Have to start somewhere.
klutchdust 07/17/20 10:32am Toy Haulers
RE: Step not retracting completely "jackhammering' (UPDATE)

If they are Kwikee steps, most likely the nylon gear is stripped. Need a new motor assembly. Easy install. Or if you are really mechanical you can take it apart and rotate nylon gear 180d. and it will work for a while longer. Just make sure to unplug all electric to steps while working on them. kwikee motor change yup, did exactly that and it works fine. Gears are metal. Lubed well and re installed.
klutchdust 07/15/20 10:32am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Step not retracting completely "jackhammering' (UPDATE)

Pardon me for intruding on your post. Mine is working fine but the warning light on the dash don't go out. Step works fine and the light underneath goes out but the dash warning light stays on. Your situation can be cured with a new motor assembly that is about $40 from Auto Zone I changed out the motor on BIL's Monaco and used a power window motor from an older Ford. Don't remember which one it was though. The motor works fine. I watched two videos and saw the gear assemblies in question. IF the larger of the two gears is the one that failed it makes sense that turning it 180* and using the newer side would solve the issue. The coach is a 2009. If the gears lasted that long they may go another 10 years. It's a simple fix and not an issue for me to try. Mine does not have a warning light however if it did my first choice would be to check the electrical connections at and near the step. Unplug and plug back in or look for a wire loose. If the step has a ground wire check that.
klutchdust 07/09/20 08:57am Class C Motorhomes
Step not retracting completely "jackhammering' (UPDATE)

Opened the door the step didn't come out completely. Closed the door and it was sluggish. Lubed all points and checked it the next day. When it attempts to go into the fully retracted position it starts to jackhammer. I went underneath and had dear wife open and close the door and i can't figure it out. It will not retract completely. The other day when it was acting up I gave it a push with my foot thinking maybe corrosives or dirt on it. It worked ok. Now jackhammer. I turned it off it's in the open ready position.
klutchdust 07/08/20 08:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sway master bracket failure.

WOW that is the second time you have had this problem in a month. I would think a whole new replacement front end would in order. Oh man, :S I forgot I posted about this before when I was talking about the fuel issue. I guess i can't delete it huh. Well, maybe it's just an update on my search for a bracket......Thanks for keeping an eye on me.....
klutchdust 07/05/20 10:32am Class C Motorhomes
Sway master bracket failure.

My bracket broke and jammed my steering when the sway bar dropped. The control arm on the sway bar also broke . Luckily I was in reverse backing onto a small road near my fishing destination. Had to drive back to town, 40 miles, and purchase a socket. I strapped up the sway bar to make the journey. After tons of research and failing to fabricate my own, I found they used the original Ford bracket . Well, that rattle I could not find for the last year, that was it. My usual creeper and flashlight inspection didn't show it. I will be taking a closer look for sure.
klutchdust 07/05/20 10:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cruise America's Extended Warranty Service Agreements

Extended warranties lean towards the seller.72% of extended warranties are never used. The ford and Chevy chassis are reliable and with scheduled consistent maintenance will go 300K miles. Do you have extended warranties on your home appliances? How often do they go bad......
klutchdust 07/05/20 09:57am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Are all RV's noisy and rattle?

i use paper towels or napkins in-between pots and pans and wrap my mugs as well if they start rattling. Interestingly enough at about 5 miles out the rattles are less and less. One rattle i searched for the last few years came to light when the bracket holding the sway bar broke and it dropped down jamming my steering. Luckily i was just backing up.
klutchdust 07/05/20 09:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Has anyone added an extra water tank to RV roof

Rv roofs are not designed to hold that much weight. The construction is barely enough to hold what is up there already. Seriously, i thought this was an April fools joke.
klutchdust 07/05/20 09:22am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Fighting local zoning ordinances that hurt RV owners

Start attending the city council meetings in your community, get to know the folks on the board and voice your concerns. There are so many pros and cons to RV's and being on personal property. It's a slippery slope and one that needs to be addressed accordingly. With many choosing to live full time in their coaches it presents a new set of issues. I own and store mine behind my home. My neighbor parked his class A on the street, which are narrow to begin with, and it annoyed even me. Now, HOA's are another entirely different story. i would live in my car before living in another HOA neighborhood......
klutchdust 06/24/20 10:03am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Remove cabover window. best way to seal the opening

I've considered removing my front window and just skinning over the hole with a piece of filon that is bigger than the opening. I would bond it with one of the 3M marine adhesive caulk products and add stiffing to the back of the filon in the open area. I just haven't figured out how to decorate the outside so that it doesn't just look like a big patch. Maybe some sort of decal to break it up a little. I think someone did that and mentioned it on a thread somewhere.
klutchdust 06/13/20 09:34am Class C Motorhomes
RE: wind

.........."My RV is on a Chevy Chassis which handles much better than the ones on Ford chassis " Fact or opinion. I understand the leg room difference based on the engine placement and doghouse area but to say one handles better than the other one I need some stats. . What is your statement based on. The only stats I can give you is this. I test drove about a dozen or more of the same types,Tioga 26Q, all on Ford Chassis none handled very well,They wandered around and there had to be a lot of input to keep them in a lane,I thought that is just the nature of the beast so I went with it,I did see on the Forum the same complaints and the expensive fixes. I then had a chance to test drive the same RV on a Chevy Chassis,it was a world of difference,I was sold on the comfort,the handling and over all feel of it. I bought a 2006 Chevy based Tioga Class C 26Q,and I am very happy with it. There are quite a few other members here that like their Chevy based RV,may be ask some of them. Thank you, it was a good post. I like to know the issues and possible remedies. My Ford handles quite well but then again I haven't driven a GM chassis either.
klutchdust 06/10/20 08:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: wind

.........."My RV is on a Chevy Chassis which handles much better than the ones on Ford chassis " Fact or opinion. I understand the leg room difference based on the engine placement and doghouse area but to say one handles better than the other one I need some stats. . What is your statement based on.
klutchdust 06/09/20 03:30pm Class C Motorhomes
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