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RE: Anyone Cancelling Truck Camper Trips Due to Fuel Prices?

We are still traveling when we can but just taking it slower. Instead of doing a trip in 3 weeks we now take 4 or 5 weeks to cover the same distance. Cost per week works out to be about the same that way. Also luckily we moved states which means most of the areas we like to go for short trips has been reduced by 300 miles.
kohldad 06/12/22 08:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Southeast TC Gathering - FALL 2022 ???

I'm game. Columbus Day weekend would be my vote which would help those who still work have an extra day and the weather is usually very nice. At least I won't have a 10 hour drive this time regardless of where you hold it.
kohldad 06/12/22 08:38pm Truck Campers
RE: To slide or not to slide. That is the question.

Sometimes the difference between 10 seconds to get in the camper and 1 minute is the difference between clean drawers and not clean drawers. Not to mention, without worrying about a slide, I don't have to worry about taking up more than one parking spot to get in. Another reason for no slide is you lose the cabinet space above the dinnette. With us full timing in an 8' TC, every inch of storage is critical. Last reason I don't want a slide is less things to go wrong, less places for a leak to occur. Just don't think the extra space is worth all of the negatives in my book.
kohldad 05/09/22 08:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Jack Failure Disaster

Glad you were able to step back and not get hurt. Glad to hear a classic survived the fall and will be camping again. Couple things I noted as I was reading through the post. I too have manual jacks which I use a drill with. I never go 2" per rotation, but rely on the drill to tell me when the jack is taking to much road. Then I will go to the next one and work around always making sure the front is higher than the rear. I will usually only work the two front and one rear jack but catch up the other rear every 3rd rotation or so. But I don't really think your jacking method was the root cause, just what brought the other issue to fail. When you installed the front jacks, did you put a re-enforcement plate on the inside or just rely on the wood? The front jacks sees about 2/3 of the camper weight and that isn't shared equally when you are raising the camper. Just a few screws into wood generally isn't enough strength to hold the leverage and weight when applied lifting. This is why there is always a metal re-enforcement plate on the inside of the walls of the camper which the front jack screws penetrate so the wood is squeezed between the jack and plate. We had a '69 Franklin with the 3 jack setup and I can still remember how nervous it made me loading and unloading. Never felt as stable as my Lance does even when only 3 jacks are on the ground. Think it had to do with the single center jack being at COG carrying 1/2 the weight of the camper. Good luck with the repairs and enjoy some camping when you get it done.
kohldad 04/15/22 06:22pm Truck Campers
RE: blue ridge parkway from Hwy21 in NC north to NC/VA border

Going through tunnels, hug the yellow line to maximize clearance. Remember are heights are measured at the white line. The shorter tunnels are all arched so two feet over there is another two feet of clearance. Also be curtious and let the traffic around you at the overlooks.
kohldad 04/06/22 06:08pm Roads and Routes
RE: truck camper sitting in a wet truck bed

On both of my last two trucks, after the bed liner was sprayed in, I took a large screw driver in the drain slots and pried them open so they were larger. This allows the water to drain faster.
kohldad 04/04/22 08:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Is it common to remove your truck camper at your camp spot?

Never have. One of the things we love about truck camping is we always have everything with us all the time. When we go out site seeing for the day we have all of our food, medicine, change of clothes, hiking boots, etc with us. This means we don't have to plan out the day. When we get groceries we don't have to run back to camp to put them up. Now one thing that does make keeping the camper on the truck easier is we have a small 8' truck camper on a SRW truck. This means we are under our payload and it fits in a standard parking space.
kohldad 03/29/22 04:40pm Truck Campers
RE: 3D Printing Success Story

Good job. I think I'm going to do the same for my 2004 Lance 815 manual jacks. Want to redesign it so the pin is protected from the weather too.
kohldad 03/23/22 06:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Gas prices.

Retired so we will just make our 4 month trip into a 5 month trip to spread the higher cost over an extra month. We have also reduced our eating out which we needed to do to eat better which will offset the higher food cost coming down the road too. There is no way I would cancel a trip to see my father who is age 86 just because of fuel price but then continue do other camping trips. If I had to cancel 4 trips to make the one to see my father than that is what I would do.
kohldad 03/11/22 07:24am RV Lifestyle
RE: Wind Deflector

I was fighting a water leak at the pass through window when I switched from a 2004 Dodge to a 2015 Ram where I had to raise the camper 3/4". Ended up putting a deflector across the middle of the cab over because I was able to use 4 existing holes in the sheet metal. It reduced the air pressure and changed the direction of the wind enough so the leak was stopped. The added benefit was it reduced the bug count at the top of the front wall under the cab over. It actually added a bit of wind noise in the cab and I didn't notice any change in fuel mileage. If I was to add one to a fiberglass camper, I would make sure it is angled fore/aft and just use a strong double sided tape. One advantage to this is if you decide it doesn't do what you want, you can remove it without any damage occurring. Plus screw holes equals leak, especially in what will be a high pressure water driven area.
kohldad 01/22/22 08:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Auxiliary fuel tank in front of the slide in camper

I am not familiar with Lance campers, but it will need to be determined if the specific model in question is build (from the factor) such that is can be used on a short bed truck. i.e., the overhanging portion can be self supporting. Yes, the Lance 815 is designed for both long and short bed trucks. The camper is wired to accept two pods at the rear corners. The pods are plugged into a standard 4 prong connector and provides the taillights when used in a short bed truck. thanks for the picture, the only difference is you have the hangover in the back so that say someone slammed into you, the hangover would hit up against the truck bumper and the camper wouldnt not slide forward. In my case, the the Lance 815 has no hangover so it potentially could slide forward and squish my aux fuel tank up there? I guess that wouldnt be a big deal, perhaps the tank would work as a buffer? Odds are the camper is going to crumble before the fuel tank does. If this is a big worry, it would be real easy to fabricate a heavy duty cage to protect the fuel tank. As long as the tank sits up about 2" so the camper floor would slide under the tank, there isn't anything else in the area to provide much force. Nobody gives a second thought to the main fuel tank getting "squished." Why worry about this one? Main fuel tank for any modern truck to my knowledge has the main fuel tank between the frame rails. Even chassis trucks with the tank in the rear are mounted between the frame rails and usually protected by the the rear bumper integrated into the bed or box attached to the truck.
kohldad 01/13/22 07:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Auxiliary fuel tank in front of the slide in camper

Yes, that will work well. If you sit it back 18", you could use the lance pods designed for the 815. If you don't use the pods, you will want to make a bracket and mount brake/turn lights. At 10" back the lights will be blocked to at an angle. There is a 4-pin plug wire on each side which the pods plug into so an easy add on without any camper wiring required.
kohldad 01/12/22 10:50am Truck Campers
RE: Is support needed when storing for an extended time?

I've always supported mine for safety. Good thing too as one day in the storage yard someone back their construction trailer so the ladder on the top punched a whole in the front of the cab-over and knocked it back enough to bend two jacks and rip one of them off the rear corner. If it had not been sitting on the trailer which moved with it, it would have fallen and taken out a nice bass boat and utility trailer with it. I've used several methods over the years. One was four stacks of 4 cement blocks with cross boards. One was cross boards across a 5x8 utility trailer. One was a set of heavy duty sawhorses I custom made. Each had their own pros and cons but all stored the camper at truck bed height. This was important since I have manual jacks so minimal jacking was wanted.
kohldad 01/08/22 09:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Fast Gun issue?

Just use the links mentioned by 3 tons. They won't come loose if they are snugged with a wrench. I've been using them for 7 years cause needed them when I upgraded from a 2004 to 2015 Ram. They are just attached to the Torklift frame mount insert and stay on all the time.
kohldad 01/04/22 07:10am Truck Campers
RE: Trailer connect

Since the truck is sensing the resistance in the trailer brakes, you could add a resistor to the trailer brake pin. I've never done it but did a quick search and found this thread which did describe a solution down on 1/20/2015.
kohldad 12/29/21 04:09pm Truck Campers
RE: S&S 8.5 Camper on Ram 2500: Measured weights; advice.

My 1,800# Lance 815 with only a 70# A/C option comes in near 3,900# loaded for a long trip with two adults. Empty with just propane and battery, the camper weighs closer to 2,300# than 1,870#. With the coils of the 2500, I am surprised you aren't having sway issues. Biggest concern is you are under your axle and tire limits. IF you are when loaded for a trip with everyone onboard along with a comfortable/controllable ride, then I wouldn't have a problem with it. Braking is the same between a 2500 and 3500 so you wouldn't gain anything in that department.
kohldad 12/19/21 04:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Front axle

Like KD4UPL says, get an alignment with the camper on. Hopefully that is the way you use it the most. If you use it about the same with and without the camper, then you may want to put about 1/2 the weight of the camper in the back (pallet of bocks?) and then get the alignment. It won't be right for either application but will be close for both. The other things is make sure you rotate the tires about every 5,000 miles.
kohldad 12/12/21 08:15pm Truck Campers
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