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RE: Opinion on Resort Fees ?

The advertised a rate then added "resort fees" on checkout - I believe they have been ordered to reimburse their customers for the "resort fee". The problem sounds like they added it at check out so it was a hidden fee. The fees must be explained upon check-in. I don't like them just like I don't like fuel surcharges or mandatory options. Just a way to lower the price or weight for advertising purposes. I avoid those places because if they aren't being upfront with the price, I wounder how else the are cheating their customers.
kohldad 07/12/19 08:18am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Clingmans Dome and Cades Cove Smoky Mountains

Been camping in the GSMNP for 50 years so have been there a time or two. While I've done 441 over Newfoundland Gap in cars, minivans, pickkups, 30' TT, and 35' FW, I currently have a truck camper that is 23' long and 10' 8" tall. Have driven the Cades Cove loop many many times with it, even once when all the limbs were laiden with snow. Never had a problem but you do have to keep an eye out and go slowly when you do come to a low branch or move away from the trees. There will be plenty of places to park along the road with all the pull outs well graveled so near fear of getting stuck as long as you common sense. One of the things we love about the TC is when traffic gets crazy we just find the next spot we can pull off and then grab a snack or take a break for 10 minutes which is usually enough for the jam to clear. If you can go during the weekday and after school starts back in session you would do better. Stock up on food before you go and spend a couple of nights in the campground. Limited groceries in Townsend but enough to restock, plus the gas prices aren't usually bad at the IGA. I'll recommend the Trailhead Steakhouse for a meal or Black Bear Cafe for a sandwich or burger. Little River road between Sugarlands and Cades Cove is a beautiful drive and easy in your rig. Since you have big truck experience, you know about downshifting to increase the engine braking. It's even more important in the motorhome since the gas engine doesn't have anywhere near the braking of a diesel with exhaust brake. Don't worry about the traffic behind you, just use one of the many pull offs to let them around (this goes for downhill as well as uphill so you can use a lower gear). It's about 17 miles to Newfoundland gap, so watch you brakes, stop at one of the many pull offs to give them a chance to cool. I've smelt many hot brakes even in cars, but downshift to low gear and take your time you won't have any problems. I've come down the entire way in my gas truck only tapping the brakes a few times. If you go in the middle of the week after school has started, you will have a much more enjoyable ride. There is long vehicle parking at Clingmans Dome towards the end of the parking lot loop. The parking is also more level. The views aren't what they use to be due to the smog so for the best views, try to go within 24 hrs of a cold front going through the area (the stronger the cold front the better). It's a tough steep hike to the top so take your time and water to enjoy, but well worth it on a clear day. Take your time and enjoy your trip. Feel free to PM if you want more info on the area.
kohldad 07/09/19 04:14pm Roads and Routes
Park daily fees & camping

Plan on visiting the eastern provinces and wonder if I should get the Discovery Pass for unlimited park use but that depends on how the daily fee is charged when camping in the park. Do you have to pay the entrance fee for each day you are in the park, just the day you enter the park, or is it covered when you pay your camping fee?
kohldad 07/05/19 05:35am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaskan pro/con

I don't have one and never will because of one simple fact: When setting up camp, the inside is exposed to all the mosquitoes and bugs flying around. So if they are bad, you could spend some time killing them and even then you likely will find one or two during the middle of the night that you missed. Whenever I see one, I think of the campground I stopped at in Kansas one evening with a travel trailer. When I set it up, there wasn't a bug around so no problem and we went for a 1/4 mile walk around the pond. About 1/2 way around as the sun neared the horizon, we could start seeing the black flies come out of the grass. By the time we got back to the camper, the shady side of the camper was completely covered with them and we had a swarm in tow. We stayed away from the door while one person ran up, unlocked it, then ran around in a large circle before jumping in. Then I would run by with one of the kids, my wife would throw open the door and I would throw the kid in as she slammed the door shut. Then I did the same thing. In the morning they were still around the camper and we had to repeat the process to get into the truck. I would hate to think of the mess we would have had with an Alaskan had we stopped a 1/2 hour later or the tear down in the morning.
kohldad 07/03/19 11:21am Truck Campers
NC/TN I-40 wesstbound rock slide-back open

June 12, 5pm update: Rock slide has been cleared and both lanes are open. However, be advised 1 lane may be closed from 6am to 9pm from M-TH as there is a moving lane closure between Fines Creek and state line. This will last through August. June 11, 6:30am update: Left lane closed, right lane expected to open today. Original: Just over a month after I40 opened back up, it has once again been closed due to a new rock slide from heavy rains. This slide is within feet of the last slide. Currently both westbound lanes are closed. One westbound lane is expected to open by 7pm. Knox News
kohldad 06/10/19 01:46pm Roads and Routes
RE: Do you unload when you camp? Really?

It all depends on your travel style and what you want when you explore. I never unload except to put it in storage. Even when I stay someplace for four or five days, it still stays on the truck. But that's because even when we go out for the day, we want the camper with us so we don't have to pack a cooler, so we have the bathroom with us, so we have our change of clothes with us, etc. It helps that we have a small hard side which is way under our payload so driving it around is a piece of cake. It also helps that we don't have anything to setup as everything has it's place, is in it's place when not being used and travels in it's place. Nothing has to be moved to do something as nothing is stored in the bathroom, on the bed, dinette etc. From relaxing in the camper to going someplace only takes a minute or two. Even when we had a boat and launched it every day, we still didn't unload, again because it didn't make sense to unload to me though I am very proficient at loading/unloading with 30+ years experience. So the question folks have of whether one unloads is very valid and the answer can only apply to you as it is a personal choice.
kohldad 06/09/19 05:05am Truck Campers
RE: Hitch extension brace

I have an opinion and I have experience. But without knowing the hitch weight of the trailer, the trailer weight, if you plan to run an equalizer hitch and the extension length required I can't even begin to say if it will work. It isn't the static load that you have to worry about but the dynamic load from bouncing and dips you have to worry about. The longer the extension extension the worse the dynamic loading. In regards to just adding a second tubing to mimic a Superhitch, there is more to the Superhitch than just a second tubing. You still have to worry about all of the torque placed on the hitch connection to the truck and it's reaction to the truck frame.
kohldad 05/28/19 01:56pm Truck Campers

With my 15 Ram 3500 only carrying 2,400#, I've seen my pressure go from 80psi to mid 90s. Back when I had my 04 Ram 3500 SRW hauling a 35' FW with a 1,600# pin weight, I left in the cool 65* morning with my tires at 80psi. After 5 hours of towing and the temps climbing to almost 100*, my PSI climbed to about 106psi with the tires measuring 115*. Just remember, never lower the PSI due to the increase from traveling. The PSI is to be checked when the tires are cold which means with less than 1 mile and before the sun shines on them.
kohldad 05/27/19 08:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Emergency Communications

I did mean gps coverage but as far as Iridium sat phone I think you are confusing GPS with other types of services because I've done some checking and GPS will indeed work all over Alaska. I've also used GPS before in some remote places down in the south east. However, service like on-star won't because they are cell based. In regards to Iridium phone call, it's only about $1.50/minute so that 40 minute call would have only been about $60 which would have been well worth the price considering the option.
kohldad 05/27/19 06:28pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Emergency Communications

Oh Tony try your Delorme SE at about 10 mile Haines highway where there is no gps coverage Did you mean cell coverage? Never heard of gaps of GPS coverage in driveable Alaska. Plus the Delorme SE uses Iridium network which is suppose to have 100% Earth coverage. Just trying to understand the limits of the units as while I'm purchasing for Canada/Alaska trip, I plan on using for several years while I travel to other remote locations in North America.
kohldad 05/27/19 04:03pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
Emergency Communications

What do folks who may need emergency help carry with them for non-cell coverage? Was thinking either renting a satellite phone or getting a SPOT. Note: Yes I realize emergency help can be hours away but want to reduce the time for help to arrive.
kohldad 05/27/19 07:39am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Clarksville AR-Ft Smith RV Park

Probably further than you want and more expensive, but you may want to consider Sallisaw/fort Smith West KOA. About 25 miles to downtown Fort Smith. Been about 13 years since I stayed there, but when I did it was a very nice park. Checking Google Satellite, the area still looks the same except I'm pretty sure the cows in the pasture are different.
kohldad 05/25/19 09:18pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Reservation timing

Best time for Florida is November and December up to Christmas. Weather is nice and the snowbirders haven't flocked to Florida yet. That's when we go and almost never make reservations. But we only stay at each location for a day or two and can change sites each night if needed.
kohldad 05/25/19 09:16am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: NW Raleigh camping for December

Doubt you are going to find anything closer. Just being able to find any camping in a good size city is uncommon to begin with. I've stayed at the fairgrounds before and think that would be a good option. 9 miles and 4 miles should be pretty easy drive except for a short window during rush hour.
kohldad 05/25/19 09:11am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tire size/gearing for Ram DRW

My father has a 2015 6.7 with the Aisin and 3.73 gears. He finds he has to run in the upper 60s when he is pulling his 16k FW. He also finds with just his 5k TC he has to run at least mid 60s so it isn't straining. He wishes he had gone with 4.10s to bump the RPM up a tad while reducing speed a tad. I borrowed his truck and TC for a couple of days and put a few hundred miles to see how I liked a much larger rig since we are wanting to upgrade. I agree with him that the 4.10s would have been a better choice. I had choosen the 3.73 believing Tow/haul mode would lock out 6th gear. However, the 6th gear lock out seems to only be done with my 6.4 Hemi, not the diesel (at least not with the Aisin). If you are going up in tire size, I would definitely go with the 4.10s.
kohldad 05/22/19 07:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Bug Deflectors to push air over

Yes it helped but doesn't stop the bugs in the crevice, but that's only because I have a short cabover (bed goes from side to side, that is head to toe goes side-to-side). The extended cabover which is 12-18" longer will still catch the air and direct it under the cabover. What did better than the bug deflector was a simple vinyl trim J-channel (one that goes around house windows) attached to the bottom of the cabover to reduce the gap which reduce the airfllow. This completely eliminated the bugs in the crevice. P.S. Sorry about the E/W/N/S abbreviations as I don't use TC lingo because I realize not everyone is familiar with the terms but thought those would be okay because they are so widely used.
kohldad 05/22/19 04:40am Truck Campers
RE: Bug Deflectors to push air over

I had a 04 Ram with the bug deflector and now a 15 Ram without the bug deflector, both carry a E-W bed. Not much difference in the bugs on the front of the camper so doubt it would help with the longer cab over of a N-S bed. What it did do was make a difference in the amount of water that went between the roof of the cab and the cab-over. I could tell this because my camper pass thru window started leaking with the new truck.
kohldad 05/21/19 03:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Camper and car trailer wiring

You can buy a wye adapter which will let you run two 7-pin connections from a single connection. 7-way to dual 7-way
kohldad 05/15/19 05:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Denali Hwy vs Fairbanks?

FWIW, the Denali Highway is listed as 135 miles....the last time that I drove it for recreation (not getting from A-B fast, not hunting, etc), I spent two nights on the highway, departing from Paxson late morning, and getting to Cantwell late afternoon. Thanks. That is about what I was thinking of two nights on the road.
kohldad 05/15/19 03:58pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Denali Hwy vs Fairbanks?

Most caravans will spend more time there than any other place. I don't like doing the things that most caravaners like to do so that is a big turn off. If your rig can handle an (often-rough) gravel road, take the Denali..but there's limited services and it's not a road to rush over. I'll be in a 4wd truck camper that isn't overloaded so shouldn't have an issue. My plan is to average about 100 miles per day with more days allowed for stopping and taking in the sights. If you plan on traveling at 60 mph Then I would be wasting a trip on going to Alaska! Most days are being planned for 4 hrs / day @ 25 mph. :)
kohldad 05/15/19 02:53pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
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